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They Said It Couldn’t Be Done . . .

Posted on | September 29, 2010 | 87 Comments

. . . which is the kind of double-dog-dare-ya thing you should never say to me. Ladies and gentlemen, the Tweet Heard ‘Round the World:

My response was appropriately dignified:

How long has this been my goal? Remember, this all started when Alyssa Milano re-Tweeted a post by Mickey Kaus last October. At that time, she had more than 300,000 followers — she’s now got more than 1 million — and everybody said it would never happen.

Not only was she a famous Hollywood celebrity but, as I explained at The American Spectator:

Some of my friends say that Alyssa is a dyed-in-the-wool liberal. . . . Surely, however, she would not allow mere politics to prejudice her Twitter habits.

Whenever you set out to achieve great things, you will immediately be told that it can’t be done. And if you listen to the naysayers, you’ll never achieve anything. Had I heeded the voices of discouragement– “Ah, she’s just another liberal Hollywood bimbo” — this never would have happened.

Fortune favors the bold. Those who dare, do.

Or, as my father often told me, “Son, ‘can’t’ never could.”

In a follow-up Tweet, Alyssa paid tribute to my persistence:

Yeah. You can ask Mrs. Other McCain about that.

Many thanks are due. Dan Collins of Piece of Work in Progress was an early supporter of the “Just One Tweet, Alyssa” campaign, and many others joined in. For nearly a year, it was a running joke — until it became a reality.

So thank you, Alyssa Milano.

And all you people who said it would never happen?

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  • Mike LaRoche

    Congrats, Stacy!! I’ll bet you’re on the top of the world, lookin’ down on creation…

  • Rob

    Congrats, but what will we talk about next?

  • Rob

    Wow, that jumped your twitter followers up 200+

  • Mike LaRoche

    You can bet that this is a feat that Chuckie Johnsonless will NEVER achieve.

  • The Silent Majority

    You have earned my undying respect.

  • Sissy Willis

    Okay, old dog. You’ve caught the car. What’s your new trick? ;D

  • Dan Collins

    Well, if that don’t beat all. You ain’t never gonna wash that avatar now, is ya?

  • Rich Crowther

    Robert the Tenacious?

    Gimme Bob the Bold anytime!

  • Lee Hernly

    Congrats Robert!

  • Charles Johnson

    The best revenge of all is living well…

    Damn you RSM. I tried to destroy you, yet you get stronger? I feel like the Grinch when he is ready to toss all the Who’s stuff off Mount Crumpet.

  • Obi’s Sister

    Well done, sir! Now what’s next? Raising the Titanic?

  • Charles Johnson

    That tweet from Ayssa is like the sound of the Whos down in Whoville beging glad, not sad.

    I am so mad I am going to eat a gallon of Chunky Monkey today.

  • AngelaTC

    Ha ha ha! How awesome!!!

  • richard mcenroe

    “Man’sreach should exceed hif grasp, or what’s a restraining order for?”

  • JeffS

    YAYS FOR STACY!!!!!!!!

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  • KingShamus

    RS, all I can say to you is…


  • theCL

    Stacy McCain rules!

  • Lou

    Man, I love this story. You’re response to Ms. Milano is a Twitter classic.

  • ak4mc

    Stacy’s got a new birthday.

  • Txskirt

    Congratulations! Good things come to those who wait.

  • richard mcenroe

    Linked with additional…

  • Wondering Jew

    If Alyssa Milano will re-tweet Stacy, then maybe miracles do occur. I now expect to see a Christine O’Donnell victory in November. . .

  • Dan

    Maybe she is a conservative?

  • Veronica

    That’s cool. 🙂

  • physics geek

    I’d offer you congratulations, but since I’m seething with jealousy, I’ll simply finish my voodoo doll of you and toss it into a pit of lice. Enjoy the scratching.

  • Bob Belvedere

    You’re My Hero.

  • Robert Stacy McCain

    You’re My Hero.

    Would I be correct in guessing that we’ll see an “Alyssa Milano Through the Years” retrospective as Rule 5 entry from Camp of the Saints?

  • Steve in TN

    Hold the parade. The goal was a *RE*tweet. Not an @tweet. Neither of those were re-tweets. You’re quest continues unrequited.

  • Robert Stacy McCain

    Maybe she is a conservative?

    I hesitate to attribute any poliitcal significance to this. At the same time, Andrew Breitbart has been telling me for three years about the existence of “underground conservatives” in Hollywood. It’s very difficult for people who work in the entertainment industry to dissent from the prevailing leftist orthodoxy. Even if they can still work, being identified as conservative in Hollywood generally means you never get considered for an Emmy or an Oscar.

    We can look at Alyssa Milano’s biography and judge the likelihood of her being, if not ideologically conservative, at least not a fanatical leftist like Sean Penn or Margaret Cho:

    1. She is Italian and thus, quite likely, raised Catholic.

    2. She is married and has a wholesome reputation. You don’t see tabloid photos of her drunk in some disco with an entourage of lowlifes.

    3. She’s a Dodgers fan, and baseball is an all-American sort of sport.

    4. I don’t recall her ever going on TV ranting about Halliburton causing the Iraq war or claiming that 9/11 was an “inside job.”

    By Hollywood standards, then, Alyssa Milano is at least moderate in her politics. Her main “cause” right now is Haitian relief, which anyone can support. So unless and until Alyssa says otherwise, I’m going to assume that she has small tattoo of Ronald Reagan someplace the cameras never see.

  • Robert Stacy McCain

    The goal was a *RE*tweet. Not an @tweet. Neither of those were re-tweets.

    Steve in TN: Buzz-Killer of the Blogosphere.

  • Roxeanne de Luca

    Congratulations, Stacy! 🙂

    Steve in TN: that’s Stacy’s fault for settingh is ambitions too low. He just wanted Alyssa to hit a button and re-tweet; he didn’t think that she would go so far as to craft her own, less-than-140-character missive to him. :p

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  • Brian Paasch

    I know who Robert McCain is (Dude Blogger). But who on earth is Alyssa Milano and why should I care???

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  • Lonely Conservative

    Congrats! A banner day!

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  • Terry in GA

    OMG, say it ain’t so. You won’t be worth a plug nickel anymore.

    Thanks, Alyssa Milano, for putting Stacy out of his misery. And again I say to all the pessemists out there, miracles happen.

  • steveegg

    And to think I knew you when. 🙂

  • snowed in

    You are my idol.

  • Ernie Vogel

    Wow, to think I doubted you and that you were merely trying to drum up web traffic through prurient means. Maybe Alyssa has stock in Technorati or, better yet, is coming out with a new series about blogger obsession! No better case study exists than rsmccain.

  • Bob Belvedere

    Stacy wrote: Would I be correct in guessing that we’ll see an “Alyssa Milano Through the Years” retrospective as Rule 5 entry from Camp of the Saints?

    You know me soooo well.

  • Bob Belvedere

    That’s why, one day, you will RULE THE BLOGOSPHERE!!!

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  • libby

    Timing is everything in comedy
    The complete-package-man in v-speedo, posed under the bleachers, behind the bush push push push ah-hah mm-huh…awesome”’awesome,,,man::=)more~~~You’re awesome!!!

    Received the sweetest terrestrial tweet: @Alyssa_Milano @rsmccain You’re tenacious. Goodnight. Robert. x0 Bon nuit. Sans sommeil dans le Maryland. Fedora salut xxx0.

    |OMG! OMG! OMG!| instantaneous ~~~ shock-and-awe ~~~ waved through bloglcon bloglib blogmosphere.

    To give gorgeous browny a good competition, man-in-speedo will appear in Cosmo centerfold and the 2010 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Online edition.

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