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In The Mailbox: 02.24.17

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

EBL: #RepealObamacare
Twitchy: CNN Whines About Being Excluded From White House Media Gaggle
Louder With Crowder: Chris Cuomo Says Dads Protecting Their Daughters From Trannies Are Bigots
According To Hoyt: Of Plate Tectonics And Unknown Carbon Reservoirs
Vox Popoli: Black Bloc Cries

Adam Piggott: Podcast #37 – The Truth Episode, also, Never Say You’re Sorry And Never Offer Your Resignation
American Power: Jill Lepore, The Name Of War
American Thinker: Leftist Jews Should Quit Lecturing Trump About Anti-Semitism
Animal Magnetism: Rule Five Balkanization Friday
Da Tech Guy: Fausta – The Not Quite Fake But Rather Manipulated News
Don Surber: Best Bacon News Of The Day , also, Noonan Advises Democrats – Be RINOS
Dustbury: 55 Horses, No Waiting
The Geller Report: Sweden – Another Muslim Migrant Gang Rape Livestreamed On Facebook
Hogewash: An Evening At CPAC
Jammie Wearing Fools: How Convenient – Senate Democrats Avoiding Staged Town Hall Tantrums
Joe For America: The Indivisible Movement – The Left Astroturfs Its Own “Tea Party” To Resist Trump
JustOneMinute: I Feel A Song Coming On
Power Line: Democrats Make Fools Of Themselves At Cotton Town Hall, also, Democrats Turn To Witchcraft To “Banish” Trump
Shark Tank: Florida Begins Issuing Medical Marijuana Cards
Shot In The Dark: Shame In? Shame Out!
STUMP: Around The Pension Web – Actuarial Outpost, MEPs, Assets
The Political Hat: Scientists Laying The Groundwork For Cyborg Catgirls
This Ain’t Hell: Navy Veteran Killed During “Welfare Check”
War Is Boring: China’s Second Aircraft Carrier Almost Complete
Weasel Zippers: Nestle Leaves California Due To Oppressive State Laws, Taxes, also, Illegal Fundraiser For Clintons Made Tell-All Video Because He Feared Assassination
Megan McArdle: “Authentic” Food Is Not What You Think It Is

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#CPAC2017 Donald Trump Redefines Rhetoric; George Will Hardest Hit

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by Smitty

Hinderaker offers the video and a slightly more favorable take.

#CPAC: The Trump-Haters Arrive

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A policeman instructs protesters not to block the sidewalk.

“So much security,” the young well-dressed woman remarked to her similarly dressed friend as they crossed the road to enter the Gaylord Hotel. “It’s almost as if there’s somebody important here.”

Indeed, President Trump is speaking this morning at the Conservative Political Action Conference and it’s easy to tell the difference between the pro-Trump CPAC attendees and the anti-Trump protesters, a cluster gathered on the street corner across from the hotel. The protesters are angry and dressed like slobs, while the CPAC attendees are cheerful and dressed like winners. The CPAC women wear dresses and heels, and the CPAC men wear coats and ties. Welcome to Trump Nation.




As of 9:45 a.m., maybe 20 or 25 members of the soi-disant “resistance” were standing across the road from the hotel entrance. Scarcely the kind of ferocious mob you might expect just outside the nation’s capital, where just five weeks ago, swarms hordes of anarchists wreaked havoc on the D.C. streets in protests of Trump’s inauguration. And now our president is speaking on the CPAC stage.


#CPAC2017 Undeserved Victory Lap

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by Smitty

Lukas and I swung by so that I could check in at CPAC. This is the bumper on the truck made famous by Stacy in an earlier post.
Image may contain: 1 person, standing, child and outdoor
We were at CPAC seven years ago  (Feb 19, 2010) when I got to ask now-VP Pence a question on Paul Ryan’s Roadmap Plan.

What didn’t happen in the intervening seven years? A year in Afghanistan, two healthy young lads, a couple of job shifts. . .
Interestingly enough, Pence’s Feb 23, 2017 address hits about every drum in the conservative kit except finances. Just an excellent pile of read meat:

One feels a certain satisfaction in having been in the choir for some key events. Others have done orders of magnitude more than I, but there’s still an echo of St. Crispin’s Day in all of it:

He that outlives this day, and comes safe home,
Will stand a tip-toe when this day is nam’d,
And rouse him at the name of Crispian.
He that shall live this day, and see old age,
Will yearly on the vigil feast his neighbours,
And say “To-morrow is Saint Crispian.”
Then will he strip his sleeve and show his scars,
And say “These wounds I had on Crispin’s day.”
Old men forget; yet all shall be forgot,
But he’ll remember, with advantages,
What feats he did that day.

Truly, there is massive struggle ahead to climb out of the pit of Progress. ObamaCare is probably going to hurt worse on exit than it did on entry. Then there is the pension crisis.

But savor this CPAC, as Pence clearly did. One month into a contested landing on the North bank of the Potomac River, Trump is at a critical point. The Progressive establishment wants to give Trump the Full Nixon. And if conservatives leave him hanging out to dry, that establishment could succeed.

And this is a lesson of politics: you never ‘arrive’.

Savor this CPAC, because the fact that it is a happy, energetic occasion (not a necropolis full of wound-licking) is a result of the energy put into the activism, the blogging, the protesting, the keeping hope alive during the last eight years. Refusal to bow is key to restoration.

Each piece, regaining the House of Representatives in 2010, the Senate in 2014, and the White House last year, was a step that kept hope alive and allowed the next step. The inability to unseat #OccupyResoluteDesk in 2012 was a setback that shows why complacency is so dangerous: learn from your foe’s success as well as your own failures.

Trump, of course, was nowhere in all of this. Donald of Orange, like the earlier William of Orange, seems a Donny-come-lately to the whole conservative scene. A vast swath of CPAC supported Ted Cruz, not Tribble-head, who blew CPAC 2016 right off.

But this is supposed to be a happy occasion. Let’s not bicker and argue over who killed who.

No, we need to support Trump; he’s what you’ve got, and he flogs the pantsuit off of the alternative. Even if we totally blew him off at his previous CPAC appearances (he did?). Furthermore, the possibility of eight years of Trump and a segue into a Pence Administration is worth working very hard for–or did the Wilderness of Obama teach nothing?

So when Pence asks for our prayers, I say we give them. And enjoy a tiny, yet satisfying, victory lap.

#CPAC2017: Seen on the Scene

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‘The Official Trump Truck’ is, as the president would say, yuuuge.

CPAC is like family reunion for bloggers. When I went down to breakfast Thursday morning, the first person I saw was Ed Morrissey of Hot Air.


After breakfast, I went outside for a post-meal smoke, which was where I ran into “Joe the Plumber” Wertzelbacher.


Of course, CPAC is not all about guys with gray beards hanging out together. Thousands of college students as well as glamorous television personalities also like to hang out with guys with gray beards.


Jesse Waters of Fox News doesn’t have a gray beard yet. He’s only 38, which was how old I was when I left Georgia in 1997 and moved to D.C. to work as an assistant editor for The Washington Times. Considering that this is my 12th consecutive CPAC, I keep running into people who were College Republicans when I first met them at CPAC, but who are now doing serious work in the world of politics and government.




#CPAC 2017: ‘The Deconstruction of the Administrative State’ — Steve Bannon

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President Trump is “maniacally focused” on keeping the promises he made to America during his campaign, White House strategist Steve Bannon said Thursday during a panel with chief of staff Reince Priebus. That includes enforcing immigration law — “protecting the sovereignty of the United States,” as Priebus said — and an agenda of deregulation that Bannon called the “deconstruction of the administrative state.”

Bannon warned the audience in the Potomac Ballroom at the Conservative Political Action Conference to expect intensifying attacks on Trump the “corporatist, globalist media” that is opposed to the president’s agenda of economic nationalism. “If you think you are getting your country back without a fight, you are sadly mistaken,” said Bannon, the former executive chairman of Breitbart News. “We want you to have our backs . . . to hold us accountable for what we promised.”

Priebus attributed Trump’s victory last November to the New York real estate mogul’s authenticity. “What the American people were starving for was somebody real, somebody genuine,” said Priebus, former chairman of the Republican National Committee. Priebus credited Trump for uniting the disparate factions of the GOP after a hard-fought primary campaign that began with 16 candidates seeking the nomination. Keeping the conservative movement connected to the Republican Party is the key to success in moving forward Trump’s agenda, Priebus said. “If the party and the movement are together, we can’t be stopped.”


In The Mailbox: 02.23.17

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

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Adam Piggott: Gay Marriage And The Chesterton Fence
American Power: President Trump Rolls Back Obama’s Perverted “Transgender” School Bathroom Mandates
American Thinker: How To Tell If News Is Really News
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Second Amendment News
BLACKFIVE: Do You Know This Man Or Voice?
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Don Surber: The Story Huffington Post Doesn’t Want You To Read
Dustbury: Bucolic Romance
Fred On Everything: A Budget Without Russians – The Empire’s Nightmare
The Geller Report: Swedish Politicians Say Trump Was Right
Hogewash: Go Ahead. Make My Day.
Jammie Wearing Fools: Alan Colmes Dead At 66
Joe For America: James O’Keefe To “Destroy CNN” With Hundreds Of Hours Of Undercover Tapes
JustOneMinute: Good Advice
Power Line: CNN Says Oh-Oh
Shark Tank: GOP Draws First Blood Against Nelson In 2018 Senate Race
Shot In The Dark: We Shall Call Him “Bluto”
STUMP: Kentucky County Pensions – 60% Funded (And Decreasing) Is Awful
The Jawa Report: Totally Mischaracterized Gitmo Detainee Goes All Splodeydope
The Political Hat: Gender Bending – In The Schools, In Utero, In Opposition
This Ain’t Hell: University of Michigan’s No Whites Allowed Space, also, 72nd Anniversary Of Mount Suribachi Flag Raising
War Is Boring: Russia Sells Lethal Jet Fighters To UAE
Weasel Zippers: Mexico “Will Not Accept” Trump’s Immigration Plans, Threatens To Go To U.N., also, Trump Strips Funding For Illegal Aliens, Reallocates Money To Victims Of Their Crimes

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#CPAC2017: Joe the Plumber (@RealJTP) Talks Breitbart, Bannon, Trump

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Joe Wurzelbacher was just a guy in Ohio in 2008, when he encountered Barack Obama on the campaign trail and asked him a question about taxes that catapulted “Joe the Plumber” to nationwide fame. Now, Joe works with Liberty Alliance and this morning I bumped into him outside CPAC and recorded a brief interview:


By the way, the Satanic forces of evil, otherwise known as the Democrat Party, are casting a witchcraft spell on Donald Trump tomorrow.

Obviously, Christians need to pray for the President’s protection:

Pray therefore the God of Peace to crush Satan beneath our feet, that he may no longer retain men captive and do injury to the Church.

Never doubt the power of  prayer.




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