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Rule 5 Monday: Utes Of America

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

One would think that the most prestigious university in the state of Utah, Brigham Young University, would be located in the most notable city of that state, Salt Lake City, but one would be incorrect. The local college in Salt Lake City is the University of Utah, whose teams are named (with permission) after the Ute tribe, and here we see some of the Ute cheerleaders. As is always the case with Rule 5 posts, many of the following links are to pics generally considered NSFW, and should one be forced to experience sadness by clicking on those links without exercising discretion, this is definitely not our problem.

Off the reservation.

Ninety Miles from Tyranny starts out this week’s offerings with Morning Mistress, Hot Pick of the Late Night, and Girls with Guns, followed by Goodstuff with Liz Taylor’s eyebrows and other spaced-out science, while The Last Tradition brings us Shanina Shaik and the Unspeakable Armenian. Animal Magnetism has Rule 5 Statist Takedown Friday and the Saturday Gingermageddon.

EBL’s heifers this week include Vicky Pattison and Liz Hurley, getting nekkid for Brexit;  also, Hope Hicks, Proud Breeder Blake Lively, Westworld Rule 5, Separated At Birth: Cersei Lannister And…, and Should We Be Surprised By Brexit?

A View from the Beach has the relatively restrained Ava SamboraZep Wins Stairway Verdict“Black Hole Sun”Potomac River Coming to Terms With SnakeheadsBikini Bandit Strikes Southern CaliforniaEight Miles High . . .FYI, How to Catch, Cook and Clean LobsterA Red Head Fiddling Around and Trump Mania Reaches Japan

Proof Positive’s Friday Night Babe is  Megan Hilty, his Vintage Babe is  Belinda Lee, Sex in Advertising is handled by Natasha Barnard for Guess, and there’s also Women of PETA L. At Dustbury, it’s Virginia Raggi and Brenda Holloway.

Thanks to everyone for their linkagery! Deadline to submit links to the Rule 5 Wombat mailbox for the Pre-Independence Day Rule 5 Sunday Blowout is midnight on Saturday, July 2; if you want to submit links for Saturday’s FMJRA, have them in to the Wombat-socho mailbox by noon on Saturday.

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In The Mailbox: 06.27.16

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Louder With Crowder: Crowder Vs. Sky News On Guns, Hilarity Ensues
Ninety Miles From Tyranny: IG Blames Obama Immigration Policy For Illegal’s Murder Of Connecticut Woman
EBL: Can Trump Do This?
Michelle Malkin: Where The Hell Is The Orlando Jihadist’s Missing Wife?
Twitchy: Ben Shapiro Reminds Hillary What SCOTUS Ruling Really Means

American Power: SCOTUS Strikes Down Texas Abortion Law
American Thinker: Political Correctness Puts Americans In Grave Danger
Da Tech Guy: Fausta – Brexit Wins and Three, OK Four, Quick Brexit Thoughts
Don Surber: NRA Forces NPR to Back Down
Jammie Wearing Fools: Officials Say CIA Arms For Syrian Rebels Supplied Black Market Instead
Joe For America: NBC Producer Praises Trump’s Would-Be Assassin
JustOneMinute: Just A Flesh Wound
Pamela Geller: Another Young Swedish Girl Murdered BY Muslim Migrants At Refugee Center
Shark Tank: Carlos Beruff’s Charlie Crist Problem
Shot In The Dark: Stacked
STUMP: Good News For Monday – Locks Unlocked
The Jawa Report: Sandcrawler PSA – The Sky Is Not Falling
The Lonely Conservative: Obama Won’t Answer Questions About Benghazi
The Political Hat: Toilet Witches For Transpersons
This Ain’t Hell: Democrats Call For “Day Of Action” Against Law-Abiding Gun Owners
Weasel Zippers: Muslim Woman At LAX Says “Fuck America, I Will Make Sure We Bomb America”
Megan McArdle: “Citizens Of The World”? Nice Thought, But…
Mark Steyn: “Steyn Was Right And I Was Wrong”, Continued

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Scenes from a Wedding

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As promised earlier, here are a few photos from Sunday’s wedding of my son Bob and his lovely bride, taken by my brother Kirby McCain.

Here comes the bride!

The bride is escorted down the aisle by her parents.

Our two daughters-in-law with our two daughters.

Mrs. McCain, Bob and his bride, me.

There will be more photos later, but right now we have to pack out of this hotel and go help clean up the venue. Thanks to readers who chipped in to help fund this occasion, and to those who haven’t chipped in yet, remember the Five Most Important Words in the English Language:





‘By Any Means Necessary’

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The radical left hates the First Amendment and loves violence:

At least five people were stabbed in a statehouse skirmish [Sunday in Sacramento] between members of the white-nationalist Traditionalist Workers Party (TWP) and “anti-fascist” activists from a group called By Any Means Necessary (BAMN). The white-power group had gotten a permit and was demonstrating in front of the California capitol. BAMN members came brandishing wooden bats and shouting “f–k fascists. Beat the fascists. Beat them.” One member Yvette Felarca told CNN she was “very, very proud” of the counter-protest that had produced such violence.
“We’ve got to build a movement in this nation,” said Felarca, noting that her group was full of people of many races and sexual orientations “standing together saying we will not accept or allow racist, genocide organizing to take place on the front steps of the capitol of California. And we would do it again.” . . .
Meanwhile, the anti-facists “came ready to fight,” as California Assemblyman Jim Cooper (D-Elk Grove) put it. They arrived wearing plastic shields and carrying wooden batons. They got physical with reporters that had come to cover the white nationalist rally. . . .

Read the rest by Elizabeth Nolan Brown at Reason, who argues that “violence against people protesting peacefully — no matter how odious their ideas — will never be a winning step strategically.” Last night I was watching  coverage of this on ABC News, which reported that violence “erupted” at the rally without making clear what actually happened, i.e., the “anti-fascist” group attacked the TWP people. This kind of violent extremism is actually caused by media bias, I would argue. The liberal bias of the media allows thugs like BAMN to believe they’re doing something heroic. Liberal media bias also helps create the “white nationalist” fringe. The media provide one-sided coverage of news about issues related to race, which is only treated as an “issue” in order to promote left-wing attitudes and help elect Democrats. This helps foster a paranoia that leads people to seek out fringe views.


FMJRA 2.0: Day Late And A Dollar Short, Salt Lake City Edition

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

So there I was in the Motel 6 near Salt Lake City International with a fully functional laptop…and no wifi. Welp.

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Top linkers this week:

  1.  Batshit Crazy News (14)
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Thanks to everyone for their linkagery!

Women’s Violence Against Women

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We must stop violence against women:

A Georgia mom allegedly shot and killed her estranged daughter-in-law after her son accused his wife of having an affair with a high school sweetheart, court records showed.
Elizabeth Wall, 63, was charged with murder Thursday after she fatally shot 35-year-old Jenna Wall, a beloved Cobb County kindergarten teacher and mother of two, police said.
Investigators have not detailed a motive in the killing, but court recordsobtained by the Atlanta Journal Constitution showed Jenna Wall and her husband Jerrod Wall — Elizabeth Wall’s son — were in the midst of a messy break up and custody battle over their two sons, ages 7 and 8. Jerrod Wall filed for divorce in April, alleging his wife had cheated on him with her boyfriend from high school.

We must stop violence against women:

Christy Sheats, 42, shot and killed her two young daughters, Taylor, 22, and Madison Sheats, 17, on what neighbors said was their father’s birthday, according to local reports. A family spat started inside the married couple’s Houston-area home and spiraled into gun violence that spilled out onto their street.
“It was a family argument that turned into a shooting,” Fort Bend County Sheriff Troy Nehls told the Houston Chronicle. “But we’re still trying to put the pieces together.”
A witness said the sisters tried escaping with their father, but Taylor collapsed outside the home and Madison was shot in the back, KTRK-TV reported.

Somewhere, a Women’s Studies major is blaming this on the patriarchy.


Feminists Win as Australian Man Pleads Guilty in Facebook Harassment Case

Posted on | June 25, 2016 | 1 Comment


Zane Alchin, 25, may go to prison for making rape jokes on Facebook. The Australian man pleaded guilty Monday to “using a carrier service to menace, harass, or cause offence” in a case that began with a hiphop lyric.

It started last August when a 23-year-old Sydney woman, Olivia Melville, signed up for the dating app Tinder and decided to use as her profile bio a line from a song by Drake: “Type of girl that will suck you dry and then eat some lunch with you.” This caught the attention of Chris Hall, a 25-year-old bartender who took a screenshot of Melville’s profile and posted it to his Facebook page with the remark: “Stay classy ladies. I’m surprised she’d still be hungry for lunch.” Then the trouble started.


Melville posted Hall’s comment to her own page and began to argue with him about it, with her friends joining in on her side, and Hall’s friends taking his side. It was a rather typical Internet kerfuffle about the issue of “slut-shaming,” until Hall’s friend Zane Alchin joined in. “You know the best thing about a feminist they don’t get any action so when you rape them it feels 100 times tighter,” was one of Alchin’s comments which, as offensive as it may be, could not legally be considered a threat, because it was a generic statement not directed toward any individual. However, to one of Melville’s friends, Paloma Brierley Newton, Alchin said, “I’d rape you if you were better looking but I wouldn’t f– you a nimbus,” whatever that’s supposed to mean. (Alchin claims he was drunk at the time.) Brierley Newton said in response: “If you keep threatening me with rape, I will go to the police. I have all of this screen shotted, you are currently breaking the law.” And evidently, she wasn’t kidding.

Zane Alchin’s abusive comments were the subject of a post in which Brierley Newtown seemed eager to appoint herself Facebook commissar:

I want to take a moment to talk about sexual violence and harassment. . . .
This kind of behaviour is what we call ‘normalisation of violence against women’ and it is really really scary and damaging, it is the reason that every day our mothers, our sisters and our friends are killed by men, and raped by men. . . .
I’ll also be taking these pictures to the police, be warned men, the internet is not longer your invisibility cloak. I am coming after you and I will not be stopped.

There you have it: Facebook causes rape and murder. The world was an edenic paradise until Mark Zuckerberg invented Facebook in 2004, and then violence against women was normalized because . . . harassment.

Can we talk about that word, “harassment”? Because in recent years, feminists have expanded the definition of “harassment” to the point it apparently means disagreeing with a feminist on the Internet.

In February, my popular @rsmccain Twitter account was suspended for “participating in targeted abuse,” although Twitter officials have refused to say (a) what this allegedly “abuse” included, (b) who was allegedly “targeted,” or (c) how I allegedly “participated” in this. The double standard is glaring. ISIS-supporting radical Muslims can have Twitter accounts, but if you support #GamerGate or call a feminist a “totalitarian,” the commissars will send you to the Twitter gulag.


The concept of “participating targeted abuse” is about collective guilt, where one person claims to be a victim (they were “targeted”) and then anyone who said mean things about them on Twitter (or retweeted other people’s negative comments) can be condemned as “participating,” without regard for whether any specific thing they said was otherwise in violation of Twitter policy. Alleged pedophile Nicholas Edward “Sarah” Nyberg has repeatedly succeed in getting his/“her” critics suspended from Twitter, where the “trust and safety” policies are used to protect certain people from factual criticism.


As the forces of Cultural Marxism increasingly expand the list of Things You Are Not Allowed to Say, they thereby incentivize the third-grade tattletale mentality: “You said a dirty word! I’m telling teacher!”

Every synonym for “promiscuous woman” — slut, tramp, harlot, etc. — is effectively banned from usage by politically correct standards, even when feminists are publicly boasting about their herpes infections.

“I am able to embrace my herpes positive status. . . .
“I have no shame in who I am. . . .
“I have sex, great sex. I write about sex. I talk openly about sex.”

Emily Depasse, April 18, 2016

Feminists are attempting to impose a speech code that amounts to a commandment: “Thou shalt never criticize a woman for anything.”


Paloma Brierley Newton is a Shameless Slut — she’s selling T-shirts with that message to promote her group “Sexual Violence Won’t Be Silenced.” She is a graduate student who got her college degree in photography, but now “plans to complete a Masters of Humanitarian and Social Justice law,” which is actually a degree offered by the University of New South Wales in Sydney. Not only is Brierley Newton willing to advertise her own habitual promiscuity, but she encourages others to do likewise.

Some might say Paloma Brierly Newton has a “reprobate mind,” and is among those “filled with all unrighteousness, fornication . . . boasters, inventors of evil things . . . implacable, unmerciful.” This is the woman who declares “be warned men . . . I am coming after you and I will not be stopped.” And by reporting Zane Alchin to police, Paloma Brierly Newton has turned herself into a feminist celebrity in Australia.


All because Zane Alchin is an idiot who posted rude things on Facebook.


No one would ever accuse me of playing “white knight” for feminists, nor am I volunteering for the Internet Civility Patrol, but young guys have got to learn to stop handing feminists easy victories like this.  Chris Hall’s original Facebook post — with the screenshot of Olivia Melville’s Tinder profile and the sarcastic remark, “Stay classy ladies. I’m surprised she’d still be hungry for lunch” — was entirely appropriate, a simple point-and-laugh gesture. However, Zane Alchin had to prove himself to be The Reason We Can’t Have Nice Things, the guy who starts digging a hole with indefensibly crude remarks and, when his bad behavior causes problems, he decides to disregard Healey’s First Law of Holes and keep on digging. This is how you become Bill Schmalfeldt, basically.

Don’t be that guy whose obscenity-strewn semi-literate comments give feminists like Clementine Ford an excuse for a “rape culture” lecture:

This is what rape culture looks like. This is what cyber sexual violence looks like. This is what a f–king creep who needs to be reported to the police looks like.
The internet is a battleground for women. People need to be aware of exactly how bad it is, and protest it. This sh– is not funny. It’s not a light hearted joke. It’s not meaningless. Men, if you find it funny to joke about raping women you better be prepared for a lot of women to think you’re actually a rapist. Don’t cry foul about ‘feminazis’ when you’re the reason feminism is still so f–king necessary you disgusting, mouth breathing troglodytes.

You cannot fight feminism effectively by handing them fodder for their anti-male propaganda campaigns. Stop being stupid, guys.

(Hat-tip: Kirby McCain on Twitter.)


Army Bob Takes a Bride

Posted on | June 24, 2016 | 9 Comments

Earlier this year, my son Bob and his girlfriend came to visit us for Easter. Bob has been in the Army since 2013 and, while stationed at Fort Bragg, met a lovely girl named Johanna who is an art student (she does video animation). While they were visiting, Bob invited Johanna to hike up to Black Rock, a peak on South Mountain along the Appalachian Trial that has been a favorite destination since Bob and his twin brother Jim were about 10 years old. It was a special occasion when Bob and Johanna hiked up and reached the scenic overlook, where he gave her a gift . . .


Yes, that’s an engagement ring on her finger. Bob popped the question, Johanna said yes, and they set the wedding for June 25.

Repeat: June 25. As in Saturday — tomorrow. [Sunday — see update]


The brevity of their engagement can be explained by saying that (a) Johanna is a fine Christian girl from a fine Christian family, so that (b) premarital cohabitation would be unacceptable, and (c) did I mention that married soldiers get a subsidy for off-base housing? Thank you, America, for promoting family values to our troops in such a direct way.

Our soldier is due for promotion at the end of this month, which means the couple soon will be Sergeant and Mrs. McCain. This makes the third of our six children to get married. Our oldest daughter Kennedy married her high-school sweetheart in 2010, while Bob’s twin brother Jim and his wife already have two sons. It’s a good kind of sibling rivalry.

Jim and Bob at Jim’s wedding.

Bob and Jim, age 5.

They were so inseparable (and almost indistinguishable) as boys my wife and I just called them “the boys,” as in, “Where are the boys? What trouble did the boys get into today?” For the first six years of the twins’ lives, our kids were “Kennedy and the boys.” Then came two more brothers and a baby sister, but Bob and Jim as “the boys” were a phenomenal tag-team of mischief. There was both teamwork and rivalry between them, and so when Jim married a lovely girl and provided us with two wonderful grandsons, it was like, “Gotta step up your game, Bob.”


Well done, soldier. Now, it’s time for the Old Man to do his part — rattling the hell out of the tip jar. Mrs. McCain expects me to foot the bill for our trip to North Carolina, three nights in a hotel, etc., and so I’m dusting of the Shoe Leather Fund, and requesting reader support for this 740-mile round-trip expedition. About $600 should suffice, so if 120 readers gave $5 each, or 60 readers gave $10 each, or 30 readers gave $20 each, this would enable me to tell my wife, “See? This blogging thing is a real job. The readers actually do care.”

Believe it or not, after all these years and the many miles I traveled on the Shoe Leather Fund, sometimes my wife occasionally doubts the power of the Five Most Important Words in the English Language:


Thanks in advance. I’ll post wedding photos this weekend.

UPDATE 10:30 p.m.: Greetings from beautiful downtown Sanford, N.C.

About 20 minutes after we left home, my brother called to inform me that the wedding is Sunday, not Saturday, which goes to show you how out of the loop I am in terms of the planning operations.




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