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"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler


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– compiled by Wombat-socho

Evidence In Sony Hack Suggests Possible Involvement By Iran, Chicoms, Russia

No evidence of forced entry – an inside job?
Sony execs say The Interview “desperately unfunny”
Norks’ long term target may be telecoms, utility grid
So what’s Obama going to do about it?

Obama Bets On More Cigars To Win Over Congress On Cuban Embargo
Hoping more trade changes the dynamic in Congress

What You Missed At Vladimir Putin’s Bizarre News Conference
Protests, a stuffed crocodile, and a bear in the woods

Colorado Vows To Defend Legal Pot Against Neighboring States

Weed on display at a Denver dispensary

Nebraska, Oklahoma petition Supremes to strike down Colorado weed law

Jeb Bush: Praised By Liberals, Drawing Flak From GOP

EPA To Issue Guidelines On Handling, Storage Of Coal Ash

Vermont Gives Up On Single-Payer Health Care

Review: Secret Service Needs Outside Leadership, Culture Change

$10 Billion UN-Linked Climate Change Fund Wants Immunity From Prosecution

Obama Sets Up Commission To Improve Police-Community Relations

Congressional Critics Ready To Block Obama’s Cuban Moves

Asian Crude Rebounds In Volatile Trade: WTI $54.74, Brent $59.43
Eurozone Stocks Set For Biggest Weekly Gain Of 2014
BASF, Gazprom Scrap Planned Asset Swap
Wall Street Has Best Two-Day Gain Since 2011 On Fed Optimism
Jobless Claims Lowest In Six Weeks
Hellmann’s Maker Unilever Drops Suit Over “Just Mayo”
ICANN Hacked In Spearphishing Attack
Google Aims To Put Kibosh On Android Lawsuit
BlackBerry Launches New “Classic” Phone
Pot, Meet Kettle: MPAA Calls Google’s Defense Of Free Speech “Shameful”
“Minecraft: Story Mode” Spinoff Announced By Mojang

Jaguars Hold Off Titans For 21-13 Win In Home Finale

Jaguar RB Jordan Todman smiles after a 62-yard touchdown run

Clash between 3-12 Jaguars, 2-13 Titans generally regarded as unwatchable

FCC Dismisses Petition To Strip Snyder of Radio Station Over Redskins Name

Blue Jackets Fall To Caps In OT

Kemp Goes To Padres Despite Arthritic Hips

Celtics Ship Rajon Rondo To Dallas In Mega Deal

Canes Snap Slump With 4-1 Thrashing Of Leafs

Warriors Beat Thunder 114-109 After Durant Injury

Ducks Edge Habs 2-1

Davis, Pelicans Take Down Rockets

Nats Trade Souza To Rays In Three-Team Deal

Ashleee Simpson Pregnant With Second Child

Her first with new hubby Evan Ross

Will join Ashlee’s six-year-old son Bronx by ex Pete Wentz

Jennifer Aniston “Cranky And Irritable” When She Stopped Exercising

Gamer Beats Out Jay-Z, Beyonce For Epic LA House

Brad Pitt Dismissed From Jury Duty: Too Distracting

Marvel Gives Spider-Woman A Modern Makeover

Madonna: Unfinished Album Leak “Artistic Rape”

Celebrities Lose Millions Of Followers In Instagram Purge

Former Fugees Star Makes $1.7 Million But Won’t Pay Child Support, Says Ex

Clint Eastwood Eager To See “Unbroken”

James Franco Cozies Up To Lady Gaga Amid “The Interview” Cancellation

Eight Children Found Dead In Australian Home
Why Pakistan Won’t Hunt Down The Terrorists Within
Kurdish Forces Break Mount Sinjar Siege
Boko Haram Strikes Again
Britain Moves Closer To Allowing Women In Combat
Tusk: EU needs Long-Term Strategy To Deal With Russia
Nigeria Sentences 54 Soldiers To Death
Mandy Rice-Davies, Key Figure In Profumo Scandal, Dies At 70
Hamas Diverting Reconstruction Materials To Terror Tunnel Construction
ROK Constitutional Court Orders Unified Progressive Party To Disband For Pro-Nork Activities

First Street Journal: Even When Obama Gets Something Right, He Gets It Wrong
Proof Positive: Blazing Diplomacy
Doug Powers: Dueling Headlines – PETA’s Person Of The Year
Twitchy: Obama, Bill Clinton Bid Farewell To “Court Jester” Colbert
American Power: Transgender Movement Upends Feminism At Womens’ Colleges
American Thinker: Can We Send Alan Gross Back To Cuba?
BLACKFIVE: Ironic Is One Word
Conservatives4Palin: “Amazing America” Second Season Debuts January 15
Don Surber: New York Returns To The 19th Century
Jammie Wearing Fools: Cuba Protects America’s Most Wanted
Joe For America: Michelle Obama – Short People Are Racist
JustOneMinute: Let Me Highlight Charles Blow’s Auto-Humiliation
Pamela Geller: Gaza Jihadis Bomb French Institute
Protein Wisdom: Legendary MAD Magazine Illustrator Jack Davis Calls it Quits At 90
Shot In The Dark: When Lies Are All You Have
The Gateway Pundit: Second Major Chain Store Shuts Down In Ferguson
The Jawa Report: Tinyish Minority Of African Muslims Take 185 Women And Children Hostage In Yet Another Isolated Incident
The Lonely Conservative: No Recession For Government Bureaucrats
This Ain’t Hell: That Crazed Vet Thing Again
Weasel Zippers: “Fast And Furious” Gun Used In Phoenix Apartment Shooting

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Christmas…Christmas Never Changes.

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– by Wombat-socho

Between Obama sucking the Castro brothers’ toes and the pathetic behavior of Sony and Paramount, this has been a pretty miserable day. Yet, all is not lost – there are still a few brave (and funny) souls out there mocking the idiocies of the left for your entertainment. One of them, of course, is the International Lord of Hate, better known as SF/Fantasy author Larry Correia. For six years in a row, he’s delivered excerpts from his series of Christmas novels, The Christmas Noun, and this year is no exception. This year, though, can Tim save Christmas from the reality-warping horror that is…Attack of the Social Justice Noun? Features guest stars Darius Rucker and Wendell the Manatee.

Fire TV Stick

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Rape Culture Update

Posted on | December 18, 2014 | 70 Comments

Rolling Stone’s @SabrinaRErdely has been so busy keeping us informed about how wealthy fratboys at elite universities routinely gang-rape 18-year-old girls . . . Wait, no. Actually, she hasn’t tweeted a single word in the past 18 days. We are nevertheless sure she’s been plenty busy, which explains why she hasn’t reported these stories:

We apologize for errors in the minor details we had to correct in these stories, but the “rape epidemic” on America’s college campuses is so rampant that Sabrina Rubin Erdley can’t keep up with it all.


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Take A Bow, Frank, To A String Near You

Posted on | December 18, 2014 | 12 Comments

by Smitty

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In The Mailbox, 12.18.14

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– compiled by Wombat-socho

Doug Powers: Barred From Entering The US? Try Making Some Generous Campaign Contributions!
Twitchy: “Disturbing, To Say The Least” Something’s Very Wrong With This Picture of Alan Gross

American Power: Val Prieto On Obama’s Cuba Normalization Debacle
American Thinker: Education As A Cause Of Mental Health Issues
BLACKFIVE: Book Review – Asylum City
Conservatives4Palin: The Democrat Party’s Obamacare Disaster
Don Surber: 44 Officers Killed In The Line Of Duty Since Ferguson
Jammie Wearing Fools: Pathetic Obamas Complain “We’ve Been Treated Like The Help”
Joe For America: The Media’s Fear Of Muslims Is On Display
JustOneMinute: Raaaaacism!
Pamela Geller: Obama May Be Linked To Jihadi Child Massacre In Peshawar
Shot In The Dark: The People Called For A Hero
The Gateway Pundit: Sadly, There Will Be No Exam Delay For Traumatized Students At Oberlin College
The Jawa Report: Where’s Rusty? Epic Christmas Edition
The Lonely Conservative: Obama’s Executive Orders By Another Name
This Ain’t Hell: North Regional/East Regional Blue Falcon Stolen Valor Tournament
Weasel Zippers: Salon – “America Has Always Been Garbage”, Founding Fathers “Sadistic Slave Owners”
Megan McArdle: Russia’s Problems Are Everyone’s Problems
Mark Steyn: Norks Nix Yanks Pix

My book The Last Falangist is on sale for 99 cents through New Year’s.
A good stocking stuffer if you know folks with digital socks. ;)

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Sailing the ‘Sea of Misogyny’

Posted on | December 17, 2014 | 61 Comments

Brendan O’Neill at Spiked Online:

The buzzphrase of our age is ‘rape culture’. Fearmongering feminists claim women are surrounded by the threat of rape, as evidenced in everything from the Sun’s Page 3 to the continued existence of raunchy rock music, and are drowning in what one melodramatic columnist calls ‘a sea of misogyny’. Activists make videos of themselves being catcalled in the street to demonstrate that a ‘culture of rape’ is all around. Even as the statistics suggest that actual incidents of rape are declining — the US National Crime Victimization Survey records an 85 per cent decline in the per-capita victimisation rate of rape over the past 35 years — still the panic about rape is stoked up. Magazines like Rolling Stone run graphic stories about grotesque rapes, publishing houses churn out rape memoirs, and online forums are set up for women to tell, in as much detail as possible, their stories of being raped — all contributing to a feeling, however unfounded, that women are at risk from lustful men.
So it was in the Deep South, too. One of the main ways in which racists there maintained social divisions and social order was through the spectre of rape. . . .

You can read the whole thing, but what caught my eye was that phrase “sea of misogyny.” Headline on the column in question:

Women are being assaulted, abused
and murdered in a sea of misogyny

Why the passive-voice construction? Who is doing all this assault, abuse and murder? The subject of the sentence is men.

Men are assaulting women. Men are abusing women. Men are murdering women. Are feminists afraid to name their enemy?

Words mean things. “Misogyny” means hatred of women.

At some point in the past decade, “misogyny” replaced “sexism” as the favorite feminist accusation against men, without anybody really noticing the significance of the substitution. Being called a “sexist” never much bothered me, frankly, because what does it really mean?

A sexist is someone who believes that the differences between the sexes are socially significant, and I most certainly do.

To be a sexist does not mean being prejudiced against women or practicing unfair discrimination in the workplace against females. Many women — quite probably most women, including many who call themselves “feminists” — are also sexist in their belief that the differences between male and female cannot be ignored or wished away.

The differences between men and women cannot be legislated out of existence. No regime of regulation, no court decree can create “sexual equality,” because the sexes are sufficiently different that attempts to make them equal only creates failure, conflict and misery. Our schools may manage to brainwash children with false beliefs about “equality,” but all that will do is to make it more difficult for those children to be successful and happy when they grow up.

“Feminists have declared war on human nature,” I wrote in July, after beginning the “Sex Trouble” series. While nature will ultimately triumph over her foolish foes, there is no limit to the misery and failure that may result from feminist folly in the meantime.

To be a sexist is not the same as being a misogynist, and the substitution of the latter term for the former tells us something about the steady drift of feminism in recent decades. Entrenched in departments of Women’s Studies, protected by tenure, armed with regulatory authority and political prestige, the academics whose theories form the basis of feminist ideology have taught their naïve students a discourse of power (Foucault) so that when they emerge from the campus cocoon and encounter adult life, they view the world through distorted lenses. Human behavior appears to them to form a gestalt pattern they then describe using the intellectual abstractions (e.g., misogyny) with which they were equipped during their ideological indoctrination.

“In the hands of a skillful indoctrinator, the average student not only thinks what the indoctrinator wants him to think . . . but is altogether positive that he has arrived at his position by independent intellectual exertion. This man is outraged by the suggestion that he is the flesh-and-blood tribute to the success of his indoctrinators.”
William F. Buckley Jr., Up From Liberalism (1959)

You don’t need a college education to be able to identify offensive human behavior as “bad manners” or “stupidity.” No abstract theory or fancy words are required to say that you shouldn’t grope people in the workplace or shout insults at strangers on the street. And rape was a felony long before we had feminists constantly lecturing us about rape.

Here’s the subhead on that column about the “sea of misogyny”:

Women are being killed in a society that
sends the message, clearly and repeatedly,
that they are sexual objects for
men’s gratification and possession

Wait! You’re telling me that this message from society is wrong?

Whatever you do, don’t tell my wife. She has been an object for my gratification and possession for 25 years, and if she ever figures out that this arrangement pleases me because I hate her — that I am a “misogynist” — she might stop supplying me with gratification.

Perhaps the reader sees the basic problem here without my having to explain it. Always best to assume that the reader is intelligent enough to draw the obvious conclusion in such a situation, but I hope no one is offended while I belabor the point a bit further.

Our feminist here engages in a rhetorical leap that makes Evel Knievel’s rocket-powered motorcycle jump across the Snake River Canyon look like child’s play. She has crammed many different phenomena into a single category, “misogyny,” so that male desire for female companionship (which in feminist theory means reducing women to “sexual objects”) is responsible for assault, abuse and murder.

Men want women because men hate women — that’s what this feminist rhetoric about “misogyny” and “sex objects” really means.

Common sense rejects this formulation when it is stated so clearly, which is why feminists usually avoid stating their beliefs clearly, except when writing books aimed at an exclusively feminist readership. People have been startled by some of the quotes by feminist authors I’ve published during the past several months (you will find six particularly frightening quotes in yesterday’s installment, “As Real as Rape: How Bad Journalism Advances Feminism’s Anti-Male Agenda“) simply because clear expressions of feminism’s core ideology seldom appear in newspaper columns or any other mass media forum.

“Intercourse occurs in a context of a power relation that is pervasive and incontrovertible. The context . . . is one in which men have social, economic, political power over women. Some men do not have all those kinds of power over all women; but all men have some kinds of power over all women; and most men have controlling power over what they call their women — the women they fuck.”
Andrea Dworkin, Intercourse (1987)

Feminism has both an esoteric doctrine (a system of beliefs shared among members of the cult) and an exoteric discourse, the language feminists use when evangelizing the general public.

What is taught in university Women’s Studies programs diffuses itself into public awareness slowly, by a sort of intellectual osmosis, so that when we encounter feminist arguments on TV news programs or in online columns, the ideological underpinnings of this rhetoric are not clearly apparent. Common sense tells us there is something strange about these arguments — the casual conflation of normal male sexual desire with murder strikes us as odd — but we don’t know where these weird claims are coming from or why anyone would say such things. We ask ourselves, “Who is this person saying all this?”

Her name is Laura Bates and she is 28 years old. She graduated from Cambridge in 2007 and moved to London to pursue an acting career. Failing at that, she worked various jobs until, in 2012, she launched a website called Everyday Sexism, collecting and publishing women’s tales of men’s abusive behavior. That project was a success, and Ms. Bates seems rather disingenuous about this:

She can’t recall a single conversation about feminism or politics while growing up in a “very, very normal” middle-class family in Taunton; she studied English literature at Cambridge university, spent all her time acting and went nowhere near student politics, let alone women’s groups. . . .
It is hard to believe Bates when she says she would scarcely have known what feminism even meant two years ago, for her command of the gender politics debate is breathtakingly sophisticated.

Yes, it is quite “hard to believe” that a Cambridge graduate, even a literature major whose career interest was in theater, didn’t know anything at all about “gender politics” until, at age 26, she created a web site called Everyday Sexism. The aroma of bovine excrement exudes from that narrative because, even if Laura Bates went “nowhere near . . . women’s groups” as a Cambridge undergrad, feminist ideology pervades the modern university campus like water pervades the sea.

As I have frequently mentioned, Women’s Studies programs are organized on an  interdisciplinary basis, so that professors of history, psychology and literature are part of these programs. If one were able to view Laura Bates’s Cambridge transcript, to see the courses she took and the professors under whom she studied, I can pretty much guarantee she had some exposure to feminist theory, and perhaps quite a large amount, even if she did not recognize it as such.

Certainly, Ms. Bates lived her life in accordance to feminist ideology, whether she studied that ideology or not. She is 28, childless and unmarried — by contrast, my wife was a mother of three by the time she was 28 — and so Ms. Bates embodies the anti-procreation fanaticism that makes “choice” (abortion) women’s most fundamental right. It does no good, in my experience, to explain to feminists that their movement’s vehement hostility to motherhood is largely derived from the population-control agenda funded by white male billionaires (David Rockefeller, Ted Turner, Bill Gates, et al.) whose interest in “women’s rights” is more Malthusian than philanthropic.

“Be fruitful and multiply” is one of the many divine commandments that all feminists must reject. There are no Christian feminists, because feminism is a sort of narcissistic idolatry, wherein women deny God and instead worship themselves as their own divinity.

That ironic feminist poster quotes a rather notorious 1992 fundraising letter sent out by Pat Robertson, and every word is true, including the part about witchcraft. Please, click here and buy yourself a copy of Enchanted Feminism: The Reclaiming Witches of San Francisco by Professor Jone Salomsen and, when you’re done reading that, I can recommend several other volumes on the same topic. Meanwhile, if you’re interested in the subject of women divorcing their husbands and becoming lesbians, you can also order From Wedded Wife to Lesbian Life: Stories of Transformation (1995) and Dear John, I Love Jane: Women Write About Leaving Men for Women (2010).

Laura Bates is not a lesbian witch, so far as I am aware. A newspaper profile mentions that she “lives in north London with her fiance, an actor” who, we may presume, intends to obtain gratification from his possession of Ms. Bates as a sex object. And good luck, sir!

My own four sons, however, have been warned to avoid any woman who speaks feminist rhetoric. McCain’s Law of Feminism:

There are three kinds of feminism:

1. Feminism that is wrong;
2. Feminism that is crazy;
3. Feminism that is both wrong and crazy.

When in doubt, it’s usually Number Three.

All feminists are wrong and usually also crazy, but you never know what kind of craziness is concealed by their rhetoric. Marry one of them at your own peril. If you come home some day to find she has killed the children, withdrawn all the money from your bank account and run off to join a coven of lesbian witches, don’t say you weren’t warned.



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LIVE AT FIVE: 12.17.14

Posted on | December 17, 2014 | 10 Comments

– compiled by Wombat-socho

Anguish, Outrage In Pakistan After Taliban Attack On Peshawar School

Female relatives mourn over the casket of 15-year-old Mohammed Ali Khan, killed by the Taliban

Bloody siege of military high school apparently retaliation for recent Pakistani Army operations
India mourns slain Pakistani schoolchildren
PM Sharif: Terrorism will be rooted out

Abbott: New National Security Laws, Bail Rules Failed To Stop Sydney Jihadi
Monis bail continued despite 30 new rape charges

Jeb Bush To “Explore” Candidacy
Howie Carr: GOP voters won’t stampede for a RINO

Judge Declares Obama Immigration Actions Unconstitutional

Prez uses Christmas to defend immigration actions

District court judge says actions count as legislation by the executive branch

Departing TSA Boss: Terrorists Still Fixated On Airlines

Officials Claim Surge In Obamacare Signups

Social Security’s Acting Commissioner Left Hanging As Senate Heads Home

Senate Okays Nominees, Tax Bill As Session Ends

Federal Court Nixes Taxpayer-Funded Sex Change For Murderer

LA Mayor Plans 7000 Body Cameras For Police

Man Who Waterboarded 9/11 Mastermind Slams Senate CIA Report

Asian Crude Sinks To New Lows, Investors Wary As Ruble Crashes: WTI $54.77, Brent $59.86
Russia Defends Ruble With Biggest Rate Rise Since 1998
Japan Export Growth Slows In November
New American Apparel CEO faces Revolt From Managers Loyal To Ousted Charney
US Imposes Steep Tariffs On Chinese Solar Panels
Darden Restaurants Posts 2Q Loss Of $32.8 Million
Apple Wins Antitrust Trial Over iPod Update
Instagram Launches Five New Filters
Magic Leap Adds Neal Stephenson As Chief Futurist
T-Mobile To Let Customers Roll Over Unused Data
Vintage Videogame Found In New Mexico Landfill Sent To Smithsonian

Grizzlies Snap Warriors’ Sixteen-game Streak, Deliver 105-98 Mauling

Grizzlies in the first half

Memphis’ 20-point run at start of second quarter stunned Golden State

Blue Jackets Blank Red Wings In Shootout

Chargers Staying Put In 2015

Rangers Snuff Flames, 5-2

Walls Leads Wizards Past Timbermutts

Jets Blitz Sabres, 5-1

Mavs Rout Knicks As Fisher Pulls Starters Early

Coyotes Edge Oilers 2-1 In OT

Desmond Unfazed By Trade Rumors, Wants To Stay With Nats

Britney Spears Flashes Abs, Hot Body

Even more hot pics from Womens’ Health shoot

Dancing, switching up exercise routine, and lots of sushi doing the trick for Brit

Alex Trebek Threatened To Quit “Jeopardy” – Sony E-mails

Sony Hackers Threaten 9/11 Attack On Theaters Screening “The Interview”

Chris Kyle’s Widow Gives Teary Speech At “American Sniper” Premiere

How Jennifer Lopez Is Owning 2015 Already

Jessica Biel Is Expecting

Stricken Mel B Walks Out On Hubby Stephen

Children Of Reggae Legend Peter Tosh Fighting Over $2 Million Estate

“The Flash” Recruits “Tomorrow People” Alum Peyton List

Kathie Lee Gifford: Bill Cosby Once Tried To Kiss Me

Tessa Thompson From “Dear White People” Lands Lead In “Creed”

Former Wahlberg Bodyguard: Mark Shouldn’t Be Pardoned

Netanyahu Starts Hanukkah By Lighting Menorah The Wrong Way
Drone Strike In Pakistan Kills Four Pak Taliban, Seven Others
India Bans Islamic State
Kerry: US Has Made No Determination On Palestinian Statehood
Former US Marine Imprisoned In Iran Goes On Hunger Strike
Vatican Report Praises American Nuns
Palestinian Boycott Of Israeli Goods Slowly Collapsing
Suicide Car Bombers Kill 26 In Yemen, Including 16 Kids
Uruguay’s President Says Former Gitmo Detainees Not Terrorists
“Cultural Protest” Held In Delhi

Michelle Malkin: Jeb Bush – Chamber Of Commerce Water Boy
Twitchy: EBONY Snipes At Actress Stacey Dash’s Popularity Because Of Politics
American Power: Democrats Divided On Path To 2016
BLACKFIVE: Bring Out Yer Dead!
Conservatives4Palin: Elizabeth Warren, Corporate Welfare Queen
Don Surber: Elizabeth Hasselbeck Stumps Liberals
Jammie Wearing Fools: Leftists Fret Over Imaginary Anti-Muslim Backlash That Never Happens
Joe For America: A Peaceful March In NYC – “Kill The Killers”
JustOneMinute: Back At UVA, It Only Gets Weirder
Pamela Geller: Seven Arrested In Spain, Morocco For Recruiting Women To Jihad
Protein Wisdom: Morning, All!
Shot In The Dark: Layers And Layers Of Fact-Checkers
The Gateway Pundit: Seven More States Join Lawsuit Against Imperial Amnesty – Now Up To 24
The Jawa Report: Muslim Pens Leftist Satire, Liberals’ Heads Explode
The Lonely Conservative: Obama’s Economy – 1 In 5 Millenials Live In Poverty
This Ain’t Hell: Um, Bowe Bergdahl?
Weasel Zippers: Jesse Jackson Says It’s Racist To Call Him And Al Sharpton “Race Baiters”
Megan McArdle: “No” Is A Woman’s Most Powerful Word
Mark Steyn: Jeb Tide

Shop Amazon – Tech Accessories Year-End Deals

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Lesbian Athletes Denied Constitutional Right to Have Sex With Teammates

Posted on | December 16, 2014 | 33 Comments

Layana White and Haley Videckis are lesbians who played basketball for Pepperdine University. Somebody forgot to tell their coach that gay people have a monopoly on “civil rights” now. Whatever rights gays want, they get, and nobody else has any rights at all:

Two female college basketball players have sued Pepperdine — claiming the University is running them off the basketball team because they are involved in a lesbian relationship … TMZ Sports has learned.
The women behind the suit are Haley Videckis and Layana White — who each transferred to Pepperdine from other school because they believed they would have a better shot at the WNBA.
But according to the suit, several officials at Pepperdine — a Christian-based university in Malibu — began to suspect the players were in a lesbian relationship earlier this year … and started looking for an excuse to boot them off the team.
According to the suit, the women claim the basketball coach, Ryan Weisenberg, gave a speech on the topic of “lesbianism” in April … in which he said, “Lesbianism is not tolerated on this team. It is the reason why teams lose.”
Long story short, Layana claims she has eligibility issues with the NCAA and Pepperdine won’t help because of her sexual orientation. Haley claims she has recovered from a minor tailbone injury, but the school won’t clear her to play even though her doctor has signed off.
The women are suing for discrimination, harassment, retaliation and more — and are seeking unspecified damages.
A rep for Pepperdine issued a statement to TMZ Sports saying, “We take allegations of this kind very seriously. We conducted an immediate and thorough investigation and found no evidence to support these claims.”
“The University remains committed to a diverse and inclusive environment.”

Well, thanks, Pepperdine, for that courageous statement in favor of diversity and inclusion, but don’t you see that the diverse people you are including don’t want to be merely included? No, they want the whip in their hands, so they can boss you around, tell you what to do, and compel you to grovel at their feet — “Please don’t hit me again!” — while you tell them how incomparably special they are.

Homosexuals now have a right to being treated exactly how they want to be treated, and if anybody should ever so much as hint that they are less than ecstatic with enthusiasm for homosexuality, that’s a hate crime, a violation of their constitutional rights!

Didn’t you read the Supreme Court’s Windsor ruling? The gay rights movement was never about freedom. It was always about power.

Now that our Supreme Court and our political elite have given 2.3% of the population 100% of the power — you did read the Supreme Court’s Windsor decision, didn’t you? — their unlimited power is going to be used to destroy every person and every institution that ever dared to oppose the totalitarian ambitions of gay rights activists.

They’re here, they’re queer, and they want revenge.

Pepperdine University is affiliated with the United Church of Christ, and you might think that the First Amendment’s guarantee of freedom of religion would protect a Christian institution from being compelled to tolerate homosexual behavior among its students.


That’s the answer you’ll get from the Gay Rights Totalitarians, who now have the constitutional right to make you bake them a cake.

You have no rights, you hillbilly holy rollers. The Supreme Court has ruled that there is no God and that homosexuality is sacred — sodomy is a constitutional right! — and while lawyers for the gay rights movement are busy suing into bankruptcy every person or institution who in any way opposes gay people in their exercise of those rights, public schools are teaching your children to celebrate homosexuality with books and videos and games and prizes for the child who most joyously praises the wonders of glorious gayness.

Hat-tip to the Title IX Blog, the proprietor of which is Erin E. Buzuvis, director of the Center for Gender & Sexuality Studies and Professor of Law at Western Massachusetts University. Perhaps you could inquire with Professor Buzuvis and ask her under what conditions “discrimination” against homosexuals would be acceptable.

And I guarantee you that her answer will be none.

Because they’re totalitarians, and the rest of us have no rights at all.



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