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This Is a Disgrace

Posted on | April 23, 2014 | 21 Comments

Students at Washington & Lee University badmouthing Robert E. Lee?

The worthless disrespectful punks should be expelled. Period.


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Female Professor Accused of Sexually Molesting Mentally Disabled Man

Posted on | April 23, 2014 | 16 Comments

The intelligentsia are Our Moral Superiors:

Tomorrow a court hearing will be held in which it is expected New Jersey Superior Court Judge Siobhan Teare, will decide whether or not more testing is needed to determine whether a 33 year old man who suffers from cerebral palsy, was able to give consent during a long lasting sexual relationship with Rutgers Philosophy professor Anna Stubblefield.
It is said that the man has the mental capacity of an eighteen month old child.
Stubblefield is a practitioner of Facilitated Communication, a highly controversial technique that proponents say enables the severely mentally handicapped to communicate through “facilitators” by the use of touch and assistance with typing on a keyboard. She took on the man as a test subject in 2008 and in May of 2011 she approached the man’s mother telling her she had been engaging in a sexual relationship with him and that they were in love.
In August 2011, the man’s family brought their allegations to university police officers, who contacted Essex County prosecutors in January of 2013. Stubblefield was eventually indicted on aggravated sexual assault charges.

The Chronicle of Higher Education reports: “Stubblefield says that she informed the parents that she and John Roe were in love, and that their sexual relations were consensual.” Oh, well, if they were in love and it was consensual, no one can possibly object.

That was basically the argument of Kaitlyn Hunt’s defenders, and I’m sure the advocates of lesbian polygamy would agree.


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Far Down the Slippery Slope: Lesbian Polygamy Emerges in Massachusetts

Posted on | April 23, 2014 | 47 Comments

Left to right: Doll, Brynn and Kitten Young.

If two women can marry, why not three?

The world’s only ‘married’ lesbian threesome are expecting their first child.
Doll, Kitten and Brynn, from Massachusetts, were joined together in a marriage-style ceremony last August and are expecting a daughter in July.
Kitten, 27, is pregnant after undergoing IVF treatment using an anonymous sperm donor, and the trio eventually plan to have three children — one for each of them.
The plan at the moment is that Kitten will bear all the children — possibly using her wives’ eggs and donated sperm — but they are open to other options, such as adoption.
Brynn, 34, says: ‘The hope is to have three kids altogether. We always joke that the children should never outnumber the parents.’
Doll, Kitten and Brynn Young married in a ceremony in August 2013, when each of their fathers walked them down the aisle. All three women wore white wedding gowns and exchanged rings.
The so-called ‘throuple’ worked with a specialist family lawyer who drew up the paperwork and drafted the ceremony so that all three of them were obligated and bound to each other .
While Brynn and Kitten are legally married, Doll is handfasted to both so the threesome are as equally married to each other as legally possible.

In other words, this three-way lesbian marriage is not legally recognized by state or federal law — yet. But it would be interesting to see any advocate of gay marriage make a legal argument against polygamous marriage. By the way, “handfasting” is a neo-pagan marriage ceremony, common among devotees of Wicca. (Once upon a time, witches were hanged in Massachusetts.) This story about Brynn, Doll and Kitten is so weird, I’m tempted to dismiss it as a publicity stunt or, perhaps, a desperate bid for a reality TV series contract, but who can doubt how far this fanatical devotion to Equality and Progress has gone?

You might smile if you recognize the irony in this recent headline:

Documentary Chronicles Lesbian
Couple’s Struggle with Infertility

Alas, the heartache of infertile lesbian marriages! The couple’s wedding in 2007 was featured in the New York Times. When Jessica Antonellis married Alexis Casano, they hyphenated their surnames so that they are both now Mrs. Antonellis-Casano. The documentary about their “struggle with infertility” has been praised and shown at film festivals. Spoiler: Alexis eventually got pregnant and has since given birth again, so that Mrs. & Mrs. Antonellis-Casano now have two sons.

Of course, you’re probably saying: “Two sons? Isn’t it going to be difficult for those two boys growing up in a lesbian household? Aren’t they likely to become terribly confused?” Not to worry: (a) They live in New York City, which recently elected Bill de Blasio mayor, so being “terribly confused” is more or less normal there; and (b) If the offspring of Mrs. & Mrs. Antonellis-Casano develop any uncertainty about their gender, they can attend Camp Aranu’tiq.

Oh, you haven’t heard about Camp Aranu’tiq? It’s “a nonprofit program serving trans & gender-variant youth ages 6-18. We plan to serve 300+ campers this year!” So if your transvestite first-graders need a summer camp, you know where to send them. The founder of Camp Aranu’tiq, Nick Teich, was invited to the White House for an LGBT leadership meeting in 2012. Camp Aranu’tiq was the subject of a Boston Globe feature story:

Teich, who lives in Newton, started the nonprofit camp in Connecticut in 2010. A transgender male, he had a personal interest in providing a safe, fun place for kids who live on the outskirts of society. Teich loved the camp in Maine he had attended as a girl. He was there for 13 years, as a camper, counselor in training, counselor, and finally, member of the leadership team.
Some of those camp colleagues then began their own weeklong charity camp, where Teich volunteered for three summers. But five years ago, when he announced he was transitioning into becoming a man, he got a call from the head of that charity camp, with a lawyer on the line. “You can’t come back for the good of the kids,” he was told.
“It took me months to get over my serious anger,” said ­Teich, 29, a social worker who is pursuing a doctorate in social policy from Brandeis. “Then I said, you know what? I know a lot about camp, and there are kids who don’t fit into society, gender-wise. Why don’t I just start my own camp?”

No, that’s not a photo of the Camp Aranu’tiq staff. My apologies if that caused any unnecessary confusion, but confusion is everywhere nowadays, as we go Slouching Toward Angrogyny.


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Scalia Nails It Again

Posted on | April 23, 2014 | 45 Comments

James Taranto on yesterday’s Supreme Court decision upholding Michigan’s ban on discriminatory quotas in university admissions:

The six justices who voted to reverse the Sixth Circuit and let the Michigan amendment stand split 3-2-1 on the grounds for doing so. The result is a clear outcome but a doctrinal muddle. We thought it would be amusing and enlightening to go through the four main opinions in descending order of clarity.
Clearest of all is Justice Antonin Scalia’s concurrence in the judgment, joined by Justice Clarence Thomas. “It has come to this,” Scalia begins portentously. “Called upon to explore the jurisprudential twilight zone between two errant lines of precedent, we confront a frighteningly bizarre question: Does the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment forbid what its text plainly requires?”
Scalia and Thomas’s view, thus far joined by no other sitting justice, is that racial discrimination in public-university admissions is flatly unconstitutional. . . .
Then there’s the [Obama-appointed Justice Sandra] Sotomayor dissent, which begins as follows: “We are fortunate to live in a democratic society. But . . .” An empty piety, followed by an equivocation, followed by a total of 58 pages — you know this is going to be a tough slog. . . .

Read the whole thing.


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Ray Moore Is Right!

Posted on | April 23, 2014 | 30 Comments

Ray Moore is a candidate in the South Carolina Republican primary for lieutenant governor. He is also a courageous Christian patriot whom I first interviewed in 2002 when he published a book (and accompanying documentary video) called Let My Children Go. Moore is an advocate of Christian education and a supporter of the homeschooling movement who believes — as do I — that the public school system is hopelessly broken and incapable of reform. So here is the headline on Rebecca Klein’s story at Huffington Post:

GOP Candidate Says Christians
Must Pull Their Kids Out
Of ‘Godless’ Public Schools

That this is a ginned-up liberal hit piece, you can tell by the tendentious use of scare-quotes around the word “godless.”

Is this even a matter of dispute in 2014? Does anyone deny that, as the result of both judicial rulings and institutional policy, the expression of religious belief is prohibited in American public schools? Furthermore, anyone familiar with the curriculum and pedagogy of public schools can tell you that what students are now being taught is an aggressively secular, anti-biblical worldview.

Well, as Joseph said to his brothers in Egypt, what the Huffington Post meant for evil, God meant for good. This attempt to portray Ray Moore as a dangerous extremist is the kind of free publicity that may catapult his candidacy to victory. We’re talking about a South Carolina Republican primary, after all. Being nationally known as the Christian conservative who stands firmly in opposition to godless public schools is probably worth thousands of dollars in contributions and enough extra votes to ensure a spot in the runoff.

Who needs any further argument?


Never miss a chance to defy the godless media.


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LIVE AT FIVE: 04.23.14

Posted on | April 23, 2014 | 2 Comments

– compiled by Wombat-socho

Supremes Uphold Michigan Affirmative Action Ban


Decision bolsters California’s affirmative action ban; Ward Connerly “a very happy camper”

ROK Prosecutors Raid Home Of Ferry Firm’s Founder
Death toll could rise past 300

Ukraine Captures Three GRU Officers
Estimates at least one hundred more helping pro-Russian militias in Donets basin area

Gun “Reform” Advocates To Gather During NRA Convention

Bloomberg attempts to buy a “grassroots” anti-gun movement for $50 million

Roughly 120 activists expected to show up; will the NRA even notice?

Report: IRS Employees With Tax, Conduct Problems Still Paid Bonuses

Curt Clawson Wins GOP Primary To Replace Radel

California GOP Rallies Behind Sriracha In Fight Against City

Former Justice Stevens Wants To Change The Constitution

US Troops Arrive In Poland For Exercises In Eastern Europe As Ukraine Crisis Continues

Christie Says NJ Needs To Curb Public Worker Benefits

Cities, Homeless Advocates Clash Over Ordinances That Prohibit Feeding The Hungry

Fauxcahontas Glosses Over Native American Controversy In New Book

GOP Warns Of BLM’s Planned Land Grab On Texas Border

Texas AG Abbott To BLM: “Come And Take It”

WTI Nears Two-Week Low As PRC Economy Stalls, Stockpiles Seen Rising: NYMEX $102.13, Brent $109.15
PRC Factory Activity Shrinks For Fourth Month
AT&T Profits Grow As Users Opt For Smartphone Installment Plans
High Beef Costs Blamed As McDonald’s Profits Take A Hit
JetBlue Pilots Vote To Unionize
Yum’s Profit Rises As KFC Sales In PRC Rebound
Emails Show Google Offered To Help Samsung In Apple Patents Case
The US Needs To Stop Running Internet Security Like A Wikipedia Volunteer Project
Microsoft’s Cortana Mixes AI With Human Added Humor
Amazon’s Smartphone Looks To Favor Gestures Over Buttons
GTA 5 PC Petition Reaches 700,000 Signatures

Bruins Look Unstoppable In 3-0 Crushing Of Red Wings

Detroit goalie Jimmie Howard looks back at the first of three goals

Now up 2-1 going into Game 4

DeMar DeRozan Drops 30 As Raptors Get Even With Nyets

Rangers Beat Flyers 4-1 In Game 3, Take Lead

Ellsbury, Tanaka Lead Yankees To Rout Of Red Sox

Pacers Rally Past Hawks 101-85 To Even Series

Blue Jays Blow Out O’s Bullpen With Six Runs In Eighth

Habs Sweep Bolts With 4-3 Win

Albert Pujols Hits Dinger #500 As Angels Rout Nationals 7-2

Laura Prepon Shoots Down Tom Cruise Dating Rumors

Coming back for season two of “Orange Is The New Black”

Also yammers about Co$, gays, etc.

Uma Thurman Ends Engagement To Arpad Busson

Cuba Gooding Jr.’s Wife Files For Separation After 20 Years

Lindsay Lohan Rep Slams “Fabricated” Interview

Jay-Z, Beyonce Snub Unspeakable Armenian’s Wedding

Jon Hamm Calls Justin Bieber A Sh*thead

Tori Spelling Blindsided As Cheating Husband Files For Divorce

What Kate Upton Looks For In A Man

Everest’s Sherpas Pack It In For The Season
Kerry Threatens Russia With Further Sanctions Over Ukraine
Obama Says Disputed Senkaku Islands Within Scope Of US-Japan Security Treaty
“Piles And Piles Of Bodies” In South Sudan Slaughter, UN Official Says
Nigeria Calls Off Search For 230 Kidnapped Schoolgirls
Founder Of “Russian Facebook” VKontakte Pushed Out
Modi Condemns “Evict Muslims” Statement
Violence Erupts In Rio Favela Just Before World Cup

Proof Positive: Harry Reid – Often Wrong, But Never In Doubt
Doug Powers: Taxpayers Could Be On The Hook For $100 Million Worth Of Obama Presidential Library Construction
Twitchy: Earth Day Hypocrisy! Mark Knoller Catches Obama’s Carbon Footprint Widening
American Power: Moyers, Krugman Use Piketty’s Capital To Attack America’s “Ugliness”, “Racism”
American Thinker: Godwin’s Law And The Real Green Nazis
Blackmailers Don’t Shoot: Joining The New Elite, A How-To Guide (Part 1)
Conservatives4Palin: John Fund – The Increasing Desperation Of Democrats
Don Surber: Daily Scoreboard, April 22
Jammie Wearing Fools: NYC School To Honor Convicted Sex Offender – “Is It Even Legal For Him To Be In A School?”
Joe For America: Tom Cotton And His Drill Instructor For Best Ad So Far
JustOneMinute: More Red Lines Fading To Grey
Pat Dollard: Criminals At BLM Seize Texas Rancher’s Land Without Any Compensation
Protein Wisdom: How To Respond To Thomas Piketty’s Inequality Alarmism
Shot In The Dark: The Left’s War On The Western Intellect
STUMP: Public Pensions (And More) Watch – Feathering Nests
The Jawa Report: Hammer Time – AQ Chief Bombmaker Killed
The Lonely Conservative: Never Mind Obamacare Glitches, CMS Employees Got Raises Anyway
This Ain’t Hell: Crybaby On A Cross
Megan McArdle: Piketty’s Tax Raises Won’t Help The Middle Class

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Notes on the Psychotic Sisterhood: Feminism’s War Against Nature

Posted on | April 22, 2014 | 38 Comments

Andra Peyser wrote a New York Post column about feminist reaction to Kirsten Dunst’s comments on marriage and motherhood. Having hashed that out at length a week ago — “Sex Roles: Me Tarzan, You Jane” — I’m not particularly interested in revisiting it today. However, I find myself puzzled by Ann Althouse’s dismissive reaction to Peyser’s column:

Andrea Peyser . . . asserts, in the NY Post, that “The sisterhood went psychotic.” Where? Where is this psychotic? Who is this “sisterhood”? There was [Jezebel's Gloria] Ryan, who was perfectly bland, more or less quoting bemusedly. There was one other “sister” in this outbreak of mass Dunst-induced psychosis, one Stacey Ritzen at a place I’d never heard of called Uproxx. . . .
The headline at the Peyser piece is “Dunst receives fury for feminine comments in Bazaar.” What pathetic pandering of the notion that women are crazy and overemotive! There’s really nothing to see here.

“Nothing to see here”? Evidently, Professor Althouse missed the reaction from, inter alia, Hayley Hoover at The Gloss (calling Dunst’s comments “a pile of problematic bullshit”) and Ariane Sommer at Fox News (accusing Dunst of “regressing to a 1950s archetype of womanhood”). So if there was not perhaps an “outbreak of mass Dunst-induced psychosis,” certainly the reaction was more widespread than the comments of Ryan and Ritzen.

Furthermore, since when is calling attention to the lunatic screeching of feminists the same as “pathetic pandering of the notion that women are crazy and overemotive”? Conflating these separate categories — women and feminists — is at the heart of complaints that conservative women have been making for decades, namely the tendency of the liberal media to present feminist ideologues as the spokeswomen for the interests of all women. (This tendency is paralleled by the way the media present labor unions as representatives of “the working class” and present Al Sharpton as a spokesman for “civil rights.”) What the women defending Dunst — e.g., Dana Loesch, Katie Yoder and Melissa Braunstein  – are saying is that feminists don’t speak for them and their interests.

And thank God for that! If women let feminists speak for them, they must believe that the pinnacle of women’s rights is legalized abortion, all heterosexual intercourse is rape, and lesbianism is the only possible escape from male oppression. Insofar as feminist ideology has prevailed, the effect of its influence has been to send its disciples hurtling toward extinction by encouraging them to view the normal means of procreation with horror, as a cruel device of the patriarchy.

“I don’t want a baby. . . . Nothing will make me want a baby. . . . “This is why, if my birth control fails, I am totally having an abortion.”
Amanda Marcotte

As I have previously said:

Such an intense horror toward the mere thought of reproduction — willful sterility as an expression of hatred toward babies — can only be described as unnatural. From the standpoint of science, sex has no purpose other than reproduction, and our bodies are biological mechanisms designed to accomplish that purpose.

Feminism is ultimately an anti-human worldview. Ideologues who cannot see male and female except in terms of women’s oppression by the heteronormative patriarchy are hostile to every impulse — whether biological urge or moral precept — that would encourage cooperation by the sexes in the advance of civilization.

Contrary to the hopes of feminists for the past half-century, the vast majority of American women (at least 92%, according to Gallup) continue to be heterosexual. This is true even among young women who have been subjected to feminist propaganda their entire lives: Only 8.8% of women ages 18-29 identity with the catchall LGBT label, and many of those are likely bisexual (a trend encouraged by young men who enjoy threesomes). The Gallup poll’s relatively low estimate of the gay population angered some lesbian feminists (“farcical,” huffed Allison Hope), but irrefutable evidence of heterosexuality’s continued prevalence is hard to ignore: Despite media cheerleading for the “child-free” lifestyle, most women still aspire to motherhood; about 70% of women are mothers by age 30, and about 85% of women eventually become mothers, according to data from the National Center for Health Statistics. Furthermore, many of the barren 15% are not “child-free” by choice: More than 10% of women reported “impaired fecundity (trouble getting pregnant),” a problem correlated with delayed marriage and postponement of attempted childbearing.

Overall, what we behold is that the actual lives women lead do not reflect feminist ideology. Despite feminist rhetoric about “empowerment” and “choice,” not all choices are equally empowered by feminism. Certainly there was no need to “empower” marriage and motherhood half a century ago, when most women were married by age 21 and women were statistically more likely to have four children than to have only two. From its inception, the radical Women’s Liberation movement (which has subsequently been labeled “second-wave” feminism) was concerned with advancing the interests of childless, unmarried women — and, indeed, with a particular subset of such women: “Feminism is the theory, lesbianism is the practice,” as Ti-Grace Atkinson famously declared.

Given the abundant evidence that women have in fact rejected feminism, the question that comes to mind is what would the lives of women — and in particular, the lives of young women — be like if two generations of Americans had not been hopelessly confused by an incessant bombardment of feminist propaganda? For while a majority of women have manifestly rejected feminism, this radical ideology has been so enthusiastically embraced by the intelligentsia that nowadays one seldom encounters any direct and articulate criticism of it. In academia, in the news media, in popular entertainment and in politics, the feminist worldview is so prevalent as to be nearly ubiquitous. Even conservative women who defend traditional marriage and motherhood usually do so in the language of “choice,” rather than speaking from the perspective either of religious authority (“male and female made he them”) or of natural biological urges (“Me Tarzan, you Jane”).

“In the hands of a skillful indoctrinator, the average student not only thinks what the indoctrinator wants him to think . . . but is altogether positive that he has arrived at his position by independent intellectual exertion. This man is outraged by the suggestion that he is the flesh-and-blood tribute to the success of his indoctrinators.”
William F. Buckley Jr., Up From Liberalism (1959)

The result of pervasive feminist indoctrination — in schools, in the media, in movies and popular music and magazines — is that a majority of women have no intellectual champions willing or able to articulate their actual sentiments. Real women love real men.

Feminists may chatter endlessly in academic journals about the “social construction of gender roles,” but in reality most women are romantically attracted to (and erotically aroused by) men who are unapologetically masculine: Muscular, vigorous, assertive.

Normal women do not want men who are wimpy, passive losers. However much Scarlett O’Hara may enjoy chivalrous courtesy, it is not the indecisive Ashley Wilkes, but the passionate rogue Rhett Butler who arouses (and satisfies) her deepest longings.

Stigmatizing male sexuality as violent oppression, and denying the biological hard-wiring of women’s natural desires — “No woman is heterosexual” — feminist ideology aims to make normal women feel guilty for wanting what they want. If contraception and abortion are women’s most valuable rights, if marriage is oppressive, if “PIV is always rape” and pregnancy is a horrifying condition of victimhood, what are we to think of the woman whose desire is to be penetrated, inseminated and impregnated by her husband?

Feminists view such women with contemptuous pity, and their ideology has so pervaded our culture that women who want what all healthy women naturally want — the sublime satisfactions found in a “one flesh” union with a loving husband — are nowadays embarrassed to admit how much they want it. Lena Dunham’s apology for her heterosexuality was the tip of an iceberg of cognitive dissonance among young women: Their desires for marriage and motherhood are so widely stigmatized that they are afraid even to say that they want what they want.

Young men likewise have been confused by feminism. One reason so many young women complain about men’s aversion to romantic commitment is that feminism has led men to believe women actually prefer drifting along in vague “relationships.” Isn’t this what the Modern Independent Woman supposedly wants? Wouldn’t the commitments of marriage and motherhood interfere with her fulfillment of the feminist vision of professional careerism as destiny?

Whether or not the portrayal of Kirsten Dunst’s feminist critics is “pathetic pandering of the notion that women are crazy and overemotive,” as Professor Althouse says, many millions of women who share Dunst’s appreciation of traditional sex roles find that their preferences are seldom expressed by feminists. In other words, feminism is actually hostile to the interests of most women.

We have always known this, of course. Carolyn Graglia’s Domestic Tranquility: A Brief Against Feminism is perhaps the clearest expression of the underlying conflict, and I have been recommending it to readers for many years. A lawyer by training — she graduated from Columbia University Law School in 1954 — she married her classmate Lino Graglia and both of them worked in the Justice Department during the Eisenhower and Kennedy administrations. So much, then, for the commonplace claim by feminists that professional careers were off-limits to women prior to the advent of the Women’s Liberation movement.

Graglia keenly perceives that by the 1990s — her book was published in 1998 — the problem facing many women was that they had been deprived of the opportunity for marriage and motherhood that she had, a deprivation for which she blames feminism. Carolyn Graglia gave birth to three daughters who had no shortage of opportunity for careers (one a lawyer, one a doctor, one a teacher) but by the time they were in their 30s, only one of those daughters had married. And if you talk to young people nowadays, you find that this is by no means an uncommon situation. Whatever their difficulty in finding careers (or at least, jobs), young women are much more likely to complain about the difficulty of finding suitable men who are interested in becoming husbands.

Contrary to what Ariane Sommer may fear, there is little prospect of young women “regressing to a 1950s archetype of womanhood” for the simple reason that there are so few young men interested in, or capable of, embodying a 1950s archetype of manhood.

Yet almost no one is addressing this problem. Dr. Helen Smith’s recent book, Men on Strike:  Why Men Are Boycotting Marriage, Fatherhood, and the American Dream — and Why It Matters, is one of the few critical examinations of how the triumph of feminism has caused men to retreat from commitment and responsibility.

Of course, it takes two to tango (or, more to the point, not to tango) and no one can hold men entirely blameless for the current unhappy stalemate in the War of the Sexes. But there are no university departments of Men’s Studies where misogyny infuses the curriculum the way man-hating dominates the syllabi in Women’s Studies.

Whatever anyone says about the heteronormative patriarchy, it does not enjoy the prestige of endorsement by the intelligentsia. And this is a problem because what most women truly feel is not being given rational expression as what women think. In most cases, women are able to ignore the rhetoric of feminism, or otherwise all women would be angry Marxist lesbians. But insofar as women manage to pursue their normal and healthy desires, they do so with little or no support from those women who are presented in the media as spokeswomen for the interests of all women. As a result, these women — wives and mothers, and young women who aspire to become wives and mothers — lack access to a vocabulary that expresses their feelings, their beliefs, and their longings.

The young woman who dreams of her wedding day, the wife who looks forward to motherhood, the mother who cherishes time spent at home with her children — what does feminism have to say to these women, except to denounce them as deluded?

God’s curse upon Eve in the Garden of Eden — “thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee” — may seem a cruel fate, but what has been the effect of attempts to defy God’s will in this matter? Amid all the self-congratulatory feminist rhetoric about Progress and Equality, they still find no shortage of grievances to complain about. (Recently, they’ve alternated between screeching about “rape culture” and whining about the “pay gap.”) Are today’s young women really happier than were their grandmothers half a century ago? Or have feminism’s promises of Progress and Equality yielded a harvest of frustration, misery and loneliness that their grandmothers never imagined?

A Women’s Studies major is doing pornography to pay her tuition at Duke University: “Miriam Weeks’ parents thought she was a virgin before they learned she was doing porn.” Whatever problems your grandmother had, she probably didn’t have that problem.

Also, your grandmother probably wasn’t molested by her lesbian middle-school teacher or her lesbian hockey coach.

“The simple fact is that every woman must be willing to be identified as a lesbian to be fully feminist.”
Sheila Cronan, 1988

“Male supremacy is centered on the act of sexual intercourse, justified by heterosexual practice.”
Sheila Jeffreys, 2005

So say the feminists: Heterosexual intercourse is an expression of “male supremacy” and only lesbians are “fully feminist.” Their ideology declares that every normal woman is a victim of oppression and, by implication, the lesbians who molest teenage girls are actually “liberating” these girls from heteronormative patriarchy.

Is it unfair to call feminists the Psychotic Sisterhood? It is simply a statement of fact: They’re insane, and their war with nature offers women only Progress toward hell and Equality in damnation.




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Latter-Day Bolsheviks

Posted on | April 22, 2014 | 22 Comments

Today is Vladimir Lenin’s birthday, which left-wing environmentalist freaks have celebrated as Earth Day since 1970. Nowadays, this means making a lot of noise about “climate change.”

The New Abolitionism
Averting planetary disaster will mean
forcing fossil fuel companies to give up
at least $10 trillion in wealth

Christopher Hayes, The Nation

Great, Chris: Use global warming as a pretext to “expropriate the expropriators” and then? The dictatorship of the proletariat!

If you need further proof that environmentalism is totalitarian in its ideology and methods, look no further than the “dangerously authoritarian worldview” behind Michael Mann’s lawsuit against Mark Steyn. The Left keeps coming up with new arguments to silence their critics, and new epithets to dehumanize their opponents. But the difference between denouncing someone as a “kulak” or “Trotskyist” and denouncing them as a “homophobe” or “climate denier” is ultimately inconsequential. This is the Left’s rhetoric of hate and, supported by an angry ignorant mob, hate is the only argument they need.


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No Dissent Allowed!

Posted on | April 22, 2014 | 12 Comments

The mission of enforcing intellectual conformity requires Azusa Pacific University to disinvite bestselling author Charles Murray from campus, lest any of APU’s students should be encouraged to think that there can be any acceptable disagreement with liberals.

Liberal academia tolerating open and honest debate is sort of like Justin Bieber recording a kick-ass rock-and-roll album: Theoretically, it is not impossible, but nobody expects it to happen.


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LIVE AT FIVE: 04.22.14

Posted on | April 22, 2014 | 6 Comments

– compiled by Wombat-socho

Administration Ordered To Release Secret Drone Assassination Memos

The late Anwar al-Awlaki

Appeals Court panel holds DOJ can’t withhold memos after making statements about the drone program

State Department Cites Photo Evidence Showing Russian Spetsnaz Troops In Ukraine
Biden Arrives In Ukraine To Show US Support

Administration May Cut US Troops In Afghanistan Below 10,000
Gen. Dunford says less than 10,000 would have trouble defending themselves, supporting Afghans; Defense looking at options that could leave as few as 5,000 troops there after the end of 2014

AG Holder To Advise President To Widen Clemency Guidelines

The Attorney General speaks in NYC on April Fools’ Day

Could result in release of thousands of nonviolent drug offenders from prison

Maryland Gov. Candidate Suggests Iraq War Vet Opponent Not Up For “Real Job”

Clinton White House Lawyer Named Top Counsel To Obama

Report: White House, HHS Involved In Soliciting Money For Pro-Obamacare Group

Philly Prep School Grads Arrested, Accused Of Running Massive Drug Ring In Tony Suburbs

Spy Agencies Told To Plug Media Leaks

Ukraine Crisis Weighs On Oil: NYMEX $104.27, Brent $109.84
Botox Maker Allergan Targeted For Hostile Takeover
Netflix To Raise Prices After Adding Customers, Profits
All Quiet On Asian Front As Ukraine Fears Bring Caution
Wall Street Advances; S&P, NASDAQ Book Fifth Straight Gain
Supremes Skeptical In Pomegranate Juice Dispute
Nokia-Microsoft Deal To Close Friday
Comcast Blasts Netflix For Opposition To TWC Merger
Explore The Bridge Of “Star Trek: Voyager” With Oculus Rift
AT&T To Expand Ultra-Fast Fiber Network To 21 More Metropolitan Areas
Happy 25th Birthday, Game Boy!

American Meb Keflezighi Wins 2014 Boston Marathon

Holds off Kenya’s Wilson Chebet

First American to win the Boston Marathon since Greg Meyer in 1983

Grizzlies Muscle Past Thunder In OT To Even Series

Blackhawks Blank Blues 2-0 In Game Three

Knicks Fire Entire Coaching Staff

Pens Rally, Edge Blue Jackets 4-3, Now Up 2-1

Kipnis’ Blast Lifts Indians Past Royals

Angels Get The Best Of Clippard In The 8th, Beat Nationals 4-2

In Alleged “Vodka-Fueled” Interview, Lindsay Lohan Admits Dating A Married Dad

Doing X at Coachella?

KODE magazine scraps e-mailed Q&A in favor of interview with “trusted source”

Julia Roberts On Her Family And Fame

Richard Gere & Padma Lakshmi Secretly Dating?

Terry Richardson Rep Denies He Propositioned Emma Appleton In Exchange For Vogue Shoot

Lea Michele Has Wardrobe Malfunction During Video Shoot

Tom Hanks Teams With Steven Spielberg On Cold War Thriller

Family & Friends Say Goodbye To Peaches Geldof

Kenya Moore Speaks Out About “Real Housewives” Brawl With Porsha Williams

“Game Of Thrones” Director Talks About Controversial Scene

Jay-Z: Alleged Extortion Plot Over $20 Million Master Recordings

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Kachin Rebels Call For US Role In Burma Peace Talks
Queen Elizabeth Turns 88
Long may she reign.

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New Gay Sex Abuse Allegations in Hollywood Pedophile Scandal

Posted on | April 21, 2014 | 30 Comments

As promised, Michael Egan is naming more names:

Hollywood executives Garth Ancier, David Neuman and Gary Goddard have been accused of sexually abusing teenage boys in lawsuits filed Monday in Hawaii federal court.
“I would not wish on my worst enemies what I went through,” declared plaintiff Michael Egan at a Monday news conference at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills.
Ancier is the former president of BBC Worldwide America and also served as head of programming for Fox, NBC and the WB. He’s also the head of year-old Quad Media Partners, formed to launch four fully curated linear TV networks, “each built around a modern decade in broadcast and cable network television.”
Neuman, the former president of Disney TV, previously worked for Digital Entertainment Network, which was headed by Marc Collins-Rector, who was cited as being involved in the sexual activity at the heart of Egan’s original lawsuit against director Bryan Singer.
Goddard heads a design firm in Los Angeles that has created theme park attractions for Universal Studios. He also heads The Goddard Group, which has produced live shows on and off Broadway. . . .
“It’s not about money, it’s about disarming these powerful pedophiles,” the alleged victim’s mother, Bonnie Mound, told reporters through tears. . . .
Herman said that he has heard from “dozens” of other victims since he filed the Singer last week, adding, “I’m going to continue to file cases to expose these predators.” . . .
Herman said Monday that Collins-Rector was the “ringleader” in initiating the sexual abuse of Egan at a house in Encino, known for “notorious parties” where underage male teenagers would be intoxicated and sexually assaulted.



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David Gregory: He’s So Crazy, He Thinks We’re Still Watching ‘Meet the Press’

Posted on | April 21, 2014 | 26 Comments

The Washington Post reports that NBC hired a “psychological consultant” to interview David Gregory as part of a desperate effort to find out why ratings for Meet the Press have fallen to their lowest point ever — as in, since 1947.

The accuracy of the Post‘s reporting has been called into question, However, no one has any doubt that the problem at Meet the Press can be summarized in two words: David Gregory.

You don’t need a “consultant” (truly America’s most elastic job title) to unearth the problem here. Gregory is a smug, self-satisfied narcissist; the kind of person who’s more interested in hearing himself ask the question than bothering to listen to the answer. He’s Piers Morgan without the patina of credibility that comes with a British accent. Is that really someone you want in your home for Sunday breakfast?

Ed Driscoll has much, much more.


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