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In The Mailbox: 04.28.17

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

BattleSwarm: Andrew Cuomo’s Fishy Book Royalties
EBL: Trump 100 – How’s He Doing?
Twitchy: James Woods Tweet-Punches Joss Whedon HARD Over Vile Cancer Girls Tweet
Louder With Crowder: SO MUCH PEACE! Palestinian Leaders Encourage Children To Murder Jews
According To Hoyt: We’re Living In The Future
Monster Hunter Nation: Ask Correia #18 – World Building
Vox Popoli: An Alt-Right Army

Adam Piggott: The Links, The Hawt Chicks, And Nothing But
American Power: Texas House Approves SB4 Ban On Sanctuary Cities, also, Carlo D’Este, Decision In Normandy
American Thinker: A Tax Expert’s Take On Trump’s Tax Proposal
Animal Magnetism: Rule Five Civilization Collapse Friday
Bring The HEAT: RIP Norman Hatch, Combat Cinematographer
Da Tech Guy: Planned Parenthood And Antifa Join For May Day In Poughkeepsie
Don Surber: National Review‘s Pet Rock
Dustbury: She’s So Grizzly
Fred On Everything: The Place Of Christianity In History – A View From Without
The Geller Report: The Left-Wing Takeover Of Fox News
Hogewash: Arbor Day And Mrs. Hoge
Joe For America: Is Something Seriously Wrong With Nancy Pelosi?
JustOneMinute: A Whinge Too Far
Power Line: The GOP’s Obamacare Bill, Coherently Explained
Shark Tank: Governor Scott Poised To Veto Entire State Budget
Shot In The Dark: What Government Really Does
STUMP: Friday Trumpery – Did You Know Trump Is Involved In Real Estate?
The Jawa Report: Dude!…Dude!, also, Moderate Syrian Refugees Say Kuffar Aren’t Human
The Lonely Conservative:
The Political Hat: Britain’s The Times Declares War…On Anime
This Ain’t Hell: Seven Chiefs Punished On USS Hue City
War Is Boring: The F-35 Just Got $1.7 Billion More Expensive
Weasel Zippers: Florida Teacher Allegedly Called FFA Students “Murderers” For Raising Livestock, also, Documents Tie Berkeley Rioters To Pro-Pedophile NAMBLA
Megan McArdle: Trump’s Tax Proposal Is Just A Symptom Of The Disease
Mark Steyn: The State v. Free Speech, also, One Hundred Days On

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Lesbian Couple Discover Islamic Culture During Exciting International Trip

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Maria Jimena Rico Montero and her girlfriend Shaza Ismail are alive, and reportedly being detained in Turkey, after the London couple got an unexpected lesson in Islamic culture. Ms. Ismail’s Egyptian-born father was determined to break up his daughter’s lesbian relationship, so he told her that her mother was seriously ill in Dubai. Did you know that homosexuality is a crime punishable by death in the United Arab Emirates? Neither did Ms. Ismail, until she and her Argentine-born girlfriend arrived in Dubai. After learning that she had been deceived — her mother isn’t sick — Ms. Ismail and her girlfriend then booked a return trip to England via Tblisi, in the former Soviet republic of Georgia. However, Ms. Ismail’s father followed them there, where he reportedly tore up his daughter’s visa and stole both her and her girlfriend’s passports. They contacted a friend in London, who booked a hotel for them in Istanbul, which they were expected to reach after a cross-country bus ride. When the couple didn’t show up in Istanbul on schedule, fears for their safety made international headlines (“Lesbian couple vanish after father ‘tricked’ them into flying to Middle East”) but now they have been found, alive, after being “arrested for having no passports and were being held by Turkish authorities ahead of their deportation.”

What have we learned from this story? First, if you’re gay, don’t ever go to Dubai — or anywhere else in the Islamic world. Buy yourself an atlas and draw a big red “X” on every Muslim country on the map.

Second, maybe you should have a serious conversation with your liberal friends about immigration policy. It is often the case that people who immigrate to prosperous Western democracies believe that they can (and should) bring with them the customs of their native lands. In Detroit, for example, three people — Dr. Jumana Nagarwala, Dr. Fakhruddin Attar, and Attar’s wife, Farida — have been indicted by a grand jury on charges related to performing female genital mutilation on little girls. Perhaps some of your friends don’t like a certain politician whose policies are aimed at preventing the United States from being destroyed by a tsunami of immigration, but how much Third World savagery are you willing to endure for the sake of your liberal principles?

Third, let’s talk about the definition of “homophobia.” In recent years, liberals seem to have decided that we are guilty of “homophobia” if we either (a) express any negative opinion about gay people, or (b) oppose any LGBT-related policy advocated by the Democrat Party. One of the most basic principles of a free society, however, is the right to your own opinion and especially to express your opinion about public policy. Yet our liberal friends would have us believe that anyone who quotes Justice Scalia’s dissent in Lawrence v. Texas, for example, is perpetrating hate speech that justifies censorship, or maybe a violent riot in Berkeley.

A free society cannot survive the extinction of free speech. Nor do I think that “the blessings of liberty,” which our Founding Fathers sought to secure for us through the Constitution, are likely long to endure if Americans abandon our Christian heritage. It was Jesus, after all, who taught the principle of mercy when, confronted with a sinful woman for whom the law prescribed death by stoning, instead saved her from the legal punishment and told her, “go, and sin no more.”

That particular passage is often taught incorrectly as if the lesson was that no one may disapprove of sin, nor even call sin by its right name. Yet how was it, then, that Jesus could instruct the woman to “sin no more”? He taught the scribes and Pharisees that their own hypocrisy made them unfit to impose death on the woman, but certainly this could not be taken to mean that Jesus was endorsing adultery.

Modern liberals, however, have seized upon this Bible story to chastise Christians against being “judgmental” (and never mind, of course, that no modern liberal actually believes the Bible is true). Too many Christians have abandoned the Bible in favor of liberalism, so that the salt has lost its savour and is good for nothing. If there is no such thing as sin — which is the arid moral wilderness towards which liberalism leads — then why the need for repentance? Or why the need for an atoning sacrifice? Ah, but liberalism in theology is as bankrupt as liberalism in politics, you see, so that on the one hand liberals would punish Christian bakers and florists for not providing services to gay weddings, while on the other hand liberals insist America must throw out the welcome mat for Muslims whose religion commands them to murder gay people and Christians alike. But I digress . . .

One of the dishonest tricks of liberalism is to claim that “religious fundamentalism” is all the same, that the Bible-believing Christian is as dangerous, as ISIS or al-Qaeda. This is a falsehood that deceives only fools, but in a country that twice elected Obama president, there is obviously no shortage of fools who can be easily deceived. If anyone wants to know the truth, however, let them read Phyllis Chesler’s 2005 book The Death of Feminism. Ms. Chesler’s credentials as a feminist are impeccable, but in the wake of the 9/11 terrorist attack, she took alarm at how ignorant her fellow feminists are about the menace of what she describes as “Islamic gender apartheid.” As she points out, American feminists have largely been silent about the murder of Theo van Gogh and other Islamic terrorist atrocities in Europe. You could probably survey every student enrolled in university Women’s Studies programs in the U.S. and not find half a dozen who could correctly identify Irshad Manji or Ayaan Hirsi Ali, both of whom are marked for death by Muslim terrorists because they have spoken out about the plight of women under Islamic rule. Go ask those women — or Brigitte Gabriel, author of Because They Hate — if they think “fundamentalist” Baptists and Catholics are as dangerous to women as Islam.

America is a free country because America is a Christian country, and anyone who thinks they can attack Christianity and still preserve “the blessings of liberty” is either evil or a fool, or perhaps an evil fool.

Well, I didn’t plan to preach a sermon when I started writing this post, but the escape of this naive couple from the trap set for them by Ms. Ismail’s father is a latter-day parable, a warning to those in the West who think they can advance “human rights” by destroying Western civilization. Your rhetoric about “human rights” is utterly worthless in those parts of the world where the brutal regime of Islamic sharia law is enforced. If you want to preserve your life and liberty, you may need to reconsider your politics, because modern liberals are never going to summon the courage necessary to stand up to the Islamic menace.


Friday Fiction: 100 Word Challenge

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by Smitty

He looked at the picture, staring forward at his grown self. He glanced at his watch, seated at international arrivals. Sign said she’d arrived.
He and his sister had been fortunate to be taken in by an orphanage shortly after the picture. He’d lost her not long after his adoption.
They had sought each other in the intervening decades. Thanks to the power of the internet, they’d made contact.
She’d never left Croatia, it turned out. His engineering job was good enough to bring her to Boston, hopefully for good.
Cleared customs.
Doors opened.
Eyes met.
Years fell.
Tears flowed.

Thanks, Darleen!

The Party of Hate

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The Democrat Party is the world’s most successful hate group.
It attracts poor people who hate rich people, black people
who hate white people, gay people who hate straight people,
feminists who hate men, environmentalists who hate
the internal combustion engine, and a lot of
bratty college kids who hate their parents.
However, the real secret of the party’s success
is that it attracts the support of
journalists who hate Republicans,
and who therefore work tirelessly to convince
the rest of us that we should vote for Democrats. . . .
No matter who the Republicans nominate for president,
the Organized Forces of Liberal Journalism will paint him
as a greedy, cold-hearted, woman-hating racist.
If the GOP nominated a Buddhist monk or a Latina lesbian,
still the New York Times and NBC News would find
a way to convince themselves that the Republican candidate
represented everything liberals hate about America —
the military, the police, Christianity, capitalism,
the internal combustion engine and
heterosexual white men who work for a living.


That’s a quote from a post I wrote in February 2016 after watching a debate between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. A guy emailed me to ask permission to quote it in his book, and when I read the quote, I laughed: “Damn, I forgot how funny that was.” A quick Google search revealed that it’s been quoted all over the place and why?

Because it’s true.

Today I was sitting here in my office with the TV on CNN and was just marveling how utterly one-sided their coverage was. The people on CNN are completely disconnected from the kind of people who turned Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin red last November — people who love America and Jesus and the internal combustion engine.

When did Democrats become the anti-America party? And why don’t the idiots on CNN realize what’s wrong with the Democrat Party? They’re all like a bunch of kooks trapped inside a suicide cult. Today the CNN kook cult was going on and on about General Flynn, a guy who resigned from the Trump administration weeks ago, and why? Because they think the Flynn “scandal” could turn into a Trump scandal — a delusion, a liberal fantasy. Is anyone going to be talking about General Flynn in November? Of course not. Outside of the Beltway media, nobody’s talking about General Flynn now. CNN’s stuck in third place in the cable-news ratings because if people want anti-Trump hate 24/7, MSNBC’s producing a more entertaining hate festival. CNN has become tedious and predictable.

The symbiotic relationship between the Democrat Party and the liberal media is bad for both the media and the Democrats, because they’re tuning out reality in order to enjoy their shared fantasy. What’s truly frightening, however, is to think how close Hillary came to winning the election. Can you imagine the media celebrating the glorious “first 100 days” of her administration? We must do more to fight The Party of Hate.


In The Mailbox: 04.27.17

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

BattleSwarm: Chelsea Clinton Watch – “Please. God. Stop.”
EBL: Coastal Carolina Cheerleading Scandal
Twitchy: NYT Asks Conservatives, “What Did You Think Would Happen If You Wore That Miniskirt To Berkeley?”
Louder With Crowder: The View Encourages Caitlyn Jenner To Be “First Woman President”

Adam Piggott: Europe Versus Australia
American Power: Far Left Could Help Marine Le Pen
American Thinker: Obama Bundler Judge Wrong On Sanctuary City Funding
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Canada Trade War News, Eh
Bring The HEAT: Gerald R. Ford Builders Trials
Da Tech Guy: The Only Right Answer Is To End The Department Of Education
Don Surber: I’m So Old, I Remember When The Repeal Was Dead
Dustbury: iShards
The Geller Report: Le Pen Surges Over Macron In Latest Poll
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of The Day
Jammie Wearing Fools: Yale Grad Students Go On “Symbolic” Hunger Strike Where They’re Allowed To Eat
Joe For America: NYT – Proof AG Lynch Did Collude With Clinton
Power Line: Portlandia – City Of The Bankrupt, Petty, Vindictive Left
Shark Tank: Will Trump Allow Drilling Off Florida’s Eastern Coastline?
Shot In The Dark: Big Lake. Big Litter-Storm.
The Jawa Report: Total 100% Proof Allah Hates Islamic State, also, Sandcrawler PSA – Nork Nukes And You
The Political Hat: Critical Whiteness, Problematizing Whiteness, Invented Privileging Of Whiteness
This Ain’t Hell: Ex-Soldier Shoots Service Dog
War Is Boring: The Honeymoon Of The Generals
Weasel Zippers: New Book Says Obama Considered Being Gay As Young Man, also, Maxine Waters’ Latest Russia Conspiracy Theory
Megan McArdle: Trump Fixates On Canadian Softwood. You Shouldn’t.
Mark Steyn: Let’s Build The Wall And Get Canada To Pay For It, also, The White Death

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If Your Whole Campaign Was ‘We’re Gonna Build a Wall,’ You Better Build It

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Ann Coulter takes the Republican Party to school:

What the Democrats want is for Trump to be stuck explaining why he didn’t build the wall.
Then it will be a bloodbath. Not only Trump, but also the entire GOP, is dead if he doesn’t build a wall. Republicans will be wiped out in the midterms, Democrats will have a 300-seat House majority, and Trump will have to come up with an excuse for why he’s not running for re-election.
The New York Times and MSNBC are not going to say, “We are so impressed with his growth in office, we’re going to drop all that nonsense about Russia and endorse the Republican ticket!”
No, at that point, Trump will be the worst of everything.
No one voted for Trump because of the “Access Hollywood” tape. They voted for him because of his issues; most prominently, his promise to build “a big beautiful wall.” And who’s going to pay for it? MEXICO!
You can’t say that at every campaign rally for 18 months and then not build a wall.
Do not imagine that a Trump double-cross on the wall will not destroy the Republican Party. Oh, we’ll get them back. No, you won’t. Trump wasn’t a distraction: He was the last chance to save the GOP.
Millions of Americans who hadn’t voted in 30 years came out in 2016 to vote for Trump. If he betrays them, they’ll say, “You see? I told you. They’re all crooks.”
No excuses will work. . . .

Read the whole thing. And build the freaking wall.


Commie Homophobia in China

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LGBT activists recently got into an uproar about Chinese homophobes:

Basketball team members in China carried a banner saying “defend core socialist values” and “keep homosexuality far from campus” at a university [April 16], sparking outrage.
Ling Bing, the women’s basketball team coach at Huazhong University of Science and Technology of Central China, posted a photo of team members carrying the banner online, The New York Times reported [April 20].
“Protect traditional Chinese morals,” read the banner. “Defend core socialist values. Resist corrosion from decadent Western thoughts. Keep homosexuality far from campus.”
Upon receiving backlash for posting the picture, Ling noted what he perceived to be a “double standard” — gay students flaunt rainbow flags at graduation, but the banner held by his basketball team was deemed wrong, as reported by The New York Times.

What kind of crazy world are we living in, when the only people speaking in defense of “traditional morals” are Chinese Communists?


In The Mailbox: 04.26.17

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

EBL: Self-Described “Feminist Mom” Freaks When Three-Year-Old Boy Acts Like A Boy
Michelle Malkin: Muddy Maxine Waters – What A Riot
Twitchy: Trump Tax Plan Takes Aim At High-Tax Blue States
Louder With Crowder: Ted Cruz Introduces “El Chapo Act” To Fund The Wall

Adam Piggott: Mental Welfare Slavery
American Power: The Radical Left’s Massive Resistance
American Thinker: You Can’t Have It Both Ways
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Hump Day News
Bring The HEAT: Green Acres
Da Tech Guy: Baldilocks – Dirty Deeds Done In North Dakota
Don Surber: Trump Debuts Tax Reform
Dustbury: Silver Standard
The Geller Report: Muslim Names Banned In China As Part Of New Counter-Terror Strategy
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post Of The Day
Jammie Wearing Fools: Shocker – Suspect In Rape Of Nine-Year-Old Girl Had Already Been Deported
Joe For America: Trump Discovers Pentagon Paying $300 Million For “Ghost Soldiers” Under Obama
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Shark Tank: Cutting “Tampon Tax” For Florida Women
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This Ain’t Hell: A Quick Note Of Thanks, also, Retired General Alles Named To Head Secret Service
War Is Boring: Russia’s Banged-Up Aircraft Carrier Prepares For Her Upgrade
Weasel Zippers: Judge Blocks President’s Move To Cut Funding For Sanctuary Cities, also, Turns Out Judge Was $200K Obama Bundler
Megan McArdle: No, The Handmaid’s Tale Is Not “Unexpectedly Timely”
Mark Steyn: Istanbul (Not Constantinople), also, Macron Bionics

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