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She Took the ‘Cool Mom’ Thing Too Far

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So cool, she’s going to prison:

A Tulare woman who plead guilty to multiple sex-related charges involving two teenage boys was ready to accept her sentence Monday, but a Tulare County judge put a stop to it.
Now, instead of serving a possible year in county jail, Coral Lytle, 41, could be sent to prison for 17 years.
Lytle was charged with 21 felony counts, including unlawful sexual intercourse, oral copulation and contacting a minor for sex. Court records show the incidents happened in 2017 between Sept. 27 and Oct. 4. The teenage boys were friends of her daughters, prosecutors said.
Judge Joseph Kalashian on Monday reviewed the probation department’s report and decided against imposing the indicated sentence. Judges can propose an indicated sentence as a way to give defendants an idea of what their punishment would be if they plead guilty.

The boys involved were ages 14 and 15, freshmen at Redwood High School. She and her husband Eric Lytle have four children. After she was arrested, Eric Lytle filed for divorce. Now let me ask a question: Why would a 40-something mom be interested in 14- and 15-year-old boys?

Having written up several cases like this one over the years, I have my own explanation for why some women are attracted to teenage boys, but I’ll let the commenters offer their own explanations.


Who Is Funding Anti-Semitism?

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One of the most remarkable claims the Left has made recently is that criticism of George Soros is an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory. Yet it is not a theory, but a matter of fact that Soros is an enemy of Israel, and that the left-wing billionaire has funded efforts to undermine Jewish conservatives and sabotage critics of radical Islam:

A massive hack of socialist billionaire George Soros’ Open Society Foundations [in August 2016] suggests that his various nonprofit organizations are little more than fronts for his many political activities. . . .
The hack by a group called DC Leaks, includes 2,576 files from various Soros groups from 2008 to 2016. . . .
In one of the purloined memos from 2011, titled “Extreme Polarization and Breakdown in Civil Discourse,” a nonprofit Soros group proposes conducting opposition research on a number of highly prominent American critics of radical Islam, including Pamela Geller, Frank Gaffney and Robert Spencer. It also targeted conservative activists and intellectuals David Horowitz, Daniel Pipes, Cliff May and former Vice President Dick Cheney’s daughter, Liz Cheney. All of them are strongly pro-Israel and have warned about the threat of radical Islam.
The memo suggests that the research was outsourced to the Center for American Progress (CAP), a leftist think tank that has “received millions of dollars in grants from Soros’ groups,” the Daily Caller’s Chuck Ross reports.
Oh yes, CAP also happens to have been founded by John Podesta, Hillary’ Clinton’s campaign chief. . . .
Meanwhile, the Jerusalem Post notes that some of the hacked emails show that the Soros Open Society Foundations’ stated goal was “challenging Israel’s racist and anti-democratic policies,” in part by “questioning Israel’s reputation as a democracy.” This is an old Soros trick: He spends money to delegitimize governments and others with whom he disagrees. . . .
In yet another revelation from the doc-dump, a memo called the “List of European Elections 2014 Projects” details the elaborate efforts of Soros’ well-funded global network to manipulate election outcomes in Europe. The memo includes over 90 Soros projects in Europe to influence election outcomes.

If it hadn’t been for Trump winning the 2016 election, Soros would have an ally in the White House, and much of the extremist rhetoric from the Left — smearing Trump supporters as anti-Semites and racists — is driven by the propaganda machinery that Soros has funded. Ace of Spades has remarked, “It’s weird that George Soros funds antisemitism and then cries ‘Antisemitism!’ when he’s criticized.”

Despite this well-documented history, no one on the Left criticized the Soros-funded, Clinton-connected Center for American Progress until they made the mistake of attacking Bernie Sanders:

Presidential hopeful Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is slamming the Center for American Progress (CAP) for its ties to big banks and big corporations and claims the leftist think tank that supported Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign is trying to derail his 2020 bid for the White House.
“The Center for American Progress is an organization whose massive annual budget is bankrolled by billionaires and corporate executives that profit from finance, pharmaceutical companies, fossil fuels, and sending American jobs overseas,” the statement from the campaign says. . . .
“They also took hundreds of thousands of dollars from the fossil fuel pumping United Arab Emirates while the country was bombing innocent civilians in Yemen — a war Bernie has led the fight to end,” the statement says. . . .
The email says, in part:

This week, an organization that is the epitome of the political establishment — the Center for American Progress (CAP) — unleashed and promoted an online attack video against Bernie. . . .
CAP’s leadership has been pretty upfront about their disdain for Bernie — and for all of us. They see our political revolution as a threat to their privilege and influence.


Establishment Democrats are freaking out that Bernie might get their nomination, but why? He’s not more left-wing than, say, Pete Buttigieg. Is it because Bernie is old? Joe Biden is old, too, but there’s no “Stop Biden” movement. Or could it be because Bernie is Jewish? And notice who gets quoted by the New York Times:

“There’s a growing realization that Sanders could end up winning this thing, or certainly that he stays in so long that he damages the actual winner,” said David Brock, the liberal organizer, who said he has had discussions with other operatives about an anti-Sanders campaign and believes it should commence “sooner rather than later.” . . .
Mr. Brock, who supported Mrs. Clinton’s past presidential bids, said “the Bernie question comes up in every fund-raising meeting I do.”

Yes, David Brock, head of the Soros-funded Media Matters, but far be it from me to suggest that this is a conspiracy against Bernie.


Police Hunt Deranged Teenage Girl Obsessed With Columbine Massacre

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Crazy people are dangerous:

Schools in Colorado have closed after a woman ‘obsessed’ with the Columbine massacre bought firearms and threatened a similar atrocity – as the FBI continues to hunt her.
Authorities are looking for Sol Pais, 18, who is said to have traveled to Colorado from Miami on Monday night and bought a pump-action shotgun and ammunition.
All schools in the Denver area were urged to tighten security because the threat was deemed ‘credible and general,’ said Patricia Billinger, a spokeswoman for the Colorado Department of Public Safety.
Now, multiple schools in the area have cancelled classes for Wednesday as the search for Pais continues. . . .
The teenager’s father, Gardi Pais, 58, has urged her to return saying that family has not heard from her since Sunday after Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office confirmed they were hunting the teenager.

Who is this girl? Sol Pais is the daughter of immigrants from Argentina. She lives in Surfside, Florida, near Miami. Her father is a guitarist who teaches music lessons. According to, she had a website where she posted dark messages, e.g. “Being alive is f*cking overrated,” and references to “this poison that is the human race.”

What happens to kids like this? How is it that someone who grows up in sunny South Florida can develop such a dark worldview?

UPDATE: She apparently committed suicide, a self-inflicted gunshot.


War Between Bernie and the Clinton Machine Going Thermonuclear

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Back story: Bernie Sanders believes he was cheated out of the 2016 Democrat nomination because the fix was in at DNC headquarters. Meanwhile, Hillary blames Sanders and his supporters for sabotaging her election chances against Trump. It doesn’t matter whether these beliefs are actually true, what matters is that each side is filled with a profound hatred of the other, and so the war between them is still raging:

The New York Times published an article Monday about Neera Tanden — a former top aide and adviser for Hillary Clinton who currently leads the Center for American Progress (CAP), a liberal think tank. The story focuses largely on Tanden’s relationship with Faiz Shakir, former chief editor of ThinkProgress (which is owned by CAP), and whether there’s any indication that Tanden has a physically aggressive way of interacting with people.
The Times reports that when Tanden set Clinton up for an interview with Shakir back in 2008, she thought the interview would be an easily handled softball. Instead, Shakir asked tougher questions than Tanden anticipated, so they ended up having a confrontation where she touched him in some way.
From the report:

Ms. Tanden responded by circling back to Mr. Shakir after the interview and, according to a person in the room, punching him in the chest.
“I didn’t slug him, I pushed him,” a still angry Ms. Tanden corrected in a recent interview

Shakir has left his old job to run Sanders’ 2020 campaign, but tensions between Shakir and Tanden rose up again after ThinkProgress published a critical article about Sanders in light of the news that the senator is a millionaire.

In case you didn’t know it, the Center for American Progress was founded by key Clinton aide John Podesta, with funding from George Soros, and thus the whole operation is part of Team Clinton. So what this New York Times article represents is Sanders going thermonuclear in a bid to destroy every remnant of the Team Clinton infrastructure.

All the “experts” on the Democrat side (most of whom are connected to the Clinton machine, in one way or another) believe Bernie Sanders can’t possibly defeat Trump, so they’re doing everything they can to stop him. Ask yourself why there’s been so much enthusiasm in the liberal media for Pete Buttigieg. That’s got all the hallmarks of a Team Clinton propaganda operation. After the attempt to launch Beto O’Rourke as a “rock star” candidate fizzled, Team Clinton looked around for some other available weapon to hurl at Bernie — they really hate Bernie — and apparently Buttigieg got the nod. Another hallmark of a Team Clinton operation? It’s failing. Despite everything his enemies have done to try to boost other candidates, Bernie’s support keeps growing. He’s gained more than five points, from 16.5% to 21.7% in the Real Clear Politics national average, in just the past couple of months.

This is very good news for Republicans, by the way. Team Clinton’s meddling in the Democrat primary campaign will only add to the paranoid cult mentality among Bernie’s supporters, intensifying their commitment to their candidate, so that if anyone else gets the 2020 nomination, at least one-fifth of Democrats will believe that Bernie got cheated again. Anything that convinces the rank-and-file that the Democrat Party is essentially corrupt — yeah, that helps Trump.

“Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen . . .”


In The Mailbox: 04.16.19

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Tax season is finally over. Thanks be to God.

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*Who, by the way, served in Vietnam.

Gay Teacher Steals $100,000 From Church, Murders Boyfriend, Dies in Crash

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Roy McClendon-Thompson was a social studies teacher at McNair High School in DeKalb County, Georgia. Last month, he was arrested for embezzling more than $100,000 from Tabernacle Baptist Church in Atlanta. However, after his arrest, he was allowed to resume teaching until April 8, when he called in to say he wouldn’t be coming to work that day. It turned out that McClendon-Thompson, 42, had discovered that his boyfriend James Curtis Jones was cheating on him, so he drove to the boyfriend’s apartment in Dunwoody, where he shot Jones to death. McClendon-Thompson then got in his car and drove south until he rammed head-on into a truck, and was killed.

(Hat-tip: Kirby McCain.)


‘Fattie Goes Oink’: California Professor Performs at Academic Conference

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Angelina Moles (@fiercefatfemme on Instagram) is a tenure-track Professor of Communication Studies at Merced College in California and a self-described “Queer Performance Artist.” To quote a Facebook post about an event in Idaho last year featuring Ms. Moles:

Angelina’s work focuses on humanizing the Fat experience while honoring it’s unique monstrosity. She currently teaches at Merced College where she teaches Public Speaking and Interpersonal Communication. In their spare time, Angelina blogs about radical Fat acceptance and enjoys spending time with her queer family.

At this year’s annual convention of the Western States Communication Association (program here, archived here), Ms. Moles offered a performance entitled “Fattie Goes Oink,” in which she wallowed on a bunch of cupcakes while wearing only her underwear:


This is what California taxpayers are subsidizing as “higher education.”


Fire Destroys Notre Dame Cathedral

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Paris has lost its iconic landmark:

French firefighters were racing Monday to save Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris after a colossal fire caused the spire of the historic edifice to crash to the ground and wiped out centuries of heritage.
The fire already destroyed the roof of the 850 year old UNESCO world heritage landmark, whose spectacular gothic spire collapsed before the eyes of horrified onlookers on a previously pristine early spring evening.
The fire, which came as Catholics prepare to celebrate Easter, sent orange flames and clouds of grey smoke billowing into the sky as stunned Parisians and tourists watched on in horror.
Some were in tears, others offered prayers from the banks of the river Seine as the inferno devoured the cathedral.

Of course, many people understandably expressed suspicions of terrorism, but there is no evidence that terrorists were involved, and it would be irresponsible to speculate in the absence of evidence.


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