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"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Fat Feminism and the War on Sanity

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Kaye Toal (@ohkayewhatever on Twitter) is a “creative producer” at BuzzFeed who has strange hair, lives in Brooklyn and hates Republicans. Her career as a human cliché began years ago when she started a blog on Tumblr — did I mention she’s a cliché? — called “Big Fat Feminist.” At the time, Ms. Toal was a Rutgers University student majoring in English and she was angry at “cis het dudes” who didn’t find her attractive. This was the subject of a blog post which I will fisk in italics:

On Being Fat and Romantically
Interested in Other People:
A Rambling Confessional, of Sorts


(Let’s start with a trigger warning, because, of course.)

Look, it’s really f–king hard to be a fat person who happens to be romantically interested in other people, particularly when those other people are cis het dudes.

(It’s also really hard to be an English major who apparently can’t write a sentence that doesn’t include the f-word, but never mind that for now. Why did Ms. Toal feel the need to single out “cis het dudes” as an object of scorn? Why is she “romantically interested” in them, if she harbors such resentment toward them?)

It’s hard because when you grow up fat, you grow up believing that you’re not ever going to be attractive to anyone. You don’t even do this on purpose — the world does it for you. For me, they did it through fat jokes on Friends, fat jokes on Will & Grace, fat jokes on every single sitcom, ever, headlines on my mother’s Cosmo and Self telling me (I wasn’t supposed to be looking at them, but whatever) both that my sexuality only mattered as long as it was relevant to men and that being fat automatically made my sexuality irrelevant to men, “No Fat Chicks” bumper stickers, bullying in school, and rampant self-hatred and body-shaming in my family. I don’t think I ever had any agency in deciding whether or not I thought I was attractive until college. I just sort of knew, because the world knew, that I wasn’t. I was fat. How could I be?

(TV, magazines, bumper stickers, school bullies, her family — these comprise “the world” which Ms. Toal blames for her “self-hatred and body-shaming.” She blames “the world” for everything wrong in her life, including her attitudes about “sexuality.” Apparently, “the world” never suggested that maybe Ms. Toal should skip that second helping of mashed potatoes and maybe try a salad instead. She had no “agency” in her life, but was instead a victim of “the world.”)

This was a daily fact of my existence. It was never, ever something I questioned. It means that when I did get a boyfriend, at 15, I was actually surprised that he wanted to touch me. It means there was always a part of me that wondered if it was a pity thing. It means that when he cheated on me with a much thinner girl, and ultimately broke up with me for her, I assumed it was because I was no longer sexually attractive to him and never really had been. It means that when I found the fat acceptance movement and realized all this I’d been told my entire life was total bulls–t, I had to start unpacking some really toxic s–t that I’d internalized.

(Everything she had “been told her entire life” was wrong — this is what she learned from “the fat acceptance movement,” which Ms. Toal joined after her high-school boyfriend dumped her for a skinny girl. The possibility of skipping the mashed potatoes still hadn’t occurred to her.)

It means that now, when I ask people out, the answer I’m terrified of is not “No” but “Wait, what?”
Here’s why: a “no” answer means that you were actually considered to be part of this person’s potential dating pool, even as a negative. You were there. You counted for something. The idea of your sexuality was not erased simply because you don’t fit conventional norms of attractiveness.
“Wait, what?” means you were never there in the first place. “Wait, what?” means that everything the world told you when you were little was 100% correct.
Look, when you grow up fat you’re basically told that no one will ever want to f–k you. Not date. Not kiss. Not hold hands with you while walking through a park and eating ice cream. These things aren’t even considered, because if no one wants to f–k you, who would ever fall in love with you? Don’t you know the only thing that matters is how attractive you are to heterosexual men? No, I don’t care if you’re queer. The opinions of heterosexual men are the only ones that matter. Duh.

(Again, with the demonization of heterosexual men. When she’s not blaming “the world” in general for her problems, she focuses her rage on heterosexual men who are guilty of the sin of not finding her attractive, despite the fact that she is “romantically interested” in them. Once upon a time, deeply confused people would seek psychiatric help. Nowadays, they join political movements and demand “acceptance.”)

And you’re told — often overtly, particularly if you’re a fat feminist on the internet — that the only way you’d ever have sex is if you got raped, but ha ha ha who would want to rape a fat girl, and fat girls can’t get raped anyway because they’re so desperate for sex because no one would ever want to f–k a fat girl!! Am I right?!

(No, ma’am, you’re emotionally disturbed. But please continue . . .)

Of course, usually people grow up to the point where they can realize that none of this is true. It’s actually, you know, kind of nuts. But there’s still a part of you that believes, because there’s a part of you that has always believed. And so the scary thing, when you put yourself out there, isn’t “Oh sorry, I don’t see you that way.” It’s “Oh… I don’t even see you.”
I’ve gotten a lot of “Wait, what?” in my time. I’ve also gotten a lot — a LOT — of people who have told me that I’m amazing, and funny, and so intelligent, and so fun to be around, but that they can’t date me.

(Perhaps because they don’t want to deal with an emotionally disturbed fat feminist, but I’m just throwing that out there as a possibility.)

Sometimes there are legitimate reasons given for this; sometimes there aren’t. Either way, the surface reason is never “I can’t date you because you’re fat.” And I have no way of proving that the underlying reason is “I can’t date you because you’re fat,” probably because nobody in their decent mind would think of it in those terms. But I wasn’t the only one who internalized all that “No Fat Chicks” bulls–t when I was younger, and I have a sneaking suspicion that a lot of other people haven’t taken the time to take that out, give it a once over, and decide it’s trash.

(How dare you refuse to date an emotionally disturbed fat feminist! Can’t you see that this makes you guilty of a hate crime?)

And you know what? Ultimately it doesn’t matter, because what another person ACTUALLY believes is completely secondary to the little voice in the back of my mind from my childhood. That voice will always, always be there. That voice is less audible now than it was when I was 15, but it’s a seed of doubt. And I have days where it’s all I can hear. I do not think I’m alone in this.
An amazing friend of mine said to me recently, “If a person says they ‘can’t’ date you for whatever reason, they’re right. You don’t want to be with that a–hole anyway.” She’s right, of course. It doesn’t matter why they can’t, and it doesn’t matter whether that little voice is right or not, because the funny thing about that voice is that it is always f–king wrong.
This is something I need to remind myself of, every so often: THAT VOICE IS ALWAYS F–KING WRONG.

(Do the voices in her head SHOUT IN CAPS LOCK?)

It’s wrong because no one falls in love with weight. It’s wrong because attractiveness is subjective; there is absolutely no one who is categorically, objectively “hot” to everyone, ever. 

(No, ma’am, you’re wrong. Beauty exists as an objective reality, and everyone recognizes beauty when they see it. However, you can’t make up for a deficiency in beauty by being obnoxious, resentful and angry. Or by dyeing your hair purple, for that matter.)

And most importantly, it’s wrong because the things and people who started it talking certainly did not have my best interests at heart, so why in God’s name should I take it seriously? 
No, really. Imagine if that voice was actually attached to a person who was telling you these things. You’d tell that person they were a f–king a–hole, you’d fume, you’d maybe slap it or punch it directly in the kidneys, or maybe you’d run home and cry on the phone to your best friend or your mom, but the point is that you sure as HELL wouldn’t think it was the voice of reason. Why does that change just because it’s the little voice in the back of your head?
It doesn’t. So next time that little voice starts yammering away, tell it to shut the hell up. It has no idea what it’s talking about.

Thus she ends her 1,100-word opus, talking to the voices in her head.

Ms. Toal’s resentment of male heterosexuals, who are guilty of the hate crime of not reciprocating her romantic interest, is like Zachary Antolak (a/k/a “Zinnia Jones”) telling heterosexual men that they are wrong not to be attracted to transgender “women.” Why is it that only heterosexual men’s preferences and opinions are subject to criticism?

Oh, that’s right — because heterosexual men are presumed to be Republicans, and everything a Republican does is inherently wrong, according to the kind of people who are employed at BuzzFeed.

Politics is everything and everything is politics to the kind of emotionally disturbed people who become social justice warriors (SJWs). If you’ve got purple hair like Kaye Toal (or if your nickname is “Queen of the Horse Dildos” like Zachary/“Zinnia”) then demanding that other people find you sexually attractive probably seems like an excellent idea. Because you’re crazy, and who am I to argue with the voices in your head?

And now, the ironic denouement . . .


That’s Kaye Toal at Hillary Clinton campaign headquarters in New York, a few days before last year’s election, and who’s that with her? Her new boyfriend Tom Van Buren. Apparently, “cis het dudes” who are Democrats don’t mind dating crazy fat feminists with purple hair because, let’s be honest, that’s pretty much the only option available to guys if you’re gonna date Democrats.

And Democrats still can’t figure out why Trump won the election . . .


Why Trump Won

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This headline says it all:

Planned Parenthood Targets Toddlers
for Talks on Transgenderism, Masturbation

According to the Democrat Party, anyone who opposes spending federal taxpayer money on Planned Parenthood is a hater. Also, anyone who opposes transgender in the military is a hater. Democrats want to spend taxpayer money for Planned Parenthood to teach your boy that he’s a girl (or vice-versa), and then recruit him/her/they for the Marine Corps.

If you think this is crazy, don’t vote for Democrats.


In The Mailbox: 07.26.17

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

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Megan McArdle: Employers Rejecting Pot Users Will Pay A High Price
Mark Steyn: Flight And Fancy

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In The Mailbox: 07.25.17

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

EBL: Professor Weinstein To Sue Evergreen State College For $3.8 Million
Twitchy: Debbie Wasserman-Schultz’ IT Guy Arrested At Dulles, Charged With Bank Fraud
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The Jawa Report: Twitter Willing To Discuss Providing Services To The Taliban – In Private, also, Feel Good Video Of The Day (Watch Your Head Edition)
The Political Hat: California And The Outing Of Thought Criminals
This Ain’t Hell: Valor Thief Jan Spann Resigns From School Board, also, Iwo Jima Vet Howard Banks Attacked
Weasel Zippers: Massachusetts Teachers Union Not Backing Bill Nixing Student/Teacher Sex, also, Flashback – Democratic Delegates Boo The Boy Scouts Of America
Mark Steyn: Old Turks, Young French, And A Singular Ray

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Tranny SJW Claims Science Does Not Prove That the Penis Is a Male Organ

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Zachary Antolak, a/k/a “Zinnia Jones,” a/k/a “Satana Kennedy,” a/k/a “Lauren McNamara” is a person familiar to regular readers here. An atheist transgender activist and Internet pornographer, Antolak/“Jones” has tattooed himself/“herself” with a symbol used on the cover of Anton LaVey’s Satanic Bible modified with transgender symbols.

The bizarre semantics by which Antolak/“Jones” claims that the penis is not “male genitals” is a perfect example of the lunatic ideology of the transgender cult. As I noted in the case of Eyrne Daymont a/k/a “Aryn Maitland,” crazy is a pre-existing condition. When confronted by the rhetoric of transgender activists, we must recognize that we are dealing with seriously disturbed people. Their efforts to distort language, to change the meanings of words, and to force the rest of to accept their revised definitions, represent a dishonest attempt to obtain validation by compelling others to ratify their delusions.

As the feminist site 4th Wave Now points out, “gender dysphoria occurs with troubling frequency in concert with a range of other mental disturbances, including personality disorders, depression, anxiety, and autism.” In other words, people who are confused about their gender identity are often confused about a lot of other things.

Part of what’s going on here is a consequence of decades of schools promoting “self-esteem,” where every child gets a participation trophy, and everyone has a right to believe they’re awesome. This nonsense doesn’t equip young people for adult life, where there are winners and losers, and where the vast majority of people must struggle along without any praise, encouragement or recognition for their efforts. Having never learned to endure hardship with stoic dignity (which is what all children should be taught), the young misfits full of “self-esteem” become convinced that the world has somehow cheated them of the praise to which the Special Snowflakes believe they are entitled. This cognitive dissonance is the psychological root of the antinomian rage among Social Justice Warriors (SJWs), who wish to destroy all existing laws, institutions and social norms which they condemn as oppressive forces of “capitalist imperialist white supremacist cisheteronormative patriarchy,” to quote the University of Southern California’s Vanessa Diaz.

“Social justice” has become an argument that lunatics must be allowed to run the asylum, because sanity is a prejudicial concept that discriminates against kooks and wackos. This is why we find Zachary Antolak/“Zinnia Jones” on the Internet asserting that it is unscientific to describe the penis as a male sexual organ, and expecting this bizarre assertion to be taken seriously. But let’s not forget “Satana Kennedy.”


Here again self-esteem ideology intersects with the SJW mentality in the form of toxic narcissism. Zachary/“Zinnia” insists that everything he/“she” does is off-limits to criticism, including his/“her” Internet pornography career as “Satana Kennedy.” This sordid activity has earned Zachary/“Zinnia”/“Satana” the sobriquet “Queen of the Horse Dildos.” Like prostitution, pornography is inherently shameful. Everyone who watches pornography is as complicit in this perverse degradation as those who profit from its production. While the Supreme Court has maintained that pornography is protected by the First Amendment (a claim that would surely shock the 18th-century Americans who authored and ratified that amendment), the fact that it is legal doesn’t mean pornography isn’t also wrong. The same is true of abortion, and yet pro-abortion advocates (e.g., Lindy West) have sought to “de-stigmatize” abortion in the same way that the advocates of pornography have sought to de-stigmatize their own depraved practices.

Using the phrase “sex work” to describe his/“her” activity as an online exhibitionist, Zachary/“Zinnia”/“Satana” seeks to normalize what is inarguably abnormal behavior. If publicly degrading yourself for the onanistic pleasure of an audience of perverts is a “neat job,” and if those engaged in this activity are “seriously amazing people,” then anyone who criticizes the “trans porn community” is just a hateful bigot — such is the implied argument of Zachary/“Zinnia”/“Satana.”

This is a crude sort of rhetorical jiu-jitsu, common to “social justice” discourse. SJWs attempt to transfer moral shame from the participants in shameful behavior (abortion, pornography, drug abuse, etc.) to their opponents who criticize such behavior. By the logic of SJWs, it is not criminals who deserve condemnation; instead, their rage is directed against the police who apprehend criminals. By the same logical inversion of values, we should not admire those who succeed in business, but rather we should hate “the rich” as exploiters, and demand the destruction of capitalism itself as a system of oppression. This jiu-jitsu reversal is how SJWs justified the Black Lives Matter movement, which sparked riots and assassinations of police. Similarly, SJW logic apparently led college philosophy instructor Eric Clanton to believe he was justified in committing aggravated assault against Trump supporters.

By this upside-down-and-backward method of rhetoric, SJWs strive to prohibit disagreement, categorizing opposition as “hate” and depicting themselves as victims of unjust prejudice. “If you want to control what people think, you must first control what they are allowed to say.” The totalitarian suppression of free speech is a logical consequence of the social justice worldview. If transgender pornographers are “amazing people,” anyone who criticizes Zachary/“Zinnia”/“Satana” must obviously be a bad person. You are a hater, and therefore you no longer have a right to express your own beliefs and opinions. In fact, according to SJWs like Zachary/“Zinnia”/“Satana,” normal people don’t even have a right to their own sexual preferences.


Here we arrive at the real bottom line of the LGBT agenda. Once disapproval is prohibited as “hate,” then the demand for “equality” makes participation mandatory. Anyone who refuses to engage in homosexual activity — which is what Zachary/“Zinnia”/“Satana” demands — is subject to the accusation of being “exclusionary.” For a man to declare his unwillingness to having sex with a carnival freak show like Zinnia Jones is “misplaced and inappropriate.” and heterosexual men must “try to work through” this aversion.

What Zinnia Jones is saying here is what the LGBT movement actually believes: Heterosexuality is wrong. Gay radicals demand sexual access to 100% of the population, and anyone who objects to this agenda — anyone who refuses to participate in gay sex — will be condemned as a bigot. As crazy as this may seem, it is an entirely logical conclusion if you accept the SJW premise that “discrimination” and “prejudice” against gay people are unjust forms of systemic oppression.

Once you allow the lunatics to run the asylum, you have to play by their rules. Under the new rules, if Zachary wants to call himself “Zinnia” and insists that his penis is not a male organ, any expression of disagreement with his/her assertions will be prohibited as hate speech.

Ernst Rohm could not be reached for comment.



In The Mailbox: 07.24.17

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

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STUMP: MEPs On The Rocks – Furniture Workers Pension Allowed To Cut Retiree Benefits
The Jawa Report: We Now Turn Over Jawa Report To This Muslim, also, Anons Stomp Snuff-O-Gram
The Political Hat: Pippi Longstocking, Thought Criminal
This Ain’t Hell: You Don’t Believe Liberals Want To Take Your Guns?, also, Cassandra Koscak Sentenced For Ripping Off Vets
Weasel Zippers: Officer Noor Only Had Seven Months’ Training After Being Fast-Tracked Through Cadet Program, also, Planned Parenthood’s New Guidelines Say Genitals Don’t Determine Gender
Megan McArdle: Obamacare’s Big Win? It Helps Some People Be A Little Less Poor
Mark Steyn: Keeping His Hand In, also, Country Matters

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Patterico Vindicated: Judge Rules Against Brett Kimberlin’s Failed Federal Suit

Posted on | July 24, 2017 | 1 Comment

Nearly four years after Brett Kimberlin sued Patrick Frey, myself and numerous other defendants (including Michelle Malkin, and Red State) in a bogus federal RICO suit, the case has finally concluded with Judge George Hazel granting Frey summary judgment.

There was no factual basis for this suit we had dubbed Kimberlin v. the Universe, et al., and the Pro Se Pipsqueak’s main claims were dismissed in March 2015, but Judge Hazel allowed Kimberlin’s case to proceed to discovery in regard to his claim that Frey had wrongfully acted “under color of law” as a county employee in California. A key component of Judge Hazel’s final ruling was that Patrick Frey sincerely believed that the July 2011 SWATting incident which sent to an armed police squad to his house was related to Kimberlin’s months-long campaign of retaliation against Frey because of what Frey had written about Kimberlin’s criminal history of bombing, perjury, drug dealing, etc.:

“Kimberlin has failed to submit evidence, rather than his own strongly held convictions, that Frey’s actions were motivated by an improper, retaliatory purpose, rather than [Frey’s] desire to spur law enforcement to investigate a crime of which [Frey] was the victim.”

Keep in mind that I was targeted by a SWATting in 2013, which eventually resulted in the perpetrator being sent to federal prison. SWATting is a very dangerous form of criminal harassment, and law enforcement was never able to solve the SWATting of Frey, who has extensively explain the reasons he suspected this crime was connected to Kimberlin. Given what is known about Kimberlin and his associates, and other aspects of the case which Frey has explained, certainly this suspicion was reasonable, even though the actual perpetrators of the SWATting were never apprehended. The fact that I was also the target of a SWATting, as were Mike Stack in New Jersey and Aaron Worthing in Virginia at different times, could be viewed as part of a pattern of criminal harassment. Let any intelligent person investigate the facts for themselves, and draw their own conclusions.

Go to Patterico’s blog and congratulate him on his success. First Amendment freedom has won, and the Speedway Bomber has lost.

It’s a great day to be an American!


Early Morning Rule 5 Monday

Posted on | July 24, 2017 | 1 Comment

— compiled by Wombat-socho

Body clock’s been thoroughly disarranged by a sleep study last night, so I figure I’ll take care of this before I nod off for the day. If I can. This week’s appetizer by Edward D’Ancona looks like she’s ready for bed, but not for sleep.
As usual, most of the following links are to pictures generally considered NSFW. The management is not responsible for the consequences of you being dumb and clicking on those links in the wrong time or place.

Ready for bed?

Ninety Miles From Tyranny leads off with Hot Pick of the Late Night, Morning Mistress, and Girls With Guns, followed by Goodstuff celebrating National Hot Dog Day with “the wienerlicious Yvonne Strahovski” and Animal Magnetism with Rule 5 Economic Infringement Friday and the Saturday Gingermageddon.

Outstanding in her field as usual, EBL presents Blade Runner 2049 with Ana de Armas, Jodie Whittaker, Queenie Rosita Law, National Hot Dog Day Rule 5, What Would Joan Jett Do?, Lunar Advertising, Space 1999 Rule 5, and ComicCon 2017.

A View From The Beach has The Other HilaryFish Pic Friday – BonitoThursday TanlinesCan Coal Ash Save the Bay?Thanks for the Tips!Dr. What?I Guess There’s a Scientist for EverythingTrouble for the “Out of Africa” Hypothesis? (cavegirl content), But Will He Rise to Walk Again? – RIP George Romero, and “Oleo Strut”

Proof Positive’s Friday Night Babe is Katharine McPhee, his Vintage Babe is Brenda Marshall, Sex in Advertising is covered by Guess, and in extra innings, Women of PETA LIII! At Dustbury, it’s Yuja Wang and Caroline Trentini.

Thanks to everyone for all the luscious linkagery!

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