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Our Supreme Dark Lord’s New Book,
And Other Stories

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— by Wombat-socho

By now, everyone who’s been paying attention to GamerGate (happy first anniversary!) or the Sad Puppies movement with regard to the Hugos should be familiar with, or at least recognize the name of, Vox Day, Supreme Dark Lord of the Evil League of Evil. I doubt that anyone since George W. Bush has caused so many on the Left to completely lose their shit, and W was nowhere near as successful at getting his hapless enemies to do EXACTLY WHAT HE WANTED. So it was with great interest that I ordered his new book, SJWs Always Lie: Taking Down the Thought Police, a book that is currently #1 in Politics on Amazon, further irritating the kind of people who need irritating. The book is an excellent tract on what kind of people SJWs are, what they do, and how to fight back – effectively. Vox chronicles the recent public shaming of people like Brendan Eich and Tim Hunt as examples how not to do it. He also chronicles in a brief but thorough manner the ongoing successful grind of GamerGate and the two-front war on the Hugos as illustrations of how to do it on a macro scale, and also includes helpful tips on how to take on and defeat SJWs in the workplace or in other organizations where one encounters these human cockroaches. Adding to the value of the book are not just a foreword but an afterword by Gandalf the Gay himself, Breitbart reporter Milo Yiannopoulos, who is almost always entertaining. Highly recommended; I don’t often say this, but this is a book you absolutely ought to read, especially in these wretched times when we’re beset by these deranged killjoys on every side.

Our favorite little arsonist applies the Broken Window Theory.

I also picked up an older work of his, The Return of the Great Depression, which while a bit dated -it was published in October 2009- gives an interesting perspective into where we’re going, why we’re in this handbasket, and how we got there to start with. Vox is a fan of the Austrian School of economics, so if you also subscribe to that view, there’s a lot in here you’ll find familiar. If, on the other hand, you’re more of a monetarist or (God forbid) a Keynesian, you’re in for some rude shocks. Clearly written, well-sourced, and measured in its judgments, this book is one hell of a bargain at $1.99, and I also recommend it.

As I mentioned in my previous book post, I’ve been renewing acquaintance with some old favorites that I haven’t seen in, oh, almost three years now; some of them, it’s been longer, since I never did unpack all my books when I was living in Alexandria. Anyhow, this week I reread Robert Frezza’s A Small Colonial War and Fire in a Faraway Place, the first two novels of his Suid-Afrika trilogy. These are the tale of a colonial world under an interstellar Japanese empire, settled by (mostly) Afrikaners and “cowboys” and dominated by a Japanese corporation, United Steel-Standard, which has let things get out of hand to the point where an Imperial task force is sent to restore order. One of the units in the task force is the 1/35 Rifle Battalion, originally from Finland and commanded by an unorthodox Russian officer, LTC Anton Vereshchagin. In the first book, Vereshchagin must find a way to defeat the Afrikaner Bund and its shadowy Order after they’ve successfully nuked most of the task force and its ships in the sky. In the second, set six years after the first, a new Imperial task force has arrived to put USS back in the saddle, and our plucky little band of Finns, Russians, “cakes” and Afrikaners are forced into rebellion. One of the reviewers made the claim that Frezza writes better than John Ringo, which I don’t think I agree with, but like Ringo, Frezza is not afraid to kill off characters when the plot requires it, even important characters. I found both books tragic, stirring, and very thought-provoking, and have a hard time believing that Del Rey has let them go out of print.

You may or may not remember the War World anthologies, set on the world of Haven in Jerry Pournelle’s CoDominium universe. They were very uneven in quality, written by authors ranging from Larry Niven and S.M. Stirling to Harry Turtledove and lesser-known folks like Susan Shwartz and Judith Tarr, and are currently being reissued by Pequod Press and Baen in a more coherent series arranged in chronological order, and with new stories added. But I digress; after the original anthologies, some of the stories written by Stirling, Turtledove et al were put into a pair of fixup novels, Blood Feuds and Blood Vengeance, which melded the ancient tale of Oedipus Rex with the state of affairs on Haven three centuries after a shipload of Saurons arrived to take possession, climaxing in an apocalyptic assault by a massive army of tribesmen, Bandari, and the rebelling “cattle” of the Saurons themselves on the Citadel, center of Sauron power on Haven. Half the fun is watching various characters, Sauron and others, go through their paces and fall prey to mistakes they can’t avoid making by their very nature, while other characters are trying and failing to warn them off. The plotline involving the Sauron cyborg Sigrid is particularly amusing, in its own twisted way. Not Hugo material, but excellent brain candy, highly entertaining.

In The Mailbox, 09.03.15

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

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Lord of Janissaries

The Privilege of the Oppressed

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A court clerk in Kentucky want to jail because she would not issue a marriage license to a same-sex couple. Keep in mind that, in 2004, an amendment to the Kentucky state constitution defining marriage as one man and one woman was approved by 75% of the voters. To this fact, our nation’s liberal elite answer: Damn the voters, damn Kentucky and damn Kim Davis for thinking that her religious beliefs should be respected. The liberal elite — in particular, Justice Anthony Kennedy and four of his Supreme Court colleagues — have decided that Christian belief must be forcibly eradicated, and that the voters of Kentucky are not fit to govern themselves. Therefore, Kim Davis is a criminal.

This is what our nation’s liberal elite demands in 2015, because the liberal elite believes in a radical egalitarian ideology in which only those who are deemed “oppressed” have any influence or protection in American society. The law must judge every conflict according to a simple question: “Who is the greater ‘victim of society’ here?” The victims always win, and therefore the only way to “win” is to present yourself as a helpless loser, in order to demand that “society” give you whatever you want as compensation for your oppressed condition. That this kind of “social justice” mentality incentivizes failure and inspires fraudulent claims of victimhood (everything is rape now) is bad enough. Yet it also serves to destroy society’s ability to protect itself against real harms, as evidenced by a recent federal court ruling:

A federal appeals court has ruled that an illegal immigrant and convicted felon can’t be deported back to Mexico because he identifies as a transgender woman, which leaves him vulnerable to torture back in his home country.
Edin Carey Avendano-Hernandez was born male in Mexico, and claims to have been raped by his brothers and suffered other torments. In 2000, he illegally entered the U.S. and took up residence in Fresno, California. Avendano-Hernandez also started taking female hormones and began living openly as a woman in 2005. In 2006, he committed two separate drunk driving offenses, the second of which injured two people and resulted in a felony conviction. After serving a year in jail, he was deported back to Mexico in 2007.
Back in Mexico, Avendano-Hernandez claims to have been subjected to more harassment from family and neighbors and to have been raped by members of the Mexican army. He illegally entered the U.S. again and, after being arrested, petitioned for sanctuary in the U.S. under the U.N. Convention Against Torture (CAT), arguing that deporting him would violate the CAT because he would more likely than not experience torture at the hands of Mexican authorities. . . .
Now, a three-judge panel on the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals says Avendano-Hernandez must be allowed to stay in the U.S., because he “more likely than not” will be tortured if returned to Mexico.
Judge Jacqueline Nguyen, an Obama appointee, chastised immigration officials for improperly handling Avandano-Hernandez’s gender identity. . . .
The belief that Avendano-Hernandez was raped and tortured in Mexico appears to be based entirely on his own claims, which were deemed to be “credible” by his immigration judge.

Read the whole thing at The Daily Caller. You see the court has decided that this convicted criminal, who otherwise would be ineligible for residency in the United States, now must be granted residency, merely because his/her “gender identity” would make him/her a victim of Mexican society if he/she were to be deported. The United States therefore must accept every foreign transsexual who can make it across the border, because “social justice” requires it.

Christians in Kentucky have zero rights, so Kim Davis goes to jail, while a Mexican criminal pervert has a “Get Out of Jail Free” card.


Video Claims to Prove Pedophilia Accusation Against #GamerGate Critic UPDATE: Yiannopoulos Says Girl’s Parents Will Contact Law Enforcement

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A shocking new video released this week has brought new attention to claims of pedophilia made against a longtime critic of the #GamerGate movement. The video quotes Internet chat logs attributed to Sarah Nyberg expressing sexual interest in preteen girls, including a relative.

The 15-minute Youtube video got more than 40,000 views in the first two days after its release Tuesday. It highlights chat logs dating to 2006 in which Nyberg, who was 20 years old at the time, apparently defends pedophilia, admits collecting photos of preteen girls, and repeatedly mentions a female cousin named Dana who was 8 years old at the time.

In one of the online chats shown in the video, the person identified as Nyberg says: “I’m a submissive male to female transsexual pedophile . . . that really misses dana. . . . I’ll see her in about a month.” The chats also appear to show Nyberg saying, “I think I might want to make a pedophile activism-type site” and expressing sexual attraction to Dana: “I’ve said I’m a pedophile and that I’m attracted to her. Why is that surprising?”




Critics of #GamerGate have continued defending Nyberg, asserting on Twitter that the chat logs could be fabricated. However, journalist Milo Yiannopoulos said he is working on a news article:

I spoke to the parents [of Dana]. I wanted to let them know what was happening before they potentially got any other phone calls from interested third parties, and to share the worst of the chat logs so they knew what was out there and could prepare themselves for any questions.
I made it clear to them that we will protect their daughter’s identity by obscuring her name and precise relationship to Nyberg in any story we publish and I’ve given them the option to comment on the record. So far they have not.
The girl’s father told me that he made sure they were never left alone together at the time the chats were happening — a comment he has repeated elsewhere online. Make of that what you will.
The story is currently working its way through Breitbart’s legal process. I hope to be able to share it with you all soon.

On Twitter, Yiannopoulos called it “a serious story with real victims.”

In fall 2014, after #GamerGate began as a criticism of unethical behavior in the videogame industry, Nyberg joined the critics of #GamerGate. Nyberg subsequently tried to shut down funding for the website, which had supported #GamerGate, by falsely accusing them of hosting child pornography. This resulted in the exposure of Nyberg’s past, and in March, Nyberg published a column at a feminist website with the headline, “I Set Out To Expose A Hate Movement In Gaming — So They Set Out To Destroy My Life,” denouncing the accusations of pedophilia as “heinous lies” and “defamation.”

Nyberg has been accused of retaliating against her critics, including games blogger The Ralph Report, who expressed pleasure at a hint by Yiannopoulos that Nyberg could go to prison.

#GamerGate supporters have started the #IStandWithDana hashtag.

“God gave them up unto vile affections . . . God gave them over to a reprobate mind . . .”
Romans 1:26-28 (KJV)

UPDATE: One of the venues that published Sarah Nyberg was the BoingBoing gaming site OffWorld. In an e-mail to OffWorld editor Leigh Alexander, Milo Yiannopoulos wrote that he had “contacted the parents of the 8-year-old girl” mentioned in the chat logs attributed to Nyberg, and the parents “will be approaching local and federal law enforcement” about the case, once Yiannopoulos’s story is published. (Hat-tip: KotakuInAction on Reddit.)



Friday Fiction: 100 Word Challenge

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by Smitty

She was hot. Figuratively and literally, as she’d been jogging at least a quarter hour.
The bush was thick, but not really that close to the path, so the rapist had to sprint to get at her. He counted on panic to freeze her, as he was frankly not in that great of shape.
She was well aware of the news concerning the park, but that was not the sort of thing that bothered her. She lashed out as she had been taught, with the heel of her hand connecting perfectly with his nose cartilage, ending the string of rapes.

via Darleen

In The Mailbox, 09.03.15

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

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In The Mailbox, 09.02.15

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

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SJWs Always Lie: Taking Down the Thought Police

It’s 2015 and Everything Is Rape Now

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Rutgers University’s Center on Violence Against Women and Children was commissioned by a White House task force to produce a survey about the “climate” of “sexual violence” on campus:

The pilot survey — initially developed by the Justice Department’s Office on Violence Against Women and conducted by Rutgers — generated responses from nearly 11,000 Rutgers University-New Brunswick students. In the report, “sexual violence” has a broad definition that was based on materials developed by the White House Task Force. The definition ranges from remarks about physical appearance to rape and other forms of sexual assault.
The most startling finding in the Rutgers report: Nearly one in four undergraduate women (24 percent) told researchers that they were victims of some form of sexual violence before they ever set foot on campus.

Yes, if the “broad definition” is broad enough, everything is rape.


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