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Rule 5 Sunday: Yvette Mimieux, RIP

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

As if Sidney Poitier, Betty White, and Meat Loaf weren’t enough, the Grim Reaper also came for Yvette Mimieux, best known for her role as Weena in George Pal’s The Time Machine, but who I first encountered in the movie Dark of the Sun, a brutal movie set during the horrific Simba Rebellion in the Congo during the mid-1960s. Here she is with co-star Rod Taylor in a still from that movie.
Ceterum autem censeo Silicon Valley esse delendam.

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FMJRA 2.0: Ludwig II von Bayern

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Finally, back in the swing of things. My Senators went 3-2, this week, sweeping the Braves and losing two out of three to the A’s, but except for one blowout by the A’s, they were all close games. 
Ceterum autem censeo Silicon Valley esse delendam.

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Can We Make Thursday ‘Everybody Blog About Mass Formation Psychosis Day’?

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Darren Beattie has a piece at Revolver talking about how the Biden administration is trying, without much success, to convince Democratic voters to let go of the COVID-19 panic narrative to which they are clinging like a toddler with a security blanket: Masks are useless, children are not at risk, schools should be open, et cetera.

All of this is just common-sense stuff that skeptics have been saying since mid-2020, but because Democrats and their media allies have devoted so much effort to portraying skeptics as villains — you’re “anti-science” if you oppose drastic measures to fight COVID-19 — the people who voted for Biden refuse to accept the message now that the administration is ready to “move on” from the panic. Beattie writes:

The Biden Administration wants its rank-and-file followers in public schools, colleges, and hospitals to calm down. Instead they remain as paranoid as ever. It is entirely possible that this will continue for all of 2022, or even longer. Covid and its variants aren’t going away. To the extent they were ever effective at all, vaccines appear to lose their potency with every new booster campaign. The virus remains as mild for most people as ever, but constant testing means that even the healthiest progressives have worked themselves into a permanent state of fear and paranoia.
This has fascinating ramifications for leftism itself. Through Mass Formation Psychosis, the ruling class left seems to have finally memed its true believers into a pattern that it can’t talk them out of. For two years, they sowed panic by promoting the cult of the mask, the cult of the lockdown, and the cult of the vaccine. Now, they can’t suppress the cults they have created. Similarly, they ignited a “racial reckoning” in 2020 and are now powerless to stop the frenzy of murder and crime that this “reckoning” unleashed in every major city.

Recall that people are trying to de-platform Joe Rogan for hosting Dr. Robert Malone, who has popularized the “Mass Formation Psychosis” theory to explain public reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Well, here’s some news for you: They can’t de-platform everybody.

If all of us with access to digital platforms — bloggers, columnists, people on Twitter and Facebook, etc. — will unite behind this idea, we can defeat these censors and make it impossible for them to suppress the idea.

Therefore, I propose that this Thursday, Jan. 27, be declared “Everybody Blog About Mass Formation Psychosis Day.” The objectives:

  1. Call attention to the censorship campaign by which COVID-19 panic brigades are attempting to suppress criticism. If you look at the Google results, you’ll notice that the first page of results (which is all that most Googlers ever see) is dominated by “fact checks” and people endeavoring to “debunk” Mass Formation Psychosis as a “conspiracy theory.” This obviously reflects manipulation of the Google algorithm in an attempt to support censorship of Joe Rogan and others.
  2. Explain what “Mass Formation Theory” really means. There is nothing outlandish about the theory that Dr. Malone has outlined. When the “dominant narrative” is promoted by politicians and major media organizations — when they’re all on the same page, so to speak — most people will believe what they’re being told and react the way they’re instructed to react. The theory is a bit more complex and nuanced than can be summarized in a sentence or two, but the basic idea isn’t at all crazy or “extremist,” no matter what the self-declared “fact checkers” claim.
  3. Most critics of COVID-19 policy are not “anti-science.” This has been the problem with public reaction to the pandemic from the start. Various “experts” (including Dr. Anthony Fauci and the science/medical commentators on TV news outlets) presented themselves as having all the answers to COVID-19, and advocated restrictive policies as the One Right Way to fight the virus. Because these experts were presented as being the voices of “science,” anyone who criticized the restrictive policies was implicitly accused of being “anti-science.” This involved an appeal to a common prejudice among college-educated people, who cherish a self-image of being on the side of enlightenment, and who view themselves as engaged in a war against ignorance. To such people, it was easy to see Dr. Fauci as a heroic knight doing battle against the dragon of “anti-science.”

It does not matter, in terms of “Everybody Blog About Mass Formation Psychosis Day,” what you believe about the safety and effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines. Dr. Malone himself is deeply skeptical of mRNA vaccines, but that’s neither here nor there in regard to the importance of the free speech issue involved. I’ve gotten the vaccine, and have suffered no side effects worse than minor soreness in the arm where I got the shot, but I’m against making the vaccine mandatory, which is what the Biden administration has been trying to do, while demonizing anyone who refuses to get vaccinated, no matter their reasons.

A young woman of my acquaintance is a liberal and a mother of two sons. Like many other women of childbearing age, she is unvaccinated — that’s one of the dirty little secrets that the COVID-19 vaccine propagandists don’t want you to know. They keep trying to pretend that it’s us old white Republican guys who are the so-called “vaccine resisters,” but it’s really more common among women under 40 and among racial minorities. Furthermore, mothers especially are angry about schools being closed, and this is causing some liberal moms to declare themselves “politically homeless” because they can see that it’s Democrats who want to keep schools closed. So this young unvaccinated mom of my acquaintance, who lives in the Land of the Free — thank you, Governor DeSantis — has already had COVID-19 and thus has natural immunity. Yet she sees Joe Biden (whom she voted for) on TV demanding that everybody must be required to get the vaccination, as if natural immunity doesn’t exist.

The plural of “anecdote” is data, as they say, and I think there must be a lot of people like her out there. Two years into this pandemic, even liberal Democrats are sick and tired of the maximum lockdown mentality, and they are the real target audience for “Everybody Blog About Mass Formation Psychosis Day.” If they can be made to see how public perception can be manipulated by politicians and the media in this specific case, perhaps they will become more skeptical to other “dominant narratives” that are promoted in the same way. Who knows? Perhaps they’ll even start questioning Keynesian economics.



Let’s make this happen.

UPDATE: Welcome, Instapundit readers!

UPDATE II: On Twitter, this idea has already been endorsed by John Hoge, as well as Lawrence Person and Don Surber, among others.


Patriots Post Mortem: What Mac Jones Needs to Do During the Off Season

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It’s been nearly a week since the Patriots got humiliated by the Bills in last Saturday’s playoff game, and I’ve been procrastinating on doing a post mortem analysis of New England’s 2021 season. Y’all know the story — the Patriots drafted Mac Jones from Alabama, and thereby recruited me as a fan, because Roll Tide! — and one painful aspect of Mac’s rookie season was hearing commentators slag him as having a “weak arm,” unable to throw deep, a slander that made me want to do a Chris Crocker “Leave Britney alone!” video to defend my ’Bama boy.

Surely Mac himself must be aware of this “weak arm” slander, which got repeated for the umpteen-millionth time this week:

An anonymous AFC executive expressed this point while talking to Pro Football Focus’ Dough Kyed.
“He’s cerebral, but his arm is weak, which will hurt him in that division in cold-weather games,” the exec said. “Good rookie year but [he] needs a lot of things around him.”
Jones has the trust of his teammates and Bill Belichick appears to be sticking around — so, a lot of the kinks can be worked out during the offseason. But, the Patriots must find a way to put the right playmakers around Jones to make up for the lack of arm strength.

This offends me — I feel personally insulted, as I imagine most other Alabama fans do — because during his national championship season with the Crimson Tide, we saw with our own eyes that Mac Jones was equal or superior to any other college quarterback in his ability to throw deep. I’ve embedded the highlight video here before, and there’s no need to do so again. Google it. Whenever I hear this “weak arm” line, the question occurs to my mind: “Compared to who?” Which of this season’s rookie quarterbacks had more deep throws than Mac? My guess would be none of them, since Mac was indisputably the best of last year’s QB draft crop. If you want to compare him to established veterans like Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers or Dak Prescott, that’s one thing I suppose, but to state flatly that Jones suffers from a “lack of arm strength” for which he must “make up” is just counterfactual. Leave Mac Jones alone!

It also occurs to me, however, that Mac Jones ought to be angry about this. He ought to take it as a challenge — a gauntlet flung at his feet — and make up his mind to develop The Strongest Arm in NFL History™.


Mac Jones should be hitting that weight room like Arnold Schwarzenegger preparing for the Mr. Olympia contest, with the determination to silence his detractors by becoming the most muscular quarterback ever to play professional football. His goal should be nothing less than to become a freak of superhuman strength, so that when he drops back to pass, the defense is astonished when — HULK SMASH! — he flings the ball 60 or 70 yards downfield. Certainly, the Patriots have the kind of trainers and nutrition specialists who can help Mac maximize his potential, but he himself must make up his mind to commit to achieving this goal. There are about 26 weeks between now and the last week of July, when NFL training camps open, and if Mac Jones were to dedicate those weeks to a really serious strength training regimen, the quarterback who reports for the Patriots camp in late summer will be unmistakably stronger than the one we saw last season.

For the next 26 weeks, Mac Jones ought to be working out like Rocky Balboa training for his big match with Apollo Creed — not just lifting harder in the gym than he’s ever done during his entire career, but also doing drills to improve every aspect of his game. He seems to have become good friends with his New England teammates, including tight end Hunter Henry, and there’s no reason Mac can’t get together with his buddies a few times a week to throw the football around. And maybe Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels could show up for these informal friendly get-togethers, IYKWIMAITYD.

There has been a lot of praise for Mac’s leadership qualities, and during this off season he ought to lead by example in terms of commitment to a physical conditioning program — HULK SMASH! — so that the entire team is inspired to become bigger, stronger and faster next season.

Various commentators have weighed in on what the Patriots need to do in terms of the 2022 NFL draft and acquiring free agents. Everybody seems to agree that New England needs a true No. 1 wide receiver, someone who strikes fear into opposing defenses, and the name of Alabama’s Jameson Williams has come up. Of course, adding more Alabama players to their roster (in addition to Mac, the Patriots also have Crimson Tide alumni Christian Barmore, Damien Harris and Dont’a Hightower) would be an excellent idea, but if Williams isn’t available, or if there are doubts about his recovery from an ACL injury, I like Alex Barth’s suggestion of Wan’Dale Robinson from Kentucky.

Robinson was a big reason why Kentucky had a 10-3 record this past year, upsetting No. 10 Florida (watch Wan’Dale’s 41-yard TD) in October and beating No. 15 Iowa in the Citrus Bowl, where Wan’Dale caught 10 passes for 170 yards. Various mock drafts have Robinson going in the second or even third round and, if Jameson Williams gets picked in the first round before the Patriots get their turn, why not do this: Take Kentucky offensive lineman Darian Kinnard in the first round, then get Robinson in the second round? That way you’ve got two Kentucky players and they won’t feel so homesick up in New England, and Kinnard will be motivated to block harder to protect Mac, since that will help his teammate Wan’Dale get more catches. On the other hand, there’s a lot of talk that the Patriots need to improve their defense, so it’s probable that one of their first- or second-round picks will be a linebacker or defensive back, but I still like the Kinnard-Robinson package deal from Kentucky, just like the Mac Jones/Christian Barmore package deal Belichick got from Alabama last year, then maybe make your defensive drafts in the third and fourth rounds, and add some free agents on defense.

It never seemed to me that Mac Jones was really a problem for New England in his rookie season. Their offensive line was a problem early in the season, and there were too many dropped passes by their receivers, but their defense kept them competitive until late in the season when they inexplicably fell apart. Probably it was naive of me to think the Patriots could be a Super Bowl contender in what was still a rebuilding year for the team, but they made the playoffs, which was an important step, and if they can add just two or three more pieces to their puzzle, I like their chances for next season, especially if Mac Jones will spend the next six months in HULK SMASH! mode. Make it happen.


Aspiring Rapper Update: Lawsuit Accuses Seattle CHOP ‘Warlord’ of Pimping Hoes

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‘Raz’ Simone (right) during Seattle’s CHOP occupation.

Just in case anyone forgot the relevant definition:

Aspiring Rapper
North American euphemism for a member of the urban criminal class. This unusual occupation is usually mentioned in conjunction with the subject either being slain or being taken into custody for a violent or property-related crime. A relative of the subject usually points out that the subject’s demise or incarceration comes at an extremely inopportune moment, occurring just as the subject was “turning they(sic) life around.”

Solomon “Raz” Simone hasn’t been arrested or shot dead yet, and he’s had more career success than most aspiring rappers, but we can categorically include him as “a member of the urban criminal class”:

Seattle rapper Solomon “Raz” Simone is reportedly being sued by five women alleging sexual abuse and assault. According to KUOW, four of them say the 32-year-old sex trafficked and abused them. One of the alleged victims, identified only as Pearl, claims Simone sex trafficked her in Las Vegas for over a year, until she finally broke free in 2017.
Pearl paints a grisly picture of what she says she went through. When Simone felt she wasn’t being obedient, he would supposedly lock her in a confined space for days and force her to have sex. Veteran police detective Bill Guyer looked into Pearl and some of the other women who came forward with similar stories involving Simone but after over four years of waiting, the five women filed a civil lawsuit. . . .
Court documents reportedly state Simone targets “young, vulnerable women” who are involved in sex work or susceptible to it. The plaintiffs allege he “wins them over with affection, and pitches the relationship as a chance to grow, find success and be a part of his family.”
Once in Simone’s grip, they say he “imposed strict rules on what they could eat and how to act” while placing a money quota on them, meaning they must bring him a certain amount of money to stay on his good side. To make their quotes, the women say he’d pressure them to strip or perform sex acts, and then he’d take their money they made, using “coercion, threats and violence to make them comply.”

Andy Ngo reminds us that Simone was the “so called ‘warlord’ of the deadly 2020 Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ), also known as the Capitol Hill Occupied Protest” (CHOP), where crime was rampant:

Simone was very visible … at the beginning of the occupation of 6 blocks of Seattle which began after the Seattle Police were ordered to abandon the East Precinct after multiple consecutive nights of riots in the wake of the death of George Floyd.
During the armed occupation, Simone led marches, gave speeches to the protesters and acted as spokesman with the media for the occupation.
During that time, he was videoed assaulting people in the zone and pulling out AR-15s from the trunk of a white Tesla and giving them out to anyone who would stand a post in the occupation.

It seems to be the belief of white liberals (and Seattle now rivals Boston as a focal point of white liberalism in America) that enforcing any law is a “civil rights” violation if a black man is arrested. And such is the implicit racism of their worldview that white liberals think black people are not shrewd enough to exploit the opportunities thus created. But the foundational belief of white liberalism, that black people must always be viewed as victims of “social injustice,” offers carte blanche to any clever hustler who can find ways to play the race card for strategic advantage. This is the synopsis of Al Sharpton’s entire career, really, and why shouldn’t the drug dealer/pimp “Raz” get some of that lucrative action?

Besides which, he’s an aspiring rapper. There are hoes out there and they ain’t gonna pimp themselves, if you know what I mean.

Y’all just a bunch of racists trying to oppress this man . . .


In The Mailbox: 01.21.22

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Ceterum autem censeo Silicon Valley esse delendam.

Starting to wonder if there isn’t something to this.

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Aspiring Rapper Update: ‘C Blue’ Accused of Shooting NYPD Officer (Accidentally)

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Yes, it’s time for another Aspiring Rapper Update:

A rising 16-year-old rapper charged with shooting a New York City police officer could be freed on a $250,000 bond as soon as Friday using cash from a record label deal, sources told Fox News Digital.
Camrin Williams – known as C Blue – signed with Interscope records recently and used part of his advance of several hundred thousand dollars to hire celebrity bondsman Ira Judelson to arrange his bond, according to a source familiar with the matter.
Williams’ family paid more than $15,000 to Judelson to submit all the bail paperwork to the Bronx district attorney’s office.
But before he can be released, prosecutors have up to 72 hours to examine the source of the funds to ensure that none of the money came from illegal activity related to his alleged gang ties.
Judelson, a high-profile bondsman, who has worked with countless celebrities – including disgraced movie producer Harvey Weinstein and late rapper DMX, declined to comment.
Interscope records didn’t immediately return a request for comment.
The up-and-coming musician, whose music videos have garnered over 1 million views on YouTube, was arraigned on one count each of second degree assault and firearm possession and three counts of weapons possession in Bronx Criminal Court Thursday night.
He allegedly shot NYPD officer Kaseem Pennant in the leg Tuesday in Belmont by accident, according to a criminal complaint.
His loaded 9mm pistol discharged while tussling with cops after he tried to flee, the complaint says.
The bullet struck Williams in the groin before exiting his thigh and hitting Pennant, according to his lawyer, Dawn Florio, who blamed cops for the mishap.
“My client is in pain, he has open wounds,” she said. “They started searching him for no reason and when he tried to walk away, they jumped on top of him. Because of the police officer’s actions, my client got shot and so did the police officer.”
The complaint does not say why cops tried to search Williams who was standing on a sidewalk. Pennant is one of three officers to be shot in New York City so far this year.
Judge Denis Boyle, who has come under fire in the past for his low bails, ordered Williams held on $200,000 cash over $250,000 bond over the objection of prosecutors who requested that he be held without bail.
Police Benevolent Association President Patrick Lynch blasted Boyle’s decision as ‘horrendous judgement” that is putting cops and the community in danger. “There is absolutely no justification and no excuse for setting bail in this case,” he wrote on Twitter Thursday. “This individual was previously arrested for carrying an illegal gun. Then he violated his probation, carried another gun and shot a cop. If he gets another opportunity to go free, he will use it to cause more violence and mayhem.”

At age 16, Camrin “C Blue” Williams was already on probation for a weapons charge, and yet his lawyer claims there was “no reason” for cops to search him. But riddle me this: If they turn you loose on probation, rather than sending you to prison, and if one of the terms of your probation is that you avoid carrying weapons, doesn’t this constitute more or less permanent probable cause to search you?

Of course, if you are actually in possession of a weapon — violating the law — when the cops decide to search you, then “tussling with cops” is also a crime, because I’m pretty sure the conditions of probation require that the convict cooperate with officers. But criminality is a career prerequisite for any “aspiring rapper,” so of course “C Blue” was a walking stack of felonies, just waiting to be apprehended.



Oh, NOW They Tell Us: Texas Synagogue Terrorist Was Known Jew-Hater

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Now that the national media have “moved on,” the truth comes out:

The Texas gunman was reported to police a year ago by a local councillor after issuing a chilling threat that he wanted to kill and bomb Jews, the JC can reveal.
Such was the concern about Malik Faisal Akram’s radicalisation that the councillor, who heard the diatribe and alerted police, was astonished to find that no further action was taken.
And in an explosive recording obtained by the JC of Akram’s last telephone conversation with his brother as Saturday’s siege unfolded, the terrorist can be heard ranting about “f***ing Jews” and martyrdom.
The head of the Christian hostel where Akram, 44, stayed days before his attack also revealed that the terrorist had been seen hugging and embracing another person, leading to suspicions that he had an accomplice.
Challenging the widespread claim that Akram suffered mental health problems, the attacker’s former GP told the JC that he was “a confident man who didn’t need any mental help”, and had no mental health complaints on his medical notes.
Akram’s outburst about killing Jews came at a meeting called in May last year to discuss escalating tensions between Israel and the Palestinians in Gaza. He had at that time already joined a number of pro-Palestinian protests.
Akran also told those present at the meeting, which took place near his local mosque, Masjid Irfan, that Jews needed to be punished and should be “bombed”.
At least four local councillors discussed Akram’s comments and one who had attended the meeting reported his comments to the police. To his astonishment, however, he heard nothing more about it.
Speaking on condition of anonymity, the councillor told the JC: “The only shock was that he went so far, to the US, to execute his views. My worry was that he would do something stupid in this country and will bring a bad name to the whole community.”
A spokesperson for Greater Manchester Police, which is handling media enquiries about Akram, declined to comment on the claim “for operational reasons”.
In Blackburn, former friends and associates described Akram as a bully with a decades-long history of crime, who had served time in prison.
Beset by financial problems and the loss of his home when it was repossessed by a bank, Akram immersed himself in the teachings of the conservative Islamic movement Tablighi Jamaat at his mosque.
Days before he launched his attack on the Congregation Beth Israel synagogue in the Dallas suburb of Colleyville on Saturday evening, Akram stayed at a hostel run by OurCalling, a nonprofit Christian organisation which cares for the homeless.
Speaking to the JC, CEO and pastor of OurCalling, Wayne Walker, said Akram, who checked in on 2 January, did not arrive alone.
He said: “He had someone who dropped him off. He had conversations with him in our parking lot, and walked with him into our facility. And then as they departed, they both hugged each other, embraced, patting each other on the back.
“And then the friend departed. We can see in our video footage that it wasn’t an in-passing conversation.”
Mr Walker said that OurCalling had “detailed video footage”, adding that he had turned it over to the FBI to help with the investigation.
Anti-extremism expert Professor Anthony Glees said the apparent failure to act on warnings over Akram’s radicalisation and antisemitism was “deeply troubling”.
The director of the Centre for Security and Intelligence Studies at the University of Buckingham said the slip-up will leave the FBI “absolutely furious”.
He said: “This will cause MI5 a lot of trouble, because it is very clear Akram was, quite rightly, on their radar because he had a track record of extreme antisemitic views.
“He was a security risk to the UK and indeed any other country he visited, especially the US.”

Well, they were busy protecting us from the QAnon shaman.

UPDATE: Welcome, Instapundit readers!


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