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Ann Marie Buerkle Answers Dishonest Attack Ads From Democrat Dan Maffei

Posted on | October 18, 2010 | 6 Comments

Reporting the latest NY-25 news at The American Spectator:

Republican congressional candidate Ann Marie Buerkle today rebutted attack ads from Democrat incumbent Rep. Dan Maffei that accused Buerkle of being delinquent on property taxes.
“I’ve spent the past several weeks suffering from the negative ads of my opponent,” Buerkle said at a press conference in front of a small shopping center she owns in the Syracuse suburbe of Camillus. “[Maffei] has made these allegations that I am delinquent in my taxes, instead of stating the truth, which is that we have a payment plan for the tenants who are in this plaza.”
Buerkle has explained that she has a “triple-net lease agreement with her tenants whereby they are responsible for the property taxes.” When her tenants fell behind on their taxes in January 2010, she “was faced with the choice of evicting them or covering their taxes. She contacted the County and worked out a formal signed and notarized payment plan with them. Monthly installment payments are made to the County.” . . .

Read the whole thing. Here’s video:

Here’s my interview with Andre, who rents salon space from Ann Marie Burkle:

A few photos:

A patriotic Buerkle supporter.

Buerkle greets supporters.

A post-press conference interview. Note the young man at the right — he’s the video “tracker” from the DCCC.



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