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Got Them Statesboro Boos: Georgia Town’s Halloween ‘Scare on the Square’

Posted on | October 31, 2010 | 2 Comments

While I was covering Ray McKinney’s campaign Saturday evening, I also managed to get some photos of locals dressed up for the occasion.

Indiana Mom and the Rugrats of Doom.

Undead Elvis has lost a few pounds.

One of the costume contest judges was as harsh as Simon Cowell.

She just learned to walk like an Egyptian.

The Riddler was confused by the next costume.

What is he? A cereal killer. Get it?

Who ya gonna call? Ghostbusters!

Stop staring at those freckles, you sick freaks!

The look on this creature’s face reminds me of that deer, just before he crashed into my car.

They’re both cute, but too furry for Dustin Dominiak.

Mom’s cute little pumpkin.

A bookworm. Get it?

A family of comic villians, including Poison Ivy and the Catwoman.

Don’t look now, kids, but there’s some big purple creepy thing sneaking up behind you!

This is a commercial interruption. You can skip it, if you want.

A costume contest entrant poses for the judges.

A body-image therapist helping a young girl cope with her fear that she’s not skinny enough.

She was certain that if she kept kissing this dog, it would eventually turn into a prince.

This hippie chick was a total flashback with her hatchback.

Guess which one of these costumes is Dan Collins’ favorite?


  • JeffS

    Guess which one of these costumes is Dan Collins’ favorite?

    The Scotsman? At least, I *think* that’s a kilt…..