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Great News: Treacherous Bastard Cornyn Unanimously Re-Elected as NRSC Chair

Posted on | November 16, 2010 | 14 Comments

Warned you about this yesterday, and now look at how it’s being played:

While Cornyn’s performance as NRSC chair has been praised in Republican circles since the election, it wasn’t without speed bumps.

Where are these “Republican circles”? What kind of fools are in these “circles,” and what the hell did Cornyn do to merit praise for his performance?

Never mind that. You know why the GOP Establishment routinely screws over the conservative grassroots? Because they know that you’ll roll over and say “thank you,” that’s why. Ed Morrissey:

Cornyn’s performance is open for legitimate criticism, but to be fair, one has to keep the context of the election in mind. 

“To be fair”? Please tell me exactly what justifies any need “to be fair” to John Cornyn? Thanks to his blundering interference in Florida, Charlie Crist walked off with more than $10 million in GOP donations.

Why should Cornyn and the NRSC get a free pass while on their failures, while over at the RNC, political director Gentry Collins resigned and presented a specific indictment of the organization?

UPDATE: Professor William Jacobson imagines a Senate GOP majority that included Lisa Murkowski and Mike Castle: “Two years of such a Senate controlled by Republicans would have destroyed all of the gains of the mid-terms, and would have demoralized the Republican Party heading into 2012.”


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