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Thugs for Social Justice: Union Goon Gets Rough With Tabitha Hale on Video

Posted on | February 23, 2011 | 50 Comments

AFL-CIO rent-a-mobsters, including members of the Communications Workers of America, descended on the D.C. offices of FreedomWorks today for a protest. Tabitha Hale had a video camera going when she got shoved by a CWA goon:

Michelle Malkin has more details.

UPDATE: “There Goes the Union Civility Again.”

The Underground Conservative: “Is this what Rep. Michael Capuano meant when he said ‘Get a little bloody when necessary’”?

UPDATE II: Tabitha’s Tweet about the incident:

UPDATE III: Dana Loesch reacts:

Mike Capuano could not be reached for comment.

UPDATE III: Duane Lester: “Perhaps in lieu of compensation, Mr. Union Thug will just have to go through some counseling at the new civility institute in Arizona.”

Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit recalls that FreedomWorks was targeted by death threats last year.

Now a Memeorandum thread.

UPDATE IV: Dan Riehl: “So much for civility, it appears it’s given way to assault and battery.”

Bryan Preston points out the obvious: “One of the absolute dumbest things anyone can do is take a swing at another person when that other person has a video camera on and recording. The momentary swing become permanent evidence of assault.”

CWA is obviously recruiting its goons from the shallow end of the IQ pool these days. I mean, hitting a girl? “There was a time when even union thugs would have left a young lady alone,” Da Tech Guy says.

Professor Glenn Reynolds: “[T]ake a look at the video and you’ll see the angry, yet impotent face of today’s labor movement.”

UPDATE V: Linked by Doug at the Daley Gator — thanks!

UPDATE VI: OK, pay attention here, because this confused me at first. Allahpundit was carrying on about speculation that this was Tabitha’s fault:

And so an obvious Narrative question presents itself: She must have been asking for this somehow, but … how? Perhaps she was invading this fine gentleman’s “personal space?” Or perhaps she somehow “manufactured” the confrontation to precipitate a little thuggery, thereby painting poor liberals in a bad light.

What? What was Allah getting at here? Then I saw that Allah had linked a Tweet by Nathan Wurtzel, who was calling attention to Tweets by Oliver Willis of Media Matters:

Willis has denied that the first of those Tweets had anything to do with this Freedomworks incident, and the second was his reaction to Wurtzel’s accusation that Willis was saying this was a “manufactured” incident.

OK, fine: If Willis says this was merely coincidental, I’m prepared to accept his word for it. Total coincidence — nothing whatsoever to do with the chatter that was all over Twitter. Willis just happened to have this sudden sense of foreboding about “manufactured conservative confrontations.”

And this is the point in the movie where Haley Joel Osment tells Bruce Willis: “I see manufactured confrontations.”

UPDATE VII: Linked by Dan Collins at Piece of Work in Progress — thanks!

UPDATE VIII: Let’s engage in a little hypothetical scenario, shall we? Suppose that a liberal activist had been assaulted on camera at a Tea Party event — on the streets of D.C., three blocks from the Capitol, in broad daylight. Do you suppose sucn an incident would have been mentioned by a mainstream news organization or two?

I ask this, because as of 8:25 p.m. ET, the only Google News results for the Tabitha-gets-thugged incident are from conservative outfits, including Powerline and the Daily Caller.

The Journolisters never report any story that portrays the Left in a bad light. But let a psychotic left-wing Zeitgeist cultist commit a mass murder, and watch the Journolisters rush to blame that on the Right. And even after the leftist leanings of the gunman are revealed, the Journolisters will refuse to acknowledge their error, nor will they admit that the error was caused by their habit of recycling Democrat propaganda and calling it “news.”

It is a key tenet of Democrat propaganda that the Right (and only the Right) is crammed full of hate-filled kooks who can be incited to violence by the “vitriolic” rhetoric of their spokesmen. In order to foster that perception, however, the Journolisters must be careful never to call attention to acts of violence (or expressions of hate) emanating from the Left.

So it is that these supposed arbiters of objectivity present a twisted picture of the world as distorted as the reflection in a funhouse mirror.

UPDATE IX: Little Miss Attila: “This is why we should try to have a second camera, so we can record it when the person with the first camara gets attacked.”

UPDATE X: Dave explains that this is the “New New Tone” — as opposed to the Old “New Tone,” which was what liberals demanded while they were falsely accusing the Tea Party, Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh of inspiring mass murder. Then there was the Slightly Newer New Tone, which was when liberals accused conservatives of being “defensive” because conservatives kept pointing out that false accusations of inspiring mass murder were, in fact, false.

UPDATE XI: “Bad Jew!”


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