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‘Bad Jew!’

Posted on | February 23, 2011 | 33 Comments

A Jewish supporter of FreedomWorks is confronted by a leftist protester who accuses him of “not healing the world” (tikkun olam):

(From Ben Howe at Red State.) This angry woman screaming “bad Jew” exemplifies the moralistic radical certainy of the Left. For all their sermons about “civility, ” the Left never hesitates to unleash this kind of frenzied carnival of hate against their designated scapegoats, without concern for whether they thereby create a climate in which a union goon roughs up Tabitha Hale.

As Lenin said: “Who, whom?”

UPDATE: Tikkun olam is a rabbinical concept that might properly be translated as “for the public good, ” but which in the modern era has been politicized by many on the Left, so that it is indistinguishable in their interpretation from “social justice.” Most famously, Michael Lerner — a 1960s anti-war radical who once led an SDS splinter group called the Seattle Liberation Front — named his magazine Tikkun.

UPDATE II: Having watched this video a few more times, I noticed the older woman in the background holding up this poster:

The AFL-CIO is “healing the world”? Really? Richard Trumka and his corrupt cronies are pursuing tikkun olam? And then look at the self-righteous indignation on the young woman’s face:

This is a woman utterly convinced that she is on the side of Good and Right, and that anyone on the other side must therefore be an agent of Evil and Wrong, which is why she does not hesitate to condemn the FreedomWorks supporter is a bad Jew. And the fact that she has worked herself up into this paroxysm of fury on behalf of the AFL-CIO . . . How do you even begin to talk sense to such a person?


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