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"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler


Posted on | September 5, 2011 | 72 Comments

UPDATE: Here’s a shot where you can see the crowd size (click to enlarge):

My rough eyeball estimate was about 800 people. There were lots of chants of “Run, Sarah, run!” BTW, this photo nearly got me the bum’s rush from security. I went up the stair backstage to get the photo and was then, um, asked by security to leave the backstage area. Hazards of the trade. But the point is — I got the photo.

UPDATE: Sarah Palin speaks (click to enlarge):

UPDATE: Backstage, Governor Palin autographs Ron Rivoli’s guitar:

UPDATE: Welcome, Conservatives for Palin readers and Students4Palin!

I’ll have more photos and videos later.

UPDATE: Da Tech Guy has more photos.

UPDATE: Here’s my interview with Mary Watson of Students4Palin:

At this point — about 3 p.m. ET — we’re working from the patio bar at Murphy’s. Also here are Dan Collins of the Conservatory and Jay Tea of Wizbang, who add their own commentary on today’s events.

UPDATE: Video interview with Jordan Porter and his father, Scott Porter, who drove from Maine to attend the Manchester rally:

PREVIOUSLY: We’re at Veterans Memorial Park, where a Tea Party Express rally featuring Sarah Palin is scheduled to get going at noon ET. Here are a few shots of faces in the crowd.

Jordan Porter, 19, and his father Scott Porter drove five hours from Machias, Maine, to attend the rally.

Mary Watson of is a law student at George Mason University and — in case you didn’t guess — a native of New Orleans.

Peter Southwick and Steve Brennan at the Organize4Palin tent. Steve says, “We are relentlessly gung-ho.”

Much, much more to come.


  • Anonymous

    Good to meet you today Mr. McCain. It was fun. there were at least a thousand there, on a rainy muggy Day. 35 -40 for Mitt the day before in Concord. The place pretty much emptied out after she spoke, but I will say Sharron  Angle was good too. We got nearly two hundred names and  cleaned out of palm cards stickers and buttons. The Paul people were there looking forlorn, unhappy, and slightly bedraggled. They were  upset by having to look at a genuine human being with genuine charisma. Can’t say that I blame ’em.

  • Anonymous

    your full of sh*t.  if you really were a palin supporter you wouldnt have to ask those dumb questions

  • Anonymous

    just STFU, you’re an annoying moron

  • Anonymous

    No Palin fan would say she quit on Alaska! Which poll are you looking at? She can make a phonecall to Fox and kiss them off tonight if she chooses. So all 3 of your points are invalid. Sorry. You sound like one of those pissed off sad sack little Paulbots that I saw today

  • Anonymous

    Perry said he wasn’t going to run, he’s a liar. If Sarah runs for President, she resigned to do it, Simple as that.

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  • Anonymous

    Your deep appreciation of lawsuit abuse is showing.

    The trial lawyers thank you for your support.

  • Anonymous

    Disqus usually throws them to the top level when it gets out of sync.

  • Anonymous

    The old, “she won’t run” claim.

    That never gets old.  It’s like the “fake throw” trick with your dog.

    “Hey, look at me everybody! I know something you don’t.”

    Cracks me up every time.

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  • RichG.inIN

    Steve in TN,

    1. I never said”The Other McCain” was a part of the Mainstream Media nor do I consider “The Other McCain” to be Mainstream Media. My view is “The Other McCain” and other blogs in the so called Electronic Media outlets lik this one are Independent Media. The Mainstream Media is outlets like The Associated Press (AP), ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, FNC, New York Times, etc..

    2. On 2 of your 3 “Talking Points” you are wrong. A). You stated “She (Sarah Palin) quit on Alaska”. That is a Democratic Party, Mainsteam Media and Republican Elitist meme. She Resigned to protect her family and the Alaskan taxpayers from frivilous lawsuits filed by liberals. Read her book “Going Rogue” and watch the Documentary “Undefeated” to learn the truth. B). “She (Sarah Palin) has 65% negatives among likely voters”. That also is a Democratic Party, Mainstream Media and Republican Elitist meme. Do not ever believe the polling data. Consider where that data came from. C). “She (Sarah Palin) has not left her Fox positionas other Candidates have had to do very early. We will definitely know if she stays, has resigned, been forced to resign, or worse terminated by Fox when she makes her formal decision public.

    3. “Dude”!!!! How disrespectful you are. I will make this point blank clear. First I am a human being and second my name is Rich, not “Dude”.

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  • Adjoran

    The Alaska situation is a classic example of the potential unforeseen consequences of a well-intentioned law.  They rewrote ethics laws to make it easier to bring charges against public officials, abolishing any standard or level or basis, and also prohibited public officials from raising money to defend themselves, a practice which had been subject to abuse in the past.

    But the effect was to allow a single radical Democrat to file endless petitions against Palin (and some others) purely for harassment – the accused were always stuck with their own legal bills, and none of his charges were ever substantiated against anyone, if I recall correctly. 

    So I can’t fault Palin one bit for resigning.  The problem is the situation isn’t so easy to describe in a few words in a way most would understand, but it is very simple to attack her for “quitting without finishing her term.” 

  • Matt Lewis

    K_Bob,  did you reply to the wrong comment or something?  I don’t see any claims in there, just my best guess.

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