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CNN: Sarah Palin Turned Down Invitation to Appear in Tonight’s Tea Party Debate

Posted on | September 12, 2011 | 33 Comments

Didn’t expect to get actual news during the media walk-through of the debate hall here at the Florida State Fair, but CNN Washington bureau chief Sam Geist disclosed to reporters that Sarah Palin had been invited to participate in tonight’s event sponsored by the Tea Party Express.

Palin ranks third in the latest CNN poll:

Rick Perry …….. 30%
Mitt Romney ……. 18%
Sarah Palin ……. 15%
Ron Paul ………. 12%
Herman Cain …….. 5%
Newt Gingrich …… 5%
Michele Bachmann … 4%
Jon Huntsman ……. 2%
Rick Santorum 2%

UPDATE: A couple of photos from the walk-through:

I gotta run: Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is about to hold a press conference.


  • Adjoran

    My, my, my – they set the qualification limit at 2% in national polls, a level Huntsman achieved only once before in the last six weeks, and wonder of wonders, there’s good ol’ Jon sporting a whopping 2% in the new CNN poll.  How VERY convenient!

    The truth is, any poll finding less than the margin of error could be nothing but statistical noise, there is no “support” at such levels that any respectable statistician or pollster would term as such.  But if you are desperate to promote a candidate . . .

    One more reason the old media should have NO role in setting the rules for GOP nomination contest debates.  They are the enemy, they are a player in the greater contest – on the other side.

  • Steve in TN

    Two #NFL games vs #GOP debate? Are you ready for some FOOTBALL?

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    No need to shout.

    But I think you’re wrong …

  • Anonymous

    To what extent are the Ron Paul votes transferrable to the eventual GOP nominee? To what extent are Paul supporters counted as likely voters?

    To oversimplify: if CNN is currently polling Paul at 12-percent of the GOP vote, and approximately 43-percent of voters are Republicans, then 12-percent of 43-percent is roughly five percent.

    If Paul runs as an independent, he could be problem; but it might also be worrisome if his supporters – who’ve been described as cult-like  – sit out the general election.   

  • Raymond

    she’ s running and she will be the next president!!

  • Mike

     I’m going to keep repeating this until someone else takes up the hue and cry…The format of the Palmetto Freedom Forum is the way to go. The candidates are sequestered and come out one at a time to receive the same questions asked of their opponents. Plus, there were three Conservative panelists asking the questions.

    I’m just sayin’.

  • Mike

    A bit of a SNAFU there at the last. Script malfunction? 😉

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  • Anonymous

    NFL game = 60 percent commercial breaks.

    In addition, although the individual players have never been more athletic (and, in theory, skilled), the teams are all equally mediocre, which is great for selling season tickets to the diehard fans of one specific team, but less interesting for fans who love football more generally. 

    If you don’t have money on a game, watching the NFL can be tiresome – like watching competitive coin tossing.

    That’s why I watch copious amounts of college football games.

  • Anonymous

    That’s why I’d like to see the raw #s.  There’s plenty room to add an extra column.  Just curious what “rounding” up rule is that they employ.

  • Joe

    Stacy says:  “I gotta run: Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is about to hold a press conference.”</i.

    Does he have to run to the Wassermantoilette? 

  • Deetz

    As Larry O’Connor stated earlier, a tea party debate moderated by Wolf Blitzer, isn’t really a tea party debate.


  • rosalie

    Maybe because she’s not officially in the race, she declined the invitation. 

  • ThePaganTemple

    They sit out the election anyway. Do you think they voted for McCain? A small percent maybe, but most of Paul’s supporters would probably vote Libertarian, or some other third party. Frankly, I seriously doubt he would have an impact if he did run as an independent. He would probably draw as many of the anarchist Trotskyists who might ordinarily vote Democrat as he would from the ranks of actual Republican voters.

  • ThePaganTemple

    Not unless somebody hauled his ass up on stage and dunked him in a boiling vat of it.

  • ThePaganTemple

    How reliable is this CNN poll? Anybody want to speculate as to that? My feelings are, if this poll is accurate, Palin has got the nomination sewed up if she runs. Perry’s numbers would be halved, and Bachman and Cain might as well say nightey-nite. I can’t see her polling less than 34% if she was to declare right now. We’re ready for her. What worries me is, what trap was CNN hoping to lay for her, and how. That is a strange request for them to make.

  • JD777

    If it’s in all caps it must be true.

  • JD777

    Palin gets a cost effective seat at the demolition derby.

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  • Anonymous

    I’m sure she eyeballed those steely saw-teeth from several states away.

    Obviously a trap set for Sarah would have to be a bear trap.

  • Raymond

    You are right!!! Sarah Palin’s strategy is taken from Sun Tzu’s ART OF WAR!! Wait and wait patiently under the target is one clear shot. Let your enemies fight among each other until they are being vetted. Clinton was wise to announce his bid till November, and he became the president.

  • Raymond

    Forget Ron Paul and the rest of the lower fields. Concentrate on upper field. Sarah Palin has not announced yet, but she is always on top 3. Sarah Palin is the Secretariat of this GOP2012 horse competition!! I can bet my one year salary on this. Game on!

  • Raymond

    Have faith in God and in Sarah Palin. She has the ability to unite the republicans, democrats and independents, just like in the good old days when she won the Alaska governorship. I used to be a Romney supporter, but because of her speech at Indianola and NH, I am leaning towards Sarah Palin. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH WITH CRONY CAPITALISM FROM WITHIN GOP AND DNC ESTABLISHMENT!

  • Charles

    It would be ungenerous for Palin to run against Bachmann, unless Bachmann falls down to the 2% range. Better to let Bachmann continue to fade while the boys pick on Perry before entering the race. Palin is not interested in third place, or second, only in finishing first.

  • Caf2109

    I miss palin

  • Anonymous

    She hasn’t left yet.

  • Anonymous

    Crony capitalism should be one of THE issues of this campaign.

  • Deetz

    He did a good job of it, however, leopards don’t change their spots.

    It’s been war-gamed to death & since Palin didn’t jump in, Wolf was to play it even handed so as earn some “fair & balanced” cred in the general.

    That way, the GOP nom walks into a debate, obliviously trusting.As always, I smell a rat.  It’s presidential politics.tD

  • Deetz

    I think Clinton was in October & Reagan was November, but don’t quote me on that.  

  • wodiej

    that is correct.

  • wodiej

    I was fairly sure Gov. Palin was running but after she laid out a 5 point plan at the Iowa Tea Party on what she would do to get the economy rolling, I was convinced.  The woman knows strategy. She’s letting the others kick each other in the shins.  The woman polls 3rd without even announcing.   She’s always very classy when asked questions about the other GOP candidates.  And in speeches, she never criticizes them by naming them or singling them out.  The crony capitalism and pay for play she talked about was a home run.  She did it in Alaska, she’ll do it in the WH.

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