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KaplanGate: Is the Washington Post Covering Up Its Own Financial Scandal?

Posted on | March 8, 2012 | 8 Comments

Rusty Weiss at Accuracy in Media examines the relationship between the Washington Post and Kaplan, a lucrative for-profit education firm owned by the Post‘s parent corporation:

[T]here is a longstanding history of allegations of fraudulent practices, with hundreds of millions of dollars of profits diverted to Kaplan executives. Perhaps it’s also Kaplan’s generation of such profit on the backs of poor students and returning war veterans, preying on their vulnerabilities only to later reward them with degrees of questionable value, massive student-loan debt, and little employment opportunity. Perhaps it is Kaplan’s curious hiring of lobbyists to influence legislation at the state and federal levels, including a former Obama staffer, Anita Dunn, just as the heat was being turned up on for-profit colleges to rein in out-of-control practices.

Read the whole shocking report.

In related news, my 9-year-old daughter Reagan came home crying today because she got a bad grade on a third-grade spelling test. Failure can be an emotionally devastating experience for those of us accustomed to success, but thanks to Advanced Parenting Skills™ my daughter has now recovered from this psychological trauma.

Yeah: I bought her a cheeseburger. “Best Dad ever!


  • MidAmericanGuy

    Is there another Woodward and Bernstein to take on the corruption at the WaPo?   This be something that Andrew Breitbart would have loved to sink his teeth into!

  • smitty

    Sounds like the WaPoo is in deep “Massachusetts, California, California”, (MACACA).
    Or am I ronngg for pointing out the deep, raaaaacist roots of the Roman alphabet?

  • CPAguy

    In their defense….Kaplan’s financial study products are top notch. Of course, they bought out the firm that puts out those products for them…but still good product.

    The other stuff is indeed selling subpar stuff to unknowing parents.

  • Blake

    I wish I could have bought my kids off with a just a cheeseburger. I hope you know you got off cheap.

  • Pete in GA

    So, Boortz had a Kaplan student who was thrown out because she was not politically correct re:global warming.

  • Taxpayer1234

    Our daughter had a really terrible bad horrible day last week.  So Dad’s taking her to an anime convention.  Top that, Stacy! 🙂

  • richard mcenroe

     Yatta! Ichiban!

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