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Bizarre NFL Sex Scandal

Posted on | March 30, 2012 | 40 Comments

Authorities in Kentucky say a teenager has been cruelly victimized by the 26-year-old captain of the Cincinnati Bengals cheerleading squad.

UPDATE: Thanks to Pagan Temple in the comments for calling attention to this potentially relevant angle about the alleged perpetrator:

“Sarah Jones gained national attention in 2009 when she sued online gossip site and its operator, Nik Richie, after unflattering pictures of her appeared with allegations that she’d had sex with Bengals players and had two sexually transmitted diseases. The photos and comments had been provided anonymously.”

Remember: These are merely allegations. Don’t jump to conclusions. And whatever you do, don’t call her a “slut.”


  • Jerry Wilson

    Um… weird.

  • ThePaganTemple

    Also, she was alleged to have two venereal diseases, her lawyer has been temporarily suspended from practicing law, and her mother, the principal of the school, has been charged with tampering with evidence and placed on administrative leave.

    Rule 5 Worthy?

  • ThomasD

     1.  Wouldn’t that make him her former attorney?

    2.  Sounds he was being payed with something other than legal tender.

  • Pathfinder’s wife

    No!  Hot chicks, yes (and smokin’ hot men, let’s not forget those).
    Nasty, child molesting plague bunnies — just no.  This isn’t a Larry Flynt sorta site….it has at least a few standards.

  • Pathfinder’s wife

    I just don’t get what the attraction is over teenagers (except from other teenagers).  The dirty ain’t sexy…it’s just the dirty.

  • ThePaganTemple

     His partner is handling the case until the suspension is lifted. She should consider getting another attorney though. She won a multimillion dollar judgement against a website over accusing her of having two venereal diseases. But the judgment was set aside because the same lawyer misspelled the name of the website.

  • ThePaganTemple

     If I started a monologue off with the sentence “A priest, a rabbi, and an Imam walked into a bar”, you would realize a joke was coming, right?

  • richard mcenroe


    WTH happened to Thank You cards?

    Kid has no manners.

  • ThePaganTemple

     Tell that to the teenagers. I have this strange idea she didn’t exactly put a gun to anybody’s head. Not that I condone it, but let’s not kid ourselves that this boy, or boys, life has just underwent some horrible trauma from which he, or they, will never recover.

  • ThePaganTemple

    Thanks for the link Stacy.

  • Pathfinder’s wife

    Seriously though and all jokes aside: this is a big problem within the education system — a lot of it has to do with the respective ages of the new teachers and their students (at the high school or 100/200 levels of college, there can be very little potential age gap between the instructor and the class, so they aren’t that far apart in emotional maturity) and, very important to consider, the pedagogical strategies have called increasingly for a more personal relationship between instructor and pupil.  That in and of itself isn’t necessarily bad in moderation (emphasis on moderation), but the lines of separation have been erased by quite a bit, plus nobody actively tackles the issue of when does the line blur too much, and what should a new teacher do about it when it happens.

    When I started out my peers and I got one 2 hr. roundtable discussion on “when your students flirt with you”, and were thrown to the wolves (or my friend and I’s case — overly hormonal teenagers and early twentysomethings; we were 23 and 24 respectively — and both of us taught 100/200 plus at the local high school, as untenured, contractual instructors you try to snag as many classes wherever you can find them to make money). My husband also taught, but he had to deal with overly hormonal jr. high girls (he got flashed a few times, propositioned for oral sex once; dealing with that is not an easy day at the office). It’s hard enough for the ethical teacher; it opens the door for the unethical ones (and it helps actual pedophiles to hide within the system).  There isn’t enough done to address this problem coming from the education department — and they have essentially set the stage for issues by advocating a blurring of the role of teacher in the classroom.

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  • Pathfinder’s wife

    I can speak with some experience in this:
    doesn’t matter; when a student pitches to you, you don’t catch it.

    It’s more about upholding some professionalism and all that.  

  • smitty

    Or at least some head trauma.

  • Pathfinder’s wife

    Besides, who gets hot and bothered by teenage boys when you’re old enough for men (aka. not a teenage girl).
    Scott Baio…Gerard Butler…this is a hard choice to make?

  • ThePaganTemple

     I guess you missed the part where I said I don’t condone it.

  • Pathfinder’s wife

    From you?  It could possibly not be.

  • ThePaganTemple

     Although Scott Baio is in his forties, if not fifties, any woman married or single who would contemplate having sex with him is dealing with an entirely different and profound level of perversion. Please seek help.

  • SDN

     TPT, I guarantee you that the traumatized ones are the parents.

  • Swkenobi

    Fairly sick statement on our society in general and education specifically. How many stories have come out in the last year about teachers having affairs (if you could call it that) with their students? It’s one thing to have a crush on your teacher like a lot of us did back in the day, but none of them ever seemed to take an interest in us. Nowadays, it seems that the teachers are getting younger and have virtually no morals.

  • Pathfinder’s wife

    What part of the implied “who would pick the Karate Kid over Mr. 300” was so hard to fathom? (unless of course you are projecting your own fantasies upon other people)

    You wanted to be Mr. Miyagi didn’t you Pagan?  Admit it (it’s ok to embrace your feelings).

  • Pathfinder’s wife

    But you were rather excusing it.  It is a serious problem (seem my comments about pedophiles getting a nice hiding spot because of it).

  • Pathfinder’s wife

    It’s also worth noting that another big issue is that education isn’t rewarding those teachers (young or old) who actually do try to maintain professional standards thanks to these sorts of incidents.

    The education system (and even society) kind of gets let off the hook, and all teachers get lumped in with these bad ones.  It’s nearly impossible to just teach anymore, and the people burning out and quitting now are the ones who were actually good teachers — which just helps to continue the vicious cycle.

  • ThePaganTemple

    @Pathfinder’s wife

    No, but I do know Scott Baio has aged significantly since his teenage years on Happy Days, back in the 80’s, was it? I was just assuming since he is an old geezer now you were comparing him favorably to Butler, with whom I am not familiar. I recognize the name, but couldn’t place it to a face or a film. Evidently the concept of time has eluded you. Word on the street is, the Beaver is all grown up too.

    Just for future reference-if there’s a family member you haven’t seen since they were five or six, and this was twenty thirty years ago, and you happen to see them again after all that time, then just between me, you, and the fence post you will probably note that he or she will appear to have aged to a significant extent.

    They might even be able to talk in complete sentences.

  • ThePaganTemple

     No, I wasn’t excusing it, you’re just reading too much into my seeming lack of unrestrained outrage. The boy will survive. It’s not good for him that this happened to him, but its different from a young girl being molested, especially penetrated, by an older man.

    That’s not to say its all right, just that there’s a difference. She violated her trust and the social compact, and she should be duly punished, if in fact she is guilty. But let’s not act like the world has come to an end, except maybe for her.

  • ThePaganTemple

     Without a doubt. If I were the kids father, I would feel especially traumatized, and jealous as all fucking get-out.

  • robertstacymccain

    The commenters seem to be saying that this woman is like George Zimmerman, a sort of sexual vigilante, hunting down her victims while armed with a diseased vajayjay.

  • Pathfinder’s wife

    I’ll be the first one out of the gate saying, that while these two issues are worlds apart in some ways, they both contain a clue as to what is going terribly wrong.

    Acting in a stupid and/or unethical fashion isn’t something people should let slide — especially if you want to excercise some liberty in your life.  Or:

    The only way you can have a free society is to have a moral/ethical/sensible one.
    Otherwise you wind up getting everything decided for you — for “our own good”.

    Heh, sounds a bit familiar…

  • ThePaganTemple

    Unfortunately, if current allegation about Trayvon Martin is correct, she might be more like him-a predator. And if the allegations of venereal disease are correct, the kid might be more like Zimmermann. On his back, getting his “head” bashed in, in this case with a rubber mallet.

  • JeffS

     Or flowers.  Always say it with flowers.

  • Pathfinder’s wife

    I’m more inclined to ascribe a verdict of “guilty of living while stupid” to all concerned (and a society that appears to have no problems with “living while stupid” until they can find a case to screech about…and thus take away liberties from people who don’t practice “living while stupid”…at least to the extent and regularity that some do).

    The only real victims are those who have to live with the consequences these jokers help to bring about.

  • Swkenobi

    I agree completely. I’ve watched my kids go through school with some very good and some not so very good teachers. Guess which ones are still teaching…Not so good!

  • ThePaganTemple

     Actually, Trayvon Martin is more accurately described as “Guilty Of Dying While Stupid” but at least he served his sentence. You can make a case for Zimmermann as “Guilty Of Living While Stupid”, only because he’s a liberal Democrat who went out of his way to tutor young punks like Martin for free. I guess he learned his lesson too though. Sounds to me like the appropriate sentence has been handed out in both cases, and as such I’m inclined to think we are all best served by putting this bullshit to rest and ceasing and desisting from any further agitation on the matter.

  • Pathfinder’s wife

    Thank you.  All I ask is that nobody give either one of them the benefit.

    If there’s any take away from any of this it’s that the rest of us (and our liberties) would all be a lot better off if dumb people just once in a great while listened to that little voice that says “this may not be such a good idea” (granted, everyone is stupid but to make it a habitual act, a way of being is a problem) — whether it comes from within or without.
    Habitually dumb people give totalitarians a great excuse for taking away liberty…therefore, never get tricked into defending stupid (and realize that totalitarians above all else work incessantly to make us so).

  • Bobbyjones

    AhHa!! Because she had three venereal diseases!!~

  • ThePaganTemple

     All I ask is that nobody give either one of them the benefit.

    How about giving Mr. Zimmermann the presumption of innocence?

  • Adobe_Walls

    What did Zimmerman do that was stupid other than let Martin get close enough to hit him?

  • DJ

    Strictly speaking, then, she did have two venereal diseases.

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