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So Funny, When Feminism Thinks The Unborn Should Die

Posted on | May 8, 2012 | 15 Comments

by Smitty

Funny or Die dives deep into the grave here:

What a creepy, sick, Orwellian world these feminists live in. Remind me again why any mature, masculine male would want to be in the same room as these abattoir-vaginas, much less offering them any essence to destroy? I guess I should say “choose to destroy”.

The sickness of the government-worship implied in this clip is only exceeded by the crypto-incest of talking about their dads and their vaginas at the end, if you can make it that far.

“Ye are the sodium chloride of the Earth,” to paraphrase the Sage. He did not follow up: “And if the chlorine hath lost its mind, and formeth not the good salt of a family with the sodium, then it shall have lost its savor to feminism, and be fit for going under the wheeled conveyance* of history, with the rest of a godless culture.” And why was such an addendum unnecessary? Because a couple thousand years ago, people weren’t post-Modern crack-addled Feminist nitwits, that’s why.

The good news is that these twisted females are unlikely to achieve any reproduction under the sun. Thus, there isn’t much danger of the World’s Youngest Blogger encountering this sort of dementia when he’s old enough to date. I hope these women find sense and these perverted ideas die, die, die.

via Breitbart

Update: linked at WyBlog, who offers more background.



  • Zilla of the Resistance

    My leftist identity thieving spam trolls emailed this to me yesterday, along with the one featuring puffy-faced has-been Ashley Judd.

  • Chuck Long

    Did everyone involved in the making of this video die? Because even if you’re for government provided BC, that shit couldn’t have been funny.

  • Adjoran

    The score thus far:

    Babbling bubbleheads 3, Sandwiches delivered 0. 

    I am STILL waiting.

  • ThePaganTemple

    It’s not nice to screw with Mother Nature, she has her way of cleaning out the gene pool, and she’s rarely kind in the way she does it. You guys need to stop interfering in her good work. Because that’s what is going on here. It’s a force of nature manifesting in mass suicide.

    Or to put it in Stacy McCain speak-“God’s making them do it.” I guess that means He’s given them over to a “reprobate mind” or something.

    The good news is that these twisted females are unlikely to achieve any
    reproduction under the sun. Thus, there isn’t much danger of the World’s
    Youngest Blogger encountering this sort of dementia when he’s old
    enough to date.

    Slowly, but surely, you’re catching on.

    I hope these women find sense and

    They would no longer be progressives. It happens, but its relatively rare, and likely to stay that way.

     these perverted ideas die, die, die.

    I think that might be kind of the point. After so long, they like their progeny will eventually die out and this “perverted idea” will die out with them, along with every other leftist progressive delusion.

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  • TheBigHenry

    There’s contempt. There’s beneath contempt. This vid is beneath contempt.

  • jwallin

    Me first!

    (Hey, I’m a guy. I’ll screw anything wet and warm.)

  • Chuck punch

    Hey, as a guy I would f*** anyone of these bitches soo hard. But I would use a condom that I paid for and I don’t expect the government to pay for it! But you know, condoms are only 99% effective so if she gets pregnant…she better not ask me for no child support! Cuz it’s all her fault! ANd they can’t force me to get a paternity test! I don’t want no doctors shoving things in me. oh haha…make me a sandwich.

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  • Doom

    I could tell you but then I would have to kill you.  Oh, alrighty.  Something something about if you, as a guy, don’t want kids or marriage.  Well, and if she has some looks… it ain’t all bad.  That’s all I’m saying.  Oh, and I LOVE to argue and watch women cry… 

    Did you dress her up like a witch?  No, no way, not a at all.  Well, maybe a bit, a bit, just a bit.  What a gas.

  • Alec Leamas

    They have the geography wrong.  I am master of the uterus.  Their vaginas are for recreation and a convenient place to store small items in a pinch.

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