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‘Scrubbed’ Writings Show Kimberlin Associate Neal Rauhauser’s Obsessions

Posted on | June 17, 2012 | 56 Comments

Earlier this year, Neal Rauhauser “scrubbed” from the Internet several of his online writings in an apparent attempt to conceal evidence that he has been cyberstalking and harassing his enemies, including the late Andrew Breitbart, Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe and the group of Tea Party activists who exposed Rauhauser’s role in the 2010 “TwitterGate” scandal.

Cached versions of Rauhauser’s deleted posts were preserved by some of the conservatives he targeted, and show Rauhauser’s fetish for secrecy and his obsession with his various enemies. For example, on March 14, Rauhauser published a post on his blog ( entitled “Playing Detective,” in which he described his attempt to find the real identity of a Tea Party activist who uses the Twitter handle @ZapEm. She produced on online video documenting evidence that Rauhauser organized the “beandogs” who harassed conservative Twitter users in 2010.

“Someone with some paid services I don’t have gave me the name of a couple in New Jersey,” Rauhauser wrote, describing his attempts to locate @ZapEm (see complete post below). “I wrote a nice note to the Morristown [i.e., New Jersey] Tea Party leadership, hoping that they may have had their fill of her antics. . . . Then I called the chief of police in Morristown and we spent a few minutes on the phone.”

In follow-up posts the next day, Rauhauser wrote that ZapEm is “mentally ill” from schizophrenia and has a “behavior disorder,” even as he described his own clearly obsessive search for the woman’s real identity. He described being contacted by a New Jersey Democrat with information potentially identifying the targeted woman, announced plans to hire a private detective to find her in New Jersey, and wrote that he had “started reaching out to Muslim attorneys in the area.”

Rauhauser, who previously worked as a consultant for Democratic politicians, has in the past year joined forces with Brett Kimberlin’s tax-exempt 501(c) activist group Velvet Revolution, and also has ties to the “Occupy” movement and the “Anonymous” computer hacking conspiracy. Kimberlin made headlines in the past month for his harassment of bloggers who have written about his criminal past as Indiana’s notorious “Speedway Bomber.” Last month, blogger Aaron Walker was arrested after a Maryland hearing about Kimberlin’s complaint against Walker’s writings.

Several of the posts deleted from Rauhauser’s blog (but preserved in cache form) relate to his penchant for maintaining secrecy in his online activities. In a March post entitled, “Hiding in Plain Sight,” Rauhauser described how to “truly, deeply hide” ownership of Web sites “from a server you control without revealing its location to others.” In other March postings, Rauhauser claimed to have been targeted by a “a violent, Islamophobic nativist hate group” and wrote about “various stuff I’ve done to confuse those intent on finding and harming me.” 

One undated article by Rauhauser (uploaded at and later deleted) is entitled “Geolocation Lulz” and describes methods by which Rauhauser masks his IP address and location while posting comments on Web sites to “goad” enemies. Another article by Rauhauser dealt with “persona management,” i.e., protecting secret online aliases, and he also wrote about offering three classes to teach his Internet strategies: “Security & Anonymity,” “Grassroots Intel Analyst,” and “Counter Intel/Counter Troll.”

Recently published e-mails show Rauhauser soliciting a California attorney, Jay Leiderman, to assist New Jersey conservative activist Mike Stack in filing a nuisance lawsuit against Los Angeles County deputy district attorney Patrick Frey. Both Stack and Frey were victims of so-called “SWATting,” a dangerous hoax in which calls to 911 emergency numbers are used to dispatch police to the target’s home with the false accusation that the target has committed a violent crime.

At his Patterico site, Frey published an account of his SWATting, and has mentioned that one anonymous Twitter account (“LulzShack”) exhibited inside knowledge of that 2011 incident. Stack was SWATted after he helped expose Rep. Anthony Weiner’s cybersex scandal. Patterico wrote on May 25:

As Andrew Breitbart noted, this happened to two people within the course of a single week: a man in New Jersey and myself. Both of us had had contact with Andrew Breitbart. Both of us were writing about the same story. And both of us received email threats days before we were swatted. The threat to me said, in part: “Please think about your family. This story is not worth it. I can assure you that.” . . .
Writing at Daily Kos, Rauhauser suggests I should be harassed online.
Three days after I was swatted, Rauhauser wrote a post titled “Patterico’s Penalization” that made bizarre accusations about me, and accused me of working with a “cyberstalker” named Seth Allen — a blogger who had criticized Brett Kimberlin so tenaciously that Kimberlin (frivolously) sued Allen for defamation.

In multiple postings at Daily Kos under his “Stranded Wind” alias, Rauhauser wrote obsessively about his theories that the so-called WeinerGate scandal was a hoax, which Rauhauser implied had been orchestrated by Frey.

Another obsessive interest of Rauhauser’s was O’Keefe, whose undercover video “sting” of the community organizing group ACORN launched Breitbart’s “Big Government” site in 2009. In posts that Rauhauser scrubbed from his blog, he describes his communications with Nadia Naffe, who admits having stolen O’Keefe’s e-mails, and who made headlines earlier this year by falsely accusing O’Keefe of sexual assault. Earlier this week, in an e-mail sent to blogger Paul Lemmen, Rauhauser claimed that he was working with the New Hampshire attorney general’s office in an effort to prosecute O’Keefe for a video “sting” operation about voter fraud in that state. Rauhauser said he had “hand carried a letter from [a New Hampshire associate attorney general] into an injunction hearing in New Jersey” involving Naffe and O’Keefe.

A September 2011 e-mail from Rauhauser to leaders of the “Occupy Boston” protests shows that Rauhauser was representing himself as an agent of Kimberlin’s Velvet Revolution group, and that Rauhauser was acquainted with “Anonymous” hacker Gregg Housh. Last year, Housh’s colleague Barrett Brown announced that they had signed a book deal (reportedly for a “six figure” advance payment) to write about the activities of “Anonymous.” Brown had become a public spokesman for the computer hacking group, and was reportedly raided by the FBI earlier this year when charges were filed against the so-called “LulzSec” cell of Anonymous.

In a comment posted at a progressive blog in October 2011, Rauhauser described being contacted by a “very big dog from the Anonymous pen” who agreed to assist Velvet Revolution in an apparent plan to attack enemies of Rauhauser and Kimberlin.

Rauhauser’s tendency to boast — he frequently writes about his contacts with law enforcement and congressional staffers — and his demonstrable habits of deception make it difficult to take any of his claims at face value. In the sampling of Rauhauser’s writings that I have appended below, he makes a number of accusations of criminal wrongdoing against various individuals, attributing to these persons malicious intent. Readers are cautioned that many of Rauhauser’s claims about his chosen “enemies” are probably false, and may constitute libel. In republishing them here, I disavow any intent to endorse the claims made by Rauhauser and furthermore note that Rauhauser is a public figure who, by attempting to hide his potentially libelous writings by deleting them from his site, has waived whatever copyright claims might otherwise have prevented their republication under “fair use” doctrine.

Robert Stacy McCain, Whereabouts Unknown


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Playing Detective

March 14, 2012
I have a bit of quite time the next few weeks as some other stuff gets sorted out, so I am free to set aside my poor Google intelligence collection skills and actually do some genuine detective work.
First, for background, we’re talking about An Inconvenient Kook, a woman I’ve tentatively identified as Michelle Lessick aka ZAPEM. All I had to start was:

  • The Twitter username @ZAPEM (now @Repository1) and a now defunct WordPress blog
  • Records of various streams of tweets and writings, which are a fairly distinct personality showing delusions of persecution
  • An email from Patrick Read aka @SwiftRead naming her as Michelle
  • A tip that her last name was Reilly, perhaps Nagy-Riley, which I believe to be incorrect
  • A tip that her name might be Lessick
  • Assertions that she was a police dispatcher and her husband a police officer
  • Many indications she lived in northern New Jersey

I did quite a lot of digging with Google and finally did locate the connection to the name Lessick, which can be seen in the link containing her name. I chased various permutations of this name and the Jascawow alias using a variety of search tools and came up empty.
Someone with some paid services I don’t have gave me the name of a couple in New Jersey with the last name of Lessick, Republicans in their mid fifties. For various subtle reasons I was fairly sure the wife was not the woman I was seeking, but I thought that perhaps Michelle was a daughter in her late twenties to early thirties who had developed schizophrenia, or another relative in the area who is on disability and not visible to typical search methods. I spent a few minutes on the phone with her last night and I’m sure that she is not the one, nor does she seem to be covering for someone she knows.
I wrote a nice note to the Morristown Tea Party leadership, hoping that they may have had their fill of her antics. My source for much of the information I do have is someone on the right who feels her conduct is weird, dangerous, and embarrassing to the rest of them. Maybe I’ll get lucky and find someone local who holds similar views of her.
I went through the Morristown Democrats I could find online, sending email and making calls. I signed up for Topix and posted a request there looking for an activist in the area who can help me make connections. Then I called the chief of police in Morristown and we spent a few minutes on the phone. They don’t have their own dispatchers and he gave me the number to call at the county dispatch center.
Due to Donald Payne’s death I’ve felt it was inappropriate to bother the folks on Capitol Hill, but I will probably go down and make a few inquiries next week.I’ve got fifteen more days to do such things until Aaron Walker’s assault trial. Maybe I will get a break on this, maybe I am going to have to grind through a civil suit, we’ll just have to wait and see how it goes.

Geolocation Lulz

When kooks follow you around mouthing off about “getting your IP” it’s game on. Check your IP every time you sit down in a coffee shop. Get a lulzy one, like you’re in Vienna, Virginia, but the address resolves to Staten Island? That’s a perfect time to post a comment on some dipshit’s WordPress. Goad them later, but give it a few weeks.
Happen to be visiting the U.S. Capitol? And the person who is going to “get your IP” suffers from delusions of persecution, believing the government is after her? There’s no better time than to visit the House cafeteria in the Longworth building, and post a comment to aforementioned dipshit’s WordPress, knowing your delusional kook will be brought in to investigate.
Keep that host name in mind, some weeks later set up a new Cisco router at home, and capture the mysterious looking ip nat translation table when two of your machines are running torrent. Replace your home IP with, and post the pastebin link to Twitter with some cryptic comments. Hours of fun ensue as kooks go through the torrent peers, looking for ‘clues’.
Kooks once determined I lived in Bethesda, Maryland. Google “Bethesda IP address Comcast”, and in the first page you find a lovely map that leads to a house just north of the NIH complex. Take the IP, get the ‘show ip address’ and ‘show arp’ from your shiny new Cisco home router, edit in the IP from the map in place of your own, then fiddle the MAC address table so any pro will know it’s a game. Put this up on yfrog, then go away for twelve hours. Be sure to get a trollish friend to point it out, laughing at your rookie mistake, so that kooks will know it’s an important ‘clue’.
And then harden the perception that this is an actual address by using Foursquare to check in to a location at the NIH complex itself.
Tweet that you’ve finished receiving the backup torrent from Encyclopedia Dramatica (ie you’re a 100% peer) and that you’ve served up 101G to other EDiots. Promptly drop torrent 30 seconds later, lulz for hours as kooks waste the afternoon trying to dox the completed peers.
A competent adult, reading this, would say “LOL, internetz”. A troll would say “Hey, I gotta try some of this myself.” Here is how a delusional kook might interpret it. ••••Mention of Virginia address confirms the subject is stalking a Virginia resident –and that must be ME! I must seek a protection order at once. Posting from the Longworth building cafeteria is a lie, he works for a Congressman; we need a call/write in campaign to find out which office. There is a MAP. The map shows a HOUSE. That is where he lives, or it’s his girlfriend, or maybe it’s a safehouse for George Soros when he is in D.C. Mention of Encyclopedia Dramatica. This man is either Garrett, or Zaiger, or maybe he’s Joseph Evers. Look, there’s a cell phone number for him …
So that’s that. Maybe two or three hours of effort total, mostly the run to the Medical Center red line stop when I was in the area anyway, and kooks have been chasing their tails for weeks and weeks.
So, kooks … you guys want me to leak additional IP addresses for you to investigate?

A Woman’s Place…

March 24, 2012
Lately I have been chatting a bit online with @NadiaNaffe, the latest in a string of woman @JamesOKeefeIIIhas attempted to victimize by drugging them and then taking advantage of them. There are civil and criminal things afoot here, so I won’t say much more, but this is a trend for the American right … and it’s not working in their favor.
Nadia is the third case where I’ve seen a woman who was working with some right wing oppo thing end up facing sexual harassment/sexual assault. Each time the operation has been blown to bits by the inability of a male leader to respectfully handle the women around him.
As for the other two, one was brassy, aggressive, and after an initial period of shock she has heaped punishment on the ones who offended her, and that included giving me all sorts of things they really didn’t want the world to know. A similar event happened over a year ago, I happened to get into a conversation with the victim of that one, and now a packet of information goes to anyone new the ringleader recruits. He seems puzzled as to all the trouble he is having …
This failure to recruit and retain women, which is far different from having men running female sock puppets, is a deadly peril to the right. They’re already behind the eight ball demographically and at a top level the puzzling anti-contraception debacle is comical, yet painful to watch. I can’t tell what they were thinking –attack contraception, accept an end to abortion as a compromise? Instead a generation of women who enjoy active sex lives are feeling like they’ve had their privates groped by some dirty old man.
I’ve spent the last couple of years researching, teaching, and building capacity –opposition stuff, policy stuff, and if I couldn’t get along with women I wouldn’t have 10% of what I do now. Some examples of a woman’s place include …
I get several complex bits of intel daily –summaries of what is happening in various areas that interest me. Some are lone gun operations, others are teams, but the glue that holds them together are women who have picked a specific issue to stand guard over day in/day out.
I sometimes make new things that need testing –there are a quartet of women between thirty and fifty in my chat client who I can give something partially finished and they’ll grind on it to see if it’s any good. These three classes I’m working on, Security & Anonymity, Grassroots Intel Analyst, and Counter Intel/Counter Troll? My progress would be limited and one dimensional if I weren’t sharing the work with my relentless reviewers.
I get texts pretty much every day, invariably starting with “You need to look at” followed by a link. There are a couple of women who took off with my Analyst’s Shoebox method of handling Google Alerts over a year ago and not much gets by them. Friends, enemies, the issues of the moment, they all have alerts and I generally hear about stuff without having to spend a lot of time digging on my own.
If I want to know what’s happening with the Occupiers in New York, Washington D.C, Denver, Chicago, Oakland, or any of the other hot spots my sources are almost invariably women. This group is a mixed bag –most of my contacts have passed the age of thirty, but there are a few in their mid twenties out on the road who are intent on growing their influence networks, and they’re treasure.
You might start getting the idea that I’ve got some weird problem working with men, but that’s not the case. There are half a dozen toolsmiths in my close circle, men from their early twenties to early sixties, and the more aggressive personalities online, with two notable exceptions, are all male. This just seems to be a natural break point in duties –women will favor relationships, and words, and regular schedules, while men will favor tasks, math, and projects.
So that’s that. The right is old, white, male dominated, racist, misogynist, and they’re chewing up their record keepers, their peace keepers, sometimes with disastrous results.

In Which James O’Keefe Obstructs Justice

March 22, 2012
I recently wrote Deleting (Almost) All Your Email, where I talked about my scanty inbox, with just 68 messages as of this afternoon, and how reading the HBGary emails as I wrote this reportchanged my views. I just don’t keep email any more –I get up to 500 messages and it’s time to clean house. I do memorialize important discussions by printing to PDF, but I never want to face what Aaron Barr of HBGary did.
And I will never face what James O’Keefe is going to, because I couldn’t be as foolish, sloppy, and criminal as he is even as an act. I’ll explain …
James probably made his final error by getting into conflict with @NadiaNaffe. This is the third time he’s had some weird sex/refusal/attempt to video tape someone in the context of his ‘journalism’ and this young lady has a unique advantage over the other two, in that O’Keefe made one disastrous error.
Nadia was involved in a sting operation aimed at journalist Charles Seife. The roots of the failed “To Catch A Journalist” effort were simple –Seife knew something was up with O’Keefe’s Project Veritasand he was asking to see the IRS documentation. He isn’t the only one and that isn’t the only problem charity he is involved in –others have questioned the nature of the Muslim Education Action Center, a sock puppet O’Keefe rigged up to smear National Public Radio.
While Naffe was in the field O’Keefe gave her his iPhone and he remained nearby in a car, using her Android phone and laptop to conduct other business. He failed to delete his accounts when they switched phones.
So understand what happened –O’Keefe walked away leaving Naffe with his email going back to 2004. Shehas had this information since October of 2011 and he’s been jacking with her the whole time. She has already released details of Izzy Santa’s settlement with O’Keefe and Project Veritas.
So far the matters are civil in nature, revealing a troubled young man who is either unable to respect, or completely unaware of the boundaries a woman his age would have. But what is not being said here is even more interesting to me.
O’Keefe was caught attempting to wire tap Senator Mary Landrieu’s phones in the company of the son of one of the two U.S. Attorneys for Louisiana, which got him federal probation. His taping of ACORN workers in Maryland was a clear violation of state wire tap laws, and he recently found similar trouble in New Hampshire.
Despite the questions about IRS filing status for two non-profits and multiple wire tap events some mysterious force keeps the New Jersey federal probation office responsible for O’Keefe from having him picked up for probation violations and referring him for further prosecution.
The contents of Ms. Naffe’s phone are likely the tool needed to break loose that log jam and put an end to O’Keefe reckless endangerment of any young woman who makes the mistake of associating with him, as well as the hazard his smear operation represents to our democracy.
O’Keefe is scrambling to put a lid on this –suing Naffe for the return of these emails. If there is evidence of crimes committed in those messages, which seems certain given what is already known about O’Keefe’s activities, this is obstruction of justice.
The solution to this problem is quite simple –Naffe can provide the content to those who have already subpoenaed her, then turn the content into the FBIsomewhere outside of New Jersey. The combination of other O’Keefe victims, who have resources and no entanglement, coupled with the FBI receiving the email outside the reach of whatever is happening in New Jersey, will be an unstoppable combination.

Update (Smitty): welcome, Instapundit readers!


  • DaveO

    Reading this article, and seeing next to it a very malevolent Alan Grayson staring out at the screen – game, set, match.

  • JeffS

    NR sounds like a pathological liar.  But he keeps it within context, unlike most of the pathological liars I’ve known.

    “Geolocation Lulz” is nothing more than a taunt.  I’m not familiar with the IP spoofing he describes (at least the Cisco stuff), but if true, NR just described his own trolling techniques.  Which would explain the (sometimes) subtle but always pathetic trolling that has appeared here since Stacy starting reporting on BK, NR, and the rest of the  “Valuta Revolution”*. 


    *: This a name that I am bestowing on that crowd for their hijacking the REAL “Velvet Revolution”. 

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  • Dianna Deeley

    It’s creepy, the way NR insists on every single person he dislikes being a criminal. 

    People generally see in others the things that exist in them; they attribute to others motives they have, since those are the motives that seem plausible to them.

    This is really sad and enervating, if you think about it.

  • DaveO

    I wonder how many hackers are now going silent, closing up all connections, and rapidly creating the veneer of respectability? NR seems to be giving away all their secrets, and very likely, really does know a few, who know a few others, who in turn know others.

    Cyberwar is the most interesting warfare on the world stage today.

  • McGehee

    I’d call Kimberlin’s thing more of a Velveeta Revolution — as in, a way he and his can pretend to have a little cheese with their whine.

  • RosalindJ

    @McGehee:disqus I do so like that. Quoting with credit.

    That aside,  NR comes across a malevolent little zealot in the posts. Thanks for saving the scrawlings, Stacy.

  • JeffS

     I thought about “Velveeta” as well — but I didn’t want to soil anyone by linking them to Team Kimberlin.  Not to mention, “valuta” can mean “exchange of money”, which I suspect is Kimberlin’s real objective here.

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  • Stogie Chomper

    Well said.  I am currently studying cyberwar techniques as a way to protect myself, not to attack anyone’s website.  The left started out early in the I.P. address spoofing business, because their whole philosophy is based on fraud and misdirection.  

  • Mike3

    Look at the critisms Rayhauser directs at other people. In his case I would suggest he is actually describing himself. This is the only way he can deal with his own instabilities.  He is a high functioning schizophrenic I believe.

  • PattiEFink
  • Dianna Deeley

     Psychological diagnosis over the internet – the game that’s fun for the whole family!

    There’s no way to tell. NR has mentioned Asperger’s, Lyme, and some sort of brain issue, and those can’t be verified over the internet, either.

    He’s sleazy and nasty and lies about everyone and everything. This does not mean he’s suffering from mental illness (though he claims everyone he doesn’t like is – unless they’re an eeeeevil Machiavellian master-mind like (wait for it) Paaaateriiiico).

  • McGehee


  • JeffS

     Reminds me of when Dubya was in the White House — Bush 43 was teh stoooooopid, ‘cept when he was plotting to rule the world through lies and subversion.

  • JeffS
  • neills

    Hitler’s reaction to charges against Worthing being dropped:

  • placitas

    Garden variety schizophrenia is a cognitive, as opposed to affect(mood), disease with executive functioning, memory and and logic degrading as the disease progresses.   “High functioning” schizophrenics aren’t very high functioning in reality.  It’s the nature of the disease.  

    Chronic Paranoid Schizophrenics function better, but, their bizarre delusional system gets outed with normal people real fast.  Most that I have clinical contact with are not very social preferring to remain guarded and socially aloof.

    Mental disorders are speculative without a face-to-face mental status exam and an accurate history of past behavior. 

  • DaveO

    So, in English, NR is not displaying schizophrenia, but demonstrating a pattern of generating deception that exponentially generates other deceptions (that he can’t keep track of what is actually true)?

  • Bob Belvedere

    Adjoran taught me a nifty technique: everytime you click on an ad like Grayson’s his campaighn has to pay the service hosting the ad.

    Have fun – I do.

  • CallMeStormy

    A look at Montgomery County, Maryland, Brett Kimberlin’s stomping grounds and one of the most heavily taxed and regulated localities in the country: 

  • placitas

    DaveO, geez, sorry to sound obtuse and clinical. I guess what I’m trying to say to Mike is that “schizophrenia” renders people pretty cognitively impaired.  They simply can’t stay on task nor do they have good enough social groupie skills to match this crowd’s bad behavior.   

  • DaveO

    I get obtuse at times, and appreciate the explanation. What about the paranoia? A person can operate pretty well, but isn’t paranoia a degenerative illness – as in it degrades a person’s abilities over time?

    And – thank you!

  • Red

    You are a journalistic badass Stacy. You have to know this 😉

  • Red

    I’m sure you know about this already. Shoot, I may have clicked the link from your site. Or EBL’s…

  • JeffS


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  • Rob Crawford

    “NR has mentioned Asperger’s…”

    Him and every other low-social skill dweeb who reads the popular press. It’s the asocial equivalent of the obese blaming their metabolism.

  • Jum

    Regarding Kimberlin-Rauhauser,  has there been a single liberal commentator/blogger/chatterer who has condemned The Two-Headed Beast for any of the evil which has been unleashed in the name of keeping Democrats in power and muzzling any opposition thereto? The fact that no national figure of whom I am aware has done so tells us more than anything else about the kind of people who make up the post-modern Left. They believe only in power ,and truth is a commodity to be parceled out in tiny bits. Their disgustingly cynical flummery about rights and freedom is mere pablum meant to pacify and lull the credulous, intended merely to make their way easier. But there is no truth in them.

    As we watch Obama simply ignore any statute he dislikes, and excise entire pages from the Constitution which he thinks make his reign tiresome, we see that fascism has indeed come to America from the Left.

    I fear for the very soul of my country when I reflect that there is nothing these people will not do. Remember, the Democrat Party is the spiritual home of Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dohrn and Rahm Emanuel, who could stand before God Himself and sweetly swear they had never voted anything except Republican if they thought to do so it might give them some advantage. Even more terrifying for November is that they look at stealing a national election as nothing more than a problem of scale. 

    We’re losing our country and our freedom to these monsters.

  • Mike Rogers

    Lulz this and lulz that hmmmmmmm.
    Lulzsec was an infamous hacking group right up with anonymous for their tricks. Perhaps boy Rauhauser is even dirtier than he alludes:

  • Terika

    Comes across to me as very likely a paranoid schizo.  Very scary that he has so much time to dwell on all these people who are out to get him, more so than the other way around.  I’m not saying this to be mean or smart-azz.  I had a 2nd cousin who was diagnosed.   

  • Adjoran

     But when you really want an artificial cheesy dip, Kimberlin’s your man!

  • Adjoran

    And we all should know better than to click on a blind link from someone we know nothing about.

  • Adjoran

     More like a wannabe.  Real hackers keep very low profiles and if they participate on political sites or political discourse on Twitter or Facebook, they maintain a separate identity for that and never mention anything about hacking that could easily be traced back to their real identity.

    I wouldn’t doubt that Neal and Barrett and Kimberlin are all hacker groupies, wannbes, or hangers-on, but they flunked the first two rules of Hack Club.

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  • Bob Belvedere

    Well put.

    One Quibble…

    You wrote: The fact that no national figure of whom I am aware has done so tells us more than anything else about the kind of people who make up the post-modern Left.

    The Left has always been this way going back to The French Revolution.

    They have always been governed by the belief in ‘by any means necessary’ because, in order to be a Leftist, they have had to reject Morality, Right Reason, and The Permanent Things.  To be a Leftist is to be free to commit any action [means] to achieve their goal of Immanentizing The Eschaton [ends], bring about Heaven On Earth, whether they be some Frenchman in 1789 or some American in 2012.  For the Left, the song remains the same.

  • Shawn Gillogly

    OK. I’ve been w/ our host on this from the beginning, and posted my rage on a number of forums and sent it to my Representatives (I didn’t send it to my Senator, Roy Blunt, because he’s a corruptocrat & I have 0 respect for him, but anyway…)

    I have to ask this question: Why is the NBC attacking people on OUR side? I’m not trying to take sides in the Ali/Ladd bruhaha, Ali may be quite reformed and a nice guy these days. I believe in forgiveness freely given & restoration when merited. But we should not be going circular firing squad on our people for asking a fair question about the person who is, effectively, holding the purse strings for our side.

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  • Red

    “As we watch Obama simply ignore any statute he dislikes, and excise entire pages from the Constitution which he thinks make his reign tiresome, we see that fascism has indeed come to America from the Left”

    I agree although fascism has been creeping in for a while, most notably in the guise of the Patriot Act. 
    Pardon my tangent
    While I’m grateful for the Tea Party for holding Ds and Rs monogrammed pajama’d footies to the fire, I don’t care for the way the GOP has hijacked the TP.
    I originally liked the Tea Party for their libertarian attitude towards government and taxation. Lately it’s become too full of fauxly-roller RINOs and watered down by too many grassroots wannabes who really don’t belong in any race for public office.
    Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for Suzy homemaker or Joe Plumber running for office if they have the desire and the chops for it but some of these Tea Party races are ridiculously crowded with people who seem to just want to be known for running for office. Folks need to vet their candidates better and only allow those who really have the aptitude and snap to affect things to have a place on the ballot. Too many cooks…

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  • Christopher_Renner

    Ditto. Very satisfying to make him hit the tip jar, so to speak.

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  • PaulLemmen

    In the interest of brutal honesty, go here: Apparently I am such an evil man that redemption is not possible.

    So save any praise or recognition, I don’t deserve it.

  • Dianna Deeley

     I find that entire comment manipulative. To be clear, post your link in a current thread, and leave out the self-pity and begging for sympathy, and pre-emptive humility.

    There’s a dreadful, familiar feel to this, and it’s likely to suck for our host.

  • PaulLemmen

    You’re right. I tried to edit the comment to remove it entirely and this is what DISQUS gives, a guest comment with the content I tried to remove intact. Shit! Wombat, Can you delete it? DISCUS won’t let me do anything!

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