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Because Liars Hate Truth

Posted on | July 17, 2012 | 18 Comments

Neal Rauhauser was a speaker at the 2010 Netroots Nation conference

“Facts don’t matter, that’s the perception of the situation, and the world is going to act on that basis.”
Neal Rauhauser, “Gaped Crusader,” Nov. 26, 2011

“Neal’s antics were sufficiently disturbing enough to result in a court-ordered psychiatric evaluation. What the psychiatrist found was a man who was deeply disturbed, possessed of the worst narcissism he’d ever seen. Neal had reactive attachment disorder. He was sociopathic, and his behavior resulted in Neal facing various difficulties socially and professionally.”
Screed of Momus, June 23

“Soliciting assistance in his plots — recruiting a gang of followers — functions psychologically as a means for Rauhauser to validate his grandiose narcissistic conception of himself as a heroic leader.”
Robert Stacy McCain, June 15, 2012

In a phone conversation last night, regarding the outrage that prompted me to invoke the dreaded War Oath of Clan Cameron, a friend mentioned the possibility that Neal Rauhauser, who has in the past boasted about his pistols, might resort to violence.

“He’s a punk!” I shouted into the phone. “He’s a liar and a coward! Punks like that don’t scare me one bit. A man who is honest and brave is the man to be feared. Never be afraid of a lying coward.”

Rauhauser is obsessed with deception and secrecy — for evil men prefer darkness to light — and schemes to harm anyone who tells the truth about him. He has devoted nearly two years to an insane campaign of vengeance against Greg W. Howard, Patrick Read and “Zapem,” who exposed Rauhauser’s role in the 2010 TwitterGate scandal.

The liar knows in his heart he is wrong. Neal’s ferocious rage against his enemies can only be understood as an expression of his own cowardice in refusing to admit the truth about himself.

Nobody trusts Neal Rauhauser. Even his “friends” like Brett Kimberlin and Matt Edelstein distrust Rauhauser, with whom they associate only because his skill at deception is useful to them. They do not trust him, because they fear he might some day turn against them.

Indeed, his allies must constantly fear that he is even now deceiving them, accumulating evidence to be used against them in a future betrayal. Rauhauser’s habitual boasting has repeatedly brought him disgrace, and his attempts to impress others by naming his influential “friends” inevitably result in embarrassment for anyone who fails to keep away from him.

Darcy Burner made the mistake of befriending Neal Rauhauser, a friendship she is at pains to conceal now that she’s running for Congress and Rauhauser has been exposed as “The Gaped Crusader.”

Why does Rauhauser persist in his evil deceptions? Because there is always some new fool he can deceive, and even crude ruses give him the sadistic pleasure of thinking his lies have triumphed — however briefly — over the truth. Patterico explains one of Rauhauser’s methods:

Trickery works. People don’t expect every comment left as “Patterico” on a random website to be a trick by a Rauhauser-style scumbag dirty trickster.

By their “accuse the accusers” strategy, Rauhauser and Kimberlin have succeeded in deceiving fools, but the wise are not so easily deceived. And while the threats and tricks of Kimberlin and Rauhauser have inspired some to fear them, there are still honest and brave men in the world who consider it dishonorable to fear a lying coward.

Saturday in Centreville, I had dinner at Five Guys with Aaron Walker and his wife. Brett Kimberlin and Neal Rauhauser have endeavored to destroy Walker’s career and dishonor his name. Unfortunately for them, Aaron has survived and his name is now celebrated for his courage in standing up to these evil men.

At one point during our meal, Aaron’s wife threw her arms around his neck and declared that he is her hero.

No one will ever say that about the “Gaped Crusader.” Neal Rauhauser is no one’s hero, and no honest woman can admire a lying coward.


  • PaulLemmen

    Heh … His duplicity and narcissism (as well as unstable mental state) are evident to those who would see. Just read the email exchange that I posted awhile back. My oath to Neal is: Beidh sé seo Éireannach a rianú tú síos go agus an do amach anseo a itheann.

  • W. J. J. Hoge

    But how do you really feel, Mr. McCain?

    On a more serious note, it is important to shine the light of truth on such people, and we own a great “Thank you!” to bloggers such as Aaron Walker and you for your part in standing up to these terrorists.

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  • Monitor2112

    Keep the light shining!  

  • Mike G.

    Well lets see…Kimberlin as a convicted felon, can’t, or isn’t supposed to, own any kind of lethal weapons, not even a two inch pocket knife.

    And Rauhauser with all his bragging about owning a gun is knowingly breaking the law as well. A mentally incompetent person is restricted from owning a firearm. I’m just sayin’.

  • PaulLemmen

    Not just those who have been declared mentally incompetent, anyone who has received mental health treatment or therapy … that little quirk in the law even allows the government to prohibit gun ownership (or possession of any “lethal weapon” as designated by the government, to include darts, clubs [including golf clubs], kitchen knives, etc.) to even those who have received marriage counseling.

  • Rich Graff

    Nice way of saying Rauhauser is nothing but a “Useful Idiot” to Kimberlin and the rest of the loony left.

  • SDN

     Ever been prescribed Chantix to quit smoking? Congrats, you qualify because it’s also used for depression.

  • Evi L. Bloggerlady

    You don’t fear cowards?  Remember Wild Bill Hickok.  If you are holding black aces and eights, you better have your back to the wall.

  • EmpireOfJeff

    On the plus side, Neal’s got that sweet skullet hairdo going for him.

  • Evi L. Bloggerlady

    It is not that broad Paul, but almost.   You have to be adjudicated mentally unfit.  What hangs up most people is DV (misdemeanors too) or any felony convictions.

  • Adjoran

     I bet he could do a righteous combover with that thing!

  • Evi L. Bloggerlady
  • Rob Crawford

    No — you have to have been hospitalized, possibly declared a “danger to yourself and others”. Simple depression is no bar to gun ownership.

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  • PaulLemmen

    Depends on your local county sheriff (at least here in Florida) and their policies. They are the ones who process permits in their jurisdiction. A person can pass the FBI screening and flunk the local sheriffs screen. YMMV depending on local regulation.

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