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Tina Brown’s Bankrupt Magazine Newsweek Calls Mitt Romney a ‘Wimp’

Posted on | July 29, 2012 | 22 Comments

Newsweek magazine lost $20 million last year, each weekly issue therefore representing an operating loss of $400,000. Two years ago, Sidney Harman bought the magazine (and its $50 million debt) for a token $1, and subsequently merged it with Tina Brown’s Daily Beast, which has spent the past four years losing $10 million annually in its own right. Tina Brown has now deployed the notoriously rugged he-man stud Michael Tomasky to describe Mitt Romney as a wimp.

Yeah. Profit is for wimps, I guess.


  • Evi L. Bloggerlady

    Mitt made money for his clients.  

  • scrubjay

    I don’t get it. Why do liberals keep pouring money down that rat hole? Does the Newsweek name have that much value? 

  • Quartermaster

    In their fevered minds, yes. To their CPAs? Meh.

  • Poteen

    There’s your stimulus. To hell with debates. A week before the election.
    Romney  vs Obama, 3 rounds in a standard amateur ring. AAU rules with the winner claiming non- sissy status.
     Billions in TV  and Harry Reid can’t say squat cuz Vegas will be setting betting records.

  • Beto_Ochoa

     How  is this is not a Like-Kind political donation and de facto PAC?

  • JeffS

    A loser such as Tina Brown calling anyone a wimp should be worn as a badge of honor.

  • crosspatch

    I was in my local supermarket today and noticed something very interesting.  Magazine placement at the supermarket checkout is something I notice.  I notice which are at eye level (Oprah’s O in this case), and which ones are on the lowest shelf of the rack at foot level so that you can’t see the magazine title.  While my market doesn’t carry Newsweek, I noticed that TIME was the proud owner of the slot at floor level.

  • crosspatch

    Those people believe they are “average” in how they think about things.  They believe most of America are liberals.  They are given that impression by network TV and Hollywood movies which for the most part are much farther to the left than the average person in this country.  They get reinforcement for this idea by living in their own echo chambers and stamping out differing opinions.  They believe they are putting out a product that most Americans want or they believe they are trying to educate Americans on the “correct” positions on things.

    The truth is they are preaching to a shrinking choir.  They have already alienated about 80% of the American public who wouldn’t read their magazine if it was the only one available.

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  • tim117

    By that,you menhimself and his friendly cadre of oligarchs?

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  • Adjoran

     No, you idiot.  In fact, most of the investment capital in Bain came from pension funds, many for government employees like teachers and firemen.

    But never let the truth get in the way of your fashionable leftist stupidity, right?

  • Adjoran

    I read enough Michael Tomasky pieces years ago to know he’s just a leftist tool.  There is nothing which could induce me to waste any more of my time on him – at least not while there are internet kitty videos to watch.

  • Poteen

     Romney in 57 seconds of the first

  • Poteen

     1 second for each state


  • Evi L. Bloggerlady

    You are such a dickhead time117.  A wee small one, but still a dick.  

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  • Bob Belvedere


    Everybody go to Amusing Bunni’s place:

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  • MacDaddyWatch

    America’s # 1 wimp is the puccy-whipped and pencil-necked president who has to slink out to the nearest MacDonalds while campaigning–Michelle dictates what he can eat in the WH.

  • JeffS

    Heh!  A wimp, huh?