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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Unscrewing The Polls: Does Romney Actually Have A Double-Digit Lead?

Mitt Romney

Reuters/Ipsos poll over-samples Democrats heavily to produce positive result for Obama; using Rasmussen sampling, poll actually shows ten-point lead for Romney

It’s Friday, Time For More Violent Islamic Protests/Riots
Islamabad turns into war zone as protests turn violent

Cult Members Spend Heavily To Acquire New Icons
Big crowds as iPhone5 goes on sale in Asia

Gloves Come Off In Brown/Warren Debate

Scott Brown and Liz Warren before last night’s debate

Flash poll says Brown beat Warren like rented mule
Tweet of the night: “Anyone playing the #MASen #WBZdenate drinking game is probably on their way to the hospital right now” – Sarah Rumpf

Amish Guilty Of Hate Crimes In Ohio Beard-Cuttings

Feds Block NC Sheriff’s Access To ICE Database

Ryan To Tackle Obama On Medicare At AARP Conference

Former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick’s Corruption Trial Gets Underway

Tim Pawlenty Leaves Romney Campaign To Take Lobbying Job

Chicago Strike Settlement Will Cost Many Teachers Their Jobs

Senator Carl Levin (D-MI) Whines About HP, Microsoft Using Tax Code To Save Billions

Oil Rebounds On Speculation: NYMEX $93.41, Brent $110.91
Stocks Close Mixed On Thursday
Italy Slashes Growth Estimates For 2012-2013
Norfolk Southern Falls As Profit Echoes FedEx Slowdown
Walmart Aims For First India Store Within 18 Months
Walmart Gives Amazon Kindle The Boot
Wi-Fi On a Plane: More Boeing Planes Get Wireless, Mobile Access
Microsoft Chalks Up Another Patent Win Against Motorola
iPhone Limits Set To Spark Samsung Discounts In Europe
Google Pulls Plug On Free Music Service For PRC
Google “Dominance Abuse” Games Could Earn It A Monster Smack From EU
Borderlands 2: Five Days In Pandora


Playoff Nattitude

Magic number to clinch NL East down to 8 after 4-2 win

Giants Crush Panthers 36-7 Under The Bright Lights

NFL Warns Teams On Confronting Replacement Refs

Rays Rally In 9th To Beat BoSox 7-4

Beltre’s 9th-Inning Dinger Crushes Angels’ Fading Hopes

Reds Clinch Playoff Berth Minus Dusty Baker; Magic Number For NL Central Now 2

Phillies Score 8 In First Inning, Rout Mets 16-1

Could The Tigers’ Cabrera Win The Triple Crown?

Fiona Apple Busted For Hash

Fiona Apple

Haven’t dopers learned to avoid Sierra Blanca, TX yet?

Courtney Stodden Debuts New Look, Mom Slams Plastic Surgery Rumors

Katie Holmes’ Divorce From Tom Cruise Has Been Hard On Suri

Kato Kaelin Admits OJ Offed His Wife

Is Blake Lively Pregnant?

On “X Factor”, How Does Demi Lovato Steer Clear Of Bullying While Criticizing?

Amanda Bynes Booted From Gym Class For Weird Behavior

Former SNL Star To Write “Looney Tunes” Reboot

Iran Behind Cyberattacks On US Banks?
Rajoy Fails To Reach Deal With Catalonia
Assad Confident Regime Will Survive, Predicts Failure Of Rebellion
Libya Offers Further Apology for Ambassador’s Death
Jerusalem Unimpressed By Arab Nuclear “Goodwill Gesture”
Noda Defeats Three DPJ Challengers In Party Vote, Will Remain Japan’s PM
Trinamool Ministers Quit Government Over Economic Reforms; Singh Government Likely To Last Out Its Term
Obama’s Surge In Afghanistan Ends

Allahpundit: Romney Tells Obama “If You Want To Change Washington From The Outside, We’ll Give You That Chance In November”
Power Line: His Mind Is Going Through Them Changes
Fausta: Braack Obama At The Univision Forum
Jonah Goldberg: Obama’s Learned He’s A Failure
Lonely conservative: From “Change” To “You Can’t Change Washington From The Inside”
American Thinker: It’s The Country, Stupid
Legal Insurrection: Brown/Warren Post-Debate Analysis (With Videos)
PJ Tatler: Univision Asks Obama “Shouldn’t You Fire Eric Holder?”
Gateway Pundit: Obama Goon Squad Harasses, Shoves Romney Supporters At Florida Event
Jennifer Rubin: Unanswered Questions About The Libya Attack
Weasel Zippers: Pew Poll Finds Only 15% Of Democrats Think The Economy’s Bad
Da Tech Guy: did Chick-Fil-A Play Its Supporters For Suckers?
Israel Matzav: Jewish Support For Obama Down 7% In Florida From 2008

WyBlog: Trick Or Treat For Redistribution!


  • rosalie

    I like Rasmussen’s poll one heck of a lot better than Reuters. I keep reading about how they’re over- sampling Democrats, so I’m clinging to that to keep my hopes up.

  • Wombat_socho

    After a few years of this, I just don’t get excited about polls any more. Most of the pollsters mess with the sample to the point where it’s obvious that’s what they’re doing, but there’s always someone in the blogosphere who unpacks the mess a day or two later. Like the guy I linked.

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