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Further Proof That Chicks Dig Mitt UPDATE: @Tawny_Kitaen, Too? OMG!

Posted on | October 12, 2012 | 49 Comments

The so-called “gender gap” is caused by ugly women who feel rejected by successful men, whereas the really smart, sexy, confident chicks are wild about the Mittser:

Four years ago, Lindsay Lohan referred to Obama’s Presidential victory as “amazing,” but cut to 2012, and it seems the “Mean Girls” star has had a serious change of heart.
“I think unemployment is very important for now, so as of now I think (my vote) is Mitt Romney,” Lohan told reporters, including FOX411’s Pop Tarts, at the Mr. Pink Ginseng Drink Launch Party Los Angeles on Thursday night.
Lohan also hinted at mysterious underlying motives for supporting the GOP candidate and turning her back on Obama under wraps. . . .
“It’s a long story, but you’re going to have to wait for that,” she remarked . . .
Last month, the troubled actress went as far as to tweet the President requesting he “cut taxes for those who need it: middle-class families, small businesses” as well as “those that are listed on Forbes as ‘millionaires’.”

(Via Memeorandum.) Of course, I understand that some readers may be puzzled by this: Hitherto, this blog has treated Lindsay Lohan as just another celebrity bimbo, a troubled starlet whose personal foibles (and impressive cleavage) were fodder for humorous jibes. This is admittedly true — but she just endorsed Mitt Romney, so now she’s our celebrity bimbo, and that makes all the difference in the world.

We love you, Lindsay, and we hope you’ll help persuade other sexy starlets to see the light. “Rule 5: Hollywood Hotties for Mitt”!

Readers may want to hit my tip-jar, so I can get some on-the-scene coverage of this Important New Development in the 2012 campaign. IYKWIMAITYD.



UPDATE: Folks, I think we’ve got a trend happening:

Udpdate II (Smitty): welcome, Instapundit readers!


  • JeffS

    Well, if Lindsey is dragging herself out of the cesspool, that’s great. I hope she gets her life back together.

    But if she’s just playing the political game…..meh, just another celebrity, looking for publicity.

    Still, endorsing anything conservative is supposed to be the kiss of death for any Hollywood careers. If she and her agent (let’s be honest here) think this will help her acting career…..that’s an interesting change of heart. Are we seeing some sort of decline in the influence of communists in Hollywood? Or is this just an outlier?

  • Garym

    I’m calling on Soylent Green to post an “article” on Lindsay Lohan. Ahora mismo!!

  • Peter Ingemi

    Either Lindsey has finally dried out or it’s the first ray of sunshine for Obama in a week

  • richard mcenroe

    So when your wife has to shoot a crazed stalker in the bushes of your undisclosed location, remember these tweets…

  • Stan Brewer

    Watch the hate tweets start. We all know how the left hates to have anyone leave the Reservation.

  • jwallin

    It’s like when Clinton got elected and one Democrat said to another, who was agitated about the military display for the inauguration, “it’s ok, those are OUR jets now”.

    Lindsay’s now OUR favorite celebrity basket case so we’ll cut her some slack.

    Besides, she must be more sober these days to be able to see that voting for Obama is a losing proposition.

    I wonder who her cocaine addled Mom is voting for?

  • jwallin

    Maybe she’s looking to get a part in Eastwood’s “A Star Is Born” remake. Beyonce’s too “busy”.

  • Adjoran

    The significant thing is that it is becoming “cool” NOT to be for Obama. Clooney and Jay-Z are SOOOO 2008 . . .

  • CitizenEgg

    Hey, we welcome anyone on board who believes as we do that Mitt is the right guy to deal with the big issues we face and that Paul is his able wingman. Happy to have you, and hope the vitriol from the (oh so not) tolerant folks you’ve left behind doesn’t scare others from making the same free choice.

  • Kyle Kiernan

    Last nights debate results: Ryan 52%, Biden 33%, Raddatz 12%
    Word is they’ll make Romney take on 4 opponents for the next round.

  • richard mcenroe

    I’m telling ya, man, rabbit in the dinnerpot time… at least Alyssa could afford to keep you in a style to which you wish to become accustomed…

  • richard mcenroe

    Stacy, if you’re trying to put together a cast for a remake of Trailerpark Massacre, allow me to offer my camera and editing services.

  • Mike LaRoche

    Any word from Phoebe Cates?

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  • Rich Vail

    There’s nothing wrong with “troubled” starlets digging the Mittster…they’re typical of the “low information voter” who only now is starting to pay attention…think about that…it should TERRIFY the Obama regime.

  • Charles

    Ah, but will you be drinking Mr. Pink?

  • richard mcenroe

    OK, just got this tweet from Lohan:

  • K-Bob

    Hey, if I could make the transition from f*cked up musician with a downward-spiraling life, to a (mostly) sober redneck with a great wife and kids, anyone can. So hooray (today) for LL!

    (Hmmm. With those initials, she must be another significant woman in Superman’s life.)

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  • Bob Belvedere

    I’ll direct – you do know that I am Russ Meyer’s secret love child, don’t you?

  • joethefatman

    I don’t care if they’re skanks,druggies or half dead, as long as they vote Romney, I like them!

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  • Wombat_socho

    Don’t even have to wait. Check the comments on that NYP article; people are totally losing their sh!t over this.

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  • William_Teach

    What probably happened was that Lindsay somewhat sobered up and reduced her drugs intake, and took a look at her financial statements, realizing that the government is taking too much of the money she needs for replacement cars.

    And, possibly, she just grew up and realized that Liberal policies are bad for everything but ants. Except in places where they want to throw up tons of solar panels and wind turbines.

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