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VIDEO: Obama Destroyed in RNC Ad

Posted on | October 26, 2012 | 8 Comments

This is 1:10, so it’s online only — not a 30-second TV commercial — but it brutally exposes the shallowness of Obama’s campaign:

(Via Erika Johnsen at Hot Air.)


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  • Dandapani

    And still 47% support BO. We are literally on the brink of social and political collapse where the takers are equal in number to the makers and the number of takers is growing daily under this BO administration. God help us all if he wins again.

  • Sheila Firmin

    Once liberals get 55% of the population on gov welfare of any kind we can kiss freedom goodbye..those who pay taxes will have barely enough left to get by on….the pigs in Washington are at the trough of power waiting for their next Obama refill.

  • SDN

    Then we find out if welfare bums can shoot.

  • Patricia Eggett

    Public television let me know Obama smoked pot. Does he really care about anyone who is not against him. Moslems burnt pictures of Obama. I guess he just wants to stay home, but maybe Sandy will get him.

  • Bob Belvedere

    I’m not sure it’s as high as 47%, but even if it were 40 or 35, that’s bad enough.
    Let’s say we take back control of the institutions of America: what do we do with that much deadwood???

  • Bob Belvedere


  • Dandapani

    Bob, Bob, get with the program. 47%, get it? 47%. Any idea where that came from? 47%. Anyway, this poll still says 47%. “Rasmussen polls, President Obama 47% vs Mitt Romney 50%” Romney was either a genius or clairvoyant. Thanks for blowing my perfect rant 🙂