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From the NTTAWWT Files: Feds Arrest Transvestite Priest for Dealing Meth

Posted on | January 19, 2013 | 12 Comments

Not That There’s Anything Wrong With That:

The Catholic priest busted for allegedly dealing crystal meth was suspended after church officials discovered he was a cross-dresser who was having sex in the rectory at Bridgeport’s St. Augustine Cathedral. . . .
Monsignor Kevin Wallin was relieved of his duties in May, but the Roman Catholic Diocese of Bridgeport had continued to pay him a stipend until his Jan. 3 arrest — a day he was planning to fly to London on vacation. . . .
At one point, Wallin was selling upwards of $9,000 of meth a week, according to his indictment.
In his post-priesthood, Wallin, 61, bought an adult specialty and video store in North Haven called Land of Oz that sells sex toys and X-rated DVDs. Investigators believe the shop helped him launder thousands of dollars in weekly profits. . . .
“We had no indication he had a drug problem and never had complaints regarding him and drugs,” said Diocese Spokesman Brian Wallace.
Instead, Wallace said they became concerned in the spring of 2011 when they began receiving complaints from parishioners regarding Wallin’s appearance and erratic behavior.
“We approached him and he admitted he was struggling a bit and shortly after that he resigned (July 2011) and the bishop granted him a sabbatical,” Wallace said. . . .
While pastor of St. Augustine’s, sources said he often disappeared for days at a time; and rectory personnel became concerned and notified diocese officials when Wallin, sometimes dressed as a woman, would entertain odd-looking men, some who were also dressed in women’s clothing and engaging in sex acts.
In addition, diocese officials found bizarre sex toys in Wallin’s residence, the sources said.

So, “he admitted he was struggling a bit,” did he? This character just set a world land-speed record for going from “struggling a bit” to a federal drug felony indictment in roughly 18 months. And I’m certain Monsignor Wallin’s behavior with altar boys was impeccable, eh?


  • Danby
  • jakee308

    Good. Grief.

    65 years with no notoriety. (plus in all my travels, I have NEVER met another Wallin that wasn’t family)

    And now THIS. *hangs head*

  • ThomasD

    What the Hell is wrong with Connecticut????

  • Shawny Lee

    Uhhhh yup… Obama was a moderate Democrat and Clinton never had sexual relations with that woman.

  • dad29

    The Cathedral?

    That’s the church of the Bishop of the Diocese. IOW, this clown was running the Bishop’s home parish.

    And the connection with “Fast Eddie” Egan is rather…..ahhhh….curious.

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  • Nan

    Overall I have enjoyed this blog; however, that last sentence was unnecessary Catholic-bashing. There’s no indication this priest was a pedophile.

  • Adjoran

    So violating the law as a felon dealing drugs and laundering money and violating his vows by having illicit sex with strangers – all of which are at least alleged with probable cause in the criminal complaint – isn’t enough. You and others feel entitled and/or obliged to accuse him of misconduct with altar servers as well, without so much as an unsourced allegation.

    I thought that sort of unfounded guilt by association smear was what we disliked about the MSM.

  • Shawny Lee

    You’re right, there’s no indication thus far. But the reports indicate that this priest was involved in homosexual sex and it also indicates he had great difficulty observing limits anywhere else in his conduct, including sexual misconduct in the rectory itself. For that reason it should be suspect and the question should be asked by those of responsibility in the church.

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  • McGehee

    Most of the Catholic priest “pedophilia” scandals were with adolescents, not children. Properly speaking, then, they weren’t about pedophilia. They were about gay sex.

  • Andrew J. Patrick

    “We tempt nowhere so well as on the very steps of the altar.” -Screwtape