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FMJRA 2.0: Halcyon

Posted on | January 26, 2013 | 2 Comments

— compiled by Wombat-socho

The Next 1,460 Days: I Still Hope He Fails

Hillary Gets Bitchy on Benghazi: ‘What Difference, at This Point, Does It Make?’

Liberal Blogger: ‘How Dare You Smear Hillary by Quoting Her Accurately!’

Great @PJTV Bill Whittle Essay For Those Needing A Little Perk-Up

Gun-Grabbers Now Hunting Blue Dogs, Target Georgia Democrat John Barrow

Scientology ‘Advertorial’ Scandal Exposes Atlantic Executive as Truthless Swine

From the NTTAWWT Files: Feds Arrest Transvestite Priest for Dealing Meth

‘Arab Spring’ Update: Hostages Killed in Algeria; French Fight Islamists in Mali

FMJRA 2.0: Disco Boy

Should @TedNugent And The NRA Just Morph Into A Political Party?

When the Good Guys Win

Democrats: The Party of Criminals

Rule 5 Sunday: Chrome Angel

Convicted Felon John Tiessen: Crazy? Certainly, But Is He Also Dangerous?

LIVE AT FIVE: 01.21.13

How to Get Jennifer Schuessler to Give You a Puff Piece in the New York Times

Could Scarborough Be A Bigger Tool? And The Answer Is None. None More Big

Our Long National Nightmare Is Over

LIVE AT FIVE: 01.22.13

Democrats: You Can Never Hate Them Nearly as Much as They Hate You

Ask Michele Bachmann About CBS News Political Director John Dickerson

‘Patriotic Progressivism’, The Moron’s Oxymoron

LIVE AT FIVE: 01.23.13

All My XXX’s Live in Texas

Let The 2016 Campaign Begin, With A Show Of ‘Support’ For Hillary

LIVE AT FIVE: 01.24.13

Jimmy Buffett: Feminist Hero?

Complete Decadence

Death by Criticism

Living Inside Your Head, Rent-Free

New Federal Charges Filed Against Anonymous Spokesman Barrett Brown

Gregory Kane Opines That Colin Powell Could Be A Latent Democrat

The Roe v. Wade Inversion

This Blog Votes We Accept @DarleenClick’s Apology

How Long Can the ‘Dollar Bubble’ Last?

Fear and Loathing at the #NRISummit: Can We Survive the Sarcasm Deficit?

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  1. Rick’s Rants (22 the hard way)
  2. (tied) Hogewash and The Daley Gator (6 each)

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