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It’s Internet Crazy Day: Special Ironic Menendez ‘Healthy Youth’ Edition

Posted on | February 22, 2013 | 11 Comments

OK, I spent most of this morning exchanging e-mails with various suffering victims of the Butt-Hurt Epidemic that is laying waste to the online world today. If anybody has personal contact info for Bono, I think there should be a special all-star TV concert.

It’s For the Children™ — won’t someone think of the children?

The good news: I heard from the kid with the bad haircut and I think he’s going to be all right, having survived the sarcasm hate crime.

The bad news: Internet Hall Monitor Kurt Eichenwald unfortunately suffered a sudden and mysterious spasm of self-righteousness, and may be on his way to the kind of laughingstock status that typically involves becoming the subject of a Downfall parody.

Meanwhile — back in the world of politics, which is what this blog is allegedly all about — there is urgent news from Capitol Hill:

The Real Education for Healthy Youth Act would expand comprehensive sex education programs in schools, while ensuring that federal funds are spent on “effective, age-appropriate and medically accurate” programs. . . .
Sens. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.), Al Franken (D-Minn.), Mazie Hirono (D-Hawaii) and Robert Menendez (D-N.J.) are co-sponsoring the bill, as well as 35 House members.

This stunning news has made headlines:

Show Me on the Doll Where I Touched You.
Slowly. Make it Hot: Bob Menendez Sponsoring
Comprehensive Sex Education Bill

Expert further updates on the escalating madness. Did I mention that somebody filed a peace order against Bill Schmalfeldt?



  • matthew w

    Another perfect example of “Democrats have no shame.”

  • Chris Wysocki

    Well, they do say “write what you know.” If anyone knows anything about child sex education, it’s the junior senator from my home state.

  • FenelonSpoke

    Did you hear from suffering victim Kate Weinberg the “sex expert” who lectures at colleges chapels yet? ;^

  • Evi L. Bloggerlady
  • Christy Waters

    Well, as is usually the case with govt programs, what is labeled as being “for the children” is purely self-serving for the politicians. Menendez wants to make sure that little girls know how to sufficiently pleasure him the next time he wants to bang one of them… wretched asslick.

  • Steve Skubinna

    This is the same phenomenon that allows Ted Kennedy to be a champion of woman’s rights, or Robert Byrd to be the Conscience of the Senate.

  • K-Bob

    I sure hope Menendez puts up his list of telephone numbers in the DR. That way college kids can travel there and “get a good education.”

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  • Garym

    I hate it when you hold back. Tell us what you really mean.
    ; )

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