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LIVE AT FIVE: 07.18.13

Posted on | July 18, 2013 | 12 Comments

— compiled by Wombat-socho

Kerry Wins Arab League Support For Bid To Restart Israeli/Palestinian Peace Talks

Talk, talk, talk.

Could give Abbas the political cover he needs to return to talks

Bernanke Walks The Line
Fed chairman tells Congress bond buying will be cut as economy keeps improving

Nelson Mandela Spends 95th Birthday In Hospital
South Africans urged to commemorate Mandela’s 67 years of public service with 67 minutes of charitable acts

House Votes To Delay Parts Of Obamacare

Speaker of the House John Boehner

35 Democrats join GOP to give businesses one-year reprieve, 22 to give individuals same delay

House Judiciary Committee Gives Bipartisan Grilling To Administration Officials Over NSA Snooping

Former Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano Makes Debut Before UC Board Today

South Carolina Court Orders Baby Veronica Returned To Adoptive Parents

Top IRS Lawyers Had Role In Political Targeting, GOP Says

Mike Enzi Says He’s Not Too Old For A Fourth Term

Samantha Power Dodges Rubio Questions About Her Past Remarks On American “Sins”

Third Federal Appeals Court Invalidates Obama Recess Appointments T0 NLRB

Cook County Commissioners Vote To Toughen Assault Weapons Ban

Spitzer Petition Count Challenged By GOP Strategist

Military Spending Millions To Protect Gophers While Civilian Workers Furloughed

House Inching Toward Bipartisan Postal Reform Bill

Senators Reach Deal On Student Loan Interest Rates

Oil Consolidates Over $106 As US Supplies Decrease: NYMEX $106.35, Brent $108.46
Treasury Secretary Defends Dodd-Frank, Warns Against Implementation Delays
Allstate To Sell Life Insurance Business For $600 Million
American Economic Recovery Still A Big Myth
IBM Q2 Earnings Per Share Up 8%
eBay Plunges On Weak Guidance
EU Official Says Google Competition Plan Not Good Enough
Apple May Delay Introduction Of iPhone 5S
BitTorrent’s Share & Sync Tool Coming To Android
Samsung Unveils New Solid-State Drives
Google Maps 2.0 For iOS Adds iPad Support, New Features

All-Star Winning Pitcher Lost In The Headlines

ChiSox starting pitcher Chris Sale

Overlooked in all the hootin’ and hollerin’ over Mariano Rivera

Mark Cuban: Mavs Better Off Without Dwight Howard

LeBron James Wins Three Trophies At ESPY Awards

A-Rod Expects To Return To Yankees By Monday

Tony Stewart Sprint Car Wreck Leaves Young Female Driver Injured

John Elway: Arrests Of Broncos Execs “Unfortunate Situation”

Steve Spurrier Opines On Notre Dame, Student Stipends

Johnny Manziel Just Wants To Play Football

Midterm Grades: Red Sox, Cardinals Top Of The Class In First Half

Ric Flair Faces Arrest Warrant

Snooki Shows Off Super Slim Physique

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi

From beach bum to gym rat and devoted mom

Cory Monteith Cremated, Dad Not Invited

Tina Turner Weds Longtime Partner In Quiet Swiss Suburb

Keibler/Clooney Split Wasn’t Over Marriage, She Says

“Weeds” Star Mary Louise Parker To Quit Acting Due To Internet “Bitchiness” And “Meanness”

Charlie Sheen Officially A Grandpa

Leah Remini’s Sister Drops Bombshell On Her Split With Co$

Syfy Greenlights “Sharknado 2”

Rosamund Pike Emerges As Front Runner To Star In Fincher’s “Gone Girl”

Is Jennifer Garner Pregnant With Her Fourth Child?

Olsen Twins Accused Of Copying Other Fashion Designers

Rolling Stone Cover With Boston Marathon Bomber Sparks Controversy

Why Adam Levine Proposed So Quickly

A Mighty Heart: Jason Sudeikis Dishes On Love

Panama Calls In UN To Inspect Nork Arms Ship
Headmistress On The Run After Children Die From School Lunch
Japan’s Abe May Push Nationalism After Sunday’s Election
Want Shorter Stay In Purgatory? Follow Pope Francis On Twitter
Kurds Expel Jihadis From Flashpoint Syrian Town
Ambush Targets Hezbollah Convoy; Four Casualties
Kremlin Critic Jailed For Embezzlement
Senior Pakistani Taliban Leader Writes Letter To Malala
Greek MPs Back Public Sector Cuts Amid Protests

First Street Journal: How Can We Be This Stupid?
Michelle Malkin: Eric Holder’s Stand Your Ground Squirrel
National Review: Gillibrand’s Error
The Blaze: Democratic Congresswoman Claims Americans Will Eat Dog Food Without Food Stamps
NRO Corner: Black Caucus To Push Racial Profiling Legislation
Allahpundit: Rolling Stone Claims Need To Examine Tsarnaev Complexities Because He’s In His Sixties Or Something
AmSpecBlog: Would Rolling Stone Put George Zimmerman On Its Cover?
Bryan Preston: Rolling Stone Joined By The Brilliant, Courageous Toure
Newsbusters: WaPo Media Blogger Whines About “Tedious Outrage Machine” Upset With Rolling Stone Tsarnaev Cover
Via Media: HHS Secretary Compares ObamaCare Opponents To Racists
JustOneMinute: A Big Win For ObamaCare
Jawa Report: DC Intern Asks Relevant Question, Gets Mocked By Carney, Media
Ed Driscoll: IRS Lawyer Says Scandal Was Overseen By DC
Protein Wisdom: “I Was Essentially A Front Person”
Gateway Pundit: Trayvon “Protesters” Hit Grandma, Block Her From Taking Child To Hospital
PJ Tatler: Vancouver Man Invokes Biden Defense
Pat Dollard: Politico Says Amnesty Campaign Has Left Rubio’s Career In Tatters


  • Richard McEnroe

    I think at this point the Arabs are just staring in bafflement: “Holy camel shit, they fell for that again?” Then the entire Muslim Brotherhood bursts out laughing…

    Oh, and Snooki has two novels on the NYT bestseller list. Truly, these are the end times…

  • andycanuck

    Will the state be giving out free necklaces to commemorate Mandela’s 95th?

  • alanhenderson

    “Kerry Wins Arab League Support For Bid To Restart Israeli/Palestinian Peace Talks”

    That’s like winning NAACP support for finding a realtor for George Zimmerman.

  • Wombat_socho

    Winnie should live so long…oh, sorry, you meant Nelson, didn’t you?

  • Wombat_socho

    Seriously, she seems to have turned her life around since the kid arrived and is now only maybe 25% worthless as opposed to being 99% worthless.

  • Richard McEnroe

    And seriously backatcha, I wish the woman nothing but well, I was impressed when she quit Jersey Shore to have her kid away from that zoo. That took character.

    But when I opened the book the first words my eyes fell on were, “,,,she was unaware of her thong wedgie….”

    I mean, there’s NO WAY I can’t finish it now, but Thorne Smith she ain;t.