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Intern Blows Up Weiner Campaign; Spokeswoman Stays Classy: ‘F–king C–t’

Posted on | July 31, 2013 | 42 Comments

It’s been all over the blogosphere, so you probably know the story by now: A former intern for the Anthony Weiner mayoral campaign named Olivia Nuzzi wrote a column for the New York Daily News explaining that Weiner’s staff was mostly a bunch of kids hoping to punch their tickets for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign.

Later, during an interview with Talking Points Memo about Weiner’s fundraising,  his spokeswoman Barbara Morgan went off on an expletive-laden rant about Nuzzi, dropping multiple f-bombs as well as a couple of crude synonyms for “vagina” and a coinage, “slutbag.”

This is the communications director of the campaign, OK?

We can stipulate that Barbara Morgan has a point: Olivia Nuzzi signed a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), commonly require in all political campaign work. Violating an NDA in this manner — quitting or getting fired from a campaign and then badmouthing the campaign — is career suicide in politics. Olivia Nuzzi has forever branded herself as a selfish untrustworthy backstabber.

In other words, a typical liberal woman.

Having said that, however, when bad things start happening — and nothing good has happened to Anthony Weiner’s campaign lately — the last thing a campaign spokesman wants to do is to pour kerosene on the raging bonfire of bad news. Morgan claims she thought her interview with Talking Points Memo was off the record, but TPM editor Josh Marshall says this is not so.

What kind of communications director would say stuff like this to a reporter under any circumstance? I mean, I’ve had conversations with top campaign staffers over beers at 1 a.m. — sources I considered friends, who knew I was never going to burn them — and they would still be trying to spin me with a bunch of happy-talk.

Anyway, the Barbara Morgan meltdown is destined to be a campaign legend and quickly turned “slutbag” into a viral phenomenon. But I missed it last night because the story broke while I was busy writing my column about the cultural significance of Sydney Leathers:

Sydney Leathers was a girlfriend for hire and any old creep with a thousand bucks to spare could have had the pleasure of her companionship, such as it was. The news that Anthony Weiner’s former sexting partner sold her services via so-called “sugar daddy” Internet sites was not exactly shocking to anyone who has paid attention to the mores and manners of American youth in the past couple of decades.
Popular culture has been so corrupt for so long that many young people are incapable of making any distinction between vice and virtue, categories that sophisticated people are expected to reject as old-fashioned, if not altogether obsolete or, indeed, hatefully oppressive. As for the attitudes of adults, well, they are supposed to strive for eternal youth, to conform both their appearance and their appetites to the fashionable standards prevailing among the most shamelessly adventurous adolescents. Anyone who cares to examine the explicit exchanges between Sydney Leathers and Anthony Weiner will find it difficult to determine which of them was more immature — or more deviant.
“Deviant” is a word we don’t hear much anymore, for the simple reason that its meaning has become invalid or irrelevant or, as any Democrat would say, an expression of hate. America has in recent years gradually lost its vocabulary of moral judgment. . . .

Please read the whole thing at The American Spectator. Honestly, Barbara Morgan has done us all a huge favor by telling the truth about who liberals really are. What kind of woman would associate herself with a Democrat like Anthony Weiner? A slutbag.



  • Evi L. Bloggerlady
  • richard mcenroe

    It’s a sign of the times. I mean, didn’t a major Internet Service Provider usedta force-place ads for golddiggers right on major conservative websites?

  • robertstacymccain

    Remember that those ad placements were determined by algorithms cued to the individual user’s preferences. So if you were seeing rentgirl ads at “major conservative websites” …

    Well, let’s not be judgmental, eh? 😉

  • Blake

    I didn’t see anything in the article by Nuzzi that I found to be incredibly shocking. The campaign is going down in flames, and has no money to pay people what was originally promised. Not exactly a surprising disclosure.

    Nor is it a surprising disclosure to find out the campaign staff is full of people new to the game who are there to try and gain some experience along with making some political connections.

    The only real surprise is that Ms. Nuzzi is incredibly good looking.

  • richard mcenroe

    Confused. Never saw a Japanese squid ad.

    Anyway, in light of this further evidence of the cultural superiority of my NY betters, Deb and I are closing on our Texas compound property today. Wish us luck.

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  • robertstacymccain

    Good-looking, yes, but I don’t know about “incredibly” so. Republican female campaign aides are rather notoriously more attractive than their Democrat counterparts. It just makes sense that good-looking women generally are Republican.

  • CrustyB

    “We’re not anti-woman, you f**king c**t t**t!”

    “Liberal” is just another word for “hypocrite.”

  • Evi L. Bloggerlady

    She is a bleach blond with not a shred of ethics. Does she have any tats?

    She is a self described slut (check her twitter page) so in a hook up culture that is always a plus for those around her (provided you do not catch anything).

  • JeffS

    Stacy, you used the words “intern” and “blows” in a headline about a Democrat politician. Was that deliberate, or a Freudian slip?


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  • K-Bob

    “The only real surprise is that Ms. Nuzzi is incredibly good looking.”

    I’m pretty sure the rules require a pic with statements like that.

  • K-Bob

    “(provided you do not catch anything)”

    When you live in the soup, you become the soup.

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  • Mike G.

    You know Stacy just reports the facts. ;>)

  • Scoob

    “What kind of woman would associate herself with a Democrat like Anthony Weiner? A slutbag.”

    Ouch!!! Barbara should put some ice on that.

  • Bob Belvedere

    Godspeed, Richard and Deb. You now be Texicans.

  • Bob Belvedere

    Do not become one with the soup.

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