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When Neal Rauhauser (@Kookpocalypse) Stalked My Army Son’s Facebook Page

Posted on | November 11, 2013 | 89 Comments

Regular readers of this blog need no introduction to Neal Rauhauser, the disgraced former Democrat campaign consultant and associate of bomber/progressive activist Brett Kimberlin. Most recently, Bullyville has vowed to put Neal Rauhauser in prison.

Last month, Rauhauser did something so astonishingly vicious even I was shocked, despite my familiarity with Neal’s evil dishonesty. But I put it aside until today — Veteran’s Day — when I saw Rauhauser using one of his (innumerable) Twitter sockpuppet accounts to talk about his admiration for the military, the lying wretch.

Everybody knows how proud I am of my children, and you know that it’s been more than two weeks since we’ve heard from our Army son, who is enduring an ordeal known as “Three Weeks in Hell.”

My wife has been praying constantly, and I’ve been trying to put it out of my mind, because there’s no point worrying about it. But exactly one month ago, on Oct. 11, this is what Neal Rauhauser did on Twitter:

Among other things, this was a deliberate lie. In June, my son made a sarcastic remark about the Supreme Court decision invalidating DOMA, and my response was to remind him to avoid such humor: “You are not allowed to joke about this, soldier!”

Well, we know Neal Rauhauser lies constantly, but what was his motive for this lie? Was he hoping to make my son a target of (mistaken) homophobic violence? Or was he hoping to generate some kind of reaction from me? Never mind that, however.


Neal Rauhauser deleted those Tweets, like the gutless worm he is, and he is currently lying as @Kookpocalypse. But whatever he does, and wherever he goes, that filthy scoundrel will never escape the stain of dishonor attached to the contemptible name Neal Rauhauser.

P.S.: That tattoo on my son’s torso? A cross, and a few words from the Bible: Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil . . .”




  • trangbang68

    In the parallel universe of leftist asininity, Neil is celebrating Veteran’s Day the way a commie rat would by mocking a hero. Liberals are bed wetting useless sissies who aren’t worth the dog crap we scrape off our shoes.

  • Adjoran

    He only thinks he’s a Boss.

  • Adjoran

    Of course a gutless lying coward like Rauhauser would never dare confront anyone in person with such outrageous insults, he must hide behind an internet connection and probably multiple proxies to disguise his location.

    As to his own children, this worthless piece of human detritus won’t even pay the child support.

  • rustypaladin

    First, your son is going to be fine. It’s just training. Very hard training but still just training. I know it’s the nature of parents to worry but he will be fine.

    “You are not allowed to joke about this, soldier!”

    I come from an Army aviation environment which was more relaxed than your son is going through. We joked about this ALL THE TIME! It’s mostly in the context of moving out of the barracks. I, personally, think it’s a sign that you are comfortable enough with those you work with that you can make jokes like this. You simply have to be careful what the joke is about. That comment would be very hard to construe as offensive. Most of the gays I’ve known in the military would probably tell him he had to wear the wedding dress.

  • Patrick Budowski

    SMH. I was trying to think of a zinger , but I just could not come up with one that would not get me in trouble… God Bless You and Your’s and Good luck to your son …

  • Quartermaster

    Look at his father. My son has already exceeded me, and I’m sure yours will too.

  • Mm

    So much stuff to comment on…..
    First, I agree with bet0001970. It’s who he is.
    Second, Bob’s comment about killing God reminds me of that scene in Jurassic Park, ending with, man kills God, dinosaurs inherit the earth. Thanks to Jesus Christ, they will not inherit, even though they may seem to run the show for a while.
    Finally, this is characteristic of the left. I’m not saying that loons on the right never do it, but it is not CHARACTERISTIC of the right. Going after people’s kids, wives, husbands is SOP, even though those people are not on social media at all – examples are Jeanette Runyon’s disabled vet husband, your hard working wife who looks like a saint, your kids, Aaron Walker’s wife, Hoge’s son … The list goes on and on.
    Last but not least, I will continue to pray for your son.

  • Dana

    In one (sad) way, it’s kind of amusing: our oh-so-tolerant, multicultural and certainly not homophobic friends on the left are the first people to try to insult others by claiming that their targets are homosexual. Why, it’s almost like they were hypocrites or something.

  • Cmate

    Malevolent freak.

  • richard mcenroe

    If he’s made it to the last four days he’s past his personal “hump”, his F*** this moment. He may yet wash out, God forbid, but it won’t be for lack of trying.

  • pcbedamned

    Exactly. My 15yr old son actually just informed me yesterday that he is seriously contemplating joining the military. It is something he has mentioned on and off since the age of 12, but yesterday was my ‘ah ha’ moment as mom, realizing that the boy is actually serious. He said the only thing he has left to decide is whether he wants to join the Army, or the Air Force.
    More power to him!

    Congrats Stacy on your son. {and I do love his tat}

  • Quartermaster

    Stay away from the AF. It’s about as bad as it gets on the PC scale.

  • robertstacymccain

    The vicious hate the virtuous in ways that are difficult to imagine, until you witness the result.

    Monsters like Rauhauser observe no limits to their methods of pursuing evil, because they interpret their every failure as evidence that the targets of their mad wrath — insofar as they are not destroyed — are benefitting from some sort of unfair or corrupt advantage. So when the monsters attack somebody and the target survives, this drives the monsters to paroxysms of rage: “How dare he survive my attack?”

    The monsters are never satisfied merely to harm their targets, but crave the power to destroy their targets. So if you are targeted, ignore the harm and, instead, focus on avoiding destruction.

    Survival is victory.

  • Dustin

    Time and again Neal and Lane and Ron and Bill and the rest of Brett’s fanclub have made it very clear that family is fair game to them. They are scum.

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