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Obviously a Satire

Posted on | December 25, 2013 | 37 Comments

When Donald Douglas posted this photo at American Power, I immediately recognized it as an ironic put-down of feminism:

Two key clues to the satirical intention:

  1. A poster in the background showing Austrian economists — Mises, Hayek, Rothbard, et al. — signals a libertarian/individualist orientation, directly contradicting the statist/collectivist radical egalitarian worldview of feminism; and
  2. Her breasts. A young woman with such a splendid rack would have no motive to adopt the victimhood mentality of feminism.

Yes, I suppose the severe gaze — the nerd-girl glasses, the emotionless of her expression — could mislead you into thinking that this young lady is a grim man-hating ideologue, but trust me: This photo is a clever joke, a statement against the casual promiscuity associated with contemporary “pro-sex feminism.”


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  • JeffS

    If that’s satire, it’s a good one; it’ll instantly shut off the hormone flows of any college age heterosexual male.

  • Bradoplata

    Lol, there is absolutely nothing wrong with her hormone flow wise.

    This isn’t a dig at you Jeff, but a large number of people on the site sure are picky about who they would have had sex with when they were in college.

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  • Steve Skubinna

    Humor is an oppressive construct of the patriarchy. Like Newton’s Laws it’s an integral part of the Rape Culture.

  • Evi L. Bloggerlady

    You are channeling your inner feminist I see!

  • TC_LeatherPenguin

    “… the emotionless of her expression….” I don’t know; she got a little bit of the “Mona Lisa,” wry smile thing going on… and the rack, of course. I find most hard core feminists so endowed tend to strap ‘em down in solidarity with the Patriarchally oppressed, chesticly unenhanced members of the sisterhood.

  • G Joubert

    I find her just fine too.

  • joe college

    Holding up signs that say “I need feminism because…” is apparently a meme now. Here’s a less attractive one:

    This young Austrian economist however — I admire her irony as well as her fine tracts of land. I would like to subscribe to her newsletter.

  • Dana

    The glasses aren’t really nerd-girl specs; give some horn-rims or some BCGs, then maybe.

    She’s not pretty and she’s not but-ugly, but just sort of there.

    Me, I’m hot for Amy Farrah Fowler.

  • Julie Pascal

    She’s not smiling. (which is part of the pretend-to-be-for-feminism part) I bet she’s beautiful when she smiles.

  • RKae

    Pretty sure it’s heteronormative, too.

  • RKae

    Here’s how REAL feminists celebrate Christmas:
    Anything less than this is surrendering to the patriarchy!

  • JeffS

    Well, now, two points:

    1) I made my statement in third person. I did not refer to her, I specified “heterosexual male“. Male she clearly ain’t. But I’ve known wenches like her, and they caused many a set of balls to shrivel up whenever said wenches opened their mouths. So I stand by my statement, as written.

    2) More people than you might think were picky about who they had sex with in college. Just sayin’, is all.

  • ChandlersGhost

    Yum. Amy Farrah Fowler.

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  • richard mcenroe

    I know. Dammit.

  • Adjoran

    She’s intentionally trying to look dull and humorless. It was probably hard to keep a straight face.

    But, hey, when I was in college, she would definitely have tripped the radar. She is actually a very attractive young woman. You just have to take the glasses off and put a smile on.

  • Zohydro


  • Neo

    So equality is being able to have empty thoughtless, loveless sex like hollow stupid men.
    And here I thought they were supposed to be better than men.
    As for a badge of horror, stupid is as stupid does.

  • gastorgrab

    I need feminism because ……… ummm …….

    Is there a time limit on this?

  • Finrod Felagund

    Enh, she should have tried that little stunt in a mosque. If she survived the experience she’d learn something.

  • Finrod Felagund

    Women need feminism like a fish needs a bicycle.

  • gastorgrab

    I’m actually impressed that she managed to contract an STD without the help of an “obsolete” male.

    Does ObamaCare cover soap and water under prescriptions drugs?

  • Eric D. Mertz

    Maybe its because I’m a nerd, but I would ask her to keep the glasses on.

  • ndmike12

    The presence of boobs disproves your assertion. :)

  • Steve Skubinna

    If I have an inner feminist how do I get her the hell out?

  • Steve Skubinna

    Yeah, well, duh.

  • Minicapt



  • Dana

    I was certainly picky about with whom I would have copulated while in college:
    1 – They had to be female (a very large population); and
    2- They had to say yes (a much smaller population).

  • Mike G.

    Dammit!, you beat me to it. I noticed the wry “Mona Lisa” smile, too.

    She is exactly the type of woman I tried to date in my brief college career…smart and sexy. Take her glasses off and she becomes a Tiger.

  • alanhenderson

    Badge of honor? Let’s hear it for dishonorable women. I’ve got friends in low places…

  • ThomasD

    Assuming her dentistry is not British I’ll bet a full smile from her lights up the entire room.

    Awesome locks too.

    I was picky in college too, but never hard to please.

  • richard mcenroe

    Those are ironic boobs.

  • Christy Waters

    Successful satire fools people who aren’t paying attention. I love this! #WarBYWomen

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  • David R. Graham

    Hetero is Greek for strange. The term heterosexual is a pejorative against normal people by the Gaystapo. Suggest shun it. Don’t fight on a field of their choosing. They are the Gaystapo. Assholes.

  • mkultra

    She goes by the name Communism Kills.