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One Month After Prison Release, Sex Offender Raped Girl, 13, Police Say

Posted on | February 14, 2014 | 18 Comments

In 2010, when he was 19, Bert McDaniel Jones was convicted of having sex with a 14-year-old girl and put on probation with orders to register as a sex offender. When he failed to comply with terms of his probation, the judge sentenced Jones to prison. He got out of prison Jan. 5, but was arrested today after police say Jones raped a 13-year-old he met online while posing as a teenager:

Police began investigating the 13-year-old’s claims last week. The girl told police that a person she knew as Daniel Jones, 17, held her down and raped her.
Detectives searched every database available to them trying to locate Jones, but came up empty handed. Police said Friday that investigators discovered the person the girl knew as Daniel Jones was actually Bert McDaniel Jones. . . .
Slidell police said Jones was arrested in the forcible rape case Friday without incident. He is being held in the Slidell city jail and eventually will be transported to the St. Tammany Parish jail.
Police believe Jones was preying on young females through social media and through a local youth church group. They are continuing to investigate.

Why isn’t this creep being featured on ABC’s 20/20? Why is Kaitlyn Hunt a celebrity sex offender, but not Bert McDaniel Jones?



  • Rabiddogg

    this ass deserves the death penalty. a nice slow death.

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  • xbox361

    quick or slow, low recidivism rate

  • Socialism: Organized Evil

    In Mexico, the average age of consent is 12.7 years. Illegal aliens, in fact, account for about 40% of all child molesters arrested in these states.

  • Zohydro

    …average age of consent…

    How exactly does that work?

  • cmdr358

    Since our host linked it in this blog…

    Kaitlyn Hunt’s parents must be so proud. She’s gone from dildo raping teen-aged girls in the school bathroom, to doing jail time and is now involved with a 27 year-old negro lesbian former convict.

    I can hear Steven and Kelly now…” Our little girl is growing up”.

  • Anon Y. Mous

    I was curious about that myself, so I checked Wikipedia. Mexico, like the US, is divided into states. The federal government sets the AoC at 12, but then the state and local governments can make it more restrictive if they choose. I haven’t attempted to do the math to come up with an official average, but I’m guessing that is where the 12.7 came from.

  • Anon Y. Mous

    Why is Kaitlyn Hunt a celebrity sex offender, but not Bert McDaniel Jones?

    I imagine that the people who were willing to defend Hunt do not go so far as to endorse forcible rape. I know many like to blur the issue, but some see it as important whether or not the minor consented. (I use the word consent in the traditional way rather than the fictitious manner preferred in the legal arena.)

  • Art Deco

    Why is Kaitlyn Hunt a celebrity sex offender, but not Bert McDaniel Jones?

    1. Better visuals.

    2. She’s in a liberal mascot group and he is not.

    3. His mother and father have the sense not to call attention to this or attempt to market their son as an aggrieved party.

  • Socialism: Organized Evil

    That’s it. 12.71 to be precise.

  • Quartermaster

    Nos 1 & 2 are part of the Homonormative Matriarchy.

  • Evi L. Bloggerlady
  • Dana

    Why? Because Miss Hunt is a cute little blonde, and there was a side to her story that some found sympathetic. There will be no sympathy for Mr Jones.

  • tlk244182

    Beating the Russians was fun when I thought they were the bad guys and we were the good guys. Now, it seems, we’re just the lesser (I guess) of two moribund evils.

  • Adjoran

    So is there a way of determining “informed consent” besides setting an age? We have an age to make legally binding contracts, and to vote. Why should sexual consent be any different?

    Or do the anarchists support NAMBLA as long as the 6 year old kids “consent?” If not, you are only arguing about the age limit, not that there should be a standard. But if it is to be on a case-by-case basis, doesn’t that involve far greater state intervention into private situations to determine “informed consent?”

  • eMatters2

    Tragic. If he would have gotten any of these girls pregnant then Planned Parenthood would have destroyed
    the child (oops, I mean the “evidence”). For a fee, of course. Because the
    “rape exception” isn’t just a poorly thought out justification for limited
    abortions, it is a blank check for unlimited abortions. And it hides countless
    crimes of rape and incest.

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