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Don’t Even Bore Me, Webb

Posted on | August 24, 2014 | 11 Comments

by Smitty

Via Breitbart:

Democrat Jim Webb, the former Virginia Senator who has been coy about a potential 2016 presidential run…

Given the debacle that the VA GOP has become with the McDonnell trial, I’m about a third of the way toward forgiving Webb for switching parties in ’06, and the whole macaca-quiddick debacle.

However, the ObamaCare vote is an unpardonable collaboration with the enemy, of a magnitude comparable to Macho Grande. Fall off the planet, Webb.


  • Evi L. Bloggerlady

    This is just wishful thinking so he can participate in a few debates /press coverage and either get a cabinet post or some exposure for TV.

  • theoldsargesays

    Macho Grande…..I don’t know how we survived.
    No thanks to Mr. Webb.

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  • theoldsargesays

    The lure of politics.
    It’s a shame when a Marine officer or any other veteran would willingly forsake his oath to uphold the Constitution in order to pursue political aspirations and his own personal glory.

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  • richard mcenroe

    Is his aide out of jail yet for carrying Webb’s handgun into Congress?

  • richard mcenroe

    At 70 (2016), Webb stands an excellent chance of stealing the Democrat youth vote from Hillary Rodham Clinton (69 in 2016).

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  • Quartermaster

    Yeah, like John Glen.

  • K-Bob

    Is he going to be this season’s Jon Huntsman?

  • theoldsargesays

    Or another Senator named John, who’s wife Cindy by the way, sent me a nice little email today reminding me to wish her husband a happy birthday (and maybe send $25, $50 or $75 to help in the good fight).

    My thoughts said FOAD already, but I just marked it as a phishing scam instead.