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"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

#FreeStacy: @rsmccain ‘Will Not Be Restored’; @SexTroubleBook Suspended

Posted on | February 22, 2016 | 188 Comments


Notified via email:

Your account was suspended because it was found to be violating the Twitter Rules (, specifically our rules around participating in targeted abuse.
Your account will not be restored.
Reference #ref:00DA0000000K0A8.500G000000tVGuS:ref

Twitter, Inc. 1355 Market Street, Suite 900 San Francisco, CA 94103

Well, what is “targeted abuse,” what constitutes “participating” in this behavior, and what are the “rules around” it? Where is the evidence that I have been “violating the Twitter Rules”? Who was “targeted”? What was the nature of the “abuse”? Questions like this multiply, you see, if we can be permitted to ask questions of the arbiters of “Twitter Rules,” but that’s just it: No questions allowed!

“It’s as if the grown-ups left for the weekend,
and the SJW interns are in control.”

This morning, again without explanation, the @SexTroubleBook account — which I created last year to promote my book — was suspended.

Everybody is shocked, shocked!

“Evil preaches tolerance until it is dominant,
then it tries to silence good.”

Feminism is evil. But you knew that, right?

UPDATE: Robert Tracinski at The Federalist:

On Friday, Twitter suspended the account of Robert Stacy McCain, a conservative blogger and dogged critic of feminism, apparently without warning or explanation. This has led, in true Twitter fashion, to protests under the hashtag #FreeStacy.
Only a few weeks earlier, Twitter had announced the creation of a “Trust and Safety Council,” to which it appointed Anita Sarkeesian, a feminist known for denouncing “sexism” in video games, a prominent figure in the Gamergate controversy — and oh yes, a frequent target of criticism from McCain. So it sure looks like the moment Twitter gave Sarkeesian the power to do so, she started blackballing her critics. . . .
[T]he company’s decision to appoint a “Trust and Safety Council” that will be “a new and foundational part of our strategy to ensure that people feel safe expressing themselves on Twitter.” Among a list of organizations described as members of the council are the Dangerous Speech Project, which has produced a set of guidelines for recognizing such “dangerous speech” — a set of criteria so vague and broad that they could encompass anything from the incitement that led the Rwandan genocide to an average afternoon on talk radio. And maybe that’s the point.
Then there is Feminist Frequency, the outlet used by Anita Sarkeesian as a platform to criticize video games for being sexist. Sarkeesian’s critics accuse her of using claims of online harassment to discredit her critics and get them kicked off of services like — you guessed it — Twitter. So when Sarkeesian and the “dangerous speech” types got appointed as Twitter’s speech police, there was reason to think they’re going to turn Twitter into a university-style “safe space” where “safety” is assured by removing advocates of opposing ideas. . . .

Read the whole thing at The Federalist.

UPDATE II: Karl Denninger reflects on how the declining value of Twitter as corporate enterprise may be hastened by their “Trust and Safety” agenda. Do they really want to be the next MySpace?

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Lawrence Person writes:

It appears more and more that Twitter’s “Trust and Safety Council” should be more properly named “Anita Sarkeesian’s Committee To Ban People Who Say Mean Things About Her.”

I blame the public education government indoctrination system. Earlier today I got a phone call from a faculty member at a university (which I will not name) who spent 30 minutes telling me the absolute insanity that now prevails on campus. The students are ignorant of facts, but very certain of their opinions, all of which are liberal, and this is a religion for them. For many years, the public K-12 schools have been promoting a progressive agenda through their curriculum and policies, and children are taught to value intellectual abstractions (i.e., “equality,” “diversity,” etc.) to such a degree that they are incapable of thinking outside those categories. They arrive on campus with minds full of this ideological nonsense, and are unprepared to deal with contradictory facts or opposing arguments. Feminists like Anita Sarkeesian are incapable of defending themselves in a fair debate against a well-informed critic, and so the critics must be silenced. This is why the First Rule of Feminist is, “SHUT UP!”

“Twitter is revealing its transformation
from social media platform to cult.”