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Polls Show Hillary Slipping: Is It Because Black People Don’t Like Her Very Much?

Posted on | September 5, 2016 | Comments Off on Polls Show Hillary Slipping: Is It Because Black People Don’t Like Her Very Much?


In recent days, Hillary Clinton’s poll lead over Donald Trump has begun shrinking again. In two recent polls — by Investors Business Daily and Reuters — Hillary led by just one point, and in the latest L.A. Times poll, Trump is actually leading by 2 points, 45%-43%. The trend in the Real Clear Polls average of national polls is clear — Hillary’s lead, which was nearly 8 points just three weeks ago, has now been cut in half.

The Clinton campaign’s “run-out-the-clock” strategy, which was based on confidence in Hillary’s frontrunner status, has become a subject of increasing criticism. Part of the problem, it turns out, is that young black voters aren’t really excited about a 68-year-old white woman:

When a handful of liberal advocacy organizations convened a series of focus groups with young black voters last month, the assessments of Donald J. Trump were predictably unsparing.
But when the participants were asked about Hillary Clinton, their appraisals were just as blunt and nearly as biting.
“What am I supposed to do if I don’t like him and I don’t trust her?” a millennial black woman in Ohio asked. “Choose between being stabbed and being shot? No way!”
“She was part of the whole problem that started sending blacks to jail,” a young black man, also from Ohio, observed about Mrs. Clinton.
“He’s a racist, and she is a liar, so really what’s the difference in choosing both or choosing neither?” another young black woman from Ohio said.
Young African-Americans, like all voters their age, are typically far harder to drive to the polls than middle-aged and older Americans. Yet with just over two months until Election Day, many Democrats are expressing alarm at the lack of enthusiasm, and in some cases outright resistance, some black millennials feel toward Mrs. Clinton.
Their skepticism is rooted in a deep discomfort with the political establishment that they believe the 68-year-old former first lady and secretary of state represents.

(Via Memeorandum.) This “discomfort with the political establishment” is a bipartisan phenomenon, transcending the check-the-box categories that dominate the thinking of pundits, strategists and consultants.

Donald Trump got a standing ovation at a black church in Detroit last week, and what was his message to Detroit?

Our nation is too divided. We talk past each other, not to each other and those who seek office do not do enough to step into the community and learn what is going on,” Trump told the church-goers from the podium, where he briefly spoke about why he was there. “They don’t know. They have no clue. I’m here today to learn. So that we can together remedy injustice, in any form. And so that we can also remedy economics so that the African-American community can benefit economically through jobs and income and so many other different ways.”

The Democrats are running the same playbook they have been running for years — call Republicans “racist” and rely on this smear to win 95% of the black vote — as if black people are too stupid to see through this tactic. What does it matter whether or not Donald Trump is “racist” if Democrat policies do not actually improve the lives of black citizens?

Look at what Democrats have done to Detroit: The city is bankrupt, and Detroit’s population, which was 1.4 million in 1970, has declined to less than 700,000. The claim that electing Democrats is good for black people because Republicans are “racist” never really made sense, but how can anyone look at the situation in Detroit and believe that voting for Hillary Clinton is vital to the interests of black Americans? Detroit is the most dangerous city in America; 38% of the population lives below the poverty line and the violent crime rate is 2,072 per 100,000.

These are simply facts. Is it “racist” to mention the facts? How long can Democrats expect to keep winning elections by ignoring the facts, pointing the finger of blame at Republicans and yelling “racist”?

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