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Suggestion For What To Do With Hillary

Posted on | October 29, 2016 | 2 Comments

by Smitty

When you’re on active duty in the military, much hay is made about the concept of a “lawful order”. You’re to obey all orders, per General Order Number 6. While you retain the absolute right of self defense, you also had better not violate International Law (e.g. Geneva Conventions), Civil Law, or engage in “conduct unbecoming”. The last is pretty much a blank check to burn anyone.

Having said all that, if you’re in any authority position (and your name doesn’t rhyme with “Squintin'”) you also need to make sure that the orders you give are lawful, and not just the ones you follow. Precisely how specifically that applies to the FBI I don’t know for certain, but I doubt that their approach varies significantly.

Which is why the whole concept of destroying the evidence in the case of Hillary’s email server seemed kind of squishy. Obviously the FBI isn’t an evidence storage depot, and so there may be plenty of procedure covering all that.

But Kerry Pickett over at The Daily Caller dropped the October Surprise of Justice:Agents within the Federal Bureau of Investigation never destroyed laptops given to them by aides of Hillary Clinton as previously reported, a Washington D.C. lawyer with a source close to the Clinton investigation says.
As a military type, I would have called the order to destroy that sort of evidence “unlawful”. But to have been a fly on the wall when that news reached Comey’s weasel den would have been exquisite. While Anthony Weiner is busy renewing his acquaintance with the underside of the bus, this smacks of a fig leaf. My surmise is that FBI agents communicated that the unlawful order to destroy the Clinton evidence was disregarded, and there was a signal that Comey could either drive the bus, or go under it. Weiner, therefore, goes under the bus instead.

Others have speculated that Obama bears some animus toward Her Majesty:The other angle here is that the Obama people have always hated the Clintons and a lot of people on the Left of the party still hold a grudge against Hillary. This could simply be a case where the Obama people are using this as an excuse to execute the kill shot on someone they truly loath. Politics is a blood-sport and Obama’s people play rough. They cracked open sealed divorce documents twice to help Obama win local campaigns in Illinois. They would not flinch at doing the old bag like this.Yeah, but a proper investigation of this hairball is going to severly risk fragging #OccupyResoluteDesk himself.

Which brings us to my suggestion of what to do with all this, given a Trump Administration.

  1. Conduct a thorough, proper investigation. No malarkey.
  2. Write a law pertaining to the 2018 election, treating the electorate as a jury.
  3. Place a simple question on the ballot in every state: “Is Hillary Clinton guilty? Yes/No”. (Understand that a proper investigation might add some Big Other elected names to the list.)

Such a procedure would ensure that there is time to do the investigation correctly, and relieve any one person of Her Majesty’s wrath. It would also set a useful precedent, since the Founders really weren’t considering the Too Big To Jail case back when they put quill to parchment.
It would also provide substantial closure for an electorate that feels as though our government has devolved into a neo-aristocracy.