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#NotMyPresident Protests and Talk of Secession After Democrats Lose Election

Posted on | November 10, 2016 | 4 Comments


Yes, they call themselves the Democratic Party, but they don’t actually seem to believe in democracy, do they? The New York Times reports:

Thousands of people across the country marched, shut down highways, burned effigies and shouted angry slogans on Wednesday night to protest the election of Donald J. Trump as president.
The demonstrations, fueled by social media, continued into the early hours of Thursday. The crowds swelled as the night went on but remained mostly peaceful.
Protests were reported in cities as diverse as Dallas and Oakland and included marches in Boston; Chicago; Portland, Ore.; Seattle and Washington and at college campuses in California, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania.
In Oakland alone, the Police Department said, the crowd grew from about 3,000 people at 7 p.m. to 6,000 an hour later. The situation grew tense late Wednesday, with reporting that a group of protesters had started small fires in the street and broken windows. Police officers in riot gear were called in, and at least one officer was injured, according to other local news reports.
It was the second night of protests there, following unruly demonstrations that led to property damage and left at least one person injured shortly after Mr. Trump’s election was announced.


The Los Angeles Times:

Thousands of people poured into the streets of downtown Los Angeles on Wednesday night, and hundreds of them later spilled onto the 101 Freeway, shutting down traffic as they forcefully denounced President-elect Donald J. Trump.
The 101 Freeway — a key thoroughfare in metropolitan Los Angeles — reopened after 4 a.m. once debris was cleaned up, according to a spokeswoman for the California Highway Patrol.
In the loud and aggressive demonstration, many chanted, “Not my president,” and “Respect all women.” The mostly young crowd marched through the city before heading onto the freeway near Alameda Street.
The pack of hundreds — many screaming against both Trump and law enforcement, others riding skateboards on the freeway — caused a traffic backup that extended for miles.
At least 13 people were arrested, LAPD Officer Tony Im said. . . .
As the demonstrations got underway Wednesday evening, some demonstrators in front of City Hall torched a giant Trump head in effigy, which sent ashes raining. Marchers spray painted profanity-laced screeds on TV news vans and the Los Angeles Times building. Fireworks were also shot off near the LAPD’s headquarters.

It’s a “mostly peaceful” mob of thugs and vandals, you see? They just hate cops, spray-paint graffiti, damage property and injure people. Also, they hate America and want to dismantle the country:

“Calexit” is swiftly taking over social media.
After Donald Trump won the race to the White House, people across California took to social media Tuesday night to call for “Calexit” (or California exit), recalling Brexit, Britain’s push to leave the European Union. . . .
The group leading the charge, Yes California Independence Campaign, assembled long before Trump’s surprising victory. Its aim is to hold a referendum in 2018 that, if passed, would make California an independent country.
The movement has racked up an impressive backer already. Shervin Pishevar, an early investor in Uber and well-known angel investor, said on Twitter that he would bankroll a campaign to make California its own nation if Trump won. . . .
The fringe political movement gathered steam in June, when the UK broke from the EU.
“This is the first Western secessionist movement that worked, and I think that is going to be very profound,” Marinelli told Newsweek shortly after Brexit. “Are you going to say to people in the freest country in the world [you] don’t have the right to self-determination?”

Let me say that I am proud to support California’s secession. In fact, I have long been in favor of Texas independence, and if Hillary Clinton had won the election, I imagine there would have been rallies of disgruntled Texas conservatives urging a “Texit.” Because I am a consistent believer in “the right of self-determination” — my ancestor, Pvt. Winston Wood Bolt of the 13th Alabama Infantry, was captured at Gettysburg while making his “mostly peaceful” protest for that right — certainly I must endorse the “Calexit” movement also. However, I suspect the California secessionists are not sincere. They are “progressives,” after all, and such people are notoriously dishonest. California’s corrupt Democrat-controlled state government has “nearly $400 billion in unfunded liabilities and debt from public pensions, retiree health care and bonds,” and a state teetering on the brink of bankruptcy is scarcely capable of independence.

Nevertheless, if California wanted to remove its 53 members (39 Democrats and 14 Republicans) from the U.S. House of Representatives, and also subtract its two Democrat members from the U.S. Senate, plus ensure that California’s 55 Electoral College votes never henceforth affect the outcome of U.S. presidential elections, I won’t complain. In the immortal words of Winfield Scott, “Wayward sisters, depart in peace.”



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