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Weird Beyond Words: An Online Transgender Blackmail Conspiracy?

Posted on | April 11, 2018 | Comments Off on Weird Beyond Words: An Online Transgender Blackmail Conspiracy?

The 4chan community has been buzzing for the past two days over an intensely weird story: A person using the handle “Reiko” was allegedly the ringleader of a group on a board called “r9k” that convinced vulnerable young men to engage in online transvestite roleplaying.

It is alleged that “Reiko” and his crew would seek to get the targets to send photos of themselves dressed in female clothing, and then use those photos for blackmail, threatening to “dox” and expose the targets unless they cooperated with a sick agenda. Earlier this year, one of the alleged victims of this ring committed suicide, shooting himself in the head with a shotgun in a livestream video.

Trying to get solid facts on this story is difficult. This post seems to have the best aggregation of the relevant evidence. Nowhere in the several posts I read did anyone name the victim who committed suicide, and until we can identify the victim, it is impossible to investigate whether these bizarre allegations of transgender blackmail are actually true.

So, in an effort to kick something loose, I’ll just crowdsource it, and see if any of the commenters can dig up some facts.

UPDATE: Thanks to the commenter who linked to this discussion on Kiwi Farms which includes comments about “an organized conspiracy to convert bitter autistic outcasts into feminized trap [i.e., transvestite] sex slaves; and, at the center of this plan, is Reiko.” Also, this video:


So we seem to be developing further confirmation that this scenario was actually happening. It involved outcasts known by the sociological acronym NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training”).

UPDATE II: Here is a discussion of “r9k” whose participants refer to themselves as “Robots” and who despise “Normies” or “Normalfags,” i.e., “individuals who in their eyes are deemed as traditionalist or boring, normally the stereotype of a socially active and fitting person that easily blend with society.” And there’s this:

On March 14, 2018, an /r9k/ user known by his online handle Shuaiby live streamed his suicide on YouTube, holding up a note written “Bye R9K 3/14/18”, and then shot himself in the head with a shotgun. A woman then enters the rooms and calls the authorities. The video was later taken down from YouTube, although several mirrors still exist online.
The earliest 4chan thread discussing this video was shortly after the stream, on the same day around 10:24 PM in the /pol/ board, along with a LiveLeak reupload which was also taken down. At 11:50 PM, a friend of Shuaiby posted on /r9k/, stating that his suicide was caused by issues with his mother. He also confirmed that the stream was real, the girl was neither his ex nor his mother, and that the board itself did not lead to his suicide.

So while it was claimed this suicide was not caused by online activity, now a conspiracy theory has developed, linking it to “Reiko.”



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