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Tyler O’Neil Strives To Paint Corey Stewart As A White *YAWN* Supremacist

Posted on | June 13, 2018 | No Comments

by Smitty

Another primary, another strident nominee, another round of Seals & Crofts fans rushing to denounce the Terrifying Specter of a Republican Candidate with a Backbone.

1. “The candidate took an uncompromisingly positive position about symbols of the Confederacy during last year’s campaign.”
The statues had been there for generations. While communities should certainly be able to decide what they’re doing with their public spaces, come on. You got roped in by a left-wing propaganda play, Tyler.

I’ve only lived in Virginia for ~20 years. I lack any romantic connection to the Confederacy.

But I smelled rat, and it was coming from the Left, not the miniscule self-pity-party that is White Supremacy (which would wither completely if the media would give it a thorough ignoring.)

2. “When running for governor last year, Stewart hosted rallies in front of Confederate flags. At many of these rallies, activist Jason Kessler spoke. Kessler later became infamous as an organizer of the “Unite the Right” rally which sparked the white nationalist violence in Charlottesville.”
We need to get to three points and hit the target word count, so lets zoom in on the first charge and go for some guilt by association.

So what if few know who this guy is (I’ve never heard of him, and I flatter myself that I represent “reasonably” informed) if it’s important that Kessler be important so that important writers can make this point important–well, that’s important. Because its importance has been established.

3. “Also during his campaign for governor, Stewart paid Paul Nehlen $759 to rent his email list for fundraising. Video later surfaced showing Stewart praising Nehlen as one of his “personal heroes” and declaring that he was “inspired” by Nehlen’s challenge to House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.).”
Nehlen I have heard of. I was unaware of Nehlen’s high social- and social media crimes and misdemeanors:

Nehlen has associated himself with former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke, and has engaged white supremacist figures like Andrew Anglin of the Daily Stormer and “Crying Nazi” Christopher Cantwell.
Nehlen got himself banned from Twitter in February for using anti-Semitic language and for posting a photoshopped image of biracial actress Meghan Markle (now wife of Prince Harry). The tweet superimposed the face of Cheddar Man, a dark-skinned Mesolithic man believed to be one of the earliest humans in Britain, on Markle’s face. “Honey does this tie make my face look pale?” Nehlen disgustingly tweeted, with the image.

These are as impressive as people attacking BHO over his pastor, Jeremiah Wright, daming America. Sure, Wright deserves to be laughed at in public for laughable opinions, but this business of policing peoples’ associations, and insinuating that, welp, A was at event B, and so was C, and C knows D, and by the Transitive Power of Alinsky, Corey Stewart is some kind of Foaming H8-Monger. This is a good time to cut that nonsense out.

So, sorry, Tyler. Your post is worthwhile in the sense of raising something worth keeping an eye on. But the other 99% of it is pure concern trolling of a sort that has got to please Tim “Tiny Dancer”  Kaine, and for that you get no thanks.

Vote Corey Stewart

Stick a fork in politcal correctness


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