The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Democrats and the Murder Vote

Ann Althouse was shocked by this quote: “There are thousands of murderers walking around who haven’t been brought to justice…. It’s horrifying.” But how else could Democrats get elected? Jail survey: 7 in 10 felons register as Democrats Maybe somebody should write a book about this . . .  

‘Gender Integration’ = FAIL

This is both hysterically funny and pathetically sad: The Army colonel who wrote an internal email suggesting public affairs officers use photos of “average-looking women” when they need to illustrate stories about female soldiers has stepped down as the leader of an Army study on gender integration. Army spokesman George Wright confirmed on Saturday that […]

Andrew Sullivan’s Psychiatric Evaluation

Ann Althouse calls attention to the latest scientific research by that eminent British physician, Dr. Andrew Sullivan, OB-GYN: “I regard this development as one of the more insidious and anti-constitutional acts of racist vandalism against the American republic in my adult lifetime. Those who keep talking as if there are two sides to this, when […]

Hmm. @JamesTaranto Mildly Disagrees With @AnnAlthouse? Let Me Try That.

OK, so a Puerto Rican guy kidnapped and raped girls in Cleveland and everybody reported about that case, and not once do I remember anyone arguing that Ariel Castro’s crimes, or the reporting about his crimes, had any specifically racial context. Everybody was just horrified by it, and nobody said either (a) that Puerto Rican […]

Occupy Althouse? (The Zero-Sum Error)

There are times when you must choose between gratitude and resentment and, considering how rarely this blog gets linked by Ann Althouse, I’ve decided to be grateful that my thoughts on Professor Erik Loomis provided her and Meade with some laughs. Also, because her post linking my post got linked at Instapundit, I’ll be grateful […]

‘Candyass Blogger’ Update: Free Speech Absolutists Who Banned Mr. Althouse UPDATE: ‘These Are Historical Dildos’

The defense of Professor Erik “I’m a Lumberjack and I’m OK” Loomis is becoming somewhat of a cause célèbre for the progressive community online and in academia. I’m actually working on a much longer piece about this ongoing controversy, based on my own vast experience in saying stupidly offensive stuff that pisses people off. Meanwhile […]

Cecilia Jimenez Unleashes BHO Metaphor

by Smitty Via Althouse, picture worth a thousand words about a topic that has exactly zilch-point-jack worth of originality to offer: Cecilia, of course, was the little old lady who did a special makeover of Jesus. Say what you will of Jimenez’s work. Having been to the Basilica of the Annunciation, which has a full […]

Growing Up

by Smitty Victor Davis Hanson has another excellent essay on the situation in Europe. Read the whole thing. But let us focus on the Germany/Greece dichotomy. In other words, it is as illogical as it is common for the wayward debtor to blame the thrifty creditor for his dilemma. The Germans now are in the […]

Rebecca Traister’s Idiocy: Too Late for National Offend a Feminist Week? UPDATE: She Keeps Losing Arguments With the Voices in Her Head

Instpundit brutally pimp-slaps a Washington Post columnist who evidently doesn’t understand that a succubus, by definition, cannot be “sex-averse.” Alas, National Offend a Feminist Week ends on Mother’s Day, and I didn’t see Rebecca Traister’s column (linked at Althouse) until the annual festival of patriarchal oppression had elapsed. Sigh. If only there were some good […]

Is Torie Bosch Really An Idiot?

by Smitty Torie Bosch has deliberately, diabolically misconstrued Chris Christie, and Ann Althouse, unexpectedly, seems to want to take Bosch seriously, leading to much cognitive dissonance: But it’s not enough here to say Bosch is an idiot or that Bosch’s idiocy exemplifies the pathetic present-day feminist web-writers and impugns the entire enterprise of feminism — […]

Small Arms May Stop Spread Of Tuberculosis At #OccupyObamaVilles

by Smitty Ladd Ehlinger seems surprised that anarchy, poor sanitation, and the onset of winter can lead to outbreaks of diseases like tuberculosis. I disagree with those who said the Occupy movement was doomed at the first sign of winter. This is because I have never seen it as a grass-roots movement, but one cooked […]

Bubba Got Crushed

by Smitty Over at Althouse, a poll choosing between a third round of Bubba or W. For 2K votes, W has 80%. I don’t know that Ann’s readership is all that right of center, either. While retaining some personal regard for Bush, I don’t think his policies did too much to help attack the generational […]

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