The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Rule 5 Sunday: Armed Forces Day Edition

– compiled by Wombat-socho Yep, time once again for a break from politics, feminism and other unpleasant realities – well, I suppose you could argue that Rule 5 is an important part of National Offend A Feminist Week, and in fact last week’s Rule 5 Sunday was the most linked post of NOAFW. As usual, […]

#NOAFW A Gift to Aspiring Mothers

Excuse the relative paucity of blog output, but I’ve been wrestling for two days with my massive Mother’s Day essay. Today marks the conclusion of sixth annual National Offend a Feminist Week, and I want to do something special. However, the special essay keeps growing longer and longer — it’s very hard to write with […]

‘Homo Rapiens': Anti-PIV RadFem Goes Total Moonbat on Climate Change

There are times when, in studying feminist theory, I start to think, “Hey, maybe they’re onto something here.” A bedrock conservative, unshakable in his patriarchal heteronormative christofascist worldview, can read the really hard-core feminists and glean insights into the fundamental psychosexual dynamic of male dominance, appreciating women’s experience within this dynamic. However, just when you […]

Feminism Is a Journey to Lesbianism

“It became obvious that men didn’t want to interact with me or with women in general on an equal level, and that what ‘attracted’ them in women was subordination to them — as soon as we wanted to be their ‘equals’ they were repelled by it, lost interest or tried to thwart the feminist drive […]

A. Ejaculating on a Fat Girl

Q. What was Bill Clinton’s most famous accomplishment as president? Monica Lewinsky has opened up about her infamous presidential affair to reveal that she turned down offers that would’ve amounted to $10million because she ‘didn’t feel like the right thing to do’. (Perhaps if she had been worried about “the right thing to do” before […]

#NOAFW Kinder, Gentler Baby-Killing

Cosmopolitan magazine celebrates the Sacrament of Liberalism: New Jersey abortion clinic counselor Emily Lett got pregnant and recorded a video of her abortion experience, telling her story to “inspire other women to stop the guilt.” Wesley Smith comments: “Ah. good times. Becoming irresponsibly pregnant and then having a birth-like experience of destroying a fetus – […]

Call It the ‘Post-DTF Stroll,’ Maybe?

Feminism is, among other things, a totalitarian attempt to tell us what to think by controlling what we are allowed to say. For example, we cannot be permitted to disapprove of promiscuous women, and so the language of disapproval must be suppressed. Which predictably brings us to the latest from Amanda Marcotte: The “walk of […]

Feminist Theory Ruins Everything: @AmyGoodloe’s Lesbian Sedative

  “Allison eased herself carefully across the slippery sheets to the edge of the bed. Her feet dangling off the edge, she groped for the floor. She felt the slick, fur-like material of the rug between her toes. For a moment she played with it, enjoying the sensual tickling sensation on her barefoot. Then she […]

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