The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Courage, Alessandra: ‘Let Us Determine to Die Here, and We Will Conquer!’

It’s weird how tunnel-vision can limit our knowledge of the online world. There are vast swaths of the Internet I’ve never seen. Today I noticed an inbound link from “Reflections by Alessandra,” who praised as “beautiful . . . must read” something I’d written. Alessandra’s blog seems to have an almost monomaniacal focus on fighting […]

Divorced Woman Becomes Victim of Patriarchal Oppression and Biology …

. . . but, yeah, mainly it’s the biology: [A] 38-year-old woman . . . is a client of Ronald G. Lieberman, a family law attorney in Haddonfield, N.J. Mr. Lieberman is asking his client’s soon-to-be-former husband of eight years to pay $20,000 to cover her egg-freezing procedure, medication costs and several years of egg […]

‘They Were Lonely and Depressed; Their Symptoms Were Psychosomatic’

In 2006, an Australian physician related his experiences encountering a certain type of female patient: Attractive, successful, mid-20s, complaining of rather vague symptoms. The patient had previously been diagnosed with and treated for a variety of ailments, but was still suffering from anxiety, cramps, etc. A pattern became evident, and the doctor described the typical […]

Losers on the Romantic Demand Side

One of the worst things a guy can do — women can do the same thing, but in a different way and, trust me, there’s a reason I’m making this about guys — is to overestimate their own attractiveness, or to fixate on an “ideal” of beauty in a partner. This isn’t really an either/or, […]

Happily Never After

The one guaranteed result of legalizing gay marriage: Gay divorce, which is not exactly evidence of anything in particular, except as disproving the homo-supremacist message that we’d all be happier if not for the awful oppression of heteronormativity. In 2010, actress Jane Lynch became the “wife” (or perhaps, husband) of psychologist Lara Embry: “It’s just […]

Teen Sex News: Federal Judge Orders ‘Morning After’ Pills for Underage Girls

Poster for 1967 film, Teenage Mother It is illegal to have sex with minors, but because perverts can’t help themselves, the federal government will now be their accomplice in getting rid of the evidence: A federal judge ruled Friday that the government must make the most common morning-after pill available over the counter for all […]

#SC01 UPDATE: Mark Sanford Cites His Vote for DOMA in Local TV Roundtable

Campaign signs outside Thursday’s debate venue CHARLESTON, S.C. Former South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford cited his vote for the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) during a TV appearance with Republican rival Curtis Bostic, three days before their runoff in the 1st District special congressional election. Appearing in a televised half-hour debate Saturday morning on Charleston […]

‘We Record What Is to All Known’

The Fall of Man (or, Adam and Eve), Hendrick Goltzius, 1616 (detail) “The true origin of marriage, venerable brothers, is well known to all. Though revilers of the Christian faith refuse to acknowledge the never-interrupted doctrine of the Church on this subject, and have long striven to destroy the testimony of all nations and of […]

‘Evolution,’ Complete

You knew this was coming, right? Completing what President Obama called his “evolution” on the question of gay marriage, the administration late Thursday called on the Supreme Court to strike down California’s voter-passed initiative invalidating same-sex marriages. In the new brief, the Justice Department argues that the ban on gay marriage violated same-sex couples’ constitutional […]

The Truth and Its Enemies

Last Friday, Pope Benedict gave a Christmas address, in which he raised serious issues about the role of marriage in society: So it became clear that the question of the family is not just about a particular social construct, but about man himself — about what he is and what it takes to be authentically […]

Podhoretz ‘Evolves’ on Gay Marriage; Editorial Insubordination, Not So Much

Donald Douglas calls to our attention an interesting internecine quarrel at Commentary, where their freelance literary critic David Myers has been terminated because of a dispute that Myers claims was about gay marriage, but which the magazine’s editor John Podhoretz says was in fact about acts of insubordination by Myers: What I did not like, and what I […]

Sex and Sammiches

These are the two great arguments for marriage, but young folks don’t seem to understand what it’s all about: Anyhow, if a woman is unwilling to commit to having sex on some sort of regular basis, then how on Earth can any man be reasonably expected to commit to never having sex with anyone else?  […]

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