The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Rule 5 Sunday: Mind The Gap

– compiled by Wombat-socho Yes, it’s time once again for us to take a break from the misery of politics and the cesspool of popular culture (well, except for this, of course) to contemplate the glory of God’s creation, especially as it’s expressed in the female form. As the Loyal Readers should know by now, […]

Rule 5 Sunday: Electric Avenue

– compiled by Wombat-socho As usual, the links in this post lead to pics of attractive (usually) women in little or no clothing (usually) which may not be well received by others who happen to view your computer’s monitor. Be wise, and exercise discretion when clicking. Laughing Conservative kicks things off this week with Sophie […]

Rule 5 Sunday: On The Beach

– compiled by Wombat-socho Holy guacamole, I’m actually getting this done on a Sunday for once. As usual, exercise discretion when clicking the links; if you don’t know why that is, maybe you’d be better off reading some other post. Rotten to the Core leads off this week with Jennifer Lawrence, followed by Fishersville Mike […]

Rule 5 Tuesday – Belated Independence Day Weekend Edition

– compiled by Wombat-socho Next time I get the urge to rack out early on Sunday night, I’ll have a mug of coffee and drive on instead. As usual, this post contains links to numerous pics of pretty girls and lovely women, often scantily clad or entirely unclad; these may be NSFW or just irritating […]

Rule 5 Monday: Air-Cooled

– compiled by Wombat-socho This week’s Rule 5 roundup post almost got punted to Tuesday on account of a weekend spent getting face time with friends and some wrestling with a window air-conditioner tonight, which will make the burrow much more habitable over the next few horribly humid months here in the Washington DC area. […]

A Poultry Attempt At Rule 5

by Smitty Pimbly sent a slightly cryptic tweet: @smitty_one_each Debbie Harry's head over the bikinied turkey is kinda surreal, Smitty. — ForgivingMichael (@WaltPimbley) June 29, 2014 But I realized instantly he was talking about my twitter profile, where a video/picture combination might trigger such an observation: It’s like an absurdist Boxing Helena sequel: “BHII: Talking […]

Rule 5 Monday

– compiled by Wombat-socho It was one of those weekends when I just didn’t seem to have any kind of energy, and that’s why I’m running so late with the weekly dose of shapely young women -or not; EBL has odd notions about what constitutes Rule 5 material. In any case, readers should be aware […]

Rule 5 Sunday: Floating

– compiled by Wombat-socho [Insert usual disclaimer here] Grumpy patriot kicks off this week’s festivities with Rachel Hunter, followed by Rotten to the Core with Dolly Parton, Christina Hendricks and Katy Perry all in one post. Fishersville Mike goes country with Cassadee Price, Goodstuff returns with Jane Russell, and 90 Miles from Tyranny contributes Hot […]

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