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Faint Mumblings, Jumbled, Ricochet About

Posted on | January 23, 2010 | 27 Comments

by Smitty

I don’t want to sound jumpy, but I sort of get the impression that something significant may have happenend in the land of Oldsmobile Delmont submarines. I’m just saying.


Whoops!  How one overlooks Valley of the Shadow without total loss of Internet cred is unclear; hopefully a prominent update papers over the Fail.  VotS has passed the 500 post milestone, and also looks down the road to the 2010/2012 elections, where the light at the end of the tunnel is a Tea Party Express bus chugging along with the speedometer up around ‘all ahead full-tilt boogy’.

Couple of cogent DTG observations with which I’m in full concurrance:

A: There is none. He is exactly the same only louder.
Q: What is the difference between Robert Stacy McCain when he is making a political point and when you are in a bar with him while he is holding court and having a few?


Stacy and I have a lot in common although I’m perhaps the more restrained version.

Robert Stacy McCain: even Elton John looks an introvert in comparison.

‘Our Small Is Their Large’

Scott Brown: Nice Guy

  • Da Tech Guy: “It’s not every day you get to ask Rudolph Giuliani questions concerning a political race but if you are a Sicilian in the north end you fit in like a glove.” Hanging around with RSM will tend to have these side-effects.
  • Ubervu Twitter feed.

Rudy Giuliani and Scott Brown Hit the North End

  • American Glob prints a Stacy McCain photo that brings a character from the Red Green show to mind. I’ll have to do some YouTube follow-up.
  • Obi’s Sister can spell the ‘M’ word.
  • Political Byline liked the interview clips.
  • Scared Monkeys gleefully echos Barney Frank’s fearful prognosis on ObamaCare.
  • GMs Place thinks that Coakley was a Republican plant. It takes more brains than I credit the GOP possessing to have achieved such.
  • Ubervu Twitter feed.

Some Things You Really Have to See to Believe

  • Da Tech Guy allows that Martha Coakley is “a handsome woman”. Full concur. Policies, not so much, but credit where due.
  • The Blanque:

I was informed at work yesterday that, should the Senate pass the Obama Health Care plan, my employer would dump our current plan and adopt the Fed’s plan–leaving me and the members of my unit paying 40% more for health coverage. Sorry folks–me and my mates are barely scraping by as it is; I can’t afford that kind of hit. I’ve already noticed a little looseness around my waistline–and it ain’t because I’m doing more sit-ups in the morning.

Are Democrats Planning to Steal the Massacusetts Election for Coakley?
If the numbers were close, the Dems would have afforded themselves the benefit of the benefit of the doubt.

  • The Lonely Conservative: ” Every voter in Massachusetts who rejects tyranny has to vote – this is not the time to sit one out!”
  • Ruby Slippers Blog: “Democrats don’t nailbite they call in the Cavalry.” RSB missed the “No cruelty to horses” memo, and subsequent de-commissioning of the cavalry. Next week, they will outlaw war. Again.
  • Rhetorican offers a hat tip.
  • Bob Belvedere keeps on linking.
  • Ubervu Twitter feed.

Massachusetts Senate: When the Going Gets Weird, the Weird Vote Brown

If Coakley’s Lost Taylor Marsh. . .

Snow Is Falling in Massachusetts

  • The Lonely Conservative: “Michael Moynihan was blown away by the fact that people in Massachusetts (of all places) are holding signs with quotes from Hayek. Hayek! Not only Hayek, but Ayn Rand.”
  • Da Tech Guy: “Martha Coakley says her voter turnout effort will win her the day.” In some other election, perhaps.
  • Quick Daily Hits: “With every passing election (some national, some local), we all become a little more aware of the trickery and manipulative schemes employed by the election thieves…”

Michael Moynihan Doesn’t Link Here Often Enough, But . . .

VIDEO: Vietnam Vet Drives 1,600 Miles to Volunteer for Scott Brown Campaign

Massachusetts Democrats for Brown?
Polls, Robocalls, Snow, and Other Distractions in Massachusetts
Tuesday Night Ace-a-Palooza in Boston?

  • The Lonely Conservative: “Everything I’ve read and heard about the Massachusetts Senate election leaves me saying ‘Wow!'”
  • A Conservative Lesbian links us in a thoughtful Reichtstag Fire piece that is well worth your time:

Ever since Obama was elected I’ve had the feeling that the organizing principle of his agenda is to destroy America as a capitalist democratic republic in slow motion with such a barrage of debt bombs, government intrusion, weakening of our military, dissolution of border enforcement, stagnation, confusion and fear that Congress would cede its powers to him as president and voters, driven mad with fear and desperation, would agree to trade their liberty and the American dream for the security of Leftist chains — “chains you can believe in.”

Livestreaming from Southie

  • So It Goes In Shreveport: ” If you missed his Live Streaming event last night, well…you really missed…well, something. Yeah. Just check the comments at the post (linked) and you’ll get the idea.”
  • Ubervu Twitter feed.

    • The Lonely Conservative: ” Martha Coakley’s going to need all the vote fraud she can get to pull off a win tonight.” I should probably feel bad for reviewing all of these posts so gleefully.
    • Political Byline knuckles under and links us. Keep practicing, boss. It gets fun.
    • Quick Daily Hits: “Massachusetts Senate Race Forcing Democrats to Consider Ignoring the Will of the People — Can We Stop an Act of Congressional Desperation?”
    • That’s Right: ” feel really good people. I really do. There’s no exit polling so I can’t tell you why I feel that way, except that I’ve been here for 36 hours now and there’s just something about the energy on our side that gives me such great hope.”
    • Scared Monkeys: “The significance of this election is like nothing I have seen in my lifetime. In the balance of this Senate election is the future of Obamacare and the Obama Administration.”
    • Da Tech Guy: “Poll workers said the voters were enthusiastic, they hadn’t seen anything like it before in a state where the results of National elections are a given.”
    • Carol’s Closet was just a little bit tense about Stacy’s dramatic pacing.
    • Political Byline: “Okay, I did one, ya happy now?” Oh, so it’s about making us happy, Patrick? Well, we need a pizza, some wings, a large-ish bottle of soda, maybe some chips. Adding ice cream to the list might sound greedy. So we’ll forbear.
    • Saber Point picks us up.
    • Left Coast Rebel also noted this blog as a major election info site.
    • Donald Doublas gave the linky-love.
    • Ubervu Twitter feed.


    As John Stewart pointed out yesterday on The Daily Show, the Democrats brought this on themselves when they changed the procedure for filling a vacant Senate seat in Massachusetts. They did this in an attempt to prevent the seat from ever being filled by a Republican.

    • Nuke Gingrich: “Even a last-minute campaign swing by President Obama himself did nothing to stem the tide.”
    • The Sundries Shack: “By the way, tomorrow is President Obama’s first anniversary in office.”
    • Da Tech Guy: “All I need is that job and the week will be complete.” Somebody should hire him.
    • South Texian: “Scott Brown is arguably the first politician to be elected to federal office with substantial support from the Tea Party Movement. And in traditionally Democratic Massachusetts, no less!”
    • World Dailey News linked the clip.
    • Haemet

    Moreover, anyone who has been conscious during the past few weeks has felt the positive energy that has radiated from the Brown campaign: the relentlessly positive ads, despite Coakley’s mudslinging; the energy of the counter-protest (described by the Boston Police as “the nicest protestors we’ve ever had”); and the enthusiasm of the victory party. Anger? Just because we’re on fire, doesn’t mean we are angry.

    VIDEO: Massachusetts Democrat Who Voted for Scott Brown

    • The Jones Family: Scott Brown is “more liberal than Olympia Snowe”. But even Oly has ears, and occasionally lets them hear.

    ‘Downfall’ in Massachusetts
    Among the better examples of the form. What a strange world we live in, where a monster of old is used to poke fun at people in this way.

    The Brewing Headgear Controversy
    As Stacy spends time with Ayla Brown, the question arises: Fedora or a fed? That is the nearly palindromic question.

    • The Camp of the Saints noted that RSM is a lucky bastard, based upon interview opportunities.
    • Saber Point “McCain is taking his role as a reporter seriously – note the fedora with a press card stuck in the hat band. I dig it!”
    • The Daley Gator questions Stacy’s taste in hats.
    • In any case, Fischersville Mike adminishes Stacy to give up his keys.
    • American Power noted that Ayla Brown is quite a tower of American Power. With the proper footware on the lady, Dustbury might be a total loss.
    • Bob Belvedere is counted among the fans.
    • Marth Coakley, if nothing else, needs saluting lessons.

    Flip Side of the Brown Coin

    Hannah Giles Showed Up at Last Night’s Celebration in Boston . . .

    All Politics News Breakfast Is Local

    • Da Tech Guy, and here.
    • Dustbury: “‘Dead-tree’ as an adjective in this context is probably accurate, but that word ‘dead,’ even though it properly modifies ‘tree,’ tends to ooze over the entire phrase, giving the impression of imminent extinction.”
    • Ed Driscoll links us while quoting Lionel Chetwynd observing that the lesson of Massachusetts is that ‘all politics is local only during times of domestic tranquility, but at truly defining moments, all politics is ideological.’
    • Kynikos links us in a thoughtful post: “Obama’s Act II, Same Script, Same Scapegoat?”
    • Ubervu Twitter feed.

    Ace of Spades Came to Boston Unprepared for Last Night’s Celebration
    This is a mildly disturbing clip. It is purely sophomoric, NSFW dude humor. While not terribly evil, it is 1:41 of your life that will be completely obliterated if you watch the thing. Following some of the links, then, one arrives at Bedtime for Bonehead’s instant classic, which see, as embedding this source is proving too ‘interesting’.

    Good Morning

    Your average German, however, has had some serious driver training, as distinguished from the standard American variety, in which basically you promise to learn how to parallel-park some day; you run 114 mph through Meth Valley and you’re going to get an object lesson in Advanced Darwinism, and not the good kind, either.

    Da Tech Guy feels like he lost a week. In this dramatization, Steve McQueen represents Stacy and Da Tech Guy in a 1968 Ford Mustang 390 Fastback, chasing ‘the story’ in a 1968 Dodge Charger 440 Magnum:

    Guess Who’s a Neo-Confederate
    Faux News Tea-Bagger Extremist?

    CPAC 2010: Glenn Beck Will Be Closing Keynote Speaker Feb. 20 in D.C.

    Why Isn’t Everybody Blogging About the Ayla Brown Bikini Photo Scandal?

    Conor and Andy Want Some Pudding

    • Piece of Work in Progress: “Stacy’s also a bit of a Native American coyote/prankster character, as you might have guessed from his writing, and his having slapped a Martha Coakley sticker on Ace’s back.”
    • The Classic Liberal publishes a lexicon, and links us.

    David S. Bernstein: Progressive Genius!

    Not Since the Collapse of Culture 11 . . .

    Planned Parenthood’s Federal Bailout

    Floggin LGF:

    Other FMJRA Outings:

    Miscellaneous Shouts:

    • Bob Belvedere noted our technical challenges. It was imporant that I go bald before trying this self-hosting approach. Stacy’s blood pressure has been, shall we say, ‘elevated’ at times. We appear to have moved beyond the turbulence, and let those not be famous last words, oh Lord.
      Belvedere also picked up Stacy’s AmSpec post.
    • Boom Boom Boom offered a little bow for the Mako Snark pointer.
    • At the Point of a Gun linked “Don’t Overthink It“, as well as saying something vaguely positive about James Cameron.
    • Apropos tip jar rattling, Political Byline mooched a Woody Wookpecker from somewhere.
    • Haemet notes that Stacy videoed March for Life’s conference

    Apologies in advance for omissions. None are intentional. This post is at the manageability limit. In fact, it may be properly called ‘ungovernable’. Rule 5 Sunday will also be outrageous. Side effects of success.


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      Thanks for the links, Smitty. The upside of obsessive blogging.

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      Major! As in that’s a freakin’ major effort of a FMJRA!!

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      Major! As in that’s a freakin’ major effort of a FMJRA!!

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      Ditto Americaneocon. Whoa!

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      Thank you, Smitty! 🙂

      Ditto Americaneocon. Whoa!

    20. JD Hayworth Wants To Send John
      January 24th, 2010 @ 12:35 am

      JD Hayworth former congressman from Arizona is looking to unseat Senator John McCain.

    21. JD Hayworth Wants To Send John
      January 24th, 2010 @ 12:35 am

      JD Hayworth former congressman from Arizona is looking to unseat Senator John McCain.

    22. JD Hayworth Wants To Send John McCain Home
      January 23rd, 2010 @ 7:35 pm

      JD Hayworth former congressman from Arizona is looking to unseat Senator John McCain.

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