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Flatus Mars Just-Resolved Annual Gumflap

Posted on | January 30, 2010 | 3 Comments

by Smitty

The State of the Union, or FMJRA Gumflap, was a well-written and -delivered piece of rhetoric. As long as its relationship to reality remains a separate topic, we can keep things peaceable. The POTUS can stand there and say “We may be incompetent, but we’re all you’ve got” only as far as the next election. No one but Christopher Walken needs more cowbell. Finally, when the Justice who didn’t bark gets as much press as the Preshizzle who barked for over an hour, you know someone is deep in the hurt locker.

Footballs, Little Green (1 pair):
Little Green Footballs and the ‘Cult of Personality’ Factor in Blogging

  • Da Tech Guy: “I’m actually pleased to read he has a fiancée since as I’ve said the right woman makes all the difference in one’s life.”
  • James Board plays the Lady GaGa card.
  • Around the Sphere quotes CJ, apparently enumerating reasons for torching strawmen that exist in his own mind: “A right-wing blogosphere that is almost universally dominated by raging hate speech (see: Hot Air, Free Republic, Ace of Spades, etc.)” This blog would bear mention in this list as a badge of honor, but can’t muster the interest to feel miffed at the omission.
  • Gateway Pundit: LGF “reads at times like a blog version of ‘Animal Farm’.”
  • POWIP: “The Douche of URL”. Tee hee hee.
  • Saberpoint: “Who Is Charles Johnson? Who Cares?”
  • Paco Enterprises, via private email:

    After reading through the articles and posts linked by Stacy, I confess to being fascinated by Johnson’s implosion. I was particularly taken by the references (I think it was in the NYT’s piece) to the handful of “lizards” who are so strangely, slavishly devoted to him – although it would seem that few, if any, have ever actually met him. Johnson truly seems to have created a cult of personality – perhaps the first of its type in the blogosphere.

    I’m no psychologist, but it seems to me that Johnson is, to use the technical terminology, nuts. I know next to nothing about Barrett Brown, save for what I read today, but he puts me in mind of someone – knapsack over his shoulder, unbathed for a week – who shows up at the Manson ranch after the murders and asks to join the club. A hyperbolic analogy, perhaps, but you get what I mean: seems a little late, and not a little fatuous, to be hooking up with Charles Johnson at this stage of his mental collapse. Hugely ironic considering that both men pride themselves on their “skepticism”.

More LGF Fallout: New York Times ‘Casually Defames’ Filip DeWinter

Thanks, Dennis Prager

Light-hearted Ellie:
Ellie Light Is a Nasty Slut

  • Rhetorican gives too much credit to Gibbs:

    Is Ellie Light several people at Media Matters? Is it Robert Gibbs? Is it a clumsy intern at MSNBC? Who knows? But whoever Ellie is, he/she is not very good at appearing plausible.

    I wouldn’t accuse Gibbs of having enough sack to try such a stunt. He picked us up again in a second roundup.

  • Cold Fury links us in a rant about voter registration.
  • The Lonely Conservative linked us while riffing on the grade-school TOTUS appearance.
  • Without Adjectives linked RSM’s dare to sue.
  • The Underground Conservative: “David Axelrod’s astroturf brigade is at it again.” I’m unaware of the specific history in question.
  • A Conservative Lesbian noted our more flattering portrait, but less flattering opinion of Ellie’s character.
  • That’s Right provided a portrait comparison of left/right political figures, agreeing with the “slut” conclusion.
  • The Camp of the Saints echoed the opinion.
  • Political News Highlights and Controversy linked us, as well.
  • The Camp of the Saints:

    There are a large number of people who believe we are in The End Time, that the End Of Days is not too far off. Many of them believe this is the age when the Antichrist will rise. I’m one of those who leans heavily against this notion, but I like to keep my options open. While I don’t see this as the age of the AntiChrist, I do think we may have witnessed the appearence of the Anti-Galt.

  • Follow-up here.

‘Who Is Ellie Light?’

  • POWIP: “…since you’ve lied over and over, I don’t give a rat’s ass what your explanation is, Moby.”
  • A Conservative Shemale hat tips us and a few others.
  • His Vorpal Sword linked us amidst the most psychedelic post I’ve seen since… wow…was that WordPress or Pink Floyd? The post may have been a lengthy discussion on the difference between sockpuppets and astroturf, but the crazy diamond shining on was too bright.
  • The Lonely conservative played the Joe Klein card.

Good News: ‘Ellie Light’ Is a Man

VIDEO: Adam Andrzejewski on Judge Andrew Napolitano’s Show

SO TU, Brute?
URGENT NEWS ALERT: VodkaPundit Will Drunkblog SOTU Tonight

  • Cynthia Yockey chides RSM’s editorial acumen: “I have to say your headline announcing Vodkapundit will be drunkblogging the SOTU is, um, so very ‘dog bites man’.”
  • That’s Right gave up the linky-love.
  • The Lonely Conservative picked us up, along with other keep-awake strategies. I’ll admit that I just read the transcript.
  • The Reaganite Republican Resistance had a splendid roundup.
  • The Ubervu Feed.
  • The Camp of the Saints: “I’m glad you asked…No, I will not be watching Julius Obamacus Caesar’s State Of The Empire Union speech tonight. Believe me, I would like to, but, unfortunately, duty calls and I have to go watch some paint dry.”

VIDEO: Chris Matthews Says, ‘You Know, I Forgot He Was Black Tonight’

  • Red State linked us. Delicious blockquote:

    The case has been made quite well who the real racists are, they live in the mid to far left in America and never let anyone forget the color of their own skin, and if you succeed with OTWS (Other Than White Skin), you owe the Democrat party your allegiance or you are an IgnorantUncleTomStepNFetchItHouseBoy™.

    Regarding that last bit, Erick Brockway is encouraged to Set The Java Down.

  • Rightofcourse linked us, but has apparently been watching too many ‘Downfall’ clips:

    There are two instances in the speech where things get really weird. First, the Senate recently blocked the appointment of a committee proposed (and presumably selected) by Obama. Comrade Obama tells them they no longer matter because he will write an executive order to appoint zees committee anyvay. Zis iss goot, yah?
    Later, he lashes out at the Supreme Court for not interpreting the Constitution in a manner that suits him. Since they don’t agree with him. He vill go around zem, yah? He orders Congress to come up with a bill to go around the recent ruling of the Supreme Court. Heil.

‘I Forgot Chris Matthews Was White’

Holy Guacamole! Keith Olbermann Invokes Dred Scott Analogy?

Olbermann’s Secret Racism Decoder Ring

Video of the day: No Rules For Radicals

Allahpundit Demands a Recount! 2009 ‘Beta Male of the Year’ Award

‘The Best Week Since Spring Break’

Hot Chicks With Big Fish . . .Or: Look at the Bass on Her!

POTUS and TOTUS in Falls Church

  • Da Tech Guy: “If you think his political foes are sensing weakness, imagine what America’s foes are thinking?”
  • WyBlog liked the post, and went with the Paul Simon refrence.

Economics: What If the Experts Are Wrong? And What If They’re Lying?

Stripper Movie ‘Is a Really Good Story’ for Young Girls, Actress Says

There Are Still 5 A’s in Raaaaacist!

The Senate Feud in Kentucky

  • That’s Right: “Wait…I thought it was us wacky teabaggers that were doing all the in-fighting. You mean the Democrats are having some family issues as well? Well color me…not surprised at all.”

It’s David Brooks Fisking Day!

  • Troglopundit linked us, while mixing it up with Bob Belvedere, in a non-protein sharing arrangement, we are led to understand.
  • Belvedere has made the flaming handshake photo from ‘Wish You Were Here’ into a Fisking icon.


‘Noticeably Monosyllabic’

Marxist Historian Howard Zinn, 87, Consigned to the Ash Heap of History

Massachusetts Update: Protest Against Planned Parenthood in Fitchburg Today

Send Da Tech Guy to CPAC!

Worse than Maddow and Olbermann

At the Scott Brown Victory Celebration, Old Ebbitt Grill

  • Da Tech Guy links us while following up on the Scott Brown fallout:

    Other Coakley supporters also expressed surprise: “I can’t see how he can credibly support the Massachusetts Healthcare plan and oppose the national one when they are basically the same thing.”

    To that Mass. resident: what does Amendment 10 mean to you?

  • No Sheeples Here has some thoughts on Stacy’s wardrobe management.

Feminists OK With Women in Panties Selling Beer. Pro-Life Ads? Not So Much

  • It’s Only Words
  • Sincerely Amanda:

    Come to think of it, there are many things you might not want to discuss during the Super Bowl – such as torn ACLs, concussions, cracked ribs, and crazy singers getting their bras ripped off during the half time show (remember the Janet Jackson debacle?).

    But Marx forbid that the inspirational life story of a football player be broadcast during the Super Bowl.

  • Da Mook give us a link and analysis.
  • The Ubervu thread.
  • Bob Belvedere confers a Spot-on Quote of the Day.

Jill Stanek on the Battle of Fitchburg

  • Haemet links us.
  • Da Tech Guy links us and amplifies the situation. Da Tech Guy is also strongly pro-life. Me, too, with the bit of nuance that I think the Federal government should not interfere with individal Americans. Thus, even though I abhor the slaughter of the innocent, I would not support, for example, a Consitutional ban on abortion. States rights, for all murder is clearly murder.
  • Bob Belvedere gives us the linkage.

Other FMJRA Outings:

Miscellaneous Shouts:

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  1. M. Simon
    January 31st, 2010 @ 4:51 pm

    Cynthia Yockey chides RSM’s editorial acumen: “I have to say your headline announcing Vodkapundit will be drunkblogging the SOTU is, um, so very ‘dog bites man’.”

    More like dog chases tail.

  2. M. Simon
    January 31st, 2010 @ 11:51 am

    Cynthia Yockey chides RSM’s editorial acumen: “I have to say your headline announcing Vodkapundit will be drunkblogging the SOTU is, um, so very ‘dog bites man’.”

    More like dog chases tail.

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