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"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

From the Mariott, Joyousness Resounds Anew

Posted on | February 20, 2010 | 4 Comments

by Smitty

This week’s FMJRA comes from the fabulous Mariott Wardman Park in DC. The Valley of the Shadow has a great CPAC roundup post of our coverage.

Sweet Tea for GOP in Alabama
Go, Les Phillip!

Instapundit Interviews Les Phillip

  • victoria_29:

    Great read…glad to see true conservatives like Les & Angela getting some attention. Maybe the RNC will wake up at some time.

  • Cathy:

    The mainstream media just doesn’t “get it”. Tea Party “people” are NORMAL, every day, hard-working, little league game attending, church members, employees, employers, from all walks of life. It’s not a “GOP” thing or a “DNC” thing, it’s about abuse of government. It’s about stopping the liberty our government (state and federal) has been taking with our tax dollars and with the U.S. Constitution. Most of us happen to know a thing or two about this country, how it works, economics, how to run a business, how to raise children, and we also know that en masse, we are a powerful force. Angela McGlowan happens to be black. Les Phillip happens to be black (I never really noticed) and because we haven’t distinguished this, indicates that as long as that candidate is dedicated to the principles this country was founded upon and will be accountable to “We the People” we don’t care if he/she is purple. Speaking of Les Phillip, he is the ONLY candidate for Congress in the 5th District of AL who is qualified for the job. Oh, no he hasn’t held any political office. That is just one reason of many why he is the man for the job. He owes no one a thing. He knows what we need, he CAME to this country to that he would have the opportunity and freedom to achieve all he could. He didn’t achieve his success as a result of hand-outs or special favors. He knows what America is about and he, of all people, should appreciate it. And, he does. He wants his children to have the SAME AMERICA that he got to know when he came to the USA. How did we get here? We know the way back, and that is with people like Les Phillip and Angela McGlowan taking back our country. Let the left grumble and groan about The Tea Party. They have, Obama for America, oh I’m sorry it’s now Organizing for America, ACORN, the SEIU and who knows what else up their sleeve. But, we’ve got something for them. People like Les Phillip AND the people of America and they have a big battle coming because we aren’t giving up on America, yet. Thanks for writing and mentioning Les Phillip. He is a constitutional conservative is has already taken an oath to protect this country and the Constitution. He still does and will continue to do so.

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Obviously, the Solution to Our Nation’s Most Pressing Problems Is . . .

‘Random Tragedy’ Not So Random: Socialist Serial Killer Amy Bishop

  • victoria_29:

    It is amazing how these stories are unwinding. I find the ties to MA sort of ironic considering our election situation right now.

  • Maggie M. Thornton:

    Convenient that the files on the shooting of her brother have been missing since 1987, but police still on the street have not forgotten the incident, or that the Chief stopped the booking.

  • MikeT:

    I noticed she has a profile on Apparently she also has a history of violence in the classroom.

  • Steve Burri:

    Is a life sentence without the possibility of parole considered a tenured position?

  • Chris Mallory:

    Aside from a very short period of time around 1776, has any thing good ever come from Mass?

  • dad29:

    Massachusetts is rapidly becoming the Center of the World for prosecutorial misconduct.

  • Timetester:

    MikeT February 14th, 2010 @ 12 21 That is a hoax.

  • ThomasD:

    Delahunt’s career appears over. Strange though, this time it is over a dead boy, and a live girl. Go figure.

  • Craig Cobb:

    Amy Bishop Anti Semitism

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Matt Welch: Meh

  • Chuck Cross:

    As a Republican who believes in liberty, but is not a libertarian (capital L or lowercase l), I cannot tell you how much time I have wasted dealing with purists who are all-or-nothing/anarchists, or the objectivist libertarians who are perfectly okay with turning the rest-of-the-world into a glass parking lot if it is in our national interest. “Republicans diss libertarians when they’re in power, and Democrats diss libertarians when they’re in power.” And that is precisely why no one wants to work with you, Team Libertarian. If you hold everyone else in contempt, why shouldn’t you expect the same? If DeMint can work with Bernie Sanders, I can work with those with whom I am not in 100% lockstep agreement.

  • Ron Jones:

    I wouldn’t call myself a Libertarian….But that’s simply because I don’t identify with the tin-foil-hat wearing crowd who will not talk about eliminating social safety nets until after repealing the drug laws. Or who cling to half-baked conspiracy theories, while ignoring the blatant, daylight conspiracies that go on each and every day in the halls of power. However, I categorically reject the Left/Right paradigm, and the current two-party monopoly as trap of Hegelian dialectics. I’m with Judge Napolitano on this: we live in a one-party state. One party with two heads. Republicans and Democrats differ on how they want to spend the money they steal from you. But what they never differ on is the supremacy of the federal government over the states. For those who haven’t studied history, the federal government is a creation of the states. “A government of the people, by the people, and for the people” is a fallacy. The phrase was invented by a mass-murdering tyrant who was in the process of usurping the powers of the states which formed the national government. No, the federal government is “of the states, by the states, and for the states.” When the states came together, they entered into a voluntary federal compact; in which they enumerated (wrote down) a specific set of parameters within which the general government was to operate. They then delegated a tiny portion of their sovereignty to this general government in order that it may have the authority to act within the limited parameters it was given. The Kentucky & Virginia resolutions of 1798 are perfect examples of how states kept the federal government in line. But it was not to be. The ideology of Hamilton, Marshall, Clay & Lincoln (high protective tariffs, corporate welfare, and a national bank to inflate the money supply & pay for it all) inevitably gained ground with the influx of immigrants that gave those states a voting majority. After Lincoln and his war criminals raped, burned, and murdered their way through a foreign nation who just wanted to go their own way…they forced them into “the union” at the point of a bayonet dripping with the blood of women and children (so much for the “voluntary” federal compact). With the passage of the 14th amendment (section 1 in particular), the federal government told the states that they were no longer sovereign entities, and the national authority could overturn any legislation a state passed which was deemed unacceptable. Then, the passage of the 17th amendment removed any recourse or voice the states had in the federal government. They became mere administrative districts. When the sun set on Appomattox that fateful April day in 1865, the Republic our forefathers bled for was no more. Within a few short years, we became a domestic empire; massacring countless hundreds of thousands to take their land while enriching the politically well connected railroad families with tax money. A scant few decades later, we had an international empire, and a military that enforced “business privilege” abroad (See “War is a Racket” by General Smedley D. Butler). Today, we are teetering on the brink of collapse. Our elected officials have, for nearly a century, taxed, spent, and borrowed the difference. The chickens are now coming home to roost (see for the real-time numbers). We simply owe more money than we can ever pay back. Even the script writers at SNL understand this (the recent skit of Obama & Hu Jintao is stunningly accurate). Those SNL guys are pretty sharp, but they’re entertainers, Finance isn’t their bailiwick; so if they understand the problem, you can bet that John Q. Public does too. The “free” stuff demanded by our parents & grandparents generation must end (Search YouTube for “I.O.U.S.A. Byte Sized” for details). This includes military adventurism and the idea that we are “meals on wheels,” or “law enforcement” to the world. Finally, read “A Century of War” by John V. Denson for a look at how we started down this road. As a veteran of 9+ years in the Marine Corps, this book broke my heart. But it woke me up. Now, I am no longer a “Reagan republican.” And while I certainly cannot be a Democrat, I’m also not a Libertarian. I am ME. For those overly organized minds who simply must put me into a box… …Label it Christian Paleo-Libertarian, and put me next to Lew Rockwell, Tom DiLorenzo, Thomas E. Woods et al. I will be in the company of a rapidly growing multitude.

  • John S:

    Welch’s article was interesting, if a bit jumpy and condescending. But like Ron Jones up there, I think it would be advisable to absorb ideas and rational spokesmen like Lew Rockwell and Tom Woods into the growing Republican dialogue. For, what is more advantageous, a Republican party purged of libertarianism, left with big-government chatterboxes whose number one priority will never be anything but the Middle East? Or, a “big tent” of people who have different priorities, but a common thread: liberty? Whose big tent would you rather be under? The Democrats’, which ranges from Social Democracy/Unfunded Entitlements/”Community Organizers” to the unions-first crowd to Maoists; or that of the Republicans, which ranges from 2nd Amendment advocates to staunch friends of Israel to free speech advocates to Paulites to Bushites to just your average “just want to be left alone” guy?

  • WestWright:

    JohnS, well reasoned reply to the Libtars vs R/Conservtars. I have noticed an interesting propensity of the Libtars and R/Conservtars to start sounding like the other hated group, the Progtars. An interesting comparison would be the evolution of the British lib/lab/con into one big mush of Leftist BigGov love, AGW scammers and NeoKeynesian failure.

  • Guest:

    No, Libertarians are NOT nutcases (lew rockwell=everyone is Hitler) they are purity (pot-smoking anesthesiologists fighting for legalized heroin) who think rigged-market=free market. Libertarians; your Party Pot, Porn and Dirty Dealing with Dictators for Greater Personal Profit Margin has left your nuts as impotent as your flaccid pricks.

  • Adobe Walls:

    Did Matt Welch write that all non libertarian conservatives are or might be racists? Based on the comments above and what little I’ve read I feel justified in my conclusion that most libertarians are just preachy anarchists. As a purely academic question the southern states did indeed have the right to leave the Union, however having lost that fight 145 years ago rearguing that fight in the current political arena is a little too retro for my taste.

  • DaveP.:

    As a Conservative, I don’t believe taht the .04% of the vote that Liberatrians can bring to the table is worth putting up with their bullshit. Maybe when they move out of their mom’s basement and grow up…

  • Ran / Si Vis Pacem:

    Some of your allies may be given to outbursts of religious, super-rational altruism as they set about rejecting the Divine Federal Government. This does not make them Untouchables. It’ll be OK, Matt.” Dang, that’s good, Smitty! :-) On the one hand – we’re told that the right is moving libertarian. Strong evidence of this shift is the value-set of movement characters such as Sarah Palin or Michel Bachmann’s, who’s policies align well with those of libertarian candidates such as Rand Paul. On the other, Welch wouldn’t vote for Palin because she’s, what? Statist? Does Matt offer a clarification of just exactly how a Palin or Bachmann presidency would diminish “human freedom and prosperity”? Moreover I reject the notion that the right is moving libertarian: Rather, conservatism is forcing the non-libertarian “progressive” components out into harsh sunlight. Tocqueville’s liberty and tyranny are being applied as the metric: Seen plainly, the likes of “conservatives” such as Brooks and Frum resemble Clinton and other statist “progressives” more than they do libertarian conservatives of the Goldwater-Reagan mold. Evidence of this is that as Bush II showed his statist colors and his Republican congress spent like drunks, Republican majorities evaporated. The Right was always there – it was just being ignored.

  • Ron Jones:

    “Government is not reason; it is not eloquent; it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.” Said George Washington All of my politics (expressed in detail at ) flow from the following simple truism: The essence of all politics can be expressed as the answer to One. Single. Question. “When is the use, or the threat of deadly force against your family, your friends, your neighbors, and acquaintances justified?” If that makes me an extremist in your eyes, then I am proud to wear the label. But remember this… Every time you support any government spending program, any law, any regulation by a government agency; you are expressing a willingness to kill your friends, family, and fellow citizens who refuse to pay for said initiative. Who is the statist now?

  • Adobe Walls:

    Now we’re against fire?

  • Bob Belvedere:

    1) What Ran said. 2) The libertarians have a great chance to be a part of the restoration of our freedoms and liberties, but puritans like Matt Welch are going to sabotage it for them. Good men, like Eric Dondero and Mike Todd, are trying to bridge the conservative/libertarian divide in the interest of our country. We can work together, we must work together. And we can do so, each group, without losing our souls. The example I like to site is on the issue of abortion: conservatives and libertarians can agree that it is an issue that Constitutionally belongs at the state level and, therefore, can work to that end. Once this victory is achieved, then we can battle over the issue in each state of The Union. Mr. Welch seeks nothing less than to maintain his movement on the fringes and hurt the cause of liberty at the same time.

  • Adobe Walls:

    How does one work with those who believe recognizing that there will be a state makes one a statist. In their intolerance they remind me of progressives. As far as I can determine the only broad area of agreement between conservatives and libertarians might be fiscal responsibility, for that matter that’s the only broad area of agreement between libertarians. Conservatives shouldn’t deny or hide their conservative social values but should emphasize cutting spending, less regulation, free market principals and strong on national security. This worked in VA, NJ and Mass. If someone walked into your dealership wearing work boots with a double bitted ax on his shoulder you’d tell him how tough your trucks are not how pretty. In the Bush administration they questioned prospective DOJ employees about their views on abortion. They should have been asking at treasury and the fed what those folks thought about Keynesian economics. We will not destroy bolshevism trading the white house and congress with the democrats every eight years or so. Once the people start to trust those we elect to not destroy the economy and steal our liberty and personal independence the people will follow on social issues.

Well, Now, Mr. Wurzelbacher

  • Dandapani:

    I’m not happy with Palin’s support of McCain. I haven’t totally given up on her. She probably feels a little loyalty to the man who brought into the public spotlight. So for me, the jury is still out on this. If she goes there, gives a pep talk, and never says another word about McCain, then perhaps we can forgive her. The other TEA party members need to really pull for the real conservatives in the primary race.

  • richard mcenroe:

    Actually, as much as I despise McCain, this rather cements my respect for Sarah Palin. Back when Harry Truman was President, he refused to turn his back on the hometown pol who gave him his start, even when said pol was accused of corruption. That was taken as a sign of Truman’s character, that loyalty mattered to him. Palin is paying her debts. She’s showing more class than McCain has shown to his party or the voters of Arizona, or than any of the weasels from the McCain ‘campaign’ slithering around nipping at her ankles.

  • richard mcenroe:

    That said, the Plumber’s got every right to be pissed at the McCain camp which used him and left him hanging in the wind, so I have no bitch with him either.

  • dad29:

    It took Joe HOW long to figure out that he was a Kleenex?

  • richard mcenroe:

    dad29 — To the DC nomenklatura, GOP and Dem, we’re ALL Kleenex. Remember to vote against the incumbents, regardless of party, in the upcoming primary. They ALL need a short sharp shock.

  • Bob Belvedere:

    1) What Richard wrote. 2) ‘Kleenix’? How about toilet paper.

  • Roxeanne de Luca:

    If Sarah were supporting Olympia Snowe or Susan Collins, I could understand worrying about her loyalty to conservative principles. However, she is showing loyalty and honour; I do wish that people would not criticise her for that. While I do think that it is tremendously important to return to conservative principles (the future health of this country does depend on that), I don’t see the need to lose honour in doing so. In fact, in the long run, it is always far more detrimental to give up principles in the belief that the end justifies the means. Washington, DC has enough slime and backstabbing. Good on Sarah for demonstrating that there is another way to exist.

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Bloggers Cause Danica Patrick Wreck at Daytona; Bikini Photos Survive Accident

  • Steve Burri:

    While talking to the other drivers involved in the wreck, I found that 7 of them were ‘reading’ The TrogloPundit using their onboard computers that displayed the image onto their windshields.

  • Americaneocon:

    Look’s like Robert’s making up for lost time on the the Rule 5 front! Danica is hot, so Troglo’s going have some competition. Although I must say, TCL’s Hathaway post has set a new standard of female-ogling righteousness!!

  • paul mitchell:

    They should have taken her cell phone and mascara away from her before the race started.

  • Red:

    Here’s some rule five action for the fellas at Horndog, er Corndog. You are all depraved.

  • Red:

    It’s only fair that the ladies have their rule five as well.

  • Dave C:

    At least the right guy won the race. Tony Stewart

  • Red:

    You mean she hasn’t outed you yet. Women always know.

  • Bob Belvedere:

    Dear Colonel McCain: To heap Doug and I in with an obviously mentally ill individual [Lance, who I staged an Internet Intervention on] and suspected perverted Professor [at least he claims to be one; for all we know, Donald is Rianne Theriault-Odom’s Manager] Donald Douglas is an insult of the highest order. To imply that I would take any action to cause Miss Patrick any distress [especially considering I am about to take action to adopt her] is contemptible. I am tempted, sir, to have my second contact your second unless an apology is forthcoming. I await your reply and remain your humble and… Col. Beauregard ‘Bob’ Oswald Belvedere

  • Dan:

    I’ll put my money on Chrissy Wallace having a better season.

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Attention, Ugly Women: You Do Not
Have the Right to a Job as a Stripper

  • Michael Bates:

    I don’t think it was a federal lawsuit that eliminated young, attractive, cheerful stewardesses. It was unionization with its priority on seniority. Union-enforced seniority meant that the more expensive your seat on the plane, the more likely you’d be lumbered with a surly flight attendant who is just phoning it in until retirement. (The feds did have a role in this — American Airlines had a chance to break the flight attendants’ union in ’93 or thereabouts but Clinton intervened.) My wife and I flew first class to Europe in the early ’90s. I expected that first class on a transatlantic flight would the cheeriest and prettiest flight attendants. Instead, it was clear that seniority could claim the most prized assignments. Our flight attendant looked like Selma Diamond and was as disagreeable as the bailiff the late actress played in Night Court. To illustrate her lack of customer-orientation: We were in the last row of non-smoking, but as no one was seated in the smoking section, we were hopeful that no one would light up. During Selma’s break time she sat in the row behind us and chain-smoked as we attempted to sleep.

  • Simon:

    Funny, funny post.

  • Heather:

    Do you really expect me to believe that strip club patrons look at their faces?!

  • Milo:

    “That may not make sense to you, but I’m sure Robert Reich or Paul Krugman could explain it.” Heh heh heh… that one’s tip-jar-worthy. I’m headed there now…

  • Barbara Espinosa:

    YEAH!!! They do, it’s makes sense you guys don’t look as high as the face.

  • Dave C:

    Who knows, Rianne Theriault-Odom might have a huge ass and thunder thighs. You only see her face in that shot.. You know, the parts that guys do look at in strip clubs.

  • Enoch_Root:

    I am trying to remember seeing a good-looking, front-line bureaucrat. I am still thinking on it. But if you want to see truly hideous wildebeest “strippers”, visit East Dubuque, IA. Thems the kind that should pay the patrons for pain and suffering. No more attractive than a DMV receptionist whose been sitting on her one-legged ass for the past 20 years.

  • Michael:

    Stewardesses not only used to be young, attractive, and cheerful, but they also were single. Being middle-aged and married pretty much disqualified a woman from that profession. There was no such thing as seniority because there were not any stewardesses who weren’t in it for the opportunities to see the world once they got out of school and maybe find a husband along the way. The federal government changed all that and transformed stewardessing into a life-long career.

  • Wyatt Earp:

    Odom should be renamed “O-damn!” God, she makes Michelle Obama look like Beyonce.

  • proof:

    If this gal were an entrepreneur, she could have stood outside the club with a sign: For $5.00, I’ll keep my clothes ON! Sounds like the money would have come rolling in!

  • The Osprey:

    RSM, this is your funniest blog post evah!

  • serr8d:

    “And therefore, when Theriault-Odom didn’t get a stripper job, she blamed Bush.” FTFY.

  • Bob Belvedere:

    If you’re too young or were too drugged-out in the ’60’s and ’70’s to remember what the stewardesses looked like, may I encourage you to take a trip [no, not that kind, man] down memory lane by going to Ran’s tribute here and mine here. Cordially… ‘Shameless Bob’ Belvedere

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‘Trust Us, We’re Experts!’

  • rain of lead:

    the husky one at BVoAF (blog version of animal farm) now has a thread up about Phil Jones he is calling the paper the Daily fail and it is all ” he did not say what he said he said” wonder if he will dis the times of london.

  • Adobe Walls:

    somewhat off topic: speaking of experts Klugman at RCP

  • KingShamus:

    So the dog ate Phil Jones homework? Amazing.

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‘Almost Never’ Is Once Too Often

  • Ron Jones:

    “Amy has NEVER been able to effectively communicate or connect with another human being. She was just missing that part of her brain…. ” Just goes to show…Liberalism IS a mental disorder.

  • Paul A’Barge:

    Better read this and add to the mystery of Bishop:

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The Protocols of the Elders of CTHULHU IV. Spiritual Demolition

  • yoyo:

    Bizarre zenophobia [sic] coupled with a slick of loathing of women and it’s meant to highlight what?

    If the writer hasn’t written well enough that the work explains itself, then the writer has failed. Taking a crass moment to explain the work, it merges the non-racist, tinfoil hat aspects of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion with an overt horror element. The story wound up being about the Worst Meeting Evar. There is no hidden meaning: quoting The Protocols directly is meant to show the kind of un-representative government that the world is tending toward.

SFW Video: Hookers In The Graveyard

  • Moe Lane:

    That man is going to get shot, one of these days.

  • proof:

    Smitty: Your whole “sex in the graveyard” thing reminded me of a joke: Two guys are talking and one of them says: “I think my wife is dead” “What makes you think that?” “Well, the sex is the same, but the dishes are starting to pile up in the sink!” (rim shot!)

Tactically Bad vs. Strategically Bad

  • Huey:

    So. Past experience with 3rd parties no longer applicable? Draining votes from the Republican candidate to virtually ensure that Reid wins is suddenly a good idea now that a group of people self-identified as “tea partiers” throws their hats into the ring? Ah, the magic of magic words…

  • richard mcenroe:

    Has anybody checked this “Tea Party” out? What are the odds it’s a Reid/Dem ‘false flag op’?

  • Adobe Walls:

    Well now I am baffled, the only possible way this is good for conservatives (as opposed to republicans) is if there is no possibility of finding a Nevada republican who can pass the 80% test. Flipping three senate seats would be symbolically important enough to overlook a certain level of squishiness. I don’t think Scott Brown is a rino/squish and I think he may be more conservative than some think. His taking of “Teddy’s” seat overrides the importance of exactly how conservative Sen. Brown is or is not. Congressman Kirk in Illinois has cast some disconcerting votes, enough to make one question if he is “conservative enough”. As I live in NC it’s easy for me to say that since Kirk is running for Bolshevik in charge’s seat that I don’t care if he’s not a real conservative. If he was running in Ohio or Indiana I doubt I’d favor his election over taking the risk of running a true 3rd party conservative. I don’t know much about the republican primary candidates in Nevada. If they’re that bad then 3rd party go. But it sure would be sweet and have larger implications than a single senator to unseat the democratic Senate Majority Leader.

  • Huey:

    Message to self-identified “tea partiers:” 1) Just because some group has labeled itself a “tea party,” doesn’t mean that it has your best interest at heart. It may, but it may not. 2) Just because some group decides to run a “tea party” candidate doesn’t mean that it is in your best interests (or your country’s best interest) to vote for that person. This is true — even if the proffered candidate seems to be more in line with your values than the one offered up by the Republican party. 3) The time for fighting “purges” or “who is most conservative” battles is IN THE PRIMARIES. If you can’t get “your guy” in, there is a REASON for that. Generally, that “reason” is that HE/SHE DIDN’T GET ENOUGH VOTES. What makes you think that this will CHANGE in the general election? 4) Is there some reason to believe than ANY votes the third party candidate will garner will come from voters who are likely to vote for the DEMOCRATIC party candidate? If not, where will they likely come from? (To refresh your memory, if there were only two candidates, would self-identified “tea party members” more likely vote “Republican” or “Democrat.” In this case “other” or “Reid?”) GET A GRIP. This is a battle for, not the soul of the Republican party, but for the LIFE of this country. If this type of self-aggrandizing hubris is operative in enough places, the Democrats will retain control of the House and the Senate.

  • Adobe Walls:

    Huey, you are absolutely correct that this is a battle for the life of the country, indeed for the very existence of liberty and personal independence. As I write above there are what I consider good arguments for supporting less than ideal candidates. Your battle in the primaries argument is valid to a point. I don’t believe that taking congressional majorities from the Bolsheviks is in and of itself a victory for conservatives, in fact depending on the quality of the newly elected republicans, regaining majorities in the house and senate could in effect be a loss for conservatives. If the republicans regain the majority they will have to produce results. If conservatives have to compromise with moderate republicans the country dies slower but still dies. It’s reasonable to assume that many of the of the gains the republicans make in Nov. will be at the expense of so called moderate democrats leaving a higher proportion of socialists in the house. It is more principled to be forced to compromise with your adversaries than your supposed allies. The democratic efforts to pass health care particularly in the senate are evidence that it could also be cheaper to buy your opposition than your friends. The democrats had the right idea on how to govern, elect an un-assailable majority and push, push, push. Their failure has been in the quality of their policies and of their majority. It’s not enough for republicans to “retake” the congress. The conservative goal must be to reverse decades of patient, slow-motion Bolshevik coup d’etat. In order to save our country the left must be crushed as a force in our political system.

  • unseen:

    look behind this far enough and you will find Reid’s fingers all over it

  • Roxeanne de Luca:

    In a larger sense… why not push for instant run-off voting, thus mooting the question of whether or not we are throwing away our votes? On a side note, for those who paid attention in MA, there was a quote-unquote Tea Party Candidate, whom had, quote unquote, showed up at a Tea Party, never contributed a thing – no money, nor time, nor ideas – and then wanted to run as a quote-unquote Tea Party person… and got all huffy when the Tea Party did not back him. Lesson: take the label with a grain of salt. Unless the Tea Party becomes an actual political party, akin to the Libertarian party or the Green party, with a discernible platform and, yes, primaries of its own to sort out these issues, it may be a bit silly to run Tea Party candidates as third party candidates, rather than against Dems and Republicans. In fact, we should be running in the Dem primaries, especially in right-leaning states. 🙂

  • Michael Bates:

    I second Roxeanne’s suggestion. The possibility of a third-party entrant splitting the vote is only there because we allow candidates to win with a mere plurality of the vote, instead of requiring a majority. Illinois’ GOP primary for governor is a recent example, with the winner receiving only 20% of the vote. An instant runoff allows voters to vote for their favorite candidate rather than feeling compelled to vote tactically for the least bad candidate with a chance of winning in order to block the worst candidate from winning.

  • Adobe Walls:

    I doubt we’ll get instant runoff voting between now an November.

Quin Hillyer Argues the Alabama Governor’s Race IN ALL CAPS!

  • Mike Harmon:

    I finally decided to write a comment on your blog. I just wanted to say good job. I really enjoy reading your posts.

  • Ui2:

    The Bush tax cuts were intended to have a nationwide, positive effect. They were not intended to give the states room to raise their own taxes. When the Dems allow the Bush tax cuts to expire, the “COMBINED STATE/FEDERAL TAX LOAD” argument implodes.

  • Danby:

    Shorter version: Less is more. Black is white. The Party tells you so, and you can trust The Party.

  • Steve in TN:

    Be Fair. You decided not to or forgot to quote this: “Here was the deal: Alabama faced huge deficits and has a balanced-budget requirement. Riley already had cut, largely through administrative measures, about a whopping $350 million from the budget in half a year, with more cuts proposed legislatively. But he desperately needed a short-term bridge to balance the budget.” Funny how you didn’t mention anything about how Riley was doing basically the same thing Reagan did as CA guv… As I commented in the previous post you made on A1, I voted against it as a Mobile resident. I saw the “low” property taxes as a boon for Bama folks. However, the point about the timber lands being used as a dodge by corporations is correct. They were/are under taxed. Another point that needs discussion is the sales tax. IIRC, it was around %8.5 depending on one’s county/municipal residency in 2003. That’s with a Bama income tax. That’s about the same as Texas and Tennessee, two other states where I have lived over the last several decades that do NOT have income taxes. And for the emailer who chided me for speaking up on Bama politics when I no longer live there, I still own a home in Mobile on which I pay (rising) property taxes. I think that gives me a small right…

  • Obi’s Sister:


  • George of the Jungle:

    Robert Stacy McCain don’t take no crap from nobody, especially the Bradley Byrne crowd, the Alabama version of Keystone Kops. Let Quin play that bunch of knuckleheads. By the? way, how does Bradley explain to Quin all that gambling and PAC money he’s taking? What a reformer!!!

  • The Tim James campaign site linked us.

Evan Bayh Announces Retirement

  • hrh:

    The Dems have something up their sleeve – for Indiana and for Bayh. Just like they wheeled and dealed with Chris Dodd. Dodd had appearances scheduled in CT on Wednesday, which kept getting changed and then finally cancelled on that Tuesday night when he suddenly came out with his surprising retirement announcement. They had Blumenthal in the wings. And some position – Sec of Treasury? – for Dodd in the works. But they underestimated how weak a candidate Blumenthal is. And they made a strategic error in having Dodd step down so early. We have 10 months to show CT that Blumenthal is Dodd redux. Starting tomorrow night when they both appear at a public forum in CT on … wait for it … healthcare reform!! We’re planning on lotso’ pix and vids of Dodd/Blumenthal joined at the hip. Within 24 hours of Dodd’s announcement the Dump Dodd movement had morphed into No Blumen Way. Heh heh heh… Have the Dems made another fatal timing error in Bayh announcing so early his retirement?

  • Jack:

    Maybe he was fucking a inflatable pig.

  • William:

    The easiest theory in all this is that Bayh is stepping down to crush the cap and trade vote, should it come up. Otherwise, I suspect the behind-the-scenes bull got to be too much for him.

  • Bob Belvedere:

    Bayh’s young enough that he can come back. Perhaps he’s smart enough to be jumping ship before the S.S. Demtanic hits the iceburg and will return – once the bodies have all been recovered – on a new, unsinkable Dem Star Line ship?

  • Adobe Walls:

    Just saw his speech the jist is that niether side of the isle leaves room for moderates in congress. I hope he’s right.

  • The Ruby Slippers Blog brings the linkage.
  • The Lonely Conservative also includes us.
  • Republican Redefined.
  • The Ubervu thread

Reinhold Neibuhr Was a Subversive Pinko (and Other Conservative Insights)

  • Adobe Walls:

    I wish our congressmen and senators would take a couple pages from Coulter, Beck and Limbaugh’s playbook.

  • craig henry:

    Hey. Pink, no doubt. But subversive is a little far. He became a solid anti-communist by the 1950s.

  • Old Rebel:

    “Liberty and equality are competing ideals.” That’s the single line of demarcation between authentic conservatives and today’s “National greatness” Neocons. Burke and the Southern tradition are basic to genuine conservatism, which see flattening egalitarianism for what it is: anti-human and anti-freedom.

  • Chuck Cross:

    @ Old Rebel — I completely agree with you. Signed, New Yorker

  • Bob Belvedere:

    Wonderful, Stacy [and thank your for defending Mr. Kirk against those who misuse him]. The first word that entered my brain at the end of your mini-essay was WOLVERINES!

  • Joe Marier:

    I think Niehbuhr has a point, regardless of your knee-jerk reaction to it. Kirk’s defense of Calhoun is utterly unnecessary to the conservative idea, and besides, the America is a revolutionary country, not a conservative one, is pretty defensible. It would explain why we’ve been on a progressive glidepath for so long; it may well be written into our nature as a country. There is a problem with the idea that conservatism has declined far from the days of Buckley, Kirk, and whoever, and that is that they were not necessarily the most visible conservatives in their day. I mean, if you’re talking the mid-1950s, the average person would probably think of McCarthy, MacArthur, and Vice President Nixon as exemplifying conservatism before they thought of Russell Kirk.

  • Joe Marier:

    (the idea that America is a revolutionary country, rather…)

  • RES:

    IT is a truth universally acknowledged, that nothing so endears a Conservative to Liberals as much as his (or her) demise. Indeed, Liberals eagerly anticipate the death of conservatives primarily for the pleasure of hailing the deceased as vastly superior to living conservatives.

  • Thomas L. Knapp:

    “What is wrong with these reverential invocations of Glorious Dead Famous Names is that Buckley and other now-respectable icons of conservatism were quite controversial in their own day, denounced as vociferously by their liberal contemporaries as Limbaugh and Coulter (or Mark Levin and Glenn Beck) are today.” Very true … and a wonderful demonstration of how far to the right the US has moved over the last 50 years. Usually, conservatives prefer to pretend the opposite, though.

Sarah Palin Mobbed in Daytona

  • unseen:

    Remember this, next time someone tells you Palin is a political liability for Republicans. Depends what you mean by liability. she represents a direct threat to the rule of elites. she will destroy their fiefdoms

  • Isaac:

    Palin is all symbolism, no substance (anti-substance, even). She is the most explicit example of why I and many others have walked away from and will continue to walk even further from what the Republican party has been offering or pretending to offer for almost the past 20 years. Despite the hardening of the minds to alternative ways of thinking among those of all political persuasions, there remain those of us who are not stupid. Mark my words: Palin is a fleeting idol. She will vanish as soon as either one of two things catches up with her: her age, or the truth. Actually, the truth has already caught up with her, but many are so caught up in the mood of the moment that they refuse to see it — and she is capitalizing on every bit of it, dollar by dollar.

  • Grimcargo:

    Isaac I feel your pain. Cry me a river.Why shouldn’t se capitalize and why shouldn’t she make money? You would if you could. But you can’t and don’t let the door hit you in the arse as you run from the party.

  • unseen:

    Palin is symbolism the same way the consitution is symbolism. She has more time tested substance behind her thinking then most liberals can grasp. She understands government that governs less governs best because she understands human nature. Liberals always aviod the thought of human nature on government policy, they do not want to look in the mirror.

  • keyboard jockey:

    Drudge looks to be promoting Hayworth over McCain and Palin is set to campaign for McCain in Arizona.

  • William:

    Even if I agreed with you 100%, we just elected a symbol President, so your argument is actually strong. In fact, many could argue that the Executive branch is 90% symbol, 10% power as the Founding Fathers envisioned. So enjoy your pity party that your personal ideological clone isn’t in the running.

  • gahanson:

    Everywhere Palin goes, she gets record breaking crowds. All anyone has to do is look at the Salina KS Chamber of Commerce event on Feb 5th, 6,000 showed up, not only a record for Salina CofC, but a record nationwide. Tonight, that record will be broken by her appearing at the Daytona Beach Chamber of Commerce. When she campaigned with Rick Perry in Houston, about 10,000 people showed up, on Super Bowl Sunday. The last Perry rally drew about 200 by comparison. Also, today she drew 900 to a book signing event in Daytona Beach. These are things we see with out own eyes. The bogus polls would have you believe that she is losing support, but she is, in fact, gaining ground.

  • Chuck Cross:

    I agree with Sarah Palin on about 90% of issues. That is pretty good for any politician with me. I am glad she is in the party, and cares about the nation’s issues.

  • Joe:

    I like Sarah Palin, but doubt she is going to run this time around. She would make a hell of a RNC chair (sorry Mike, but she would smoke you). And what is with the track in Daytona? You would think it was Alaska with all the pot holes.

  • DEO:

    Well, if anyone got close to her they better check their pockets for their wallet!

  • The Ubervu thread

Hear, Hear

  • Patrick:

    Hear, Hear

    Here? or Here? or even maybe here? 😛 😉 😀

  • archer52:

    I’ve been arguing this all along. How is the left MSM going to explain a female, socialist, leftie, Haaavard grad going nuts and shooting people with a gun? A Gun!! mind you. They’ll either write this up trashing the gun, the pressure or the cover ups from two decades ago, but won’t link her to anything leftist. Or they’ll spit it out like a bitter pill and move on. When I wrote this the story was still fresh. It seems I was right. They’ll put her up as “odd” not one of them, when in fact she is a shiny example of left wing nuttiness.

  • Roxeanne de Luca:

    I’m surprised that no one has pointed out that she graduated from the same university that counts George W. Bush as an alumnus, which may explain her violent tendencies. (Kidding, kidding.)

  • Maggie M. Thornton:

    Fluckinger also said that Bishop told her that she and her husband were questioned by police – and Bishop was smiling. That sounds oddball to me. Fluckinger also heard the argument between Bishop and the Professor. She argued with her brother and then he died. She argued with the faculty and some of them died. I’d say “oddball” is tame for this woman who has left a trail of death behind her. Archer52 makes a good point though, she is a shiny example of leftwing nuttiness. She is all that – but she has murdered – that puts her in a different category

  • Political Byline reached back.

Alan Colmes Asks After The Sugar

  • Adobe Walls:

    Alan Colmes tells the truth but not the whole truth. According to RCP Gallop and ABC/WaPo have him at 53% & 51% every other poll has his approval between 44&49% RCP average is 47.6%.

  • Finrod:

    Alan Colmes can go on all he wants about polls of registered voters or ‘all adults’ having Obama above 50 percent; Rasmussen however (the only pollster I trust) hasn’t had Obama above 50 percent in over four months, and he only polls likely voters, the only group worth polling. If you don’t vote, you don’t count, after all.

MSM, GOP and NY23

  • Joe:

    From NY-23, to the Taxachusetts Brown Revolt, to Indiana as a toss up. Given it is Carnivale in Rio, this ditty popped into my head today:

    Not so tall or tan, but lovely, The girl named D’Ippolito goes running, And when she’s running, the GOP goes aaaaahhh! A far left girl in the general will get beat, The GOP will pick up another Senate seat, So if you are GOP sign the girl’s petition, Especiall if you’re conservative orientation, And if not so, it is okay too. The Baron is a dick and YouTube shows it soo, A primary race only makes him spend money there.

  • Joe:

    And the LA Times is either overtly lying or lying to itself. Scozzafava probably would have won if conservatives did not speak up. So what? She is a traitorous backstabbing two timer. The lesson of NY-23 is the local party should have picked a Hoffman in the first place and not a complete failure like Scozzafava. Can’t blame the Dems on this one, this was an unforced error. Oh and Newt? How does it feel to be the winner of The Biggest Loser? You are on the same page as the LA Times. How does that feel big guy? Good luck getting any base support going forward.

  • Joe:

    Not electing Scozzafava is like not marrying Scozzafava (or rather waking up hung over in Vegas and finding out you just married Scozzafava the night before and “sealed the deal” so to speak). You are better off. Way better off.

  • Thomas L. Knapp:

    In NY 23, the “Tea Party” types abandoned GOP establishment hack Scozzafava and cost the GOP a reliable US House seat. In Massachusetts, the “Tea Party” types rallied to Scozzafava’s separated-at-birth fraternal twin and got a Republican pickup in the Senate. The former incident indicated that the “Tea Party” types might have standards they’d be adamant about sticking to. The latter proved that that was a false hope.

  • The Ubervu thread

If You’re White and You Voted Against Obama, You’re a Racist

  • chuck cross:

    I have discovered after beginning to participate in politics in a serious fashion in ’07, I am considered by the left, and even on the right, a lot of things that everyone would consider unsavory. This reminds me of a article James Jackson wrote on “prejudice” and its relation to the left. “Which brings me to the smug liberal-left. As self-appointed guardians of modern orthodoxy and rigorous policers of our thoughts, these touchy-feely fascists go after dissenters with preachy and puritanical zeal. After all, to be left-of-centre is enlightened, while to be on the right is regarded as beyond the pail. Yet in my experience, the most blinkered, judgemental and lacking in common warmth are these brothers and sisters of the Left (ask the chauffeurs who have ferried Labour ministers around Britain for the past thirteen years).”

  • paul mitchell:

    I think that you cannot use the word “Caucasian” anymore because then you would have to use Mongoloid and Negroid. If you did that, I would have to pee my pants.

  • Steve in TN:

    You misspelled raaaaasist.

  • Bob Belvedere:

    1) I never understood what was wrong with Mongoloid — especially being a Devo fan. 2) OFF-TOPIC: I had TWO — count ’em — TWO shots of Miss Hendricks posted from NY Mag at 0826 this morning. As Don Corleone said to Michael [in the book] when he found out his son had enlisted in the Marines after 07 December: You would rather give your loyalty to strangers?

  • The Lonely Conservative linked us.

Major Publisher Pays Liberal for Book Smearing Glenn Beck

  • Mark J. Goluskin:

    And we are supposed to be shocked at this development? I can not wait for the two books you are working on! Oh! It will be a long wait. After all, you would be writing factual books on ingnorant fools on the left. I will not waste any time on these anti-Beck smears.

  • Jamie Holts:

    Nice site. There?s some good information on here. I?ll be checking back regularly.

  • The Lonely Conservative brings the link.
  • The Ubervu thread

Why Is Bob Belvedere Monopolizing All the Christina Hendricks Hotness Today?

  • Red:

    If I didn’t know any better I’d say you were clamoring for Bob’s sloppy (blog) 2nds.

  • Bob Belvedere:

    You have redeemed yourself in your own inimitable way [you are my inspiration, ya know]. Somebody give that Dicker gal a sandwich.

  • Roxeanne de Luca:

    Glad to see redheads getting well-deserved appreciation. 🙂

  • Troglopundit sniffed about.

Movie Star Robert Pattinson Is a Horrible Hatemongering Vaginaphobe

  • Fresh Air:

    Why is youth wasted on the wrong people?

  • Dave C:

    Not to be such a downer but why is it considered art to have a two nearly naked chicks side by side a dude in Vanity Fair/Details/Vogue/whatever magazine title you want to throw out there but when it’s in Penthouse, it’s porn? Both have naked chicks, both are designed to be looked at and for guys to want to be the guy in the picture surrounded by naked chicks. But in general, most people have to be over 18 to buy Penthouse but the other magazines can be bought by anyone.

  • Dave C:

    I meant to add: Both are designed for the viewer to desire to be in the picture.. even if the guy in the picture doesn’t want to be there.

  • Bob Belvedere:

    All METROSEXUALS Must Die!

  • The Watcher:

    He’s ALLERGIC? What’s that mean, he experienced some swelling?

  • Bob Belvedere:

    I’ve been thinking about this… Now, you know Stacy that I agree with you that we can’t get into a purgefest on the Right as we seek to advance the cause of the VRWC by taking over the GOP at every level. But I really really really believe that its essential that we purge all the metrosexuals from our ranks. You know, like Conor, Lowry, et. al. Besides, being weaklings, they give all red-blooded American men a bad name. Down with the panty-waists! Up with Red Meat People!

  • Bob Belvedere:

    Oops…forgot to include The Trog along with Conor and Twinkle Toes Lowry.

  • Live Free Or Die:

    Just skimming the link made me alergic to clicking on to anymore links. Robert Pattinson goes to West Hollywood, lives gayly ever after.

  • DC Handgun Info:

    Geez, Robert. Why do you have to open your mouth and ruin it for the ladies (and guys) that swoon at your looks? In the old days (Rock Hudson era), he would glibly lie: “I had a great time.” But no, in our “honest” age, he has to say he “hate[s] vaginas”?? What a jerk.

  • Rich Fader:

    Wouldn’t “ungrateful prat” cover it just as well? Personally, I would have loved to be in that shot…or the more clothed cover shot on the new Vanity Fair…or best of all, next to Christina Hendricks on that New York cover. Wowsers.

  • Rich Fader:

    As an aside…Christina on that cover and Baby Troll on Mark Alger’s blog: Separated at birth?

  • The Daley Gator linked us.
  • Cynthia Yockey links us and continues to be a ray of sunshine in person, here at CPAC.

Isn’t It Time for a Charles Johnson Global-Warming Downfall Video?

  • Chuck Cross:

    It’d be so easy to launch a pre-emptive strike on Canada via lake assault right now. Bill Kristol, Fred and Bob Kagan…we need to talk!!!!! They probably have WMDs, they hate us for our freedoms and good health care…and I’m scurred of them!

  • rain of lead:

    hey RSM, check this out, a poster was ALLOWED to submit a comment on AGW-granted it was buried in a 1000+ comment dead thread but still… anyway blogmocracy saved it, snowball from the BVofAF could not be reached.

  • Cythia Yockey linked us and delivered the Downfall goods.

Who Knew We’d Embed Rick James?

Is Fabius Maximus a Congressman?

  • ThomasD:

    Fabius’ postings are thought provoking, of the first blush kind. But just a little thought and some of the key points often lose their rhetorical gloss. And yes, given that Fabius seems to think porkulus was somehow effective, it is safe to say he/they trend left. Rather than a ‘stroke victim demanding that his respirator be turned off’ perhaps a better analogy is a stroke victim demanding that the leeches be removed.

  • theCL:

    I’d still like to see one of them answer this simple question: If printing money increases productivity and wealth, why don’t we all just get nice printers, quit our jobs, and print our way to prosperity?

  • richard mcenroe:

    If he thinks porkulus worked, he’s either a lobbyist or trader…

  • proof:

    In regards to the first question, I agree! “in a depression I lose my job” is figurative. The rest, to quote Obama, I’m agnostic on!

  • boqueronman:

    Fabius Maximus was a pompous, arrogant [collective or not] blowhard. Any contrarian comment to one of their pretensious postings, no matter how innocuous or convincing, was hooted down and insulted almost immediately by the FM authorship mob. I actually had the temerity to point out an error in a comment thread one year or so ago and received an e-mail and an online response telling me to sit down, shut up and listen to my betters. Neither response dealt with substantive points. Haven’t visited there since. The site is all yours if that’s your thing.

  • atheist:

    I really don’t know who Fabius Maximus is or what their means of support might be. I do know that I’ve been a commenter over there for a while, and IMO it’s unlikely that it is a secret group blog as you suggest. Most comments are replied to, and there is a tonal and topical similarity to everything Fabius Maximus says. In other words, if it is a group blog they have done a damn good job of sounding like the same person at all times.

Stimulus Jobs: ‘Saved or Created’ or Imagined?

  • Roxeanne de Luca:

    Um… this is Barack Obama, who, like a sorority girl, sees any excuse for a party and takes it.

  • Live Free Or Die:

    Six % of Americans have received the $787+ Billion stolen from the 94% of taxpaying Americans.

  • Staring Frog linked us.

David Brooks Advocates the Total Wussification of American Men

  • Joe:

    Little pink shirts for you and me… Which reminds me, guess who the left is pushing to run for Bayh’s seat?

  • Joe:

    Maybe they are hiring more women so they can pay them less?

  • Chris Mallory:

    Of course little David Brooks wants a nation of neutered men. That way he can look manly next to them.

  • Brandon Kiser:

    I think that may be a little unfair. Refusing to redefine what being a man is does not change the fact that the world is changing around it. Nowadays, kids need to stay in school through college because there will be less and less successful opportunities without it. “Service jobs” are more than Starbucks clerks and counseling it’s being a teacher, a business owner, anything is within the realm of possibilities.

  • Mark L Harvey (aka Snooper):

    David Brooks. Educated beyond his intelligence.

  • Roxeanne de Luca:

    When I read “service jobs,” I was confused and wanted to know why Stacy thought that serving in the armed forces was for wusses. Thanks, Brandon, for clearing that one up.

  • pH:

    I’m no fan of David Brooks, but I think he makes a valid point here. The age of early industrialism is over: men are no longer required to be, in large proportion, manual-labouring “tough guys.” It should be seen equally as “manly” for an man to support himself or his family as, say, a law clerk as it should for one to do so as, say, a roughneck. I mean, c’mon, “freelance newspaper reporter,” even if as badass as yourself, is not, by any means, a particularly classically “manly” profession…you are clearly highly educated, and you clearly took a decision to stay in school post-high-school-graduation rather than go to a vocational school or simply join the workforce. I think all he’s saying is that choices like your own are admirable and make you no less of a man than the individual who dropped out of school in the 11th grade to become a hardassed repo man or a steelworker.

  • Bradley Freeto:

    The decline in male employment in white collar jobs has coincided with the ascendency of Human Resources–specifically with HR’s near total control over the hiring process. “Human Resources” is a chicks “profession.” In the internet age, HR has become a tyrannical gatekeeper, controlling which resumes/CV’s a hiring manager is allowed to see. Women control the hiring process. Should there be any surprise that many offices are becoming hen houses?

  • Mark J. Goluskin:

    The correct title of this post should be the Pussification of American Men. But, this is a family blog, right?!

  • Rich Fader:

    Okay, I’m amused at the thought that David Brooks has been in, or even within restraining-order distance of, an evangelical church, except in passing.

  • Dyspepsia Generation brings the linkage.

It’s CPAC Time!

  • Joe:

    Is it scheduled to snow again in DC? If so, you, LMA, and Ace can make one of these. It probably helps to be drunk first.

  • Joe:

    And bring gloves! You don’t want frostbite global warming injury.

  • chuck cross:

    Okay so we’re allowed to drink at this? I was a bit concerned that ladies with bonnets and floor length dresses would be walking around scolding everyone. This 7pm shin-dig better be open bar.

  • Red:

    **clink** It’s not much but it’ll help with the martini/schmooze fund.

  • steveegg:

    I wish Jimmie had written that guide last year. It would’ve saved me about $600 (give or take a hotel bar bill). My ETA to touchdown at Reagan National is about 6 hours.

  • JSF:

    RS, Wish I could be there this year, but will my flyer?

  • Freedomrider:

    We will have a VIP section for Stacey & friends at the Freedom Rally in Daytona!FYI- I prefer Dirty Vodka Martini’s / shaken not stirred! We are going to be shaking things up down here in the South! THE RAZORBACKS- “Rockin’ Rock-A-Billy since 1983!” Allen West,Chris Cassone,James David Manning, Jeff McQueen, Biker Rogue, RC, Cochise,Committees of Safety founder Walter Reddy, Sovereign State Depository- Scott Silver, Gun Owners of America, Fair Tax, … and more! Get ready to ROLL! 3 Bike Rides planned foe event already

  • Dave C:

    Had a pass and had to give it up.. Can’t make it up there this weekend.

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  • No Runny Eggs both links and is a casual fellow in person.
  • Jimmie Bise, the dashing podcaster, linked us.
  • Little Miss Attila is slightly more fabulous in person than in blog, but only slightly.
  • Bob Belvedere gave us a double shot. Can Bob be coaxed here for next year?
  • The Ubervu thread

Killer Socialist Professor Update

  • CGHill:

    Then again, Senator (she insists) Barbara Boxer hasn’t shot anyone we know of.

  • Scout:

    That would be a good reason to have a concealed/carry gun permit. She may not have been able to commit this crime after doing that to someone if a law-abiding citizen put a pistol to her temple and kindly gave her an ultimatum.

  • Right Pundits checked in with the linkage.

TrogloPundit’s BloggoversaryCTHULHU’s illegitimate blog child, having slept with the Puffington Ho’, continues the multi-directional bloviation.

Da Tech Guy: CPAC Cannoli SmugglerI can report that it was the Cannoli of Righteousness

  • Roxeanne de Luca:

    Da TechGuy? Fedoras? Cannolis? Wish I were there. 🙂 Have fun, gentlemen.

  • Joe:

    Those cannoli shells are going to be soggy. They have a very short half life once the filling is in them. Unless Da Tech Guy is filling them as they are served (you just need a pastry bag).

  • Stinky:

    Don’t publish this comment, but it should be “imminent,” not “eminent.” Looking forward to your CPAC posts!

  • Da Tech Guy, the man of a gazillion CPAC posts, linked.

Good News! Allahpundit Now Employed by ‘Christian and Family-Themed’ Media Conglomerate!

  • I.B. Wright:

    Christian and family-themed content rocks, baby! Right on!

  • Joe:

    Allah must be tweeting someone about this. Apparently not. Perhaps he was busy watching the Westminster Dog Show?

  • Joe:

    Dan Collins is tweeting. As is RSM. No Allah. He must be getting ashes at Church.

  • Joe:

    Glenn Reynolds could stop working and just scubadive in Caymen Islands. Sweet. It might get old after a while, but it would be fun to try out.

  • Moe Lane:

    Alas, nobody’s trying to headhunt me away from RedState. On the other hand, I don’t actually want to leave RedState. On the gripping hand, my readers bought me a Wii, so what the hell am I complaining about?

  • ThomasD:

    On the other hand, I’ve had several lucrative offers for Smitty . . . You can’t sell Smitty. How many other blogs can say they have their very own Uncle Fester impersonator?

  • William:

    If it disappears, I’ll miss it, in a way. Allah’s complete inability to learn about reality while running one of the largest Conservative resources ever was a fascinating view into the heart of human “I don’t care what you say, I’m not changing.” What’s that Allah? Mike Huckabee is loved by everyone in the country ever? Wow! That must be true, there’s a poll on it!

  • richard mcenroe:

    I’d be just as happy to see Captain Ed go back to CQ. That was an outstanding site…

  • Mr.K:

    Blogging is a business in as much as it is passion….

  • Rich Fader:

    I think Allah would put it best: “Oh, my.” And personally, I don’t see Smitty resembling Uncle Fester so much as a combination of Elmer Fudd and Mr. Six from the Six Flags commercials.

  • The Camp of the Saints linked.
  • The Daley Gator was quick with the link.

Call it ‘The McCain Plan’

  • Old Rebel:

    I’ll endorse this plan! It’d be the best thing ever to happen to American education.

  • Bob Belvedere:

    That simple plan of yours will warn the cockles of The Classic Liberal’s heart. Me? It gives me a tingle in my buns.

  • RightKlik:


  • richard mcenroe:

    You know, if you right-wingers CARED about this country, you’d sacrifice your kids’ futures to keep these government education professionals employed!

  • RES:

    Two American institutions determine your process through them on the basis of time served: the public schools and the prisons. Although, to be fair, I s’pose unions ought be included in that collective.

  • goddessoftheclassroom:

    Your valid points are lost in amid your insult to good public schools–yes, there are some. The variations among districts are staggering, sometimes even among schools in a district. How about more sensible suggestion for reform instead of the hyperbole? Here are some of mine: 1. Secondary teachers earn a BA or BS in their specialties and a professional degree with a year-long internship with a master teacher. 2. Allow parents and students to evaluate teachers with objective and concrete criteria and make these evaluations part of the teacher’s record. 3. Reform the “just cause” clause so truly inadequate teachers are fired. 4. Allow schools to discipline students and expel those who are habitually disruptive. Now I’ve got to get ready for school myself.

  • Live Free Or Die:

    As Ronald Reagan did with PATCO, so should every administator do to a government union if it strikes. Still waiting for ONE Public Official to stand up to the Teacher’s Extortionist Unions Do it for the children!

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Weirdest Story of the Day

  • KingShamus:

    I was sorta surprised by this for a little while. Then I remembered just how sleazy Billy Jeff Clinton really is and my shock went right away. Bubba really was a turd.

  • Steve in TN:

    How soon we forget.

  • Ellie Light:

    It will do them little good. Will these people be like Clinton or Barney Frank? Will they have friends like Obamao?

  • Sylvester T Cat:

    Remember Filegate? 900 or so FBI files “improperly requested” by the Clinton White House 1996-ish. A Special Counsel eventually found “no evidence of criminal wrongdoing”, but left unanswered the question of how they got lost for a year or two and why they were eventually found outside Hillary’s WH bedroom. These files were known to be mostly Republicans, but names were never released. (I’ve always wondered if it was just a coincidence that McCain became a serious RINO during that time frame; IRR he led the charge against Gingrich’s Contract with America when it came up to the Senate after Newt got it through the House.) Bottom line– there’s history for this sort of thing.

  • nicepresidentgranny:

    Punch back twice as hard! We can do it. Some deep opposition research of our own- right back at them is a start. Progressives get crazed when we employ their own strategies. WE SHOULD PLAY BY THEIR RULE BOOK all the way.

  • KingShamus:

    Exactly. I think it’s because St. Barry has been such a socialist dipshit, I tend to think of Three-Dollar Bill as a slightly better president than he actually was. In reality, they’re both two enormous douchey statists. In Clinton’s case, he’s just better at hiding it than Obama.

  • Live Free Or Die:

    So, ‘Captain America’ plans to infiltrate the Tea Party Movement. Where have I heard this before? Hmmm…

  • Joe:

    The Tea Party does best when it is not an acutal party, not part of the GOP, and remains a grass roots (not astroturfed) association of citizens who have had enough out of control government spending and want it to stop. The Tea Party’s role is to hold politicians accountable on these issues. Billy Clinton wants to see Obama go down so his wife can go up. So don’t expect any major turning anytime soon.

  • Adobe Walls:

    This effort isn’t as futile or as dumb as we might think. At a time when the tea party movement is starting to show some growing pains, if they manage to create the impression that they have managed to “turn a mole” this could create a great deal of mistrust. It would be wise not to underestimate Carville he may be twice as dumb as he looks but he’s not half as dumb as he acts.

Yeah, I’m A Total Jerk

  • Red:

    You can’t be that much of a jerk. A jerk wouldn’t set things right and it sounds like you had the best of intentions in the first place.

  • TBinSTL:

    I miss Bryan almost every day visiting Hot Air.

  • Catherinvr28:

    I opine that there’s no reason to accomplish the research essay by own efforts! As for me, that would be faster to order the expository essay from media essay service, just because it will save free time.

  • Ashen:

    HotAir sucks. MM sold at just the right time cuz that site has become the elitist jerk of the right wing blogosphere. Fuck you Allahpussy!!!

  • Dan Collins:

    Wish Bryan would get back to blogging a little.

  • Corrindium:

    Hey, at least you can man up and apologize. Even with a little style.

  • Lilyso:

    A lot of different people get know the basic keys of argumentative term paper accomplishing, however it doesn’t mean they would write really good papers, nevertheless a essays online service would aid to compose the argumentative essay of great quality and demonstrate writing skills of students.

  • Joe:

    At least you are a jerk who can recognize when you are being a jerk.

  • Brian Paasch:

    Does anyone know if Bryan has a Twitter account? Facebook? LinkedIn?

  • Brian Paasch:

    Okay, he is on LinkedIn, but he hasn’t done anything with it.

  • The Ubervu thread

CPAC at Last!

  • Red:

    Sweet! Give ’em hell Stacy!

  • Da Tech Guy offered the intercession.

The Protocols of the Elders of CTHULHU XIV. Replacement Religion

  • Joe:

    I watched the History of Singapore last night. I loved watching the leaders of the ruling PAP, such as Lee Kwan Yew, (who have had a supermajority in Singapore since independence in the sixties and who have never dropped more than 60% in general polling). The follow on prime minster, Goh Chok Tong after LKW, talked about the PAP hatred of public welfare (think public entitlements). He said let that take root in Singapore and after two elections the country would be ruined. There is public housing, but the goal is private ownership of the units by the people living in them (which does not result in decline as we see in Europe and America). Singapore Airlines was intially financed by the government, but the goal was to be fiscally sound and it was made clear that the government would not finance a losing enterprise. And who could forget Singapore dealing with a certain juvenile delinquent with a bamboo cane. Ahhh yes, how many problems could we solve by dealing with misdemeanor crimes with that fix. Cruel and unusual you say? My ass as Michael Fey would say. Hmmmm. Obviously some of LKY tactics would not be acceptable in the USA (unless of course he was a leftist, then they would turn a blind eye)–but the PAP made it clear that they stay in power because they delivered 40+ years of economic growth and properity to the city state.

Marco Rubio Opens CPAC

  • datechguy:

    Smitty give me a call, I’m in the bloggers’ lounge and there are only 5 cannoli left!

  • Joe:

    I wish I was there to have even a soggy cannoli. Little Miss Attila found this site which is funny.

  • David:

    Hi RS, I am watching the stream on ustream. and I saw the teleprompter. It would be a great viral video if some speaker would bring in some hotel towels and cover it up before speaking. Please make it happen… DW

  • The Lonely Conservative linked us. LC might be less lonely with a visit to CPAC 2011.

CPAC Day 1.0: Marco and Me

  • Joe:

    I foolishly questioned the wisdom of having him challenge Charlie Crist (not my favorite Republican but better than the Democratic alternative). I do not question that wisdom now. We should chose the most conservative candidates who can win. Rubio can win.

  • Joe:

    And I do not care about Charlie Crist being gay. It is strange he does not admit it, given Florida is not exactly Idaho, but my problems with Charlie stem from his wishy washy conservativism, not social issues. Ed Koch kept such matters to himself too, but he also did not marry a woman for cover. Crist does tend to be a fiscal conservative, and I like him for that. We might see Crist pull a Specter and flip flop on parties. But would the Dems embrace him? And how would that play in Florida?

  • Baron:

    If he commented on your pink camera, I wonder what he would have said about your rain-soaked laptop…

  • The Camp of the Saints followed up.
  • Outside the Beltway
  • So It Goes In Shreveport offerd the linkage.
  • The Ubervu thread

VIDEO Exclusive: Stacy McCain Interviews Ed Morrissey

  • richard mcenroe:

    They’re missing a big opportinity here. I’m sure there’s a huge market for hentai Christian otaku fanfic…

  • Joe:

    I like Ed and Allah a lot (even if I often disagree with Allah’s eye-oreisms). Hey Ed, my Hot Air password is loss and when I ask for a new one it never comes. I doubt I have been banned because I am really good (it would say that). Help.

  • Perspective:

    Ed Morrissey’s neoconservative vested interests are a perfect Salem fit. Allahpundit will continue playing the “bad good guy” atheist paid to keep prodigals within the kickback GOP ranks. Jonathan Garthwaite’s in charge, the internet merger of respectable neoconservative interests. His career began supporting a corrupt kickback neoconservative opportunist politician posing to the public as a staunch Constitutional conservative in order to win elections during a public reactionary swing towards conservatism back from liberalism. Garthwaite “assisted” Colorado State Rep. Paschall by managing his campaign; but has since purged that history from the internet. And yes, I read the entire Bing entry list regarding Colorado’s brouhaha between corrupt politicians with that fall-out involving Paschall who got off one charge by blaming his companion for exposing his fraud, yet awaits another felony trial on solid witnesses and material evidence. Why would Garthwaite disassociate his record with the association that he yet maintains via revision? CYA Neoconservative revisionism covers kickback corruption. ** Published on June 24, 2008 at 7:16pm The jury acquitted Paschall of the theft charge but failed to reach a verdict on a charge of improper compensation. A new trial on that charge is scheduled for next month. Posted: 01/29/2007 10:56:19 PM MST Redmond, who was Paschall’s political appointee, recorded a phone conversation with Paschall in which he talked of splitting the bonus, according to the indictment. Paschall then directed a deputy treasurer to draw up paperwork for the bonus. He signed it and submitted it for payment. The alleged solicitation and paperwork constitute a “substantial step” toward committing theft, the indictment said. A few days later – in a conversation that Redmond recorded without Paschall’s knowledge – Paschall discussed how the money could be split. The recording was detailed in the indictment. “It actually won’t probably be a third but I just figured a third, and then a third, and a third. You know?” Paschall said on tape. Redmond responded: “Okay. I see. So a third going to taxes, then the third to me and the third to you.” Paschall: “Right.”

  • Obi’s Sister:

    You are a shameless traffic whore! [Yeah? So? And? -ed.] (P.S. Linking shortly….) (P.S.S. Thanks for taking my picture with Doug Hoffman this morning in the lobby. As soon as I figure out the camera download thingy (zillionth day, still new thing!), I’ll put the picture up.

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  • Little Miss Attila was Hunny.
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  • Paco Enterprises offers to sell out, too. I guess that means Paco isn’t buying us.
  • The Ubervu thread

VIDEO Exclusive: Marco Rubio at CPAC

CPAC 2010: Liz Cheney Brings The Beatdown

  • steam:

    It is all becoming clear now… The nomination, the successful election, the policy planning and administering of this current chief executive is, in it’s entirety, a sinister orchestration of events designed to bring about the resurgance of conservative power. When you step back and view it all in proper perspective, you cannot come to any other conclusion. Cap & Trade, bailouts, healthcare reform – all feints – deception designed to fail and create a popular force in the opposite direction. Wow, I am stunned at the depths and complexity of this plan. I blame Cheney… and Rove.

  • Republican Redefined graciously links.
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  • The Camp of the Saints favors us.

CPAC: Items On The Horizon from Mattera the Online Tax Revolt

  • Joe:

    I let my eight and eleven year olds watch Zombieland. The eight year old covered his eyes through about 90% of that movie, but he enthusiastically told a bunch of his friends about it (who were not allowed to see it). That raised his status considerably with them, but surprisingly they all knew every scene and line from that film. And they knew it before my son told them. Anyway, I prefer my zombies slow and stupid, George Romero style, rather than fast and scary, 28 Days Later style. Zombieland kinda fell about half way inbetween. What were we taking about again? Oh yeah, Obama Zombies.

  • xax:

    WHEN is this coming out? I want it.

  • Dan Maloney:

    Jeez, Jason, if ya gonna swipe our name the least ya could do is come down and join us next Halloween in the Village!

  • Fishersville Mike served up the linkage.

CPAC: Pamela Geller And Robert Spencer Strike Again

  • Charles Johnson:

    Birchers and now this! And I can never eat pudding again after Dan Collins gave me that half “eaten” cup of pudding which I ate that turned out to be half “dipped” at the Scott Brown celebration (I was out on the curb because they would not let me in, looking in at the party and lighting matches to keep warm). And that Pam Geller rejected my advances in the past, which I will never forgive her for, and which is why I am on Geller jihad. Damn you R.S. McCain. Damn you to hell!

  • Charles Johnson:

    Obviously you are a racist for supporting West!

  • chuck cross:

    There are some..interesting people at this event.

  • ck:

    Just the sound of Pamela’s name makes Rick Moran and David Frum wet their pants.

CPAC Day 1.1: Your Blog Dollars at Work

  • Joe:

    Yeah right, hit your tip jars and I do even get to join you in some drinks. But I will throw you an issue you can discuss at the bar: Here is one that might explain why Andrew Sullivan still goes to Church, Elton John declares Jesus was gay.

  • Pat in Shreveport:

    Where’s your hat!?

  • Little Miss Attila:

    Wow. Those are some overexposed white people. One of ’em seems to have a lot of neck. And a non-trivial amount of jaw.

  • JeffS:

    Heh! Booze and politics do mix!

  • Mark:

    It’s Tanqueray with a “q” and not a “g”.

  • Bob Belvedere:

    LMA: I did a little ‘enhancement’, shall we say, of the picture before I posted it on my site and gave you guys some more ‘color’. Quoted from and Linked to at: The Yackety Yack On CPAC II: Motion Carried

Among The Best CPAC Blogs

CPAC: Courage Under Fire Award

  • Jamie Holts:

    Hello. I like your site and wanted to know if you would be interested in exchanging blogroll links. Thanks in advance

  • Miss Sharon:

    Yay! for the next congressman of NY23!

  • Joe:

    That is a very nice gift. Those Pennsylvania rifles were what the trappers and mountain men used to open up Kentucky (hence the Kentucky rifle name). Go Doug! Scozzafava gets nothing but scorn.

  • chuck cross:

    I really like Doug Hoffman. I had a chance to chat with him on Wednesday night, and he is the real deal. Just a guy who has had enough and wanted to do something about it. In other news, I was disappointed that Fred Thompson didn’t bust out a line from The Hunt for the Red October like, “A Russian doesn’t take a dump, son, without a plan.”

  • tZCatherin:

    I do truly like your cool outcome! Could you accomplish the term paper titles as example? Because I do know that a masters comparison essay service would create well researched term papers of superior quality.

  • Joe:

    Orrin Hatch claims Tea Parties threaten GOP. Nope. Orrin is being a dope. The GOP, by ignoring the core conservative principals of less government, less taxes, more freedom, are endangering the GOP.

  • Adobe Walls:

    I believe Orrin Hatch has a point.One of the main reasons for the Tea Party Movements is to threaten the GOP. Let’s just hope Sen. Hatch and the rest of the Republican elites get the point.

  • Bob Belvedere:

    Sorry Singing Senator Man: Orrin Hatch: It’s Dog Track Time

  • The Camp of the Saints links.

VIDEO: Stacy McCain Interviews Doug Hoffman At CPAC

George Will: *sigh*

  • Michael J Sheppard:

    Letter below fyi not publication. Stacey Re; your Will entry-my technical analysis seems to have received a good resposne-please consider adding it to your article as a reference etc. Cordial regards,MJS

  • newrouter:

    “Mr. Will: nobody is qualified to roll-back 100 years of Socialist and condescending elitist idiocy.” so true

  • richard mcenroe:

    George Will wears bow ties. Never listen to nor note for anyone who wears a bow tie.

  • Steve in TN:

    Dunno about George Will, who I think at times wishes he could more on the left… But I quickly lost my ardor for a Palin campaign when she quit on the Alaska job. If she can’t stand the heat of a small, small state how will she withstand the fish bowl that is the White House? I like her as a person but I see things I don’t want in a leader. Perhaps if she captured the AK house of one of their Senate seats and served for a while…

  • Stinky:

    I am constantly amazed by the “thin resume” attacks. Thin compared to whom? Barack “served 150 days in the Senate” Obama? John “one term Senator” Edwards? Palin held public office from 1992 to 2009. That’s 17 years.

  • TR Sterling:

    Dear Smitty, My thoughts, precisely. Mr. Will has book learned knowledge of US history, but his perspective on today is sadly focused on maintaining ‘just a little arrogance’ that is enough to keep him as the keeper of knowledge. We know the emperor has no clothes but we also know that peer-to-peer, a little arrogance is just too much, unless there are some who are more equal than others? -TR

  • Kentucky Colonel:

    Steve in TN, those of you who cite Palin’s resignation as a reason to diss her, are either ignorant or dishonest. Would you have stayed in the job if the result was your personal bankruptcy? She has spelled out exactly why she resigned numerous times. If you haven’t taken the time to learn why, maybe you should before you embarrass yourself any further. The Dems underestimated her. Had they allowed her to go back to her job as Governor and not had their ankle biters cover her up with unfounded ethics complaints, she’d still be there looking after the state’s business. Instead, they thought that they could drive her into oblivion, and I guess they’ve figured out that that didn’t work.

  • William Henley:

    Governor Sarah Palin did more for the State of Alaska than all of Alaska’s previous governors combined and did in 1/2 a term. She also did more than any lower 48 governor has ever done no matter how many terms they served. Then, being selected as VP for McCain made her the most hated person in America, but, only by the socialistic left and RINO’s. If Sarah decides to run for the President of America next year then She will be the next President of America. Sit back and watch, fight against her and lose, makes no difference.

  • Live Free Or Die:

    George(Smartest-Person-In-The-Room)Will has always been an Internationalist. As such, in his guise as Media Smart Guy, he always puts down Populist sentiment. Bow ties, without a tux, are prehistoric. George Will is a fossil.

  • Bob Belvedere:

    Mr. Will: For you as for Orrin Hatch, It’s Dog Track Time

  • Huey:

    Kentucky Colonel: Right on. These so-called “Palin fans but for her resignation” irk me no end. The very reasons they give for their earlier support (that she was a “real person” and not a political hack — willing to take on the establishment — able to get things done, etc.) are the very reasons she GAVE for stepping down. In her coming out speech at the convention, she told us that she viewed herself as a “public servant,” elected (hired) to do the peoples’ work. When she resigned, she told us that, due to the constant, frivolous ethics complaints, she could no longer effectively do the peoples’ work — but that her Lt. Governor COULD, and THEREFORE, she was stepping aside so that the peoples’ work could go forward. This is the HONORABLE thing to do. Compare Bill Clinton who spent a great part of his presidency defending himself from the “bimbo eruptions” culminating in his impeachment. Morris says he got almost nothing done, spending all his time dealing with these issues — and he had brought THOSE upon HIMSELF (as opposed to frivolous attacks by left wing activists or loons (or both). She also told us that Alaska, unlike the other 56 states, required that the governor spend her OWN MONEY to defend herself. No other governor would have to do this. No President would. And, she knew it wouldn’t stop. So, the people were better served by her stepping down, allowing the Lt. Governor to step into the job and pursue the same agenda — WITHOUT these time-consuming and expensive and MERITLESS ethics complaints. And, hey! Now, the work of the people is getting DONE in Alaska. She also told us that she wasn’t retreating from the FIGHT — just that she wouldn’t be fighting from the Governor’s chair. And…hey! That’s just what’s she’s doing…and quite effectively. She didn’t “quit due to pressure,” she resigned in favor of someone else who could carry on the peoples’ work. I’m completely cool with that. In fact, I’m hugely impressed with that. A politician (Bill Clinton) would have hunkered down, and damn everything except his political (or post-political) career.

  • Guest:

    Sweet, delicious and oh, so satisfying: Will’s Highly Educated Whites built the American Ghetto yet in the end….

  • Guest:

    “But I quickly lost my ardor for a Palin campaign when she quit on the Alaska job.” When you finally understand the vicious nature of the progressive Left’s ‘by any means necessary indite the political opponent to death then you will acknowledge such tactic was brilliant’. Sarah Palin disrupted the Left’s playbook-who else has the nerve to take on the Big Brother machine? Conservatives must stop relying on their flaccid impotence if they are serious about rolling back ‘100 years of Socialist and condescending elitist idiocy.’ The Left + over-population of Marxists Lawyers = Death to America. Pull yourselves together boys, buck and grow your gonads because the Left is not going to give up their power.

  • Gordon:

    Perhaps the grudging bit of respect he’s now offering Palin is happening because he’s one of her “policy briefers.”

All Of The Stress Of CPAC Just Paid Off

  • Mary Sue:

    Nice job Smitty!

VIDEO: Stacy McCain The Mighty LtCol Alan West CPAC Interview

  • Joe:

    That is very cool. Thanks.

  • Joe:

    What is with your video camera? Typically they can handle low light far better than regular cameras. Sound is also a problem in a location like that. Good interview, I just wish it were clearer. You might try getting him again later for a clip that can go viral on youtube.

  • The Camp of the Saints linked us.

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