The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Rule 5 Sunday

by Smitty Rule 5 Sunday salutes Gary Coleman and Dennis Hopper. May the Almighty rest their souls. Memorial Day is the other substantial occasion before us. The liberals are particularly amusing at times like this, as they pause from hating America to admiring actual courage to put action behind love of liberty. After the holiday, […]

Dave Weigel, Joe McGinniss, Jesse Griffin and the Palin-Hater Next Door

I consider David Weigel a friend, and have often praised him as one of the best young reporters in Washington. But Weigel’s “See-No-Evil” attitude toward Joe McGinniss, who moved in next door to the Palin family to work on his anti-Palin book, seems absurdly naive. While you can’t fault a journalist for associating with potential sources, a commenter in a previous post […]

Humor: Possible Transcript From Deleted O’Keefe Cel Phone Video

by Smitty Patterico has the play by play of the confiscation of O’Keefe’s phone within the office of Sen. Mary “Louisiana Purchase” Landrieu, the “destruction” of that footage by U.S. Magistrate Daniel Knowles III, and the return of the phone to O’Keefe. The key piece of evidence is supposed to be that One of Senator […]

In Canada, It’s Called ‘Research’

At least that’s what the defense lawyer called it. The prosecution called it child pornography: The former director of B’nai Brith Quebec, Bill Surkis, has pleaded guilty to child pornography charges after agreeing to a plea bargain. . . . In return for a guilty plea to charges of possessing and accessing child pornography, the […]

Essential PJTV Viewing On
The Atrocious Cordoba Mosque
Plus: Fred Thompson

by Smitty Watch this 17 minute clip. On this Memorial Day weekend, as we contemplate the risks and sacrifices undertake by Americans from the Founding Fathers through today, it’s easy to treat all of that heroic military stuff in a purely historical mode. Keep in mind though: this history of this country is a vast […]

Dan Riehl to Will Folks: ‘How Would You Like to Become the Next Jesse Griffin?’

Readers who fondly remember the takedown of anti-Palin blogger Jesse “Gryphen” Griffin will want to pay close attention to Riehl World View next week, because Dan Riehl isn’t a guy who makes idle threats: Nikki Haley can speak for herself. . . . Meanwhile, the voters of SC seem to want more substance and less […]

Fatuous Moron Jeopardizes Recent Advances

by Smitty I’m not sure which foot fits the title shoe more fully: Sestak or Folks. Will can argue the idiocy of youth. Sestak merits novel-length treatment. How about we do an FMJRA instead, and save the post-mortem on the second most famous Joe for another post? That’s All, Folks For reasons Stacy will have […]

Harry Reid, Comeback Kid?

Disturbing news in Nevada: Republican Sue Lowden has the best chance of defeating U.S. Sen. Harry Reid, according to a new poll for the Review-Journal that also suggests the Democratic incumbent could beat Tea Party favorite Sharron Angle in the fall, although he remains as unpopular as ever. For the first time, a Mason-Dixon Polling […]

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