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"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Rule Of Law Upheld In West Virginia

by Smitty (via Marc Ambinder) A legal precedent has been located that precludes a November vote for the final third of Senator Byrd’s term. From West Virginia’s Secretary of State, Natalie Tennant: Part of this same [relevant] section of code, requires the candidate to have filed during the filing period. That filing period has already […]

Insulted Again

By Dan Riehl this time, seconding Melissa Clouthier’s “wild animal” characterization of journalists as inherently untrustworthy. At least he links me. Love me, hate me, as long as you link me. Here’s the thing: Media bias is a subject about which every conservative is his or her own expert. To denounce “the media,” whole hog, is obligatory for […]

Andrew Breitbart, Genius

Hmmmm. Why is he publishing David Weigel’s explanation? Rep. Ron Paul (R, Tex.) knew that I liked him, and that I was voting for him — although that didn’t stop me from co-writing a story about the history of racist comments in newsletters he published. Bob Barr knew that I liked him, and trusted me […]

Kagan Confirmation Circus

Yes, Michelle Malkin has declared this Kagan Kabuki Week in the Judiciary Committee, where Democratic senators will pretend that Kagan is a moderate pragmatist, and Republican senators will pretend that they’re still relevant. Some quick hits: Harvard Law Student Ben Shapiro explains why Dean Kagan will make a lousy judge. Americans United for Life’s “Kagan […]

Sen. Robert Byrd Dead at 92; Truly Eternal Filibuster Now Commences

He just became the best kind of Democrat, joining the sainted ranks of those who can no longer demagogue and pander their way to power, who no longer tax honest people into poverty so that their less industrious neighbors can be bribed with “free” government giveaways, and about whom even Republicans feel compelled to say nice things. American children […]

Krugman: If We Halt Policy That Causes Pain, The Situation Will Really Hurt

by Smitty (via Calculated Risk) I realize that Paul Krugman is to the Ivory Tower what my Congresstool is to the Administration: an unattractive cheerleader sans pom-poms. But Krugman appears either to speak another language that merely looks like English, or be completely toys in the attic. But future historians will tell us that this […]

Working Hard, Trying To Help The Huffington Post With Those Typos

by Smitty The editors at the Huffington Post have an editorial: G-20 Leaders Pledge To Halve Deficits By 2013. We here at The Other McCain would like to get rid of that spurious ‘L’ in the title: G-20 Leaders Pledge To Have Deficits By 2013. This implies that, yes, the deficits will still exist by […]

Could Scott Brown Kill The Frank’n’Dodd Wall Street Reform?

by Smitty (via The Corner) Reuters reports: Brown’s possible defection from the bill increases the chance of a successful Republican filibuster this time unless Democratic leaders can find another vote. Democrats control 57 seats in the Senate and Republicans 41. Two independents usually vote with the Democrats. It takes 60 votes to end a filibuster. […]

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