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Posted on | October 8, 2010 | 2 Comments


Obama Vetoes Bill That Would Have Made Foreclosures Easier

Electronic notarization bill passed without debate on voice vote

Senate Panel Finds Afghan Contractor Guards Rife With Criminals, Taliban
Apparently not easy to find Afghans who haven’t done drugs, worked with the Taliban, or thought about working with the Taliban :facepalm:

Rangel, Waters To Face Ethics Panel Hearings – After The Election
Gee, what a surprise.

Pentagon: Elements Of Pakistan’s ISI Supporting Terrorists

The enemy of my enemy is…hey, what are you doing over there?

Mario Vargas Llosa Wins 2010 Nobel Prize For Literature

Unusually, he’s a libertarian and not some kind of commie pinko


Obama Stumps For Giannoulas, O’Malley

“I need you to be fired up,” President pleads

Governor Christie Kills Hudson Rail Tunnel

New Jersey can’t afford possible cost overruns on project

Chamber Of Commerce Antes Up $10 Million For GOP Senate Candidates

Criticized for allegedly using foreign money; evidently that’s only okay for the Democrats

Gibbs: All Spill Information Was Made Public

Also, that wetness on your back? Rain.


Stocks Close Mixed, Mostly Lower On Job Fears

IMF Head Urges Chinese To Let Yuan Rise

GM To Build New Buick Subcompact With Two-Tier Union Labor

Oil Surge Ends As Dollar Gains; Settles Below $82/Barrel


Yankees, Rangers Up Two Games To None

The fix is in.

#84 Returns To The Vikings

Minnesota hopeful Moss will take them to the Super Bowl

Flyers ruin Penguins’ arena inaugural, 3-2

Kobe, Pau Gasol Think FC Barcelona Could Compete In NBA

Favre Sexting Rumors Resurface; Vikes QB Has No Comment


Judge Denies Injunction To Halt Release of Tila Tequila Sex Tape

“C’mon…you love sex tapes,” judge sneers

Dora The ExplorerExploited?

Young voice actress claims she was ripped off for megabucks

Lifetime Orders Russian-American “Brighton Beach” While MTV Mulls “Jersey Shore” Spinoffs

This will end well, I’m sure

Escort’s Tiger Woods Sex Tape “A Sham” Claims Her Ex-Manager

Toni Braxton Bankrupt Again, May Owe $50 Million


UN Envoys Get Hostile Reception In Darfur As Government Forces Launch New Attacks

Eight Killed In Blasts At Sufi Shrine In Pakistan

Is Hezbollah Trying To Take Over Lebanon With Help From Iran?

Zimbabwe Power-Sharing Deal Frays as PM Tsvangirai Lashes Out At Presient Mugabe

Racy Pinup Calendar Praising Putin Released By Journalism Students


Althouse: Federal District Judge Upholds ObamaCare, Says Commerce Clause Applies

Weekly Standard: Sebelius Waivers Decide Who Has To Conform To ObamaCare And Who Doesn’t

POWIP: Three Dozen Treated For Fainting And Dizziness At Obama Rally

Don Surber: President Says If GOP Takes The House, There’ll Be “Hand to Hand Combat”


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