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LIVE AT FIVE10.10.10

Posted on | October 10, 2010 | 6 Comments


Pakistan To Reopen Torkham Border Crossing

Fuel tankers in flames at border crossing

Ten-day closing didn’t impact logistics situation but aggravated US/Pakistan tensions

Widespread Quiet Celebrations In PRC After Xiaobo Nobel Prize Award

Authorities apparently more tolerant of such outside Beijing

New National Security Advisor Had Role In Fighting FNMA Reform

Shelby: “Mr. Donilon’s actions at Fannie Mae to undercut meaningful reform precipitated the largest taxpayer-funded bailout in American history. Now President Obama is entrusting him with America’s security.”


Surging GOP Lays Siege To Democrat Bastions

Congressman Peter DeFazio, D-Oregon: "I'm in the fight of my life"

Formerly safe seats in Northwest, New England in contention this year

Gulf Oil Spill A Non-Factor On Campaign Trail

Sarah Palin One Of The Stars At Revived Bakersfield Business Conference


Finance Ministers Can’t Solve Currency Disputes

Cape Wind Project A Job Killer?

Government Motors Uses Volt To Promote IPO


S.C. Gamecocks Turn Back Tide, 35-21

SEC Bowl bid in danger?

Rays Rally, Stay Alive in ALDS
Rookie John Jaso delivers winning RBI

Punchless Twinkies Swept By Yankees, 6-1
Look, I don’t want to talk about it, okay?


Arbitrators Rule For Larry Hagman; Citibank Owes $11.35 Million In Damages

They should have known better than to mess with J.R.

Citigroup Global Markets found guilty of “serious misconduct”

MJ Memorabilia Fetches $1 Million In Macau Auction

Soul King Solomon Burke Dies In Netherlands

Miss USA 1957 (for a day) Dies In L.A.


Tunnel Reaches Trapped Chilean Miners
Rescue projected for Wednesday

Highest-Ranking NK Defector Dies Of Apparent Heart Attack

Prince Charles Praises Mumbai Slum As Model For West


Ace: CT AG Blumenthal Does Know How To Create Jobs…With Lawsuits!

Althouse: Limbaugh Critics At It Again

POWIP: Rocketman Questions The Fierce Urgency Of NOW

Jammie Wearing Fool: Can’t Afford To Keep Up Your Golf Game During Funemployment? President Obama’s Got Your Back!

Apologies for late posting; a family emergency last night kept me from getting this out at its usual time. I apologize for any inconvenience.
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