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Sarah Palin Endorses McKinney (GA-12), McClung (AZ-7), Benishek (MI-1), More

Posted on | October 11, 2010 | 6 Comments

There are nine candidates on Mama Grizzly’s latest list of endorsed candidates, but these three caught my eye:

We can count on Ray McKinney to be a strong, independent voice for Georgia’s 12th Congressional District.  As Ray says, “If you like the way things are going now, vote for the other guy.” Ray’s opponent has skipped over 75 votes in Congress since 2005, and he’s ducking debates when Georgians want answers.  Had enough?  Join me in supporting Ray McKinney. Please visit Ray’s website at and follow him on Facebook and Twitter. . . .

Ruth McClung is the smart choice for Congress in southwestern Arizona.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that our country is on the wrong track under the leadership of Obama, Pelosi, and Reid; but Ruth actually is a rocket scientist! Ruth’s commonsense fiscal approach to job creation and reining in reckless government spending is in sharp contrast to her opponent’s liberal record. In fact, Ruth is running against a four term incumbent who is so out of touch that he actually called for a boycott of his own constituents. It’s simple: The people of Arizona’s 7th Congressional District deserve better.  Please visit Ruth’s website at and follow her on Facebook and Twitter. . . .

There’s a lot of talk about the race in Michigan’s 1st Congressional District.  Dr. Dan Benishek is the kind of commonsense voice we need in Washington to replace the retiring Bart Stupak. As a physician, he understands why Obamacare must be repealed and replaced with true health care reform. Dan is determined to work to get our country’s fiscal house in order. As a self-described “hunter and fisherman and proud member of the NRA,” he’s great for Michigan 1st District, which like Alaska, is home to outdoor enthusiasts who love their hunting and fishing. Please visit Dan’s website at and follow him on Facebook and Twitter. . . .

Knowing people involved in these campaigns, I know what a huge breakthrough it is for them to get Sarah’s “you betcha.” Congratulations to them, and to the other six candidates on Governor Palin’s list.

UPDATE: Press release from Ray McKinney:

This is the second large-scale national endorsement for McKinney in recent weeks. Late last month, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich endorsed his campaign.
“People in this country are tired of watching the Democratic Party spend our money and over-regulate our businesses,” McKinney said. “People in the 12th District are tired of watching John Barrow help. Although I am proud that national figures such as Sarah Palin and Newt Gingrich support my vision for America, I am much more excited about the many, many people I meet here in Georgia who say they’re going to vote for me on Nov. 2.”

I first met Ray in New Orleans at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference, and did an analysis of his race in GA-12 last week. He’s got a hard-working grassroots campaign against a vulnerable incumbent in a district that was held by a Republican until 2004. Go give my buddy Ray $20 now.

UPDATE II: Raul Grijalva, whistling past the graveyard:

Grijalva said the endorsement further distinguishes the two candidates.
“It will bring her more money, but it creates an urgency among people who don’t want that philosophy in office,” he said. He said he’s comfortable being one of Palin’s targets.

Grijlava’s “philosophy in office” = boycotting his own state!

Charlie Cook just added five seats — including Grijalva’s — to his list of competitive districts, and the New York Times reports that Democrats are pulling out resources from three lost-cause districts. The battlefield appears to be shifting in the GOP’s favor, and a big factor is these Tea Party-backed candidates who had the guts to stick it out against long odds and push “safe” Democrats onto the defensive.


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