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Just Watched Christine O’Donnell And That Other Dude Debate

Posted on | October 13, 2010 | 12 Comments

by Smitty

Update II: Let us pray that enlightenment, or a ludicrous amount of pressure, finds Mike Castle. No one can make the old duffer do the graceful thing here: he has every right to be a cantankerous, Ruling Class putz and fail to support the American cause. I support and defend his constitutional right to vie for the Richard Cranium of the Year Award. Nope; can’t take that from the chap. Can’t coerce him to endorse Christine O’Donnell and try to help recover the country. Limited to strong encouragement on this one.

Update: debate available here.
C-SPAN streamed it, and has much other political coverage.
Christine generally turned in a great performance. Her weakest question was recent SCOTUS decisions which she opposed. Apparently she’s fairly in agreement with the Roberts Court.
I just haven’t got a nice thing to say about Coons. Pet, indeed: he seemed to have swallowed every Progressive notion hook, line, sinker, and half the pier. Delaware could elect the to the Senate with no appreciable difference. OK, Arianna’s digital rag doesn’t meet the age requirement, but still.
Christine sounded a solid candidate. Coons, a condescending tool. A look at history might reveal to Delaware voters that it’s been the tools that have dug our huge economic pit.
Meanwhile, The Other Smitty is deeply sad that no one is loving the theme song for the Friday POTUS visit, Obama Went Down To Delaware. Read, guffaw, link, in that order.
Brokaw is on C-SPAN now doing the CA Governor debate. But I simply cannot listen to the man: his diction is excruciating. Retirement, perhaps?



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