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LIVE AT FIVE10.13.10

Posted on | October 13, 2010 | 5 Comments


Mexican Police Commander Investigating Lake Slaying Found Decapitated

David & Tiffany Hartley in happier times

Head delivered to Mexican military in suitcase

Federal Judge Orders End To “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”

DOJ will appeal

French Unions Extend Protests As Sarkozy Refuses To Bend On Pension Reforms

Unions want current retirement age of 60 preserved

Murderous Major’s Hearing Unexpectedly Delayed

Judge considers defense request to postpone Hasan’s trial to November 8


GOP Groups Launch $50 Million Ad Blitz


Whitman Courts Asian-American Vote In California

Defiant Chamber Vows To Spend Even More, DNC Still Can’t Prove Foreign Money Accusations

Everybody Everywhere’s Angry About The Economy, And They’re Mostly Angry At Congressional Democrats


Deepwater Drilling Ban Lifted; Oil Companies Not Celebrating Yet

Mid & Small Caps Rise After Fed Minutes Indicate Further Support Likely

Google TV Products Available This Weekend


Goodell Talks A Lot, Doesn’t Say Much About Favre Scandal

No timetable for discipline

Fredi Gonzalez In For Cox As Braves Manager

Pats Owner Kraft Optimistic About New Agreement By Season’s End

Bruins’ Smith, Presley Suspended For Oregon Game

Islanders’ Wisniewski Suspended Two Games For Obscene Behavior

Coach Kelly Sees Notre Dame Improving Incrementally

Red Wings Look Like A Contender Again


Aguilera Speaks Out About Separation

“Although Jordan and I are separated, our commitment to our son Max remains as strong as ever”

David Schwimmer Secretly Married Since June

Situation Sore Over Poor DWTS Scores

Lady Gaga On “The Sopranos” At 15 (Video)

Vanilla Ice Drops House Flip Science On DIY Network

Taylor Swift Apologizes To Ex-Boyfriend Country Style: In A Song


Train/Bus Collision Kills 43 In Ukraine

Italy/Serbia Match Called Off Due To Fan Violence; Serbia Could Forfeit

Bibi Renews Offer To Halt Settlements If Palestinians Agree To Recognize Israel

India, South Africa, Brazil Join UN Security Council


Treacher: You Just Keep Leaning Forward, Keith.

Gateway Pundit: Angle Raises $14 Million In Third Quarter

Don Surber: Christian Posts At WaPo, Liberals Whine

Backyard Conservative: On (Ron Johnson) Wisconsin! Badger Red!

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5 Responses to “LIVE AT FIVE10.13.10

  1. Larry
    October 14th, 2010 @ 11:24 am

    For the golden state so deeply entrenched with big government model of progressive, anti-business-growth policies, the road towards economic recovery won’t be shift and easy but painstaking and slow. Meg will have to contend with statehouse democrats and powerful public employee unions, as Randy acutely pointed out.

    In her debate last night, she did present her policies substantively on state government debt reduction onwasteful social service spending cut, law enforcement on hiring of undocumented workers, Shelving of greenhouse energy implementation, extending Bush tax cut for all, tax cut on income tax and capital gains, pragmatic short term and long term pension plans for public workers…

    Should the CEO of fortune 100 become the CEO of California, if Meg Whitman receive wide-margin voter support mandate to turn around the state economy with the backing corporate American solidly behind her she can do it, she is resolute and tough like the iron lady. Meg whitman has her work cut out for her. She’ll have the two-pronged one-two punch with the ex HP CEO.

    After what I witness in countless Tea party townhall meetings, Washington rally, and the 8/28 rally, I (more than just) believe that, against all odds, American spirit of exceptionalism will come through. Can feel the patriotic passion in the collective psyche of the awakening nation.