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LIVE AT FIVE – 10.14.10

Posted on | October 14, 2010 | 5 Comments


Last Of Chilean Miners Rescued

70-day ordeal over for miners, families

Dozens Charged In Largest Medicare Scam Ever
No, not Democratic Congressmen; Armenian gangsters.

Witnesses Recount Fort Hood Massacre
Major Hasan’s court-martial finally underway

Norway Calls Chinese Anger Over Xiaobo Nobel “Inappropriate”
PRC cancels officials’ planned visits to Norway

DOJ To Investigate Illinois’ Military Ballot Gaffe
Certainly just a coincidence that most troops tend to vote GOP. Certainly.


Democrats Rush To Aid Sinking Reid While Stripping Support From Other Struggling Senators

Over $2 million to be spent in Nevada while Missouri spending scaled back

Coons, O’Donnell Trade Shots In Televised Debate

Michelle Obama: Giannoulas Will Be “Phenomenal” Senator

Congressman Jim Marshall (D-Ga.) Declares He Won’t Vote Again For Pelosi As Speaker

House Democrats Call For Extra $250 Social Security Payment

To compensate for a lack of COLA increases, because there’s been no inflation…wait a minute.


September Home Closures Hit Record 100K

Congressional Oversight Panel Criticizes TARP Contracts to Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac

Dollar Falls To 15-year Low Against Yen, Eight-Year Low Against Euro

Former Car Czar Rattner Close To Deal On Pay-to-play Pension Scheme Charges

GM Chairman Predicts IPO Stock to Sell At $20-25


Jays Looking At Bobby Valentine For Manager Vacancy

Mariners, Marlins, Pirates also interested in former Mets skipper

Wizards Fine Malingering Arenas

Presenting The NASCAR Hall Of Fame’s Class Of 2011

Nationals Send Bryce Harper To Arizona Fall League

Raiders Feel Turnaround Coming


Rapper T.I. Helps Talk Suicidal Jumper Down

Played key role in getting man off 22nd story ledge

Jasmine Waltz: “Two Times, My A**!”

Morgan Freeman Divorce Settlement Details Out – Oy, Is He Going To Pay

Lohan Nabbed Leaving Rehab For Coke – Er, Coca-Cola


Palestinians Mull Israeli Settlement Offer, Consider Options

UN Security Council Votes To Reauthorize Military Forces In Afghanistan

Japan Slams ROK Currency Intervention

CCP Elders Call For An End To Censorship In PRC


Pat Sajak: Public Employees And Elections – A Conflict Of Interest

Robert Spencer: Gerecht & Goldberg v. Geller – Geller Wins

Matt Welch: Just Admit It, Newspapers – You’re Scared Of Muslims

Jim Romenesko: NPR Staff Told To Avoid Colbert/Stewart Rallies If Not Assigned To Cover Them

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5 Responses to “LIVE AT FIVE – 10.14.10

  1. Doom
    October 14th, 2010 @ 9:28 am

    Does the DNC have a choice BUT to cut others to give to Reid? I mean, isn’t he something like a flagging flag ship? ‘Dump the lifeboats, we must lighten up to make it to the admiral (he says so)!” Or, something like that.

    And the Social Security thing? They can’t win this one. By buying the voters who are angry about spending, essentially in this fix because politicians have messed with the definition of inflation so long it doesn’t fit any real world terms they are cutting their own throats by beheading themselves. Lord, I did not know things could be this funny. Well, okay, I have laughed while dying before, so… I had some clues, but this is serious. *chuckling in contorted ways*

  2. Mikey NTH
    October 14th, 2010 @ 10:09 pm

    Chinese Avoid Norway: Norwegians say ‘Meh’.

    (Didn’t know the Chinese were that much into herring anyway.)