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‘A Road Man for the Lords of Karma’

Posted on | October 17, 2010 | 11 Comments

DeWITT, N.Y. — I’m blogging tonight from the home of The Lonely Conservative and her lucky husband, Dave. We just left a meet-and-greet with Ann Marie Buerkle in the village of Clyde.

While I had planned to be on the road to Pennsylvania already, but Buerkle’s having a Monday morning press conference near Syracuse, and I figured I needed to stay for that. I’ve got a deadline tonight for The American Spectator and there was no time to check into a hotel, so Mr. and Mrs. Lonely Conservative declared that Pete Da Tech Guy and I should enjoy their hospitality.

There are three key congressional races in this part of New York, and all of these candidates need your help:

I’ve got photos and video and notes and stuff, but deadline is looming, so I’ll try to update after midnight. The title quote is courtesy of Bob Belvedere at the Camp of the Saints.

Karma’s gonna come down heavy here Nov. 2. Do all you can.

UPDATE: Professor William Jacobson wonders how long the MSM will ignore Rep. Maurice Hinchey’s assault on a reporter. Speaking of assaults . . .

The shape of the 22nd District is an assault on common sense. Matt Hudson, campaign manager for Hinchey’s Republican opponent George Phillips, with the map of the 22nd District, which stretches nearly 200 miles, from Ithaca on the west to Poughkeepsie on the east. Hudson is pointing to Broome County, which is Phillips’s stronghold of support.

The sign in front of Phillips HQ in Endicott. The slogan — “Had Enough?” — pretty much sums up the attitude of 22nd District residents fed up with 18-year incumbent Hinchey.

UPDATE II: “Man on the street” interview in NY-25:


11 Responses to “‘A Road Man for the Lords of Karma’”

  1. Sam Foster
    October 18th, 2010 @ 6:40 am

    NY-29 is also a key race. Eric “tickle me” Massa’s old seat. The Republican candidate is up 14 points though.