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LIVE AT FIVE – 10.21.10

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Ninth Circuit Overrules Judge Phillips, Stays Order Striking Down DADT

Alex Kozinski, Chief Judge of the 9th Circuit

Decision leaves gays, military in limbo; Holder forced to defend law Obama wants repealed

Fourth Debate Between Illinois Gubernatorial Candidates Brings Social Issues Into Play
GOP candidate Brady repeatedly ties Governor Quinn to disgraced ex-governor Blagojevich, establishes pro-life, pro-RKBA credentials

Senate Races Tighten
Both parties claim momentum is on their side

Seventh Day Of Demonstrations In France As Senate Debates Pension Reform
Some public transport, regional trains running better than before strike :V


McConnell Willing To Work With White House After Election

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell looks on as House Minority Leader John Boehner speaks

“If [Obama]  pivots and wants to work with us, obviously I’d be happy to talk to him.”

GOP Poised To Take Advantage Of Redistricting in Several States

Ken Buck: No Compromise With Obama

Fiorina Closing In On Boxer

Stimulus Looms Large In Mid-terms: 66% Of Voters Think Money Was Wasted


New MacBook Airs Adopt Look & Feel Of iPads

PRC Economy Cools Off As Inflation Heats Up

Dollar Rises After Geithner Suggests Major Currencies Are “In Alignment”

Times Stock Rises As Group Forms To Buy Boston Globe

10 Reasons Android Tablets Won’t Match iPad Soon
One of the ten reasons is Apple’s hype :V


Giants Up 3 Games To One In NL Pennant Series

Freddy Sanchez scores the first Giants run Wednesday night

Uribe walkoff sac fly wins it 6-5

Yankees Fight Back, Beat Rangers 7-2
Still down 3 games to 2

NFL Players Speak Out On Helmet Hits
Defensive players apoplectic over new rules

More Reps For Favre As Elbow Improves
Going to pass on obvious groin pull joke, thanks

Canucks’ Rypien Faces Suspension, Possible Lawsuit For Fan Assault


“Glee” Photoshoot Ripped By Parents Television Council

CP? You make the call

“Borders on pedophilia,” group charges

Ex-Dope Dealer Claims Angelina Jolie Appeared On Charlie Rose While High

“Teen Mom” Under Investigation For Domestic Abuse In Front Of Child

Lohan Could Do Year In Prison For Probation Violation

“Modern Family” Mom & Son Star In New “Got Milk?” Ad

A $2 Million Bra? Adriana Lima Shows Off “Secret” Victoria’s Secret Lingerie


20-Year-Old Woman Is Mexico’s Newest Police Chief

British Government Proposes Largest Spending Cuts Since WW2

Pope Benedict Names 24 New Cardinals


Michelle Malkin: NPR Axes Juan Williams For Comments On Muslims, Post-9/11 Travel

Confederate Yankee: Man Who Claimed NBPP Created By Fox Suddenly Seen As Credible Expert On Bigotry

Sisu: Everyone’s Disintermediating The Gateway Media Now

Weasel Zippers: 61% Of Independent Voters Say Democrats’ Leaders Too Liberal

IBD: Decrees Of Separation

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